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    ideas are welcome. i dont have any idea about what this game should be :OOO Hello ^^ i want to show my game, that as </>title<> implies , is being developed by me for fun and portfolio Made the 3d map part by myself, also write code for the game. police car now not realy working, im allways trying to improve AI to make it feel right, i should next time make map for gameplay it self anyway i found bug inside AI for path calculation of native pathfinding tool in unity 5. the police reach the point it needs to go, but then paths seems to be already calculated, but do not swap to new target (waypoint). for few seconds or so. it was working before but now see pointed gizmo to next waypoint. I will fix this somehow. // EDIT: in game there day and night cycle, but so far i do not hawe new video with changes i did, its minor so far. // there will be a link to play, i have this game link play elsewhere but want to update first you can also check my youtube chanel (the one from video in youtube), i have videos from development beginning video 1 video 2 -festival car allso if someone want 3d assets from videos i sell thoss:
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    -They come with albedo and normal map -Textures have 4096x4096 px resolution (they are not that detailed tho. better size them down in in unity do about half or even quater) -They have a minor issue with bleeding on the seems (that might get fixed and ill upload a new albedo) -they are around ~7,400 tris -free for any kind of use ( but credit me ) here is a shitty render i made really quick: Download: https://mega.nz/#!cUMTwDKI!3lV_qaVo1WqFJ9fFMlbOPsVDzIPTgW_7vQDCapE5KV4 Password for the Zip is: armedunity.com Hope you like it EDIT: Albedo Texture bleeding fixed, the new texture is here: http://i.imgur.com/qVx4XWn.jpg enjoy Note: the texture will be redetailed soon so it uses the full potential of the 4k texture i would still recommend to resize it to 2k in unity tho
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