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    CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION FORM CLICK HERE TO SEND IN YOUR WORK LATEST SCREENSHOT OF MAP DEVELOPING (Using the USE1.7) Useful links I may need: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/177066-Fracture-Dynamic-Destruction-System
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    What makes a good First Person Shooter? or What makes a stereotypical First Person Shooter?
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    Well 'm not gonna criticize about anything ( i need shadows and image effects ) and change prone animation in 3rd person view, when someone pron in front of you, he looks like a worm who try to grab something ( luckily someone logged in when i was testing ) and this happen'd in sniper scope view
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    It says i have already voted in the poll, so i cant vote for v2 however, yes i would buy v2 (considering its part of a pack for under $10)
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    The X-Box ONE has been revealed and as a GAMING machine PS4 beats the crap out of it! The X-Box ONE has too many multimedia gimmicks and spec-wise the PS4 wins...again!
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    Hey man not to get on our bad side or anything and start an argument, but I've been developing games since I was around 5. Since #Dystopia said 'games' and not 'video games', it makes this whole conversation a confusion to all. So no stress, I see where you went wrong. When I was 5, I would create little board games and card games. So it is possible to create games at a young age as he stated. But 'video games'? Highly unlikely.
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    yeah, also this might just be me, but i dont like having to read stuff in game i prefer the system that hell kit/war-z and day-z have ( http://prntscr.com/16n5cv ) also, having it all stacked looks messy.. i suggest having the above noted system for the thirst hunger and spreading the rest around the other corners just my opinion
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    dude sorry but i want to Laugh so hard .... developing games from 4 years old .. really , did you create games with lego brinks ... LOL and what you are going to do dude.. triple posting ??...
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    I completely understand where you're coming from! I'm 16 years old - I'll create an official website and post here on ArmedUnity to showcase our developments, and yes I am an indie developer....(for now.) I'm a 16 year old, that's different. I've been creating games since I was 4 years old, I've been creating websites since 5. I've worked for Birmingham Airport as their web designer and consultant. I've created several businesses IRL and on-line. I think I should add a BIO for all to read...and be inspired.... Anyhow, as the summer holidays are fast approaching I think the game will advance a lot! - and with our community I think it will be better than ever! Thanks all, peace out!
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    SG 4 or HTC One and btw what you gonna do with your current Iphone 4 ?
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    please read this post and edit yous accordingly. http://armedunity.com/topic/3678-when-creating-a-post/
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    I think he's concentrating on making his FPS Kit rather than this one.
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    You forgot the == i think.
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    Never -1 rep a moderator... never.
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    Scoremanager does the same, just remove levelup and add a $ to the gui
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    Lol, yeah. Utaku and I are fans of my own game.
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    NOTE: AS OF MAY 27th 2013, ANY POST THAT IGNORES THESE RULES WILL BE REMOVED, WE EXPECT AT LEAST SOME INFO/WORK Here is a quick guide on how to correctly present yourself when recruiting team members. This post will give you a rough guide on what to do and what not to do. The Title: Keep the title as brief and as professional as possible without being confusing or lengthy. A good example would be 'team name' is hiring! Payment: Alot of people here make two mistakes when discussing payment: [A] Create false promises, (I.E saying the people will be paid from money they don't have but believe they will as they will create the next COD) Say "you wont get paid until after game is finished" ... this will immediately put most people off A professional way around this is to put (Profit Share) in the title... this is all that needs to be mentioned about payment until they are on your team... Previous work & Progress: This is probably the most important part of the post: it is important to give as much information as possible about yourself and your past experience, it is always a good idea to have atleast one game gone through the entire development cycle before you begin a team.. even if the game is worse than pong, it will all help people build up their trust in you to not drop the project... Any progress already made would also be a bonus however, the reason you are setting up a team is to make the progress so I suggest that you dont put posts as 'recruiting modeler' but instead give them more of a managerial role as maybe founding modeler, its subtlety's like this that make the difference Job Roles Don't recruit more people than you need and ensure to hire the person with the EXACT skill set you need. for example dont hire a c# coder and expect them to be good at networking, or dont recruit a 'modeler' and expect them to texture and animate so just be careful... there is no real reason to have a texturer, modeler and an animator as 3 different people Readability Readability in this forum is crucial since you don't want readers (admin and mods as well) to strain their eyes looking at dark colors (dark blue, purple, etc) that blend in with the background of this forum. Making "rainbow" colors in your post tends to really make it annoying to read. Just leave it at basic colors. An EXCELLENT example of a recruitment post can be found: HERE
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    Even then, I'm not a massive COD fan and probably won't buy it, I stopped buying cod games after the first blackops
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    No, I dissagree completely. You need to have no leveling system and let people have any gun they want for free at any level. Or else it becomes kinda pay to win and no skill based if you have to level up or pay for the best guns.
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    @Darknet you got -rep for reporting a bug ...... lol, I gave you back your 1 rep
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    Yes that's why i reported it as a bug Report And lol thanks for the - Rep ( double accounting is not allowed and damn well not for rep boosting, will see about your other account now )
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    lol hows it a scam its my pay-pal refferal program you dumb ass go back to making your garbage apocalypse kits
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    Umm... that looks alot like the BeGone map timertown...
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    are you serious? that is probably the WORST site you could go to for royalty free music
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    We've used the hashtag for it to be a popular trend on Twitter, it's ok I know how to promote things I've also consulted many advertisers and marketing groups to get advice. But thanks!
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    Here's a sound effect pack with a lot of good sounds for fps it's not made by me so ask the youtuber if you want to know something. [youtubebb3] [/youtubebb3]LINK IN DESCRIPTION.
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    Well This Is only pre alpha so there is bugs lol
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