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    Hey guys, so I decided to make a thread about the useful scripts that are in this very useful forum. This thread will be updated regularly as soon as I (or you) find some useful scripts. If you found this helpful then leave a "like"! FORMAT: (thread name) by (author of thread) [language (C#/JS)] LIST [@DaBossTMR] Flashlight Script v2.1.1 by DaBossTMR [C#] Bullet Trajectory/Physics by DaBossTMR (credits to Jeremy Clark) [C#] Player Push (less glitchier) by DaBossTMR [C# and JS] [NGUI] Changing Screen Resolutions by DaBossTMR [C#] Top-down Shooter Camera by DaBossTMR [C#] Object Impact Sound by DaBossTMR [C# and JS] Populate Terrain Grass by DaBossTMR [C#] Realistic Camera Shake by DaBossTMR [C#] (credits go to UTnT) Find Closest Transform With Tag by DaBossTMR [C#] Disable ALT-F4 In Game by DaBossTMR [C# and JS] Extended FPS Counter by DaBossTMR [C#] [@OneManArmy] Jeremy Clark's FPS Scripts by OneManArmy [JS] RTS Camera by OneManArmy [JS] Rigidbody Controller by OneManArmy [JS] Buoyancy (Floating Objects) by OneManArmy [C#] Audio Effect When Falling by OneManArmy [JS] Cigarette Smoke Trail by OneManArmy [JS] [@OcularCash] Save/Load Method (Player Prefs) by OcularCash [JS] Health Regeneration by OcularCash [JS] Bouncing Betty/Freddy by OcularCash [JS] COD Style Cooked Grenades by OcularCash [JS] Javelin Script by OcularCash [JS] Stealth Bomber by OcularCash [JS] Harrier with Airstrike by OcularCash [JS] Anti-Spawn Trapping by OcularCash [JS] Predator Missile by OcularCash [JS] Weapon Wheel (GUI) by OcularCash [JS] MW2 Style Semtex Grenade by OcularCash [JS] Team Selection (Private Match) by OcularCash [JS] Flare Gun (with Exploding Rounds) by OcularCash [JS] Explosion (Linear Falloff Damage) by OcularCash [JS] Using Enums To Call Functions by OcularCash [JS] Basic Procedural Player + Movement + Walkable Area by OcularCash [JS] [@Duxducis404] Quake Map Loader (pk3 files) by Duxducis404 [C#] [@YoungDeveloper] Simple Teleport by YoungDeveloper [C#] [@T3kaT0kIkuTa] Particle Magnet by T3kaT0kIkuTa [C#] [@DarkChaos] Wall Avoidance by DarkChaos [JS] Disable Shadows For One Camera by DarkChaos [JS] Improved Sniper Scope System by DarkChaos [JS] Frames Per Second Counter by DarkChaos [JS] Knife Script with Animation Support by DarkChaos [JS] Countdown Timer by DarkChaos [JS] [@themars2011] Extended Timer/Counter by themars2011 [JS] Useful Networking Scripts by themars2011 [JS] Toggle Aim by themars2011 [JS] Mouse Look w/ Custom Editor by themars2011 [JS] [@bxboy15] Weapon Sway/Rotation by bxboy15 [JS] [@ProRussianMn] Save/Load Method (XML) by ProRussianMn [JS] [@jordanblythe104] Weapon Sway Script (Red Orchestra Style) by jordanblythe103 [JS] [@aeditz50] Cinematic Camera Shake by aeditz50 [C#] [@nightbird0] Smart FPS Counter by nightbird0 [C#] [@Epic-Shot] Fullscreen Video Using GUI (Pro Only) by Epic-Shot [C#] [@loftail] Zombie AI (Pro Only) by loftail [JS] [@dreadt9] Sentry Gun by dreadt9 [JS] l4mishotiz (Unity Forums) FPS Starter Scripts by l4mishotiz [uNKNOWN] [@jediaction] Peek Script by jediaction [JS] SIMPLE SCRIPTS/TOOLS Simple Tips System by pspdude [JS] Javascript to C# Converter by M2H [C# people]
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    [ Disclaimer ]: Uses Legacy Unity RakNet In order to understand how networking works, and how communicating between computers, it is useful to learn the sequence of connecting to a server. It is convenient to use one server version of each scene in a Unity project and one client version of each scene. This is useful for when you want to separate the server and client applications from each other. Connecting client and server Network Views RPC Details State Synchronization Details Authoritative Server Leave a like if you found this useful!
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    Title: not decided yet In development: since 16.03.2014 Visit armedunity facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/armedunity ***** Jetpack: Update #1 (v0.3) Update #2 (v0.4) Update #3 (v0.5) Update #4 (Menu)
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    Advanced Building System nDev Studios Version 1.0 Alpha Version 1.1 YOUTUBE ACCOUNT REMOVED SORRY No Videos Videos For any questions please first make sure that are not answered on the documentation and then ask me here or at devstudios@gmail.com. Thank you guys. Use it both commercial or non-commercial but Give Credits!
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    Hello guys and welcome to my showcase of our futuristic tactical action FPS game called Darkraze. Currently, it is being developed by a team of 2 people (including me) named Renegrad Studios. This game will be FREE. I will be releasing updates spanning from 1-2 weeks (or longer). You can follow these updates by clicking on Follow Topic at the top right, liking our facebook page, and subscribing to DaBossTMR on YouTube! Facebook Page: Darkraze Official Page YouTube: DaBossTMR IndieDB: Darkraze Main Update List (Changelogs and Videos): > Update #1 > Update #2 > Update #3 > Update #4 > Update #5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---GENERAL--- Game name: Darkraze Game genre: Tactical/Action Style FPS Main game modes: Singleplayer, multiplayer, and survival. Time Period: 2172 on a planet similar to Earth. Futuristic themed. Price: Free ---SINGLEPLAYER STORY--- Rough plot: The story takes place in 2172, when Earth's resources are nearly depleted and its once beautiful nature is now ruined. 15 years ago (2157), Project Javelin has launched a new transportation to allow transportation to nearby planets quickly (at that time) and efficiently. This has led to a discovery of Planet X. On the planet in current time, emergency deploy unit (EDU) (main character) Atlas-163 wakes up from "sleep mode" (slows down the replication and death of cells) to a code-red alert when attacked by an unknown race. Blahblahblah, the story continues from there. ---MULTIPLAYER--- Max. Players Per Server: 2-16 (may change later) Matchmaking Methods: Quick Match (searches and places you in a random match automatically) Join (join games from server list) Game modes (6): Weapons: Aiming for about 25 - 35 weapons. Maps: Scaling from small (COD) to large (BF3), 8-12 maps. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Info on the F2P game: - ABSOLUTELY NO pay-to-win items, any potential purchasable items are only used for stylistic purposes (cosmetics). STATISTICS (as of March 15th, 2015): 272 scripts, 35,500 lines of code (ALL WRITTEN BY US). Complete Uncompressed Build Size: 407 MB.
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    My gun has been released now Completely free get it herehttps://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/46033
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    Welcome, to a very long tutorial on how to make your Unity3D games look "better". I say "better" because not everyone's art styles appeases to realism and I will respect anyone's artistic style here. Now this post will cover the following topics and will be updated on a day-to-day basis so make sure to stop by and read up on the updates. The Unity Pro related topics will be highlighted with PRO next to them. Directional Lighting Ambient Lighting Global Illumination H.D.R. Tonemapping Bloom Image Processing Reflections Textures Anti-Aliasing Translucency Miscellaneous Materials Physically-Based Rendering Alright, so these topics will not be typed up in any particular order. The first topic I will cover will be an easy one, which is directional lighting. Directional Lighting in Unity3D is simply a light vector in 3D space, more specifically in world space, disregarding shadows, that cast lighting on all objects. This form of lighting is approximated with the function NdotL, or the dot product between the light vector and the normal of the objects. Where θ is the angle between them known as the angle of incidence. Without using the cosine function, we discovered the dot products of these two vectors are equal to the cos(θ). This NdotL is a very cheap approximation of subsurface scattering, also known as diffuse. Diffuse meaning scatter or spread. It is a way to account for the Sun and is often tinted with a light color to give artist freedom in what color the "Sun" is. This is commonly known in video games as Lambertian shading. It can be coded as such (Cg) : //pseudo code float3 NormalVector = normalize(NormalVecFromVertexShader); //normalize means to make all the vectors a unit length of 1 float3 LightVector = if you're using Forward Rendering - normalize(_WorldSpaceLightPos0.xyz); if you're using Deferred Rendering - normalize(-_LightDir.xyz); float3 NdotL = max(0.0f, dot(NormalVector, LightVector)); //Can't have less than no light being reflected on a surface. so at most no light. With a "Sun" in our games giving us an approximation to diffuse lighting, it also gives us the opportunity to create shadows. Shadows are a crucial part in video games. You are allotted 1 Directional Light with Hard Shadows in Unity Free so make sure your taking advantage of the opportunity! Example of Directional Lighting: Attenuation is the gradual loss in intensity of any kind of flux through a medium. The way Unity attenuates light is based somewhat off of the typical approach in 3D games and not a physical approach. See [physically based rendering] to see how we can get a far more physically-based results using the Inverse Square Law. Now, enough of the physics and math, with this we will figure how we can use the knowledge to our advantage. As you may already know, you can fake ambient light using multiple directional lights. This will lead us into our next topic, ambient lighting. Ambient Lighting in the simplest terms is everything that's not directional lighting. Ambient lighting in the real world is what is known as global illumination where every surface absorbs, (diffuse global illumination), obscures, (ambient occlusion), reflects, and/or refracts light (specular global illumination). In video games, it is common to use a constant color as ambient lighting. Its easier! Rather than calculating some expensive GI you just say that entire scene has a blue ambient color. But, there are better ways to solve for ambient lighting in ways that are much more accurate. [All pertaining to the first image inside the example] Notice the occlusion, and the absorption of the ambient lighting. There isn't very much reflection or refraction going on. When it's reflected or refracted the objects would be shiny. I will show a comparison. For now take note of the following. Ambient occlusion only exist within ambient light The diffuse term of the ambient light is not a constant color There is not ambient specular lighting within this scene Example of Ambient Lighting: AMBIENT LIGHTING IS KEY TO A GREAT LOOKING GAME! Far Cry 3 for example uses an excellent ambient lighting system that I highly recommend you all check out. Now, the question is how do I get better ambient lighting? How do I replace Unity's crap of an ambient lighting system (that will be replace in Unity 5 )? Many many ways. Very small filtered or blurred cubemaps for example a 4x4 size cubemap. You can take these cubemaps in Photoshop and paint them how you please. Get creative! Hemispherical Ambient Lighting. Use fake lighting vectors multiplied by an attenuation term which is what I use in conjunction with cubemaps. Spherical Harmonics although this one isn't practical in real-time just yet. Importance Sampling, what Unreal Engine 4 uses to filter cubemaps, what I will be using in the future. Global Illumination techniques Light Probes I will give a quick tutorial on Hemispherical Ambient Lighting based from this article here: http://devlog-martinsh.blogspot.com/2011/08/simple-and-efficient-skylight-setup.html Sky light for simple reasons can just be computed as the dot product between the down vector and the normals of the surface, multiplied by a sky color and sky intensity value. PRO It's best to apply this to all objects in the scene, you can do this via post process by using sampler2D _CameraDepthNormals or by adding it into the deferred rendering and applying it to the global normals there. float3 SkyLightVector = float3(0.0, -1.0, 0.0); //Fake light pointing down float3 GroundVector = float3(0.0, 1.0, 0.0); //Fake light pointing up float3 BouncedLightVector = -LightDirection; //Opposite of the light direction float3 _SkyColor; // - passed in from via script float SkyIntensity; //The others are very similar, just replace SkyLightVector below with the others and multiply by separate colors and intensities float3 SkyLighting = dot(normals, SkyLightVector) * SkyIntensity * _SkyColor; float3 ImageBasedLighting = SkyLight + GroundLight + BouncedLight; ImageBasedLighting *= AttenuationTerm; // This can be halflambert like in the reference or any other attenuation term ImageBasedLighting /= PI; //See below why we divide by PI We divide by PI at the end for Physically-based reasons. I called it image-based lighting because I was lazy and copied and pasted Read this here - http://seblagarde.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/pi-or-not-to-pi-in-game-lighting-equation/ - and check out the [ physically based rendering] section as well. I will probably come back to this because ambient lighting is a very in-depth topic but my internet connection being throttled. [stop Tom Wheeler, save the internet!] Directional + Ambient Diffuse
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    Vehicle Physics. Info: So. I have noticed a lot of community members have been seeking Vehicle Physics.. I was going to create a project from scratch for the community but i have been sidetracked by my Racing Game Project ATM. So i took Andrew Gotow's Vehicle Physics & Customized - Rewrite the Code So the Vehicle Handles & Behaves Better. Has a real center of mass. Anti Roll Bars. etc. This Project Will Not Be Receiving Anymore Updates Because My Current Project is taking up a lot of my time. So I hope everyone here enjoys the projects & Makes something cool from them I will be here for support, If you have any issues / Bugs please let me know & I will be more then happy to help You out! NOTE: You are free to use this Commercially If You Replace All The Models / Sounds With Your Own. Please Do Not Upload This & Share It. If You want to share with you Friends Send Them A Link To This Thread. Features: Automatic Gearbox. Handbrake. Deceleration Speed. Anti Roll Bars. Skid marks With Smoke & Audio. Vehicle Has Max Speed. Steer Angle Is Adjustable In The Inspector. DEMO: Video Preview: Downloads. V1 : Just The Physics. https://www.mediafire.com/?kel5si16p3saxsr V2 : The Physics & First Person Controller Enter And Exit System. https://www.mediafire.com/?1i3enlz6cdhitay Downloads For 4.3. V1 : Just The Physics. https://www.mediafire.com/?vp7trxeffs3p6k3 V2 : The Physics & First Person Controller Enter And Exit System. https://www.mediafire.com/?vp7trxeffs3p6k3 Update #1 Improved The WheelAlignScript. & Made it able to handle all wheels at once. Instead of multible scripts being ran on all four wheels. How To Use The Updated Script. Step 1. Delete the WheelAlign Script. Step 2. Create a new script called WheelVisuals & Paste The Above Into The Script. Step 3. Assign This Script To The Vehicle. Step 4. Assign Your Wheel Colliders Matching The Names. & The Wheel Meshes. Step 5. Hit Play & Notice Everything still works Beautifully yet its easier to Manage. Note: "Mesh Is The Actual Wheel Model." "Wheel Is The Actual Collider" Note: SkidSmoke = SlipPrefab. Credits: OneManArmy - Enter & Exit Source From FPSKIT. Andrew Gotow - Vehicle Physics. http://www.gotow.net/andrew/blog/?page_id=78 Andrew Laverack *Epic-Shot* - Edit & Rewrite. http://armedunity.com/user/8297-epic-shot/ Angel Garcia *Edy* - Anti Roll Bar. http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/50643-How-to-make-a-physically-real-stable-car-with-WheelColliders Roylen - Easy Skid marks. http://forum.unity3d.com/members/86349-Roylen
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    Hey guys! I would like to show you our new asset, which has been published just a day ago. As you can see in the title, Quantic is an advanced character controller solution for any first-person game. Featuring multiple movement types, such as traditional first-person movement, realistic zero gravity movement, and free-roam spectator style movement as well. It is a really smooth, gravity and state based character controller system with dynamic footstep sound, and head bobbing mechanics as well. We also give you a total of 12 high quality footstep sounds! It is 100% game ready, you can just drag and drop the character into the game and you are good to go! No programming required at all! Don't worry, we also thought about experienced developers, so we made a state system which you can use to get every information related to the character. With this system in place, you can extend the controller with ease and without limits. Here is the Asset Store page: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/86326 I know that you came for the giveaway so lets talk about that. As a contribution for the community I will be giving away 5 copies of the asset, which is worth $100. If you want to participate in the giveaway you have to do the following steps: You have to have at least 20 posts on the forums. Like this post, I don't know... just why not! Leave a comment under this post. Hope for the best! The winners will be selected on April 16, 2017 by a script in Unity just to make it more fun! Good luck everyone, and have a nice day!
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    Download me. If you have any questions, just ask. Please leave some feedback
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    This doesn't include any models, just universal animations for movement of weapons. The pack includes Idle (Not Moving), Walk, Run With Scoped Weapon "LongRun", Run With Non Scoped Weapon "Medium Run" And Run With Pistol "ShortRun". Here's a preview of the idle, walk and scoped weapon run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJPS-7FVKc8&feature=youtu.be To use, just create an empty gameobject and place it as a child of the weapon camera (or anywhere under the weapon camera) and zero out the position and rotation. Then move everything that is parented to the same object to under the new gameobject. Place an Animation component on the new gameobject and drop the animations onto it. Easy as that. Animations.zip
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    This small building enterable. I hope you like it Licene: Commercial Use Donwload: https://mega.co.nz/#!74wggR6C!ARjNa9hdozQYm--uNYWlg5QGjYW1Oz1smI54_UzzE6c PS: Unity generated the normalmap badly. Sorry about it.
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    Hey Guys! I now have another shader to showcase and release soon, my ocean shader! This shader Is sort of based on Martians water shader but of course its mainly different from his. Anyways me and willywill have been making some shaders together as a collaboration and this is one of them. Anyways now the Screen shots!!! V1 (Main Shader, With Fresnel, Specular, Reflections, Color (Lerped with Shallow Water Color), And Waves 1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tbpljh6w7dmrchi/Screenshot%202014-04-11%2022.50.55.png 2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/24kf4olnr3c0mq0/Screenshot%202014-04-11%2022.51.08.png 3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gvhbkmjsbzaujq3/Screenshot%202014-04-11%2022.51.27.png 4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxy4h17icwtigag/Screenshot%202014-04-11%2022.53.33.png V2 (Vertex Displacement Implemented) 1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6mwyaeskj6lpzth/Screenshot%202014-04-12%2012.26.21.png 2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/r2xaqd06v0e3xhy/Screenshot%202014-04-12%2012.27.45.png 3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vlfs9exd9z8nkie/Screenshot%202014-04-12%2012.28.06.png 4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ceptclltwh9rp2/Screenshot%202014-04-12%2014.07.06.png V3 (Foam) 1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/32qvvwodi5y7ma0/Screenshot%202014-04-12%2016.01.54.png 2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/94wrwjp4vwe3a8q/Screenshot%202014-04-12%2016.03.25.png 3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1g4ivlc3hihkel5/Screenshot%202014-04-12%2016.03.49.png 4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ws17hhlv6t6k2qc/Screenshot%202014-04-12%2016.04.29.png V4 (New Fresnel) 1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/skqzlm44bomlw7p/Screenshot%202014-05-06%2015.25.37.png 2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4vigan7led0kvml/Screenshot%202014-05-06%2015.26.12.png 3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0pxqyl1maq9kifb/Screenshot%202014-05-06%2015.27.32.png 4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k4dfq2pi4ja1jq5/Screenshot%202014-05-06%2015.27.55.png V4 Download - https://www.dropbox.com/s/g9vs7hqqt8alz0u/water.unitypackage NOTE: Keep the ocean prefab position coords at 0 0 0, if you want to move it, move it very slightly otherwise it will disappear, this is an issue with the vertex displacement Anyways The ocean shader is still a WIP and is far from finished, but so far it looks really good (in my opinon). Yet To Do - Physically Based Specular - Depth Fog - Sub Surface Scattering - Improve the Fresnel Term (Done) - Use a BDRF model (Working) Known Bugs - Specular isn't Facing to the Light Dir Correctly For this to work you must have a card that supports SM3.0 or Higher. And will not work with DX11 enabled, sorry If your going to use this in a commercial project, be sure to credit me So anyways What do you guys think? Best Regards, Frosty5
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    Ocean with BRDF lighting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRWCLF9Mi68 Information and download link you can find here: http://scrawkblog.com/2013/06/04/ocean-with-brdf-lighting-in-unity/
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    Version 1.6


    Requires unity 5.6.3 or higher. In unity 5 you will have to rebuild the lighting data. In unity 2018.3 you will get MinAttribute error. To fix this error, open MinDrawer script and add following line at the top: using MinAttribute = UnityEngine.PostProcessing.MinAttribute; Also you will have to rebuild the lighting data. *************************** VIDEO TUTORIALS * How to open project: * How to add animated weapon: * How to add weapon by replacing model
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    Hi guys! I updated the Horror Kit and this is the result: IMPORTANT: - GIVE CREDITS TO MasterDevelopers - I MADE THE PROJECT USING UNITY 4.6.1 PRO VERSION Tell me what do you think
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    KICKSTARTER IS NOW LIVE! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1726296933/downfall-of-the-state-open-world-strategic-shooter I posted my attempt at this game a long while back but I hit a dead end as I didn't want to follow through with yet another zombie survival game. After copious amounts of caffeine I decided to branch out the familiar theme of an FPS/TPS game with elements of strategy, exploration and a huge variety of classes to cater for anybodies play style (RPG, Run and Gun, Tactical etc.). Whilst the following youtube clip doesn't show any elements of the open world dynamic military base capture system I wanted the video to act merely as a teaser. It's primarily an FPS game with a large chunk of strategy involved, the main concept is that the Middle East is about to collapse and forces across the world are attempting to claim land as their own. The player's job is to either liberate regions of the middle east or conversely create an empire of their own ranging from Northern Africa all the way to Siberia. The player starts in the Middle East and can conquest in any direction they wish and as they go along they must loot resources in order to equip their army although the loot can be invested in mercenary disciplines (where the player can play more like a lone wolf) or military disciplines which will aid the army as a whole. Please support my greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=544095552 (HAS BEEN GREENLIT) LATEST UPDATE [29/03/16] - [YouTube Videos] : [screenshot Showcase] :
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    This is a very inspector-configurable spawn system, which is executed in waves. Reduces additional programming to minimum if you are happy with features it comes with. Everything is randomly chosen and randomly spawned from current wave settings, so enemy spawning does not feel linear. You can: Set any amount of spawn points, and set/ change delay effect on it Set any amount of enemy types, set preferred spawn points for each of them, spawn ratio (per wave), and should that enemy be spawned from beginning or specific wave call Set specific events for specific waves, for example boss enemy/wave at wave 5 and 10 (in my example) You can set specific spawn points for specific enemies, so you could have specific enemies coming from certain areas (like flying, or wall crawling enemies) Certain spawn point can be locked and unlocked You can easily add any type of enemies via inspector, you could almost achieve same effect as in cod zombies in couple minutes Demo Move using AWSD, enemies are killed when you touch them. Play till level 10, so you would understand how it works. Spawn Manager script As it would be pretty confusing to set up, i am giving the whole project which shown in demo above. Download: Spawning.rar
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    This is something like a sample model for the pack im working on right now. If everything is cool it will be on AssetStore soon. I was kinda out from modeling / game developing, but im gonna share you my latest work. The idea was something like a city block where some survivors tryed to make this place safe. Im used seamless textures for better resolution, and also tryed to optimized the mesh. Download Verts: 2710 Faces: 1587 Tris: 3598
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    [COOP will be added when uNet is released!] Hello guys and welcome to the showcase of my coop survival FPS game called Cold Bodies. It's currently developed by Mars Industries which consists of 10 team members currently. Updates will be released unregulary, but atleast 1 per 8 weeks. You can follow the Updates by Following the topic (Look at the top right) or subscribing my Channel. Website: http://coldbodies.info/ YouTube: Mars Industries Facebook: ColdBodiesOfficial Indiedb (team): Mars Industries Indiedb (game): Cold Bodies Updates: Sorted: Oldest - Newest ---2014 DEVELOPMENT--- Update #1 Teaser #1 Small Update (HUD) M98B Model Preview Update #2 Update #3 Player Reflections [Akimbo Guns in Testing Project] Devlog #1 (Bombs) Devlog #2 (ArmA style action menu, timed bombs) --From now on only hyperlinks because of some limit-- Info Video (Ryts Holm Airport showcase) Zombie AI Showcase Update #4 Survivor AI #1 Survivor AI #2 Revolver WIP 1 Revolver WIP 2 Revolver WIP 3 + M98B WIP 1 Mark 1 new animations [WIP 1 + 2] OST Track 1 - Exploration 1 M4A1 WIP 1 Update #5 ---2015 DEVELOPMENT--- Destroyable Barrier [Happy new year 2015!] DirectX 11 Features [Tesselletion Displacement] ArmA style ammo system [integrated in inventory] Crafting OST Track 2 - The Laboratories Squad AI first test Screenshots: ---GENERAL STUFF--- Name: Cold Bodies Genre: Singleplayer Survival FPS Time Period: 2014 Price: Not decided yet ---STORY--- Secret, for now I can only say it has something to do with Rabies. ---TEAM--- ---Donations--- Want to donate? Donators: paccione Zhavier mike123
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    Hey guys, some of you may know i'm making an ak12. Right now working on the high poly, also practicing my rendering skills in blender. So everything shown here is made in blender and cycles so far. New Renders; Hope you enjoy Sorry for noise ;/ Will be releasing likely on the asset store, for the grand total of 0 dollars. So free... Feedback and a like always appreciated , although serious feedback I would prefer on polycount forums instead of here, shouldn't be too hard to find there in the 3d section. Will be making a post there shortly.
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    Special thanks to DannyIsSoPro for the logo! This is similar to the "game of the year" contest, just with games made by you! The top three winners will get their topic (if there is one) pinned for one week. Until (December 31th, 2014), you must have a PLAYABLE DEMO or GAMEPLAY VIDEO OF AT LEAST 5 MINUTES (only if you are on the contestants list before registration deadline), the game has to be made in the Unity3D game engine. From the 1st January to the 4th you can vote. On the 5th we will announce both winners. VOTE FOR THEM HERE: http://armedunity.com/topic/10796-indie-game-of-armedunity-contest-2014-vote/ Current Contestants (6): themars2011 - Cold Bodies - Survival FPS - Submitted DaBossTMR - Darkraze - Tactical Action Sci-Fi FPS - Submitted ratses - Scream In The Forest - Survival Horror - Submitted Blueagardq13 - Extraction Point - Multiplayer FPS - Submitted RedCrusaderGames - Societatem - Tactical FPS - Submitted YoungDeveloper - Fantasy MMORPG - MMORPG - Submitted VOTING RULES: If you are a developer of one of these participating games, DO NOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. Your member account must be authorized, and not a spam account that you just created during voting day. All poll results will be checked for 'consistency' Please do not vote for the person only because you like them, but instead vote for the game that YOU would most likely play. In other words, be as unbiased as possible. Jury: Some suggestions: OneManArmy DaBossTMR✔ OcularCash✔ Connor Gibson✔ DannyIsSoPro✔ willywill✔ The juries will judge the games with these critic: Gameplay: Scale from 1 - 10 PLUS Unique/Not Unique Graphics: Scale from 1 - 10 Controls: Scale from 1 - 10 Customization of settings: Optional. Additional comments... There will be two winners (most likely): Voting Winner (Popular Vote) Judge Rating Winner IMPORTANT INFO FOR THE VIDEO: DO NOT USE COPYRIGHTED MUSIC! PRIZES? The winner's topic gets pinned and can win the Ultimate Inventory from nightbird0, and also...
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    Note: this is not MINE, but I've come across it quite a few times, thought I'd share! https://github.com/staffantan/unityglitch
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    My second release of the day. This one is a keeper. I thought to myself, there are NO simplistic, easy to understand, yet findable ADS scripts for beginners out there. So I thought hell, it's time to contribute a really nice piece to the community. This is a nicely featured ADS script which uses FOV to zoom and the weapon coordinates are retrieved via transform. Now time to explain how to install the ADS script. [instructions to setup] Step 1: Drag the script to your weapon game object. Step 2: Within the 'Main Camera' slot, drag your weapon camera or your main camera there, depending on your FPS setup. Step 3: Set up the FOV variables and smoothing to your liking, and even then integrate to your weapon system if you wish. Step 4: Place the weapon in front of the camera to your liking, then take the weapon's X, Y, and Z and copy them into the default hip position slot in your inspector. Then do the same with the aim position, pretty simple huh? Step 5: Finally, set the smooth aim variable to your liking, and you're all set! Step 6: Enjoy.
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    Day/Night system with color blend and dynamic fog system.
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    Another enterable building for AbandonedCity pack. This is a shop but also good for a house. I hope you like it [Door Seperated] License: Commercial Use Donwload: https://mega.co.nz/#!zlIjlKSL!P-l0Nu5Kn6NgvVVAiNuez4CZlLsIUhidQfF1WJ6OfEA
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    I don't even think I need to go over why I had to do this. But say hello to no more noise shadows! Requires Unity Pro! Just place this file inside a folder named "Resources" and restart Unity. If you want to greatly increase the shadow spread change the spread value indicated within the shader. Its still a WIP! File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ojaxym9bvq9e2k/Shadow-ScreenBlurRotated.shader Shader code:
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    *This kit is no longer supported* Hello ArmedUnity! I’ve made my first FPS Kit for you and me! It helps me to improve my current knowledge, playing around with code, making new systems.. etc. While Im learning I want you guys to use and improve my progress. You are free to make a game with this! But you will need to change every model! This is completely made from scratch! Even the FPS Controller! I hope I will get some feedback for it. Helps me improve this kit and my knowledge! This Kit will get Daily or Weekly updates! Description: FPS Controller Simple { Crouching, Jumping, Sprinting, Walking } Can Crouch detection under Objects Animated Legs PLACEHOLDER Player Simple Weapon Script Weaponswitching Weapon Drop Rigidbody dragging Simple UI Simple Wallrun Simple Ladder Climbing Simple Parkour Middle Level AI AI search for cover when attacking player AI search for cover that AI is safe AI search for nearest cover AI Weapon Script AI Weapon Reload AI Wandering Script AI Text on head (only visible if player looks at AI) and more! Update 2: Added Sprinting animation Added Pickup animation Improved Parkour Improved Ladder Climbing Improved Legs Fixed Bugs Added 3 Demo Scenes Added Main Menu Added Load Level OnTrigger Script Update 3: Added Simple UI Fixed shooting while running Updated Weapon Drag script Added smooth crouching Commented 50% of the code Added tooltips Update 4: Performance Update 1: Fixed Bugs Fixed Some Errors Added PauseMenu Edited MainMenu (Added Control info for now, next will be editable controls) Updated Weapon Script Updated Player Script Updated MainMenu Script Updated Player Canvas Updated Scenes Removed Several Models, Textures Edited Texture Quality and much more... Update 5: Performance Update 2 Fixed Bugs/Glitches Fixed Errros New Parkour Animation New Jump Animation New Middle Level AI New Gun Models New Gun Animations New Sounds New Ambient Sound New Leg Textures Added Animated AI Added Ammo Pickup Added Drag Collision Detection Added Camera Movement Updated FPS Controller Updated MadPlayer to be more effective Updated Demo Scene Removed 2 Scenes Removed Old Weapons Removed Old Sounds and more.. Update 6: Completly New Version Changelog coming soon.. To-Do: Making code cleaner New Weapons (Explosive) Work on wall running and more... Trello: https://trello.com/c/5g4Zzjyl/7-mad-fps-kit Please give me suggestions of what I could add. Unity version: Unity2017.3.1f or higher. File Name: MadFPSKitV0.9.rar File Size: 553.06MB Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y916as7a3grm9y1/MadFPSKit0.9.rar/file .EXE Demo Version Link: -- Showcase/Update Videos: Tutorial Videos: Happy Developing! MadWolf Games
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    Hello there! Paxitium is a work-in-progress survival game set in the early 1900s. Facing obstacles ranging from natural needs such as hunger and thirst to dangerous wildlife and unfriendly human NPCs, the player must choose a role and survive in the wilderness. Eventually through venturing multiple neighboring islands, the player is able to discover numerous clues related to the background of the world they are in. Basic gameplay will include construction of structures for protection from enemies, looting items from abandoned towns, and more. Cooperation between players is highly encouraged, and the servers will offer extensive customization to settings such as PvP/PvE, day cycle length, difficulty of AI, and much more, to create a fresh experience for players. Everything that you see within these update videos are highly work-in-progress unless stated otherwise. Constructive criticism will also be highly appreciated. Update #4: Update #3: More info: IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/paxitium Discord: https://discord.gg/wFRbT4G Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LutonStudiosDev Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/LutonStudiosDev
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    Q. How to use this script? A. Just drop this script on root of your weapon GO and adjust all parameters in Inspector. var amount : float = 0.02; var maxAmount : float = 0.03; var smooth : float = 3; private var def : Vector3; function Start (){ def = transform.localPosition; } function Update (){ var factorX : float = -Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * amount; var factorY : float = -Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * amount; factorX = Mathf.Clamp(factorX, -maxAmount, maxAmount); factorY = Mathf.Clamp(factorY, -maxAmount, maxAmount); var Final : Vector3 = new Vector3(def.x+factorX, def.y+factorY, def.z); transform.localPosition = Vector3.Lerp(transform.localPosition, Final, Time.deltaTime * smooth); }
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    First of all, Thanx to TheMars2011, its he who instructing me how to add multiplayer, and thanx to pokeyoshi for his multiplayer scripts. --------- Features: -Buttons now auto resizable for any resolution! -New Menu music (created special for mp release) -Multilanguage -Map selecting -Many fun Download: http://deatrocker.ucoz.com/news/multiplayer_mobile_fpskit_by_deatrocker_free_download_unity3d/2013-08-01-151
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    Might make a backdrop scene just for a proper render of this. LaFerrari 2014. Pre-render. Net time: 9 hours. Rendered In - Blender Internal. Render Time - 1.5 Hours. I so wish I could use my GTX 760 to render this. T_T Blender Internal won't let me.
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    Your fans? I think, because of you i must add also hater list
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    Hi guys, after playing mine craft with the shaders mod and I was truly obsessed with the lens flare, and I thought "hey why not make this in unity?" Reference - so after only 1 hour of work i managed to get to it! so i thought of realeasing this for you guys if you are interested in it! https://www.dropbox.com/s/739ze9lgxshjv1r/seusFlare.unitypackage and also, its compatible with both indie and pro! P.S it won't look that saturated as it is in the reference but it should be fine if your going to use this in a commercial project, be sure to credit me! Best Regards - Frosty5
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    Daemonical Daemonical is a multiplayer asymmetrical survival horror game that will match human players against a demonic enemy. It will feature character customization, realistic graphics, in-game voice chat, innovative and fun gameplay and a really scary atmosphere and setting. Latest Video Update: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/fearemgames Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/fearemgames Twitter - https://twitter.com/fearemgames General Gameplay Game will feature a couple of gameplay modes in the end, but we are starting out with what we believe is a pretty innovative mode in the genre. Game starts with 2-5 human players in the forest, or some other environment that will be featured in the maps to come. They are basically just tourists that happen to find themselves in a very unsettling situation. Night is falling, and once it comes, one of them will be possesed by a demon. No one knows who it will be until it happens. Human Gameplay Goal of the humans is either to try to hide from the demon until day arrives, or light up a couple of holy altars on the map in order to “cleanse” the map of all the evil. Humans have a couple of choices at the start of the game - will they stick together and risk being killed by the demon once it possesses someone, or will they spread out, and try to meet up later on with the ones who stay human. They can also try to divide themselves into groups of 2-3 and try to survive that way. We really want them to make their own story as they play, and there are so much possibilities. Their only protection against the demon is fire. Since the demon was tortured and burned in hell for centuries, it fears fire, and as long as players are near a fire source, demon can’t hurt them. They can pick up branches on the floor and light them up, but they burn out eventually, and they are hard to find. If a human player is killed by a demon, his spirit will get thrown out of his body. In that “spirit” state, his goal is either to find his body again in order to revive himself, or to help out the other players by following them and warning them about the dangers around them, or directing them to the altars. Alive players will barely be able to see the dead, but they will be able to hear them and read their chat. Humans are played in a first person mode in order to enhance the immersion. Demon Gameplay A goal for the demon player is to kill all the players and use their life force in order to cast a spell on himself that will allow him to survive the daylight. It must only kill each player once, even if they revive themselves later on, he already took the life force from them that he required. Demon is an evil supernatural being that cannot be killed. It can only be stunned by fire, or other possible evil repellants. (to be decided on) It can sense the humans from a distance, but once he comes close, his powers are weakened by their life force, and he can only see or hear them. If he stays still for some time, he will be able to hear their heartbeat if they are close. It is fast, strong, and can climb trees. He will likely be able to put out magical traps that distract humans and make their senses fail in order to confuse them, distract them, or put out their fire sources. The demon is played in a third person mode in order to give it a better overview of the situation. Technology Game is made completely by using Unity3d. We are currently using the free version, but plan to upgrade before the release, in order to further polish the game and it’s appearance. We are using Photon for networking, and Mixamo services for characters and animations. The team In it’s core, we are a self-funded two-man team from Croatia, Europe. We are also working with a couple of people that are covering the areas that are not in our area of expertise, such as art and sound design. Status and plans Game is currently about 30% done. We are planning to finish up a rough alpha version some time in May, and enter the Steam Greenlight around that time. Currently working on: Demon Gameplay The best way to check what's going on is keeping track of our youtube videos.
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    Hello everybody , i've seen a lot of people that needed some soldier arms. well i decided ill just rip it from bootcamp and have you to use it ready and rigged as well. a lot of people ask for arms and me myself needed so it fits the first person view legs . so anyways withouth futher ado. here is it : Picture: http://gyazo.com/ba4f1626fcd17ce986276a299e4b68bc Download Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!HFch2QyZ!T9sOLiXmul4DzdlDa-GSREWUlAA3wG7CrPciSjWK9oE P.S no need to credit me for this. use it as you wish i just glad i could help.
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    Hello so i am still new at coding so i don`t say this is perfect or something stupid but yea i am abit proud of the script i have made. And all can use it to non commercial and commercial use!! PS Thanks to Jolo309 for helping me though learning C# Best person ever to help and the niceste guy ever !! Now here is the Inventory Code: Now here is the Item Code: Here is the PickUp script: Here is the Slot script: Here is the codes to use And again a big thanks to Jolo309 for learning me everything
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    Update 6 is here! Bonus gameplay: Old Updates: Of course, everything is subject to change, so I'd like to hear what you think. Other links: YouTube Steam Store Page Website (warning, has to load a lot)
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    Hi guys here is another contrubition to community ,Kriss Vector i would really love to see it in someones project but a non-commercial only . So Enjoy Download Link-http://www.mediafire.com/download/e9ke7dqd1xn1jmj/KrissVector.zip i will soon Release a fps arms animated with this gun .
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    Hey guys, So, after days and days of work, I finally have something to show. This is a RPG Game Project that I'm working on right now. The footage from the video is from the somewhat older build of the game, so somethings are not the same any more. Features - Update #1: Features - Updates #2: The game is set to be a open world sandbox role playing game, with a main story line followed by side quests and tasks. This is the list of the features I will be looking to implement: - Store and bartering system - Voiced dialog system (Done) - Quest system Those are my priorities at the moment. Video Update #1: Video Update #2 So, thats it for now.
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    So been awhile since I posted something, recently been making something for reece (hammer) for covert ops. It's the HK416 a good old German made AR. I tried to make it PBR so you know its Physically Based. Round 13k tris. Ill be doing some payed work if people want to hire me in like 2 weeks after my exames, peace
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    Hi guys, A while back I had a thought of making a sky using gradients. with the help of willywill (big thanks to him) I managed to accomplish what I was trying to achieve, I modified his shader tremendously so its almost fully customizable and has a bunch of candy to it! https://www.dropbox.com/s/keouu4gkp2zlxb5/Screenshot%202014-02-06%2011.19.45.png - the original sky (just willywills shader) https://www.dropbox.com/s/95ot21xxes6c632/Screenshot%202014-02-06%2011.36.41.png - first sun (pre-alpha) https://www.dropbox.com/s/hj2ji5chs2hvk0y/Screenshot%202014-02-06%2012.15.55.png - version (alpha) https://www.dropbox.com/s/vdamgat18y4cz5l/Screenshot%202014-02-07%2012.16.05.png - version 1.0 sky https://www.dropbox.com/s/hrag1ku9clepjks/Screenshot%202014-02-07%2012.21.05.png - version 1.1 sky https://www.dropbox.com/s/ditpiau79vuub95/Screenshot%202014-02-07%2015.46.50.png - version 1.2 sky https://www.dropbox.com/s/pb8oqizi0m5vtbx/Screenshot%202014-02-08%2021.30.08.png - version 1.2.5 sky https://www.dropbox.com/s/r6vr364nvaddhq2/Screenshot%202014-02-28%2018.14.20.png - version 1.3 so I thought of giving this sky to the community for those of you who are looking for skies like this, its fully customizable so you can use it in any way you like. and no worrys indie users this sky works for unity free as well, nothing pro specific! https://www.dropbox.com/s/tbwhqkkdepzs1pn/sky.unitypackage - version 1.2.5 https://www.dropbox.com/s/eyh9m1n1six1iw6/Sky1.3.unitypackage - version 1.3 Note: Versions 1.3 and earlier uses GPUS that support SM3.0 or Higher (Shader Model 3) P.S also for those of you in forward rendering, on some graphics cards you may experience some flickering with the sky. P.S.S if you are having issues with the sky send me your computer specs, a screen shot on whats happening, and a screen shot of the inspector variables if your going to use this in a commercial project, you must credit me! Credits - @willywill main sky (version 1.0 and earlier) @rean for the clouds (version 1.2) @frosty5 everything else is ported, modified, and Made by me (version - all) ======================================================================================================= Update Notes, Coming Soon Log, And Yet To Do (click the spoiler bar to see) 1.3 bug - to solve the sun issue, go into the shader, find float3 lightDirection In the pixel Shader, then copy this code in (i forgot to remove the saturate keyword because i was testing some things with the sky shader) float3 lightDirection = normalize( _WorldSpaceLightPos0.xyz ); News: The sky shader will be finished at this point, So if anyone made modifications to the sky you can post them here Best Regards - Frosty5
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    Hello. It has been long time since I have been making any kind of games. Release of Unity 5 made me to return to this engine. I am presenting you my new In Development game which I am actually proud of. I haven't done anything like this before.. Judge yourself: Update #3 P.S. If anyone knows how to have 3D Text that doesn't show trough object, that would help a lot.
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