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    So proud to announce the release of my latest game - Thieves Guild Tycoon https://billyslang.itch.io/thievesguildtycoon Link to trailer below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mnm0vnBDlhg I hope you guys enjoy this one. I absolutely fell in love with it while making it. As one guy I can only hope it shows. Cheers, Billy Slang
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    enum animationState { Idle, Tilt } var myState : animationState; function Start() { animation.Play( "Idle" ); myState = animationState.Idle; } function AnimateToIdle() { if ( myState != animationState.Idle ) { animation.CrossFade( "Idle" ); myState = animationState.Idle; } } function AnimateToTilt() { { if ( myState != animationState.Running ) { animation.CrossFade( "Tilt" ); myState = animationState.Running; } } } Please put in code brackets
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    Please stop posting bogus shit on the forums quote from steam We've been noticing a lot of referral links to certain "Free Steam Wallet" websites lately, and not just from reddit spammer accounts. These websites have no official affiliation with Steam despite sharing a common website layout. No actual Steam Wallet gift cards are being given away; the purpose of these websites are to trick its users into participating in bogus online surveys. Please keep in mind that here at /r/Steam these submissions are not allowed. We don't want to have to ban redditors for posting referral links to these Wallet Scam Websites. Remember folks, there's a saying- if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. If you come across one of these fake wallet websites, please do NOT click on any of these links. Feel free to report these posts!
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    No mayb3 it is like COD with 7 kills heli kopt3r and fuul l0bbie siestem , and ofcourze 50.001 waepons.
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