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    I haven't posted something in a very long time. But here's my latest project.
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    Another great game with an amazing aesthetic - something new (I hope) ++
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    https://geckoo1337.itch.io/abaddon Abaddon is the hebrew name for the angel of the abyss in the Bible (apocalypse 9:11). Today this is just my entry for the 38th LudumDare session. I did a paced FPS - a survival game in which you must fight against a horde of mischievous creatures in a little arena (50x50). The columns delimitate your small world (the theme). When you see them, it means that you are not far to the void. Be careful! Each creature has its own behavior : a skull follows you in a wave movement and explodes near of you. A ram twirls around you, trying to hit you. A spider is looking for fresh meat and it spits on you its poison. The monster comes from the ground and knocks you really hard... Excepted the last specie, you cannot see how and where are spawned the enemies. I did many scripts to create an oppressive and darkly environement from which the creatures appear. You are always surounded by them. Kill them and try to do the best score which will be saved automatically in a leaderboard - the hall of fame. Using the LMB, you shoot fireballs, also using RMB, you shoot like with a shotgun, but its firerate is low. When you kill a monster or a spider, some blue dust appears. Passing through it, you gain health... I guess that if you can (more or less) define how the spawn script works, you can elaborate an efficient strategy. Please play this game and tell me your point of view. I hope that you enjoy. Thank you. I wish you the best. Bye ++
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    Start play mode, then make a prefab of it (while in play mode) and use that instead.
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    Cast a ray from the player to the camera. If the ray hits a collider, cameras distance from player = distance to the hit location, else, camera distance = max distance
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    I don't even think I need to go over why I had to do this. But say hello to no more noise shadows! Requires Unity Pro! Just place this file inside a folder named "Resources" and restart Unity. If you want to greatly increase the shadow spread change the spread value indicated within the shader. Its still a WIP! File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ojaxym9bvq9e2k/Shadow-ScreenBlurRotated.shader Shader code:
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