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    As some of the old posts get 'active' again (that means some idiot argues that the file is deleted while its 4-5 years old), some of the memories come back from the time when I joined the community. It was in October 17, 2013 when I just started out with unity4. My only skilsl that I had then is placing objects in a terrain, and downloading scripts from here and there. Then I saw lots of people working on their own projects but with a lot more knowledge and dedication. Nowadays, only a few people left from that community. Just in general unity has became the asset flippers game engine, and people who never enjoyed making games yet they call themselves 'developers'. I'm not saying that the current community is shit, but I miss the one that I knew.
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    this community has gone so far. when I register with this account in September 14, 2013 (had 1 about a year older) everyone was so helpful, when I started working I had basic knowledge on programming in c++ and just throw models around the map. But people here took precious time from theirs to help me find solutions I needed on the scripts that I mostly downloaded from internet. When I started I was no better or worse than these asset flippers nowadays, except I didn't make it to get profit. I just found cracked packages, put them in 1 project and call it my 'development' but this forum changed my mind, @SATORI @DaBossTMR @OneManArmy @themars2011 @OcularCash @YoungDeveloperand few more which I cant remember changed my ideology about everything, not just about game development. 1 year after register here again I quit game development to follow programming studies and get advanced knowledge in 7 different programming languages (desktop, mobile, web development). In this forum there are a lot of kids who remind me of my self 4-5 years ago. Trying to find shortcuts in everything they got, but what hurts me more is that there are a very few who can change their minds, since not many of the 'big guys' here do not enter a lot. I guess that we all agree that this website is going down, even tho it got a lot more posts and users than before, its going down from inactivity. I remember few years ago when I visited this forum just to see the total number of posts to go 40,000 and it is 110,336 and increasing while I'm writing this. But the problem is not the number of posts, nor the solution. What made me never quit in this community are the people.
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    Hello everyone! I'm working on a few projects here and there, but this one started in college and we have been constantly working on it from then till now (Out of college). We're currently enjoying making this game and I thought I would share our progress! Currently, there are two people working on Ghoulie's Dungeon! What is Ghoulie's Dungeon? It's a very small project, we work on it along side our jobs. It's just a dungeon runner based game, that we hope to work a lot more on in the future. We want the game to contain a lot of enemies, humour and overall a fun experience. The aim of the game is to get as far as you can. Each room you explore the counter goes up. So far there are a few enemies and 3 bosses in the game, we plan to add a ton more of these as well as more variation to the rooms. (We have a lot planned for this project). We have a story in place, and excited to put it fully in to the game in the future! GIFS: Some dungeon enemies: A boss (MOTM) intro: One of MOTMs Attacks: We have a Twitter and a Discord for this project! Twitter : https://twitter.com/GhouliesDungeon The discord is linked on our twitter! We now also have a patreon if you wish to support this project! We would love to work on it full time. You can support us >here< This project is early in development! We hope you like what we got so far!
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