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    Zombie Hunter Weapons Package Package Description : > Source files + Unitypackage. > Contains 9 Different Melee Weapons. > Each weapons have a diffuse and normal Map of 1024*1024. > They are of good quality, not too much low poly but will best match for a zombie game. > Ready to use prefabs are included inside unity package. The price for the package is only 10 USD. If you would like to buy pm me here or in my email - laxmansingh130@gmail.com You may comment below also.
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    Please leave some feedback http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GONs74xs8x4 Thanks to DannyIsSoPro for recording this | Im sorry for the sound.
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    This is a script for making blinking text. Just call FlashingText.ShowLabel(); in your OnGUI() function. Parameters: - rect: position on screen - text: text to show - col: color of the text - min: minimum allowed transparency - max: maximum allowed transparency - speed: speed of flashing Hope you like it using UnityEngine; public static class FlashingText { public static void ShowLabel(Rect rect, string text, Color col, float min = 0.0f, float max = 1.0f, float speed = 1.0f) { Color backup = GUI.color; Color colToUse = col; colToUse.a = Mathf.PingPong(Time.realtimeSinceStartup * speed, max - min) + min; GUI.color = colToUse; GUI.Label(rect, text); GUI.color = backup; } }
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    So, I just wanted to disable this command in game because it would cause more problems during the gameplay of Darkraze. I am going to share both versions of this script since it is INSANELY short. Anyway, here it is: INSTRUCTIONS (IMPORTANT): Create a new script (if using C#, don't forget to rename the script to the class name) Create a new empty GameObject IN THE FIRST SCENE (scene number 0) (you can check the scene number in the Build Settings). Attach this script to that GameObject. C# Script: JS Script: If you found this useful, +1 this post
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    This is a really simple, but effective script to add to your game. When an object with a collider hits another collider, it plays a sound. The volume is correlated to how hard it hits a object. Use without credits because it is not necessary. MAKE A C# SCRIPT AND NAME IT "ImpactEffect" or look for the Javascript version below. C# Version: Javascript Version:
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    So while trying to find ways to make the weapon models more impressive to look at beyond going into higher poly/triangle counts, The simple answer was to find a good shader and thanks to. willywilly - Shader seen in image MODELS ARE FOR DEMONSTRATION ONLY. I WILL NOT GIVE THEM TO YOU I found the shader for it. However this still posed a problem because all game engines are different each have there own strengths and weaknesses. Hence i started playing around with a way to view models in real time (Kind of like marmoset). This would be handy as i plan to advance this as time progresses. i will make it able to open models from your computer and enable you to alter the materials to find the best possible look for the object. just an idea but it would be suitable for my college project and i get to do it in unity! talk about two birds with one stone. Preview 0.12f Controls as you can see in image below
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    Need *Player *Player model *Rag doll This is 2 scripts were when your character falls a certain speed it will go to ragdoll and when collides with floor turns to player Falling to rag doll (Put in to player) var currentSpeed : float; var lastPosition : Vector3 = Vector3.zero; var object2 : GameObject; var object3 : GameObject; function Update (){ currentSpeed = transform.position.y - lastPosition.y; lastPosition.y = transform.position.y; if(currentSpeed < -0.3){ var object3 = Instantiate(object3, transform.position, transform.rotation); Instantiate(object3,object3.transform.position,object2.transform.rotation); Destroy(object2); } } Ragdoll back to player (put in ragdoll) var object2 : GameObject; var object3 : GameObject; yield WaitForSeconds (5); Instantiate(object3,object3.transform.position,object2.transform.rotation); Destroy(object2); It works on mine, if does not work for you i will try and help. and sorry if this is not that good as it's my first time. Got the idea of the falling sound script http://armedunity.com/topic/1624-audio-effect-for-falling/?hl=%2Bfall+%2Bsound#entry9973 Just wanted to share.
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    your 'writter' should really be able to write basic english... No-one likes reading broken english, it is just painful and so unprofessional. Please fix all spelling and grammar errors.
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    Moved to offtopic section, since you aren't showcasing the drugs that Majestic was using.
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    i have a picture of a 1 night horror (fps) There it is
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    Yup and I doubt he bought over $100 worth pf stuff and unity pro..
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    when in doubt, I go to CG Society http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=373024 however, I am way to lacy for this, I use Genetica (I am learning this program right now), one stop shop to do it. Review by the same society http://www.cgsociety.org/index.php/CGSFeatures/CGSFeatureSpecial/genetica_4.0 and their home page http://www.spiralgraphics.biz/
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    Hah, I told you guys it was from Hans Zimmer Thanks Tjandy.
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    Everyone cut the crap and get back to developing.
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    You hate me ? I see you -rep all of my posts why ? you are just a hater ?
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    huuooooaaawwww.... daboss... misuse of powerr! hehehehehe
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    ............ who can make game without a PC ? ..... blah blah blah
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    why did he got ban ?
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    iOS aaaaa ANDROID is 100000000000000000000000000% BETTER
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    NEW PACKAGE! It is a map props package this time! Working on an FPS? TPS? RPG? And don't have the necessary models to make your map look EXTRAORDINARY? Well this package can help you out! It contains a few but good looking assets that will surely lighten your map up a bit with realism! This package contains 2 kinds of barrels, some crates, a metal door, some rusty railings, and 2 garbage bags WHICH you can duplicate and modify! Download! IMAGE:
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    OK ! First of all wtf is this.OMA,somebody got bored and then he messed up my whole profile ! This is not funny at all really ! Who did this huh ? WHO ? He -(rep) me 1000 times ! I think that is a modelator or some kind of admin that wants to destroy other people profiles ! Oma please fix this ! Thanks !
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    Hey guys I made a sniper game with realistic physics. It is on my website check it out! http://2dsoft.weebly.com/ spread the word!
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    This is more for the Minecraft style game btw nice "weapons" and textures.
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