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    In depth guide of understanding the usage of colors Benefits: It can guide the player to what's important or change the mood of the scene. Basically it can either make or brake the realism. Best way to test it out is to convert your colors to gray-scale and see how much realistic does the view get. 1. Saturation of colors(Brigter/Darker) -Avoid using too much saturation in your scene, it takes out realism out of it. Just make sure that you do not use it everywhere, but at some points, so you could give players eye somewhere to rest. Remember, use it for something that you want players to notice( a building where you need to go, a poster, flowers in the field) Its also important to know that saturation tells your eyes the mood of the scene. Is the scene somewhat sad (apocalyptic world, someone died etc...) use low saturation. Is your scene a beatiful panorama of field? Use high saturation. TL;DR Don't overdo saturation values, Use it to guide the path, Tell a story, Draw attention to the object that you want player to notice. 2. Color harmonies In a nutshell some colors look better together than others. Monochromatic colors: Only one color -Good for single subjects -Best for creating atmosphere Analogous colors: Colors that are adjacent on color wheel -Good for creating peaceful mood for the scene, since these color combos are often seen in real life. -Easy for eyes Triadic colors: Equally distant on wheel -Best for cartoon games Cons- Hard to pull off Complementary: Opposing colors on wheel -Most popular usage everywhere because it is pleasing to an eye -But don't use the colors equally, like 50% Green and 50% Red, use one color predominantly, generally weaker color, in this case, desaturated green. Split complementary: Similar to complementary, but one end extended. -More creatve freedoom, instead of using 2 colors you use 3. Tetratic: Double complementary, Two pairs of opposing colors on the wheel. -Its hard to pull off, but if you do that, you will get pleasing results. It's very good on terrain. - Never use 25% each Colors are the ones that guides player to interest and tells a story in a mood that it suppossed to be. The end;
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    Hi! This is my first project Drive your tank and kill or conquer flag areas i wish you like it https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zamazingogame.tankdeepimpact have fun
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    Download Free Commercial Spaceship: https://mega.nz/#!o59AgJoZ!bRaWF3RLvdCO8RdtC4wxZrpWPNznLHeEEzQO3DAm9NA Like and share I was working at better understanding the workflow for creating assets with Modo 901. Picked a spaceship to test my crappy skills. Here is where I'm at now with a couple of small parts to add to the model. I'll probably build on it and include in a small scene, but for now the focus has just been the workflow as its been an age since I have done any modeling. Give me some feedback guys Finished Modelling High detail Render Halfway through Modelling
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    Hey guys! Today I'm releasing some of my World War 2 weapon models I made. All of them are untextured, but some of them already have a UVW map (you may need to redo some UVW maps). Note: You can't use them for commercial projects, because I'm using the student version of 3ds Max. Luger P08: Polys: 3056 Verts: 2774 Note: This is the only exeption, because I started texturing it (not in the screen, but in the .rar) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kxtkj5qtxn420ye/Luger%20P08.rar Machinenpistole 40: Polys: 2433 Verts: 2856 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g16w86q5g4g9ufo/MP%252040.rar Gewehr 41: Polys: 1834 Verts: 1925 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rlhvpdv89idz5ln/Gewehr%252041.rar More models will follow later!