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    hi, very cool little project you have there, I actually downloaded it a couple years back have you seen this site? https://www.sellmyapp.com/ might be worth checking out you could get a good few sales for this project aswell as offer a premium reskinning package if you wanted, just a little idea. Best of luck.
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    Thank you guys Star Wars from my old instagram page. and some pixel hahaha.
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    Download a low poly hand here : https://mega.nz/#!N0lRzTrJ!YvMr2DILQzXQfMjQlG-3m_2nHLMVXpAeihCiHyny1n4 So i hear all these fps kit noobs like hand models... so i followed this hand tutorial and voila! Another showcase of my learning expiriemce. Not shure if this is commercial ready but theres no licensing on it. Commercial use is allowed. Enjoy and feedback if you can Polycount : 780 poly. Fairly optimized for gameplay!
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