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    Hello,I just wanted to share with you all the first game that I ever made using unity.It's a simple 2d challenging game for android.This is the link of the game in google playstore : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.CoconutGames.SquareRunner Tell me what you think.
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    Hello I have been working as a solo developer and have been noticing that I cannot do every job for myself and that I am not good in some of them. Below is a video to show you guys what i have been doing and im ahead of this video though : As you guys can see I am no longer using fps kit controls and have started to try to do better. -PAY Im sorry but I cannot afford to pay members Job Roles- I would like to have a modeler, Network Scrip tor, and a Artist, but just tell me wat you can do and I would be sure to work it out. When I Work on Project- I now work on the project all day long and will be available all day long to work or fix bugs that needs to be fixed. if you are interested plz Skype me @hardendedwarfarestudios , or just comment below of what you think.
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    A model that i made with blender a couple of months ago... İt's high poly and its rig needs to be fixed but if you wish, you can use it in your own projects an example render of him; download link (.blend 2mb)
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    Hello guys! I want to know, how can I make a camera for a cellphone in a horror game. The camera should have a flash(I've got a flashlight script wich I can use for the flash). And I want to see in phone screen what's in front of me by it camera. Sorry for my bad English. Hope you can help me!
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    So ... I managed to be able to model again for squad force ( probably hated because of MNB ) so they asked me for a scope and heres what i made. Tell me what you guys think High Poly: Low Poly with textures and normals: Unity Render:
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    I just don't understand how you can make everything seperate like resolution, texture detail, vsync etc. There's no proper tutorial on the interwebs ,so the script is usefull but the gui isn't (but that's easy)
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    This is not advanced. There are so much options you could put in, and for my opinion its too big
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    Of course it is,well...if your game is popular of course.Admob is the mobile version of adsense,which is an ad network for publishers and advertisers.This is their website : http://www.google.com/ads/admob/ .It's pretty good if your game is popular and has a lot of downloads.I don't think it has popup ads,but the banner and smart banner ones are pretty good,and pretty easy to be set in game.
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    Hey guys. Since there are no maps out there for testing purposes, and everyone who has the appropriate skill set to design maps keep them for themselves and shows them off in the 'showcase' section, I am here to release my own personal multi-player testing map for everyone to use! Aren't I so nice? I know how much of a struggle it may be to design a map, and a well functioning one at that matter. Without further ado, here you go! Link (131.5MB): https://mega.co.nz/#!shAjETDR!FAtCmAt17T7IKZxsZEpVEHIiQi5lDycO9y8FNi3Pbss Credits: 1.) Nobiax - Textures/models 2.) OneManArmy - Gave me inspiration from PFPS Kit arena map Enjoy guys, and as always, have a good one! [screenshots of Developer Arena]
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    maybe a long time ago, but these have been free for like 3 years now, OMA shared this back in 2011...lol
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    1. buy unit pro 2. create a camera 3. make a render texture 4. add camera in front of phone 5. add render texture to camera 6. add render texture to new material then add to phone screen q&a have to use pro? yes can with indie version? no
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    Wrong section. You should post that in request section.
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    Google, not everyone knows about it, but it's very useful. https://www.google.lv/?gws_rd=cr,ssl&ei=mp6qU6TWKOih4gTIgoBI#q=unity+spawn+cube https://www.google.lv/?gws_rd=cr,ssl&ei=mp6qU6TWKOih4gTIgoBI#q=unity+wait+time
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    Give me permission to hack your computer and I will be able to play "online"
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    Yeah man go ahead, use it for whatever.
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