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    I am having a blast working on my level designing skills, preparing for future projects. Thanks to the powerful unity assets available my learning experience has never been better. The workflow with all these assets combined is nothing short of amazing. One of my many attempts. Many more to come. Feel free to ask me anything, Enjoy.
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    Hello guys. I made a piano instrument for my horror games project and i just wanna share it to you guys and i hope you like it. Preview Via Soundcloud : https://goo.gl/dV6L1c Download (Google Drive) : https://goo.gl/BDeCg1 LICENCE : You can you use it for your project even it's COMMERCIAL PROJECT , you don't need to CREDITS me But i'll appreciate it if you credits me. DO NOT CLAIM IT AS YOUR WORK!!!
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    Free Login Window. It should have animations when you click at field. Special is for promo codes like "y8BeQ" Or something This is uploaded as prefab. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/edvl2yi17u6ec6r/LoginUI.rar
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    public Avatar[] avatars; public Animator anim; private int selected = 0; public void Start() { anim.avatar = avatars[0]; } public void Increment() { selected++; if(selected >= avatars.Length) selected = 0; anim.avatar = avatars[selected]; } public void Select(int index) { if(index < 0 || index >= avatars.Length) return; anim.avatar = avatars[index]; selected = index; } then just choose one one of the functions to call from your uibutton
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