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    Advanced Building System nDev Studios Version 1.0 Alpha Version 1.1 YOUTUBE ACCOUNT REMOVED SORRY No Videos Videos For any questions please first make sure that are not answered on the documentation and then ask me here or at devstudios@gmail.com. Thank you guys. Use it both commercial or non-commercial but Give Credits!
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    This doesn't include any models, just universal animations for movement of weapons. The pack includes Idle (Not Moving), Walk, Run With Scoped Weapon "LongRun", Run With Non Scoped Weapon "Medium Run" And Run With Pistol "ShortRun". Here's a preview of the idle, walk and scoped weapon run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJPS-7FVKc8&feature=youtu.be To use, just create an empty gameobject and place it as a child of the weapon camera (or anywhere under the weapon camera) and zero out the position and rotation. Then move everything that is parented to the same object to under the new gameobject. Place an Animation component on the new gameobject and drop the animations onto it. Easy as that. Animations.zip
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    UNITY3D NOOB TO PRO SERIES COLLECTION So I'm starting this new forum "series" to allow the community to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and (some of my own) in the most simple terms; for comprehensiveness sake. SHORTCUTS: What is a Shader? Best Answer What is a Prefab? Best Answer What is RayCast? Best Answer What is a RigidBody? Best Answer What is a GameObject? Best Answer What is an .FBX file & How is it different to other formats? Best Answer What is Lightmapping & How do you apply it? Best Answer What is NavMesh? Best Answer What is Occlusion Culling? Best Answer What is a Light Probe? Best Answer How do you create & implement a script, so that, when you collect a gameobject a message appears? ANSWER NOW! RULES: 1) Please, do NOT use this post for general discussion, provide quick, clear and in-depth answers. 2) Please, do NOT answer by telling us to look at the manual or watch a video. Each thread is supposed to answer their question and fill that gap in their knowledge and not to be insulted by their fellow community. 3) To win; you must provide a fully featured, helpful answer. 4) Good Luck & Have Fun! PRIZE: The winner shall get +1 rep and their answer shall be chosen as best answer. So today's NOOB to PRO question is: Today's question has closed. See who won and come back in a few minutes for the new question! ----- Meanwhile, give our thread a +1 if you enjoy it! -----
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    Day/Night system with color blend and dynamic fog system.
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    I had been creating a Unity FPS game for a while and I thinks it is time to share my progress. Version #1: Version #2: Credits: CSS: Map De_Dust2, Weapon Models/TexturesChaos: Animations, Scripts, Graphics
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    IndieDB FaceBook YouTube UPDATES __________________________________________ Latest Quick Update Map, player motion and stats. MultiChunk AI, player refactoring (now supports creatures) & stress test Zone Zoning NPC prototype Update Nr. 2 [31.12.2014] Status Update [26.12.2014] Status Update Status Update [14.09.2014] Status Update [10.09.2014] Multiplayer Test Nr. 2 Update Nr. 1 Multiplayer Test Nr. 1 __________________________________________
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    I moved to a new pc, in the process I lost all of my work so I decided to kind of start over, learn new things and get better. So here is a drone that I textured in Quixel Suite. I also re-made my portfolio with new images. I'm available for freelance (paid) work only. Portfolio: http://www.xero3d.com/ Software used for this model - Blender - XNormal - Quixel Suite
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    Hey Guys, My Next Gen Assault Rifle, is pending for release in the Asset Store. Bringing a AAA quality model to your game! I know this is technically a carbine, but for reasons I called it assault rifle (most people know what a AR is compared to a carbine) ASSET STORE LINK - https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/27109 The package brings a modern Assault Rifle model and textures to target a next gen platform and ready for unity 5 and any PBR shader. Included are: First Person AR model at 14.5k tris 4k, PBR ready textures, with both metalness and spec supported. -Third person AR Model at 10.5k tris 2k, PBR ready textures, with both metalness and spec supported. In addition a simple PBR shader is included while you wait for unity 5 and are not using any other PBR solution already. In addition both models are rigged so ironsights, fire select and magazine can be moved without increasing drawcalls. Tell your mates about it, and I hope to see it in your projects!
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    Hey guys, I worked on this yesterday and made it in about one day (0:06 am where I am so yesterday) and I think it's pretty good. Not perfect but a nice start I'd say. Enjoy it and maybe leave a like? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJvrT2tBPZY
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    Just like the title says, This is an "EXAMPLE" of an absolute free roam wandering AI. This ai doesn't rely on any kind of waypoint or pathfinding system. It randomly roams and steers itself to the right of obsticles. The steering is very basic but with some simple math, it can be alot more advance. The ai system also has a basic "Listening" and "Visual" range to discover predators or prey and chases or flees depending on the to aggressive boolean. This is a very basic example of an intermediate AI for melee/fleeing ai like animal wildlife. This system runs very quickly for a free roam intelligence since it doesn't rely on any taxing pathfinding method. WARNING: This is not a drag and drop script is meant strictly to learn off of to help you with building your ai, nothing more. So do not expect to drag this into your scene and expect it to work out the gate. It requires a health script (Not supplied) to recieve the call "ApplyDamage(amount)" and tags to identify other intellegence. @script RequireComponent(CharacterController) public var minIdle : float = 1.5; public var maxIdle : float = 4.0; public var walkSpeed : float = 1; public var runSpeed : float = 3; public var rotateSpeed : float = 30.0; public var directionTravelTime : float = 1.7; public var visualReactionDistance : float = 5; public var listenReactionDistance : float = 5; public var attackDistance : float = 0.5; public var idleDuringRunning : boolean; public var aggressiveAnimal : boolean; public var attackDamage : float; public var fov : float = 60; public var idleAnimName : String = ""; public var alertAnimName : String = ""; public var walkAnimName : String = ""; public var runAnimName : String = ""; public var lowAttackAnimName : String = ""; public var highAttackAnimName : String = ""; private var timeToNewDirection : float = 0.0; private var controller : CharacterController; private var anim : Animation; private var reacting : boolean; private var target : Transform; private var targetController : CharacterController; public var distanceToTarget : float; function Awake() { controller = GetComponent("CharacterController"); anim = GetComponent("Animation"); if(aggressiveAnimal) transform.tag = "AggressiveAnimal"; else transform.tag = "Animal"; } function Start() { while(true) { yield Idle(); if(!aggressiveAnimal) yield Flee(); if(aggressiveAnimal) yield Attack(); } } function Idle() { while(true) { GetClosestTarget(); if(Time.time > timeToNewDirection) { anim.CrossFade(idleAnimName, 0.2); yield WaitForTime(Random.Range(minIdle, maxIdle)); var randomDirection = Random.value; if(randomDirection > 0.5) transform.Rotate(Vector3(0, 5, 0), rotateSpeed); else transform.Rotate(Vector3(0, -5, 0), rotateSpeed); timeToNewDirection = Time.time + directionTravelTime; } if(target && targetController) { var angleToTarget : float = Vector3.Angle(target.position - transform.position, transform.forward); var targetVelocity = Vector3(targetController.velocity.x, 0, targetController.velocity.z); if(angleToTarget < fov && distanceToTarget < visualReactionDistance || distanceToTarget < listenReactionDistance && targetVelocity.magnitude > 1.9) { if(!Physics.Raycast(transform.position, target.position - transform.position, distanceToTarget - 2, ~1>>6)) { if(angleToTarget > fov && alertAnimName.Length > 0) { anim.CrossFade(alertAnimName, 0.2); yield WaitForSeconds(1); } reacting = true; return; } } } if(Physics.Raycast(transform.position, transform.forward, 3)) { transform.Rotate(Vector3.down, 360 * Time.deltaTime); } anim.CrossFade(walkAnimName, 0.2); var walkForward = transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.forward); controller.SimpleMove(walkForward * walkSpeed); yield; } } function Flee() { while(true) { GetClosestTarget(); if(target) { if(transform.position - target.position != Vector3.zero) transform.rotation.y = Mathf.Lerp(transform.rotation.y, Quaternion.LookRotation(transform.position - target.position).y, rotateSpeed * Time.deltaTime); } if(Physics.Raycast(transform.position, transform.forward, 3)) { transform.Rotate(Vector3.down, 360 * Time.deltaTime); } anim.CrossFade(runAnimName, 0.2); var runForward = transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.forward); controller.SimpleMove(runForward * runSpeed); if(!target) { if(Time.time > timeToNewDirection) { reacting = false; return; } } else timeToNewDirection = Time.time + directionTravelTime; yield; } } function Attack() { while(true) { GetClosestTarget(); if(target) { if(distanceToTarget < attackDistance && Vector3.Angle(target.position - transform.position, transform.forward) < fov) { if(target.tag == "Animal") { if(lowAttackAnimName.Length > 0) anim.CrossFade(lowAttackAnimName, 0.2); else anim.CrossFade(highAttackAnimName, 0.2); } else anim.CrossFade(highAttackAnimName, 0.2); yield WaitForSeconds(0.3); target.gameObject.SendMessage("ApplyDamage", attackDamage); yield WaitForSeconds(0.6); } var targetRotation = target.position - transform.position; targetRotation.y = 0; if(targetRotation != Vector3.zero) transform.rotation = Quaternion.Lerp(transform.rotation, Quaternion.LookRotation(targetRotation), rotateSpeed * Time.deltaTime); anim.CrossFade(runAnimName, 0.2); if(!Physics.Raycast(transform.position, transform.forward, 3)) { var runForward = transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.forward); controller.SimpleMove(runForward * runSpeed); } else { reacting = false; return; } } else { reacting = false; return; } yield; } } private var targetsInRange : List.<Transform> = new List.<Transform>(); function GetClosestTarget() { targetsInRange.Clear(); var i : int; var collidersInRange = Physics.SphereCastAll(transform.position, visualReactionDistance, transform.forward, 1); for(i = 0; i < collidersInRange.Length; i++) { var hitTransform = collidersInRange[i].transform; if(hitTransform.tag == "Player") { targetsInRange.Add(hitTransform); continue; } if(hitTransform != transform) { if(hitTransform.tag == "AggressiveAnimal" || transform.tag == "AggressiveAnimal" && hitTransform.tag == "Animal") { targetsInRange.Add(hitTransform); } } } if(targetsInRange.Count > 0) { var closestTarget : Transform = targetsInRange[0]; var closestDistance : float = (transform.position - targetsInRange[0].position).magnitude; if(targetsInRange.Count > 1) { for(i = 1; i < targetsInRange.Count; i++) { var distanceFromTarget : float = (transform.position - targetsInRange[i].position).magnitude; if(distanceFromTarget < closestDistance) { closestTarget = targetsInRange[i]; closestDistance = distanceFromTarget; } } } if(closestTarget != target) { targetController = closestTarget.gameObject.GetComponent.<CharacterController>(); //targetVitals = closestTarget.gameObject.GetComponent.<Vitals>(); } distanceToTarget = closestDistance; target = closestTarget; return; } target = null; targetController = null; distanceToTarget = 0.0; } function WaitForTime(seconds : float) { var waitTime = 0.0; while(waitTime < seconds) { GetClosestTarget(); if(target && targetController) { var targetVelocity : Vector3 = Vector3(targetController.velocity.x, 0, targetController.velocity.z); if(Vector3.Angle(target.position - transform.position, transform.forward) < fov || distanceToTarget < listenReactionDistance && targetVelocity.magnitude > 1.5) return; } waitTime += Time.deltaTime; yield; } }
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    HELLO! I was bored and thought I should go back in to unity for a while so yeah, was messing around with visuals and Got pretty nice results i must say. Tried to create rainy environment, let me know what you think about it Also improved melee system, now different attacks have different range + you dont attack instantly anymore, now you attack based on animation position which makes more sense. Anyways, Im thinking to add more gore into other update and make AI that can be torn down to peaces. The knife model, neither hands are not made by me, just for placeholders and for visual looks +Added silly thing when your knife gets bloody you automatically clean it off with animation Video 1:06 Cya In the next post! Update* Thinking of adding little gamemode 5vs5 knife battle You pick up a knife of your liking, each of them have different advantages and disadvantages(speed,damage,movement speed, and so on) and you battle for most kills
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    Why don't you ask DICE? or Treyarch? They have much better quality models and animations.
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    DOWNLOAD: TO FIX THE BLOCK PLACING BUG: Just remove the Capsule Collider on the player! WEBPLAYER: -=- Features -=- - 9 Different Style blocks - Build/Break Blocks - Build/Break Animations on the arms - And much more! -=- To do -=- - Multiplayer - Crafting - Mobs - Hunger/Health -=- Versions -=- v1.0 - Initial release
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    Hello guys, Based on danmantheman's idea, im starting an MS-Paint contest. Draw anything (be creative!) in MS-Paint and MS-Paint only! No Paint.NET, Gimp, Photoshop, etc...! Post your result here, you can have up to three submissions. Any more will not count. You can also just get one key, not multiple if you have multiple very good submissions. The top 5, based on MY OPINION will receive a free key for my game police infinity! As it requires steam, you gotta have an account there to redeem it obviously. END: 24th of december, 11:59 pm (23:59) aka end of the day, german time. It ended. Here are the winners: Place 5:
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    .MAX file .OBJ file .TGA Texture Download: http://forumfiles.thegamecreators.com/download/1989369 Source: http://forum.thegamecreators.com/?m=forum_view&b=24&t=168083&p=0 Rates Has rigged this Hands as contribution to community Download Rigged Hands from here : http://armedunity.com/index.php?/topic/2132-free-rigged-fp-arms/ License: Free for use in commercial and non-commercial projects. Do not sell it fully or partially for your own profit. (As in selling weapons themselves, or marketing with 3rd party sellers) Copyright Jonathan Fletcher jonfletc@gmail.com http://www.artpanda.co.uk
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    Hey Armed Unity members, We're an indie game development company working on "The Final Stand," a multiplayer survival game inspired from multiple survival game mods like 'Day Z', 'Rust', and 'Battle Royale.' We've been working on the game for almost two years and we're going to release in the Q1 of this year on Steam alongside Alienware. The payment is post launch compensation, you'll be paid after the game goes on Steam which is in Q1 of 2015. If you're looking for a hefty project to put on your portfolio and have the possibility of landing a full-time position with us - this is the game to join with a very close deadline! Check out the game: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=241750254 About the game: http://thefinalstandgame.com/about/ Here are some screenshots from a recent build (we're still tweaking shaders, lighting, and gameplay): Interested in joining? Great! We're looking for the below job positions to be filled below: Animator - Priority Able to work with existing rigs and create a new rig, if needed Experience with 3rd person animations and 1st person animations Willing to finish the 4 sets of 3rd person animations left, shouldn't take long at all. Experience in transferring .fbx's or animations to be used in a game engine (we can provide a little refresher, if needed). 3D Environment Modeler Experience with hard surface and organic modeling Experience Kitbashing and create modular assets using tilesets Ability to create both high and low poly models based on concept art or references Ability to create both hand-painted and photo-sourced texture maps: diffuse, spec, normal, alpha, and emissive Strong skills with Maya and Zbrush Strong eye for detail natural environments How To Apply So if you're interested in joining our team, email hellagamesentertainment@gmail.com. If you didn't see a job positing but would still like to offer your services, don't be afraid to send us an email - we'd love to see if we could have you on the team! Please send a portfolio and just the job title with whatever you're applying for. Don't be afraid to apply, we're very responsive and willing to give everyone a shot! - Hadey Mohammed (Lead Game Designer) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheFinalStandHG Twitter: https://twitter.com/HellaGamesEnt Email: hellagamesentertainment@gmail.com Website: www.thefinalstandgame.com Steam Greenlight link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=241750254 IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-final-stand
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    watch and download !!! Free!!!
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    Hey guys, been awhile since I posted, busy doing....things (and something for little mars that pesky kid) Now here's my good ol' m1911, good weapon, reliable and deadly. Have fun now. I decided to make the older one since I thought it looks the coolest and I can make it a tad beaten up!(taken some damage through the ages) And for all you critters out their wondering what I render the object in. Well I might tell you its that Unity3D engine this forum is about! In game shots yay (sorry for big font) PBR ready as well My name is Lucas btw
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    I finally decided to post my game what I've been working on. First update: Update #2 Update #3 If you want to help us developing this game: Please help us developing this game by supporting us by giving feedback or spread the video on fb, twitter, g+ or whatever! Please leave some feedback <3
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    Theorem is an abstract relaxing 3d puzzle game in which you have to roll a cube so as to reach a goal, but one of its faces is forbidden. Each colored tile has its own behavior - you can enable/disable mecanics, teleport yourself on another place, climb up blocks, make use of impossible geometry, etc. This is my latest project which I want to share on Steam/Itch.io/Desura as a casual game for 1 or 2 bucks. Now I need a little help. I would like to share my project with someone just to try the main gameplay. So you could write a brief feedback (just a few lines, playing 15/20 minutes or more). I did 50 levels. Please, if you like solid puzzle games, send me a private message. If you don't like puzzle games, I guess that you will don't like it. Forget it. Thank you ++ https://imgur.com/a/YjRYU
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    Hello everyone. I'm interested to work for a project that includes modeling and texturing. I can model weapons and props for games. Below is some of my previous work. If interested, contact me https://www.artstation.com/artist/laxman130
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    I would like to show you my inventory system. It is made with UGUI in C# and for the icons I used Gimp. Basically I have an array of items, and i can load items from that array by IDs. Item functions will go under the item's description, but right now im working on item dropping. Let me know what do you think about it! Smooth inventory opening. For this showcase, i have a button that adds a random item to the inventory. Some items can be stacked and items have weight as well. Of course you can select items and get some information about the item.
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    Hey Guys, This is an Auto loading Shotgun model. Just Finished textures... ( If you like this and want to use in your project ( Comm or Non Comm ) I would like to share it with you) Contact me if you want it... Some Screen Shots Unity 4 Renderer ( It looks alot better in unity 5 ) Model Info - Tris = 2068 Textures = 1 Normal Map, and Hand Painted Diffuse and Specualr Map ( 1024*1024 ) Contact Info - PM me on AU, or mail me @ Shaqs.Aki@gmail.com Thanks for your time... Regards
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    DEVELOPMENT Project Ion is developed by Joey and Jelle Jansen in their free time. In 2011 they started with this on-line multi-player experiment. The project is 24/7 accessible for participants and since the start 100's of people have made a account and playing the game. PROGRESS On the news section they give out release notes for each update in the last 2 years. Viewing the history will give insight on the progress and development rate. Most notable task after version update 0.5.9 will be the implementation from U.M.A. STORY-LINE The storyline is developing organically. Feedback and ideas from participants are appreciated. Every iteration of development adds new creatures, objects and items, possibly carrying clues in their descriptions... SUPPORTERS A growing amount of people support the project trough donations, being it with money or assets or with creating forums and much more. The developers appreciate all forms of input and plan to invest the donations back into the project. Upgrading to Unity Pro is the first things on their list. So far they worked on a non-budget basis with the Unity free version and open-source applications available for everyone like blender and gimp. They also received some kind contributions from Schlumpfsack Be sure to check out his work! In addition to the latest update we can report that Kalamona also contributed a neat alien creatures pack. GAME-PLAY Project Ion offers a massive area from 64km², where you have total freedom and you can decide your own future. After hiding for a few decades underground people slowly getting back from their shelters finding the atmosphere pretty much restored. The only problem is mutated animals have taken over a lot of habitat, robots are actively killing humans and there are rumors about aliens wanting to probe us. You can gather resources trough hunting, mining and exploring, look for treasures, find natural resources like hemp plants. Create a team to stand strong in this dangerous world, trade with other players, create new equipment, even better than those you started with and much more. Become a known presence in this persistent and constantly growing world! YOUR MISSION Joining Project Ion is very easy, first you register for a account, after you download the game and you can log in for the first time You start with creating a personal avatar. For now the avatar creation is very basic and will be upgraded in the upcoming update. After you finalized your avatar you will be placed in the Zion Citadel to start your adventure. DOWNLOAD Besides this download we made a overview again from all websites you can visit to find out more about this project. Would be nice when you are a Facebook user you like the Project Ion page, a feedback is appreciated if you tried out the game. OFFICIAL WEBSITES Project Ion TestBuilt Portfolio Joey Jansen IRC Channel WEBSITES Project Ion fan website Project Ion English forum Project Ion Polish forum Project Ion Wiki VIDEO'S Their are by now lots of video's about the project, this are just a few notable ones. Thanks for reading about this game and hope to see you try it out!
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    Re-render of the Aventador I modeled last year. Didn't expect it to look as good as it does. Rendered In: Blender Internal. Cycles is too mainstream. Render Time: 2 minutes. Specs: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760
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    Im proud to announce that we are just releasing the first, public version! Dont forget to look at the IGOAUC2014 later! (Click on the pics) Edit: Only avaible on pm now. Special thanks to DannyIsSoPro for the pics. You should: Expect lots of bugs Expect lots of unfinished stuff Report all bugs you find Give feedback :3
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    I've seen this tool a few months ago, and ever since I've been in love, I love skeletal systems and I personally love IK (Inverse Kinematics). It has fullfilled all of my needs and I wanted to share for anyone else who might be making a Unity 2d Game Project. It's a wonderful tool and best yet, it's FREE. It might be a little difficult to pick up an the tutorials are a tad old, but when you get into it, it can open your world to new possibilities of what you can create! It's especially useful for animating! http://git.io/Vbl9Fg
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    Give us a reason to work with you. Show us some of your previous work, or progress you've made on this project, or some other incentive to make us want to work with you.
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    Make that face again and i will flag you right now. You have been spamming shout box and creating useless posts whole day, just a constant diarrhea on useless information. Nothing informative, nothing creative, only huge pile of bs. If you are so young that you cant even understand what you are doing, then maybe huggies forum is for you.
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    Bumped map + Specular map + Detail map Lightmap + this shader just this shader and standart shader Shader code Thank you for your attention. Спасибо за внимание.
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    This scripts adds main menu to your scene. It have some graphics options, and option to save/load them to file on disk (see SaveQualitySettings & LoadQualitySettings methods). It's have cool look style and its scalling to always fit your display. You can use both commercial and non-commercial but please give me credits. Screenshots: SS1 SS2 SS3 Download (sorry i not just post it here but its very long): Menu GlobalSettings Usage: -Create two empty GO, one for Menu.cs, and one for GlobalSettings.cs, named SharedScripts. SharedScripts sharing settings between scenes, like HDR in Player camera. EDIT 1: Added ScaledRect class. EDIT 2: Forgotted to mention. You have to change path in Load/SaveQualitySettings methods. Forgive me.
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    Here it is one of the famous attachment used in games like Battlefield 4. Smaller optical sights can be attached on it. It is used when we want to use multiple optical sights. This package includes : > .obj format 45 Degree Iron Mount >.unitypackage which includes ready to import prefab > 1024*1024 Diffuse+Normal+Specular Maps > Vertices : 326 DOWNLOAD : http://ugsify.blogspot.in/2013/10/45-degree-iron-mount-free-3d-model.html LICENSE: It can be used for commercial or non-commercial projects If you like it, comment below or +1 this post.
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    Zombie Hunter Weapons Package Package Description : > Source files + Unitypackage. > Contains 9 Different Melee Weapons. > Each weapons have a diffuse and normal Map of 1024*1024. > They are of good quality, not too much low poly but will best match for a zombie game. > Ready to use prefabs are included inside unity package. The price for the package is only 10 USD. If you would like to buy pm me here or in my email - laxmansingh130@gmail.com You may comment below also.
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    As by request here you go guys Refrences: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/648646-hlsl-vignetting-solved/ This shader is a lot more optimized than the one that Unity provides. Unity's default shader: 540 FPS (1.8 ms) My shader: 680 FPS (1.6 ms) And of course, you need Unity Pro in order for this to work. Shader: Shader "Custom/Vignette" { Properties { _MainTex ("Base (RGB)", 2D) = "white" {} _VignettePower ("VignettePower", Range(0.0,6.0)) = 5.5 } SubShader { Pass { CGPROGRAM #pragma vertex vert_img #pragma fragment frag #pragma fragmentoption ARB_precision_hint_fastest #include "UnityCG.cginc" uniform sampler2D _MainTex; uniform float _VignettePower; struct v2f { float2 texcoord : TEXCOORD0; }; float4 frag(v2f_img i) : COLOR { float4 renderTex = tex2D(_MainTex, i.uv); float2 dist = (i.uv - 0.5f) * 1.25f; dist.x = 1 - dot(dist, dist) * _VignettePower; renderTex *= dist.x; return renderTex; } ENDCG } } } C# using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; [ExecuteInEditMode] public class Vignette : MonoBehaviour { #region Variables public Shader curShader; public float VignettePower = 5.0f; private Material curMaterial; #endregion #region Properties Material material { get { if(curMaterial == null) { curMaterial = new Material(curShader); curMaterial.hideFlags = HideFlags.HideAndDontSave; } return curMaterial; } } #endregion // Use this for initialization void Start () { if(!SystemInfo.supportsImageEffects) { enabled = false; return; } } void OnRenderImage (RenderTexture sourceTexture, RenderTexture destTexture) { if(curShader != null) { material.SetFloat("_VignettePower", VignettePower); Graphics.Blit(sourceTexture, destTexture, material); } else { Graphics.Blit(sourceTexture, destTexture); } } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { VignettePower = Mathf.Clamp(VignettePower, 0.0f, 6.0f); } void OnDisable () { if(curMaterial) { DestroyImmediate(curMaterial); } } }
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    STR!PES is my entry for the 44th LudumDare. This is a procedural game. In my project there is only code - some procedural generation for shapes and stripes - no sprite, no prefab, no physics, no implicite value (excepted a radius PI). I optimized each part of code so as to reach the lowest execution using a simple (but efficient) pooling system and an improved implementation of coroutine. Also I use a leaderboard on-line so as to save best scores. Take a look at the video below. STR!PES is available for free on Itch.io ++
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    this project like GTA -enter car and exit -texture de GTA V -player GTA V "trever" -city not complete -minimap -clothes -puse game + menu
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    Hey guys its Isaak here! I was working on a polygon reduction plugin for unity, but i got bored and tried to see what would happen if I manipulated each vertex in a mesh using the Mathf.Sin function. And I ended up with this: A smooth wave that works seamlessly with Unity; Plus it performs very well, and don't be put off by the framerate only staying at 70 as it continues to stay at 70 when duplicating the mesh above 100 times. How well does this script perform? The performance obviously lies behind 2 main factors: The shader used on the mesh. The image above used Unity's new Reflective shader, but works perfectly well with any other shader, including transparent or translucent. The number of verticies. This mesh is a plane, and thus wouldn't have as many vertices as a high poly character. This script could probably withstand 250 000 verticies. How to get it? How to use this script? Drag this script onto any GameObject with a MeshRenderer component attached (e.g. any 3d model basically), and press play! What variables to mess around with? Wave Speed - Just like you learnt back in high school, waves have a velocity, and yup... you guessed it... makes the waves flow faster. Wave Amplitude - Amplitude means how high and low the wave will be. Wave Length - Equivalent towards lambda in wave physics. TickFrequency - How many seconds to await for next update. In other words, despite performance, how smooth you want your wave to be. *NEW* Noise - Adds harmonic noise on a second layer to the water, to make it appear bumpy and more realistic What licensing does this code have? I normally like to use the MIT licensing, but as i kind gesture, I'm leaving this snipplet free of charge and of any copyright. You may use this for commercial and/or personal use, as long as you make it look good ( ). Have fun guys! How to fix waves that lag or appear to be choppy? Make sure you have set the TickFrequency variable for the script to a low value, ensuring fast update times. Set to 0 for smoothest results possible. Any other uses for this script? Yes! A Flag came first to my mind, plus nobody knows how to use the complicated cloth renderer first time, with wind and all that stuff. In this case, beginners just drag this script over a mesh and your done.
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    This simple script allows you to setup parts of the weapon and assemble/disassemble it by changing the isAssembled bool in the controller script. Just like the other scripts, this is fairly basic and a lot of things can be added to it. 1. Place the controller script to a gameObject. 2. Place a part script for each of the part's your weapon has. (Barrel, magazine, stock, etc..) 3. Set the parts assembled and disassembled position. The script will interpolate between these two positions. 4. Setup the weapon parts in the controller script, each part requires a name and the part script for that weapon part. Let me know what do you think of it! It will look something like this: Scripts can be found here:
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    This is just a small thing you can do if you have a complicated project, or creating something for the AssetStore. Not a big thing but it might be useful for some people! Changing icon for a Script: First switch the inspector into debug mode. [Image] Click on a script, and drag your image into the Icon slot. And there you go! Adding icon for a GameObject: Select any GameObject from your project. Click on the icon in the left corner of the Inspector, and select one, or add your own icon. [Image]
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    Guys, I'm not a coder, I'm not a Unity guru, I didn't spent more than 2000$ and yet my project is, by FAR, vastly bigger and advanced. So, with all due respect, blazenupgame from Ohio, either you did something very wrong or you did nothing and let others do it for you. (And maybe here is the explanation why it take you 5 darn years to develop a simple game). 5 years to develop a game is just WRONG. Technology can progress a lot even in one year and that can change all your plans... I just have hard time trusting what I am reading. Sound pretty unreal imho. P.S: Especially when you speak about a "commercial game". You might hire, AT FIRST, a PR manager who can really sell what your doing.
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    Hi everyone! This is simple turet for your game on Unity3D. Features: Easy to configure Attack by TAG which you can set in the inspector (dont need to write code) Attaking all enemys which crossing attack distance Watch video: Now attention! I got 2 version of this turret package. Download: 1. Just turret in format .pkg: http://dfiles.ru/files/25ggewn7g 2. Full project with blank enemy with blood and etc: http://dfiles.ru/files/2glz98nih Cool yea? Now the instruction: 1. In TargetTagName (Sentry Gun Completed->sentryGunRotateY) type TAG of who need to be attacked. Dats all! Have a good use! And please visit our web site: http://bloodydusk.tk/ =)
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    CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION FORM CLICK HERE TO SEND IN YOUR WORK LATEST SCREENSHOT OF MAP DEVELOPING (Using the USE1.7) Useful links I may need: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/177066-Fracture-Dynamic-Destruction-System
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    I can't rap it would just sound like crap Every time I try to write a song It just goes wrong Holla, holla
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    I'm gonna just sit down and keep developing Darkraze in hopes of releasing it before the zombies come and eat me. Or I could just sit around and get drunk and die from alcohol poisoning. I could also make a new zombie apocalypse game in a zombie apocalypse in real life but I figured that it will be too mainstream.
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    So, as everyone would like to know if the leader of a project is capable or has had any experience in any sector of the industry, I have come up with the idea of creating a NEW section to the forums. We should add a section called: Member's Portfolio's. It will clear up any problems (or arguments for that matter, I should know...Connor) To create a your portfolio, you will have to create a thread with the title "YOUR USERNAME'S Portfolio". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The portfolio should include: - Awards: Certificates, trophies, medals and the such... - Previous work screenshots or UP TO DATE links. - Why you are as good as you say you are. - References from other people you have worked with. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This, I strongly believe, will solve many problems the forum is faced with and I hope you agree. IF, you do AGREE give this post A LIKE! (Might as-well now that you've read all of this and we won't lose anything if we go ahead with the idea) Already pm'ed OneManArmy about the idea...
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    GUYS, I MADE A PARTICLES PACK FREE! USING THE UNITY3D'S Default particles! (IMPORTANT! MUST IMPORT PARTICLES.UNITYPAKCKAGE (default particles) TO USE!! OR ELSE IT WILL HAVE NO TEXTURES!!) OUT NOW! FREE PARTICLES PACK, FPS, SCI FI, TPS, RPG, ANYTHING! IMAGES: simples: http://gyazo.com/fc8be7b66c97e67e040af97c9c1d91f2 the two lava waterfalls: http://gyazo.com/a1e97503fc0265cd359c8a52d0c3678d Advanced! mothership and starship: http://gyazo.com/13069924d64b5d18dd728df74b6baffc http://gyazo.com/ac8a0816f44a17f106272a34585740d5 smoke differents: http://gyazo.com/ae5d4ec6eb37a3ff2b8d6679d9b4b55d black hole normal: http://gyazo.com/c8174366796a1ad12a25a0cc4f25bfbd black hole lightning!: http://gyazo.com/0ec51d596fcf3f0c39aa1017c8230537 THIS PACK INCLUDES!: -Big Smoke Grenade: for smoke grenade lvl 2! (good for multiplayer) -Black Hole: The Black holes start from small, to large! and has a cool lightning effect! -Ex1: just an explosion with simple shockwave from fire! -fog: (the fog from my other post!) -large explosion: a large shockwave (flame) explosion! -lava waterfall 1: a simple lava waterfall! -lava waterfall 2: more detailed than the first, but probably causes lag! -Mothership explode: mothership is the biggest spaschip! this particle is for if a mothership explodes! it causes stars to explode! -small smoke grenade: smaller than the first grenade! -starship explode: smaller than the mothership! for spaceships only! no need credits! (but thnx if you do!) ~ Dhanirsyad/Thelegokid4455 particles pack 1.rar
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    I don't think this kit is worth any money at all. It really depends what content is on it. Can you please tell me your features list? If those features are simple and not as good as the free kits here, then I agree that not that many people will buy it (except for newbies). And I really wish I can restrict your settings from changing text font size.
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    - Open Water - H2O:The Damned
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