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    @MyIsaak @bobboo101 Here it is https://jmp.sh/SK6L3Qp. I also compiled a quick overview of the project. Once you imported the package, check out the readme.txt
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    So yeah, when it comes to me, ive been good, there are some personal things that went on but im still working on the same project i started when i was really a noob at best. And @OneManArmy, to me you are truely a legend.... You and some others got me into computers. Geohot is to mention here as well, he got me into hacking even tho. i didnt understand any of his work until recently. When it comes to cool projects and other OG's, @OcularCash ist still around sometimes but i think hes bussy and if i remembre correctly he has kids and a family now. But he has worked on some projects: @themars2011 started around the same time as me but is a little younger than me and published his first game on steam: As well as has his own FPS-Kit now on the Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/modular-multiplayer-fps-engine-photon-2-88064 Another of the Legends was or is Tiago from DrunkenLizardGames, he got his masters Degree in Computer Science and is too busy to finish his Project So it will most likely never be released. Here are some memories: Same sad story for most other Unity3D fps games that looked cool. But if you remebre TheLegoAgapov he has released his project Red Alliance to Steam after all those years. I personally have realeased some free Tools on the Asset Store as well: https://assetstore.unity.com/publishers/29697 Would love any feedback :3 Also been thinking about setting up a github for those tools and some other ones i have developed over the years, so others can help to improve/update them etc. Dont have too much time to spend on this kind of stuff myself anymore but i still do some small changes from time to time to my project and upload to YT even tho nobody cares about it, like at all ^^ Its still something i like doing: I have also thought about asking @OneManArmy if it would be possible to make the FPS-Kit a community project to extend and update it. Since i would love to see that gaining popularity again and maybe have some talented guys working on it. Also this would be a way to give back to the community since i have learned so much from the kit myself when i started by just playing around and figuring out how everything works. When it comes to old tutorial channes they appear to be dead: TornadoTwins: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoT3jV5skJaRQZwwE6_1-Zw ETeeski (looks still alive :3 but is now called MasterIndie): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV0Jhu5jv9OsV19TmqHEt_g TechZoneTv (wasnt that good but liked to watch): https://www.youtube.com/user/TechzoneTV/videos Narutoisgreat1234: https://www.youtube.com/user/HyperShadeTutorials/videos Edit: I wasnt able to find any old "Call of Duty ind Unity3d" Videos anymore but since this is how this started with ripped models (from FacePunch/FPS-Banana etc.) and replicating Call of Duty and/or Battlefield i thought i should include something like this as well, even tho it was uploaded quite recently: Edit2: OMA used this song in an Update Video and i loved it: Textrure Pack used in OMAs first Videos: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/2d/textures-materials/free-artskillz-texture-pack-01-351 (where he had COD weapons and killed the flying Orb etc.) Nobiax (best Texture packs): https://assetstore.unity.com/publishers/4986
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    //drawing the Damage indicator Texture: GUI.color = new Color (1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, IndicatorTime); //IndicatorTime is the alpha of the color here just set it somewhere and substract Time.deltaTime each iteration of OnGUI() Vector2 vector = new Vector2 (((Screen.width / 2) - (damageIndicatorTexture.width / 2)), 0); //position of the damage Indicator texture first vlale is the x-pos (centered), //2nd the y (at the very top od the screen) GUIUtility.RotateAroundPivot (AdjustIndicator, new Vector2 ((Screen.width / 2), (Screen.height / 2))); //rotate the GUI around center. adjustIndicator is the angle by which is rotated GUI.DrawTexture (new Rect (vector.x, vector.y, damageIndicatorTexture.width, damageIndicatorTexture.height), damageIndicatorTexture); //just draw the texture now :) //for the calculation of the angle: float AdjustIndicator; Vector3 tmp = (DirectionDamage - transform.position); //tmp is the Vector from us to the Damage source tmp.y = 0; //the indicator is like a 2d top down map pointing from us to the damage source so we dont care about the y value and set it 0 tmp.Normalize(); //just sets the length of the Vector to 1, since we only care about direction and not the "strength" of the vector float GetPos = Vector3.Dot(this.transform.forward, tmp); //"For normalized vectors Dot returns 1 if they point in exactly the same direction, -1 if they point in completely opposite directions and zero if the vectors are perpendicular." //more here: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Vector3.Dot.html //cross product returns the vector that stands perpendicular on the plane span by out two vectors forwards and the vector to enemy, //we can now tell wheather the enemy is left or right by the side the plane is facing: if (Vector3.Cross(forward, tmp).y > 0){ //plane faces upwards (right) AdjustIndicator = (1f - GetPos) * 90; //GetPos is 1 when they both point in the same direction, so the angle wont we adjusted since (1-1)*90 = 0. //else it gets moved to the right by how unlike the vectors are }else{ //plane faces down (left) AdjustIndicator = (1f - GetPos) * -90; //same thing but for the left side. } Hope thats enough to get you started and understand it... with this you should be able to do something like what you can see in cod.
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    Hey, its been a long time since i was last online in this community, this community has given me so much that i can never repay! Well, high school and university life got me distracted so hey guys! how have you been ? Are OMA's premium assets still being pirated ?:P XD
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    So the grabobjects variable is dereferencing the noobject gameobject correct? The only way that is possible is if somewhere in your code your either replacing it with something else or telling it to = null. The answer lies in your code. Just open your code and search for grabObjects = and that is where your issue is. Unless your talking about dereferencing After play mode has stopped and in that case, play mode changes do not affect edit mode
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    Hi here a video of my test work to try some gameplay mechanics.. i used free fpskit as base template expanded over time ( thaks to OMA and TheMars over all others..they know why LOL).I have some other gameplay functions in place and are only waiiting to be added to the main template.. btw i have and issue with drag items since i noticed that picked up items colllsion work fine until i pick and item into inventory( like weapons ,ammo, consumables) but if i eventually drop picked up items from inventory and try to drag item again collsion with static mesh collsion and with scene doesnt work anymore when player held item... any hint
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    I finished a quick game that contains a couple mini games for camgirl by request of a porn model named Mandy Dawn. Pretty simple and self explanatory how the mini games work. If you want to know how some of the mini games were created, let me know and I can show you how I made them. if you want to support Mandy Dawn, you can find her Pornhub, ManyVids and twitter links on her itch profile or in the game. From there you can check out her paid content https://mandydawn.itch.io/sex-games
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    @reaperkan @Erarnitox lol ya I’m a dude. I just bang a lot and have 4 demon spawns. I’m not as active as I used to be but still develop when I’m not working or with the family or doing porn or something. Delirious devon has been at a stand still for awhile now. Not dead, just a big ass project. Doing a Minecraft like project for my kids a couple times a month that will one day get posted. Also did some shaders and built a Java app for creating/viewing real-time shaders for the construct 3 engine. Just a very busy person nowadays. Latest project I finished for Mandy Dawn and other cam girls: https://mandydawn.itch.io/sex-games by the way, feel free to show Mandy some love by purchasing some of her videos. You can find her links on her profile or in game. I told her I would do some promoting for her this week anyways
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    @Erarnitox That Sandbox generator is really useful, thanks mate, damn Ocular's 3D platformer looks so cool! You know i always knew that Ocular was a she maybe because one time i think i read he was 'pregnant' :] . TheMars is one smart kid :3 Too bad never got to see the end of No Heroes it was such a promising and an inspiring project! Also that COD survival game XD i really like how the fps is set up for it, would love to try to replicate it sometime. I have to do a "Major Project" in my final year :3 so lets seeeee.
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    I'm finally close to finishing this project. After 2 years of hibernation. I cannot show a lot at the moment but you'll have to trust me. Made in Unity engine. About Powelus's Audio Visualizer allows any person to customize visualizer to their own experience. The software has the capability to load local MP3 files and display audio spectrum during real-time playback. Features Users are able to customize every possible aspect of the visualizer, including: Movement speed and intensity Light source speed and intensity Radius Color Custom logo and background Discord RichPresence shows the current song user is playing (working on steam rich presence), Visualizer in action on an old UI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MgqxBy7gzg Release will be on Steam this fall (hopefully). For any questions and Inquiries feel free to comment or send a message.
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    So eh we are old school :3 but brackey sure is helpful at times (the channel), never been into those communities. But hey look on the bright side you are left with the few loyal people! and I guess, if we try we can revive the forum again. But HEY GUYS, you guys literally taught me Unity :] and How have you guys been? Any awesome projects???? @geckoo games used to be so coooool and colourful
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    We always had small group of active members (less than 1%). 99% of members came here just to download something. Now most from this 1% grew up (literally and as devs) and moved forward. New generation now follows Brackeys, quill18 and join their community's. By the way, 800k subs for channel related to game dev(unity tutorials)... holly shit. Few years ago i thought that it is not possible. @Erarnitox Not "kit was transformed", but i started to work on another project. Modern FPS was made from all kits. Actually more code from Free FPS Kit was used, then from Premium.
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    yeah, you can call the method like that, just pass in this.transform.position as an additional argument, so you can reference it. like: hit.gameObject.SendMessage("ApplyDamage", DamageValue, this.transform.position, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver); (if you do singleplayer stuff and only want to damge the player i would suggest to call it by accessing the Component diectly tho. So if you hit the tag player just playerDamageController.ApplyDamage(5, transform.position)) than on the gameObject that was hit you have to have a Component that implements ApplyDamage(int DamageValue, Vector3 DamagePosition) so something like this: public void ApplyDamage(int DamageValue, Vector3 Damageposition){ this.indicatorTime = 2f; //calculate Angle this.adjustAngle = calculatedValue //apply damage stuff: this.health -= DamageValue; } hope this helps ... i think this is simular to how it was manages in the fps-kit? If you use the fps-kit give me some time i was thinking about extending the fps kit once i find time to do it. I love OMAs work and it was a great learning resource for me as well but i think hes not interested in developing this further. So if i find the time i might ask him if i can extend it as kind of my way to give back to this community.
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    Thanks to changes in unity 2018.2 i stuck on 2018.1
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    Creating objects, usually we instantiate them. Then we can destroy them after use. However it requires some resource and when many instantiated objects must be created, there is an acceptable limit before lag. To avoid wasted resource, it is recommended to use a pooling sustem which preloads those objects, setting them active and storing them for a new use. This way, we limit objects in scene, using always the same (but you have to reset them) ++ using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public static class SimplePoolSystem { private static Dictionary<string, List<GameObject>> pool = new Dictionary<string, List<GameObject>>(); private const string nameEnding = "(Clone)"; public static void PreLoadInstances(GameObject prefab, int number, Transform parent = null) { GameObject prefabInstance; bool setParent = parent != null; for (int i = 0; i < number; i++) { prefabInstance = Instantiate(prefab); if (setParent) prefabInstance.transform.SetParent(parent); StoreInstance(prefabInstance); } } private static GameObject GetInstanceFromPool(GameObject prefab) { GameObject prefabInstance = null; List<GameObject> instancesList; if (pool.TryGetValue(GeneratePrefabInstancesName(prefab), out instancesList)) if (instancesList.Count != 0) { prefabInstance = instancesList[0]; instancesList.RemoveAt(0); } else { Debug.Log("Not enough objects have been preloaded - create a new one"); prefabInstance = Instantiate(prefab); } return prefabInstance; } public static GameObject GetInstance(GameObject prefab, Transform parent = null) { GameObject prefabInstance = GetInstanceFromPool(prefab); prefabInstance.SetActive(true); if (parent != null) prefabInstance.transform.SetParent(parent); return prefabInstance; } public static void StoreInstance(GameObject gameObjectInstance) { gameObjectInstance.gameObject.SetActive(false); List<GameObject> instancesList; if (pool.TryGetValue(gameObjectInstance.name, out instancesList)) instancesList.Add(gameObjectInstance); else { instancesList = new List<GameObject>(); instancesList.Add(gameObjectInstance); pool.Add(gameObjectInstance.name, instancesList); } } public static void Clear() { pool.Clear(); } private static GameObject Instantiate(GameObject prefab) { GameObject prefabInstance = Object.Instantiate(prefab); prefabInstance.name = GeneratePrefabInstancesName(prefab); return prefabInstance; } private static string GeneratePrefabInstancesName(GameObject prefab) { return prefab.name + nameEnding; } }
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    STR!PES is my entry for the 44th LudumDare. This is a procedural game. In my project there is only code - some procedural generation for shapes and stripes - no sprite, no prefab, no physics, no implicite value (excepted a radius PI). I optimized each part of code so as to reach the lowest execution using a simple (but efficient) pooling system and an improved implementation of coroutine. Also I use a leaderboard on-line so as to save best scores. Take a look at the video below. STR!PES is available for free on Itch.io ++
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