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    Today there will be a big release. Tanks on the android. Clone WoT Please WAIT.... Panzer War used to be a commercial mobile tank combat game. However,the developer won't have much time to work on it.So the online servers are stopped,and the game become an open source one. Then open the project with Unity3D (Unity 2017.x) Build AssetBundles Then you can run the game from scene "StartUp"
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    Is the UI element in question in 3d world space or screen space? If it's in screen space, set the anchor to the center of the screen, not the sides. The reason is when the screen size changes, the sides expand and and anchors coordinate is in a different place than it was before. A center anchor on the other hand does not change because the center of the screen never changes with the expansion of the resolution. in other words, changes anchor to center and you should be good as gold
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    Ziggurat is a little FPS with randomly dungeons and magic spells. Good stuff - and for free on GOG (no DRM) ++ https://www.gog.com/game/ziggurat Fight against carrots and turkeys if you dare
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    In WeaponScriptNEW find function Deselect() and replace: if(canvas) canvas.crossAlpha.alpha = 0f; if (aimMode == Aim.Sniper) scopeTexture.color = new Color (1,1,1,0f); with: if(canvas) { canvas.crossAlpha.alpha = 0f; if (aimMode == Aim.Sniper) scopeTexture.color = new Color (1,1,1,0f); }
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    Here is a little Chess Game Made in Unity Link : http://goo.gl/O72PWS More Chess Models (Free) : http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/chess-set-73555.html
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