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    Have you guys seen this made by Makan_Gilani? This is what good game design like: - Element of fear/thrill (important) - Dynamic IK movement - Procedural (scripted) animations - Camera shaking (motion blur) - Destructable environment - (no sound? but imagine what it would be like with sound) The creator said he'll release a public demo soon so I recommend you follow his twitter: https://twitter.com/Makan_Gilani He also previously posted a similar demo: All #MadeWithUnity
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    Thanks for the links! I'll take a look. Slightly unrelated but I've been looking at this Unreal engine 3rd person controller recently: It is mainly animation based and physics don't contribute much. But the curves do take over for some things like transitions, rotations and foot placement. I've never seen anyone make a controller that smooth in Unity before. Nothing on the Asset Store can match it. Seems like a good challenge to try and reproduce it in Unity
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