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    This site isn't your personal script converter.
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    Hey! Thanks for checking out this project, we're in need of any 3D artists or graphic designers. What is War Force? War Force is a multiplayer first person shooter that is currently under development. We will be posting updates to this game on our YouTube channel, as well as our Twitter page and other social media outlets. How Far Along is the Project? War Force currently includes: - Almost finished multiplayer, including ability to login/register - Currency system - Premium Activation - WIP Loadout Customization - Different weapons with unique damages and shooting styles What do We Need? With the upcoming loadout/character customization system, we are looking for animated weapon models. Also, we're looking for a graphic designer to create GUI textures and such. The rest of the scripting and networking will be completed, all we need are animated models and better GUI. The current budget we're working with won't allow us to pay team members, but you will be given plenty of credit for the work you put in. What it Looks Like so Far Current login/register system. WIP main menu, with a scroll view for update news. Screenshot of in-game multiplayer. The picture is slightly offset. Time Period Due to busyness, the game is being produced in our free time. There is no current schedule for when we plan to get things done. Contacting Us Reply to this topic and we'll find a way to get in touch. Preferrably Skype. Game Platform Althought it isn't certain, we plan to release this to Mac, PC, and Web Browser platforms. The game is being developed on a Mac computer.
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    It reminds me the old capture the flag when I was nerd ++
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    You can use it, if you did some reading theres a readme inside the project files that says you have to change somethings. You can edit everything in it and use it, thats why its there just change what it says to in the readme. But take note if you are new to unity, C# is a very easy programming language and about 85% of the people who program in it are self thought. And like soulreafer said, learn the basics and dont just change some positions of objects on the terrain and call it done. ReadMe.txt: *** AU FPS KIT v1.5 (requires Unity 5.3 or higher). FPS KIT was made for educational purposes. If you will use this kit as a base of your game(commercial, or noncommercial) - replace models, sounds and textures. Some assets which you can use: *) Simple Box Pack https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/807 *) Prototype Textures https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/1809'>https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/1809 *) Detonator Explosion Framework https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/1 * Bootcamp Demo - sounds, particle effects, helicopter. * 3rd Person Shooter - first person ARMS and PlayerHero. * AngryBots - sounds. IMPORTANT: You are not allowed to share kit outside armedunity.com In case if you made a mod of kit and you want share with community members - send me PM. If you have any questions: http://armedunity.com/forum/3-free-fps-project/ -OneManArmy [http://armedunity.com]
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    please learn the basics before you start playing arround with complex assets :-/
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    clever idea to find vulnerabilitys for little money. malicious hackers could cost them more ;-)
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    we will not post any videos 'till the game is done and ready to be released ... or if im drunk and dont know what i do... thanks !
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