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    this project like GTA -enter car and exit -texture de GTA V -player GTA V "trever" -city not complete -minimap -clothes -puse game + menu
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    Adds smooth delay and tilt effect to camera when you look around. Q. How to use this script? A. Drop this script on camera and adjust all parameters in Inspector. using UnityEngine; public class CameraTilt : MonoBehaviour { public float smooth = 3.0f; public float tiltAngle = 5.0f; void Update () { float tilt = -Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * tiltAngle; Quaternion targetRotation = Quaternion.Euler (0f, tilt, tilt); transform.localRotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.localRotation, targetRotation, Time.deltaTime * smooth); } }
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    5 seconds of effort reveal that this is an ip address of the google cloud.
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    So here the first sneak peak. Done in 1 Day (14 Hours of Work).
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    After hours of hard work, I have my scene complete. And upon finishing the scene, I was actually... In love with it. Hope you guys enjoy
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    Version 1.51f


    I GOT AN ALL NEW KIT OUT HERE: https://sellfy.com/p/QBYx/ Check it out! If you like it or have any questions, just ask or leave a comment! Don't forget rate If you want more, please subscribe! V2 Will include chat and finished mecanim controller. Guys, important Bug Fix!! Replace MainMenu.cs with this: http://pastebin.com/9r6hwPMe and replace FixThings.cs with this: http://pastebin.com/e1UR2mmP The bug: When Client A spawns on server before Client B joins, Player of Client A will be deleted on Client B. That means Client A's player will be "invisible" to Client B, but can still shoot him. Replacing the scripts will solve that. (OcularCash) Edit: Download contains a file that has the link to the mega upload file. The file is verified!
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    hello guys started working on prop/tool pack for selling purpose . pack price would be 10 $ and will contain 32 models or more . this is models i have already finished working on, C&c welcome . For 3d viewer: https://www.artstation.com/nika7586
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    Hey guys, I'm making a project to waste time, and in this project I'm using ArmedPrefs(made by Erarnitox), but sometimes I just need PlayerPrefs to save things like Resolution, Quality and etc... So I wrote this script to "make it more easier". What are the advantages? 1st - You can load things in two ways now: Ex: DataManager.GetInt("MyInt") Or you can define a "default value" in the final of the function, so if this key do not really exists it will return this value, create and save a new key with the name and the value you used. Ex: DataManager.GetInt("MyInt", 100); // it will return 100, create and save the key if it not exist. 2nd - You can now save and load boolean variables. Ex: DataManager.SetBool("MyBool", true); Ex: DataManager.GetBool("MyBool"); Ex: DataManager.GetBool("MyBool", true); 3rd - Set functions are now saved automatically, so you do not need to use PlayerPrefs.Save(); or DataManager.Save(); 4th - If you want to use this instead PlayerPrefs, you just have to change "PlayerPrefs" to "DataManager". The miracle code This script is very simple, but I hope it can help someone DataManager.cs
  9. 3 points
    I've got a question to ask here about Graphic Design, i made this today and it's supposed to be the logo of the name i will have behind the games being developed for Google Play by me, what do you guys think?. https://imgur.com/a/YuPBO
  10. 3 points
    Hello everyone, I am very happy today to present the Closed Alpha of Pylow The project is configured as a FPS Arena with frantic features, where the skills of the player are essential to overpower their opponents in the matches that will be played. The world is set in the near future where the technologies of virtuality had a drastic impact on the life of teens all over the world.To counteract this phenomenon of "involution" the global governments applied drastic measures: decreeing the complete illegality of any VR system. A follow-up of all habitual users of VR are forced to choose between one of two possible paths: to live in illegality, in order not to break away from a world in which it's possible to live eternal happiness, or to face reality as it presents itself. Over the years hacker groups implemented the aforementioned abandoned technologies and created the "Mind" Hamer ", a machine that allows different people to connect in a crash, where to vent all their rage and frustrations through extreme fighting. In a short time it became a global phenomenon even for those same entities who had previously banned its use. A turnover of clandestine bets that took advantage of poor people from all the world was making the most powerful people of the globe billions of dirty money. So "Mind Hammer" competitions were organized in order to decant the strongest fighters without pouring a drop of blood, or almost. The game actually makes the mind feel all that the character is subjected to, so when you die you really feel like you're dying. It’ll be possible to participate to the game in different ways (F4A, TDM, CTF ...) in which to test skills in fighting in Arenas. The graphics, which are very cartoonish, refer to an imaginary world where every fantasy becomes reality and anger becomes a weapon. You can look for weapons of all kinds that adapt to your tactical needs. For the rest, there's nothing left to do if not to understand if you have got the courage to look at and experience what you are afraid of the most... TRAILER Has the video intrigued you at least a little? If so know that you can subscribe to the closed alpha of the game directly from our website: www.codevstudio.altervista.org Registration is limited! Do not miss your chance;)
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    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/the-bureau-xcom-declassified? A gift before Xmas Another game is now shared for free on Humble Bundle - and not the least : The Bureau:XCOM declassified. This game has ben rated 78/100 on Steam (mostly positive). Its graphics are good with fun FX and its story seems to me really interesting - something during the 50th years with aliens who want invade our earth - usual, but often efficient. This game reminds me the Resistance Trilogy which I liked a few years ago on PlayStation3. It is like an old movie. Take a look at the clip below ++
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    Hi Fellows! Sometimes we use always the same functions or commands in order to code an action or a behavior. These lines are often used in scripts, but it is possible to optimize code. I would like to share some tips here just to start a new section. If you have an useful idea (maybe just one line) and if you want to share it with us, give us a brief explanation and why this alternative is better than the previous. Don't forget that sometimes the simplest things are better than hardest. Best regards ++
  13. 2 points
    Hey all! I've finally been able to work on my multiplayer FPS Gunmetal again and it's coming along pretty well. I've been able to redo the menu and add a custom game launcher that is able to patch, add more weapons, and the ability to go prone. The map is also a new addition. Let me know what you think along with what I should add or remove. Thanks for the support and the feedback! Hopefully, I will be able to release a stable Alpha soon for testing.
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    Thank you for such an amazing kit. I made an army men mod from your kit for a class in school to show off my level design project. I chose your kit because I found it to be free. It's the perfect solution for a top ramen-surviving college student like me that can barely afford anything on the Unity app store. Very quickly I think it's important to mention that I don't have any intentions to make a commercial game from your FPS kit. I'm sure you wouldn't like that. Moreover, after dissecting your game and trying to make my own enemies, I came across a variety of issues. I made my enemies exactly like yours and yet they walk up to the player but don't shoot. I shoot them and they run away. Therefore I wanted to ask, how did you set up your enemies? Perhaps more specifically how did you make them fire and attack the player? I was wondering if perhaps quick documentation would be a good idea. I would love to learn more about how you set up this kit; if you have the time. Also, I noticed an issue where the AK clip doesn't show up on reload animation and for both guns there is no ammunition pickup. Anyhoo, you're kit is amazing and using the Unity HDRP render pipeline makes everything look even more amazing. I'll add some screenshot bellow.
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    In WeaponScriptNEW find function Deselect() and replace: if(canvas) canvas.crossAlpha.alpha = 0f; if (aimMode == Aim.Sniper) scopeTexture.color = new Color (1,1,1,0f); with: if(canvas) { canvas.crossAlpha.alpha = 0f; if (aimMode == Aim.Sniper) scopeTexture.color = new Color (1,1,1,0f); }
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    before i started my fps project i was just making random 3d models of items and guns (low poly) hoping I'd get some idea from it. learning new tools and taking advantage of the modifiers I managed to my assets look even better. i posted this and still proud of that work but it never hurts to learn even more. and at this point i need to slow down because im start to put in too much detail to classify as "low poly" so hope you enjoy and let me know if you see any flaws or tips that i could use to help save on triangle counts the m4 handle and RIS was actually resigned because i didn't like the look of squares on the m4 while the m16 used pentagons ive been doing a lot of remakes but many have'nt past 2.5k except for the crossbow....THIS IS THE FIRST and so far only, to pass 4k xD so i need to calm down with these remakes
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    Привет всем! Я решил написать это сообщение на русском языке, чтоб я мог привлечь ваше внимание. Я надеюсь, что некоторые из вас попробуют на английском перевести этот краткий текст. Недавно (быть может, два года назад) Лукас Поуп создал интересную компьютерную игру, называемую «Документы, пожалуйста» - papers, please (very positive + metacritic 85). Мне очень понравилась. Действие игры происходит на контрольно-пропускной пункт в вымышленной республике, напоминающей какую-то страну из бывшего Советского Союза. Говоря проще, это на самом деле какая-то антиутопия. Вам придётся впускать иностранных гостей... или нет, рассматривая аккуратно их документы. Конечно же, вам не хватает времени. Если с документами всё в порядке, то мигранта можно пропустить в страну. А если вы ошибаетесь, позволив террористам пропустить в страну, штрафуют вас... Эта компьютерная игра стала короткометражным фильмом. Вот трейлер - и (пожалуйста товарищ) на русском языке ++
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    Have you been wanting to buy MMMPFPSK but in the Unity Asset Store? Today the wait is over! Check it out here
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    I highly suggest you Andrew Price's modeling series which includes everything you have to know about modeling, texturing, rendering.
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    I dont think you understand purpose why i posted this, it's a "Basic Idea of Creating any Item list in Game", which is not dynamic. Purpose of this is exact opposite of singleton method. Instead of trying to bugger old topics which are mainly meant for complete beginners you could post an example in free scripts.
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    So eh we are old school :3 but brackey sure is helpful at times (the channel), never been into those communities. But hey look on the bright side you are left with the few loyal people! and I guess, if we try we can revive the forum again. But HEY GUYS, you guys literally taught me Unity :] and How have you guys been? Any awesome projects???? @geckoo games used to be so coooool and colourful
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    Subscribe for more updates!!
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    My understanding of code doesn't mean that it's always for a game. But in the same time, I remember a game in which you have to escape using doors with numbers - only prime numbers guarantee safe rooms - others are traps This game is called Bryan Audley's Numbers - it's not a really good game, but its mechanics are interesting. Also the main gameplay of this game reminds a great movie - Cube which I highly recommend ++
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    I downloaded project and tested in latest version of unity engine. There are only 3 errors. "error CS0104: `MinAttribute' is an ambiguous reference between `UnityEngine.MinAttribute' and `UnityEngine.PostProcessing.MinAttribute'" To fix errors simply double click on error and replace: "MinAttribute" with "UnityEngine.PostProcessing.MinAttribute" Or in Project window search for "MinDrawer" script and replace code with: using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.PostProcessing; namespace UnityEditor.PostProcessing { [CustomPropertyDrawer(typeof(UnityEngine.PostProcessing.MinAttribute))] sealed class MinDrawer : PropertyDrawer { public override void OnGUI(Rect position, SerializedProperty property, GUIContent label) { UnityEngine.PostProcessing.MinAttribute attribute = (UnityEngine.PostProcessing.MinAttribute)base.attribute; if (property.propertyType == SerializedPropertyType.Integer) { int v = EditorGUI.IntField(position, label, property.intValue); property.intValue = (int)Mathf.Max(v, attribute.min); } else if (property.propertyType == SerializedPropertyType.Float) { float v = EditorGUI.FloatField(position, label, property.floatValue); property.floatValue = Mathf.Max(v, attribute.min); } else { EditorGUI.LabelField(position, label.text, "Use Min with float or int."); } } } }
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    Change Anisotropic Textures and Texture Quality (both inside Quality Settings window) for better results.
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    I like it, but make sure that the table fits into the screen on all screen sizes.
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    I don't know why my game is mentioned as it will be the future of fps shooters and gaming. _sincerly, alien ant world
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    Hey everyone! Its been a little bit since I've posted and that's because I've been working on a cartoonish/low-poly shipyards asset. It finally got approved and released on the asset store so I would be honored if you wanted to check it out! Store Page - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/urban/cartoon-shipyards-124154 Showcase Video - -Features-Buildings- 2 Storage houses- 1 Loading house- 1 Bridge- 1 WarehouseVehicles- 1 Aircraft carrier- 1 Jet- 2 Trucks- 1 Forklift- 1 Trailer- 1 Barge- 1 TrainProps- 1 Barrel- 1 Cardboard box- 1 Chain link fence- 1 Crane- 6 different shipping containers- 1 Dirt pile- 1 Rock debris- 1 Electrical Box- 2 fence types- 1 Radio tower- 1 Road block- 1 Sand crate- 2 signsEvironment- 1 Tree- 1 Bush - Slap Chicken Games 2018
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    Your requests/questions are kinda rude in a special way Btt: Take a look at this not even 3min long Video
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    i actually assume that your mono installation is broken... I would try to reinstall Unity with the VS2017 as editor and get rid of mono develop... I dont know tho. this ist just a random guess i made.
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    Man great job dude. Keep it up. I think with a little work it could rock that style. I love how snappy the animations are, they have attitude.
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    Hello Mad, you still working in the kit development or you switched your goals???
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    Advanced Building System nDev Studios Version 1.0 Alpha Version 1.1 YOUTUBE ACCOUNT REMOVED SORRY No Videos Videos For any questions please first make sure that are not answered on the documentation and then ask me here or at devstudios@gmail.com. Thank you guys. Use it both commercial or non-commercial but Give Credits!
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    By changing animator.updateMode back and forth https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/AnimatorUpdateMode.html
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    Basingstoke. The game looks really fun and very beautiful, it looks really smooth too I'm hesitant because of the price
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    Have you checked that the shaking isn't actually part of the animation which is playing correctly? Was the animation meant for that model? If it was made for a different avatar and you are applying it to your humanoid model via mecanim, the differences in things like bone rotations could be causing it. Make sure import settings are correct. Are there any other scripts attached which might be causing it? Maybe IK or something? If it is moving quite wildly it might be a physics problem ... colliders not positioned correctly, colliing with it's own children, problem with layers, rigidbody not setup right, etc ... these can all result in strange 'shaking' effects. We have no idea what you are trying to do and how the objects are setup in your scene. We can't tell you how to fix a problem we know almost nothing about.
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    Thank you. I didn't know anything about LetterBox band and I love it. There is many interesting tracks with a good ambient. Thank you again ++
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    I am very happy if you like it Personally I like the video about the Half-Life 2's Invisible Tutorial and The Importance of Nothing. Good ++
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    Really good render. Some of them are just amazing - especially this pink dodge charger which I love. You could paint it with the Confederate States Army flag no?
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    PUN package already contains all what you need. In demo scenes you can find exactly what you are asking here "simple lobby + players can join and move about nothing more".
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    Hello my friends My new Improve Asset ISMART Car A.I! https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/...FAwTG5toziV8R7TFLs15ycYQWhTk#!/content/105065 Early Access Discount Price Get in quick! ISmart give you the power to create very easy SMART CAR!! With the top drop-down menu, providing options for create a vehicles with multiple axle types and behaviors like :Sport , Normal,Truck and custom. The project also includes a range of simple example vehicles form Vehicle Tools asset and new Smart Waypoint script! Work with Mobile and Unity 2017.XX The first video is a Tutorial and have PDF tutorial on the asset.
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    I haven't messed with drop downs in ugui but it's been over 24 hrs without a response so I'll atleast attempt. is it with only that drop down or is it drop downs in general? Is it possible another element may be blocking (eating) the input?
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    Hello everyone. I'm interested to work for a project that includes modeling and texturing. I can model weapons and props for games. Below is some of my previous work. If interested, contact me https://www.artstation.com/artist/laxman130
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