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    FREE Horror Game Kit - Slender Review Complete Projects/Packs Leandro Vieira [Gallighan] - Two TV, owner. [Waiting unity review] Unity Asset Store: http://u3d.as/13Tm MEGA link: https://mega.nz/#!r9lzXSpB!rdG-zh4CGBw7extJC3NqEFgb40wPY2UD7ZfBP7h2m_s Free Hands used in project: [Thanks @MasterJackal] Description The project was created for developers who enjoy survival style games of the famous character Slender. With this kit, developers could use advanced systems, modular buildings, and any unique features to create their own horror game story. The project was made for easy understanding and modification. Features Movie Menu Advanced ingame menu with load and save system Flashlight system Battery charge system Collect pages system Health system Customizable UI Modular buildings included Free awesome assets included Unique atmosphere Fog system C# crafted code and easy to modification ... Updates [Fix] Camera collision with walls Screenshots Abandoned House Advanced in-game menu Page system like slender game Slender on the hill Camera glitch/noise effect Showcase gameplay Enjoy.
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    Just finished this model, I want to sell it. How much do you think it's worth? Currently it's not optimized and it has around 2.3k verts. And if you have any sites to recommend where I would be able to sell the model, please do. I'm thinking about the Unity store, AssetCamp and Sketchfab. Also, don't mind the carrot-like bullets lol, they are supposed to be tracer rounds.
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    Hello ArmedUnity! I’ve made my first FPS Kit for you and me! It helps me to improve my current knowledge, playing around with code, making new systems.. etc. While Im learning I want you guys to use and improve my progress. You are free to make a game with this! But you will need to change every model! This is completely made from scratch! Even the FPS Controller! I hope I will get some feedback for it. Helps me improve this kit and my knowledge! This Kit will get Daily or Weekly updates! Description: FPS Controller Simple { Crouching, Jumping, Sprinting, Walking } Can Crouch detection under Objects Animated Legs PLACEHOLDER Player Simple Weapon Script Weaponswitching Weapon Drop Rigidbody dragging Simple UI Simple Wallrun Simple Ladder Climbing Simple Parkour Middle Level AI AI search for cover when attacking player AI search for cover that AI is safe AI search for nearest cover AI Weapon Script AI Weapon Reload AI Wandering Script AI Text on head (only visible if player looks at AI) and more! Update 2: Added Sprinting animation Added Pickup animation Improved Parkour Improved Ladder Climbing Improved Legs Fixed Bugs Added 3 Demo Scenes Added Main Menu Added Load Level OnTrigger Script Update 3: Added Simple UI Fixed shooting while running Updated Weapon Drag script Added smooth crouching Commented 50% of the code Added tooltips To-Do: Making code cleaner More Performance New Weapons (Guns and Explosive) Add human AI Fix bugs Work on wall running Work on parkour system Work on ladder system and more... Please give me suggestions of what I could add. Unity version: Unity 5.6.4p4 or higher. File Name: MadFPS Kit File Size: 306.12MB Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cas1g1fbxv4gkr8/MadFPSKitEarlyRelease.rar .EXE Demo Version Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c4r5ohhaeh1fcfj/MadFPSKitDemoERelease.rar Showcase Videos: Tutorial Videos: Happy Developing! MadWolf Games
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    There are quite a few hours left until 2018. As Baba Games we wish you a Magni'ficent new year!
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    Hey everybody. Within the last 6 months, I've been studying music & sound design ranging down from the very theory of it to the aesthetics. After I felt I had enough information to get started, I began making small snippets every day that I keep in a vault. Over time, I felt some of the snippets I've gathered evoked emotion that I thought could be felt by others. Here's my latest work - it's a beat tape I called mien. May you enjoy the vibes, I love all sorts of feedback. Being new to this, I'm just truly trying to have some fun and to hopefully carry over what I learn from these experiences into my game dev projects. Once I feel I've approached a milestone in understanding music on a technical level, I will be offering a service to anyone looking for custom soundtracks for their projects. In the meantime, I hope this resonates with some of you! https://soundcloud.com/ziiibluu/sets/mien
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    Hey Guys, So here is my latest project. This was abandoned a couple months ago after failing Greenlight and usually with most of my projects I like to post them here, however, it never came to mind with this one. Since I'm now renewing this project figured I might as well. Feel free to ask any questions and help give me some ideas! YOUTUBE: IHAZMIRACLE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzoGHQdij2Rg0BnRSbyD7jg/videos?view_as=subscriber FELWIRE This is a single-player FPS, featuring wave-based gameplay where you fight off hoards of monsters. Current Features (Not listing anything I didn't make, might also be missing some things): - V.Low Poly Style - Parkour System - 3 Current Enemies (Basic, Flying & Kamikaze) - Grappling Hook - Special Shop - Abandoned Atmosphere (One map so far) - Multiple Weapons - Intractable Main menu - Purchasable Loot Crates! (kidding cuz im so edgy) - Scoring System Updates Note: Still no new update showing current progress, will release soon. This game is currently in development. Note: This game does finish some assets I purchased, they are given credit in some of the videos description and I am very open about it. Feel free to ask any questions and help give me some ideas!
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    I've got a question to ask here about Graphic Design, i made this today and it's supposed to be the logo of the name i will have behind the games being developed for Google Play by me, what do you guys think?. https://imgur.com/a/YuPBO
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    Hello everyone, I am very happy today to present the Closed Alpha of Pylow The project is configured as a FPS Arena with frantic features, where the skills of the player are essential to overpower their opponents in the matches that will be played. The world is set in the near future where the technologies of virtuality had a drastic impact on the life of teens all over the world.To counteract this phenomenon of "involution" the global governments applied drastic measures: decreeing the complete illegality of any VR system. A follow-up of all habitual users of VR are forced to choose between one of two possible paths: to live in illegality, in order not to break away from a world in which it's possible to live eternal happiness, or to face reality as it presents itself. Over the years hacker groups implemented the aforementioned abandoned technologies and created the "Mind" Hamer ", a machine that allows different people to connect in a crash, where to vent all their rage and frustrations through extreme fighting. In a short time it became a global phenomenon even for those same entities who had previously banned its use. A turnover of clandestine bets that took advantage of poor people from all the world was making the most powerful people of the globe billions of dirty money. So "Mind Hammer" competitions were organized in order to decant the strongest fighters without pouring a drop of blood, or almost. The game actually makes the mind feel all that the character is subjected to, so when you die you really feel like you're dying. It’ll be possible to participate to the game in different ways (F4A, TDM, CTF ...) in which to test skills in fighting in Arenas. The graphics, which are very cartoonish, refer to an imaginary world where every fantasy becomes reality and anger becomes a weapon. You can look for weapons of all kinds that adapt to your tactical needs. For the rest, there's nothing left to do if not to understand if you have got the courage to look at and experience what you are afraid of the most... TRAILER Has the video intrigued you at least a little? If so know that you can subscribe to the closed alpha of the game directly from our website: www.codevstudio.altervista.org Registration is limited! Do not miss your chance;)
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    It seems really interesting, even through there is many many work to do at this stage - I noticed clipping, bugs, no realistic animations and other bad thinks... However, sharing your project, the main objectif is no doubt very laudable. I wish you the best ++
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    Hello Peeps Im not making this Asset i just wanna share it I hope you like it :3
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    I'm publicly committing to the #100DaysOfCode Challenge starting today. Join me! https://medium.freecodecamp.org/the-crazy-history-of-the-100daysofcode-challenge-and-why-you-should-try-it-for-2018-6c89a76e298d … #100DaysOfCode #gamedev #indiedev #programming
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    Have I told you yet that I don't like uPlay?
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    I myself aren't really into horror games although am a fan of a few out there (Amnesia, Slender, Cry of Fear) but this one seems to have quite the interesting atmosphere, voice acting, graphical quality, story writing, etc. Give it a go https://www.humblebundle.com/store/layers-of-fear-and-soundtrack?hmb_source=layersoffear_deluxe_freegame&hmb_medium=banner
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    @OcularCash Thanks for mentioning. I did not realize that.
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    Cool. Fellow, please, can you credit background track? These two/three chords are just unforgettable - and really hypnotic. I like it. Thanks ++
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    Hi guys, I recently partook in the Unity #Neonchallenge competition that Unity is currently hosting. This was my submission, called E.D.E.N. Station : https://connect.unity.com/p/e-d-e-n-station And here is my final video : If you guys enjoyed the video please leave a like on my submission page, it helps allot.
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    Got back to game development. Here is a video on the current progress of the game:
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    *New weapon wheel. Place on any object in the scene and the variables: class Weapon { var Name : String = ""; var icon : Texture2D; var object : GameObject; //var drawWeaponAnim : Animation; } public var weapons : Weapon[]; public var buttonSize : Vector2 = Vector2(50, 50); public var spread : float = 100; public var iconStyle : GUIStyle; private var selectedWeapon : int; private var guiSettingsApplied : boolean; private var fxClamp : float; private var curFXFloat : float; private var buttonRect : Rect; function Start() { for(var i = 0; i < weapons.Length; i++) { if(i != selectedWeapon) weapons[i].object.SetActive(false); else weapons[i].object.SetActive(true); } } function Update() { if(Input.GetKeyDown("`")) { if(fxClamp == 0) fxClamp = 1; else fxClamp = 0; } if(curFXFloat != fxClamp) curFXFloat = Mathf.MoveTowards(curFXFloat, fxClamp, Time.deltaTime * 5); } function OnGUI() { if(curFXFloat != 0.0) { GUI.color.a = curFXFloat; var fxOffset = spread * (1.0 + (1.0 - curFXFloat)); for(var i : float = 0; i < weapons.Length; i++) { var progression = i / weapons.Length; var angle = progression * Mathf.PI * 2 + curFXFloat; buttonRect = Rect(Screen.width/2.0 + (Mathf.Sin(angle) * fxOffset) - (buttonSize.x/2.0), Screen.height/2 + (Mathf.Cos(angle) * fxOffset) - (buttonSize.y/2.0), buttonSize.x, buttonSize.y); if(buttonRect.Contains(Event.current.mousePosition)) { buttonRect.width *= 1.2; buttonRect.height *= 1.2; buttonRect.x -= (buttonRect.width - buttonSize.x) / 2.0; buttonRect.y -= (buttonRect.height - buttonSize.y) / 2.0; } if(weapons[i].icon) { iconStyle.normal.background = weapons[i].icon; if(GUI.Button(buttonRect, "", iconStyle)) { SwapWeapons(i); } } else { iconStyle.normal.background = null; if(GUI.Button(buttonRect, weapons[i].Name, iconStyle)) { SwapWeapons(i); } } } if(weapons[selectedWeapon].icon) GUI.DrawTexture(Rect(Screen.width/2 - (buttonSize.x/2.0), Screen.height/2 - (buttonSize.y/2.0), buttonSize.x, buttonSize.y), weapons[selectedWeapon].icon); else GUI.Label(Rect(Screen.width/2 - (buttonSize.x/2.0), Screen.height/2 - (buttonSize.y/2.0), buttonSize.x, buttonSize.y), weapons[selectedWeapon].Name); } } function SwapWeapons(to : int) { weapons[selectedWeapon].object.SetActive(false); weapons[to].object.SetActive(true); selectedWeapon = to; //Play weapons[to].animation on your animation component. Make sure you uncomment it in the class above }
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    Added in Downloads section, so that more users can find this kit.
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    Interesting, but it could be more efficient to use a second camera for hand/light. They pass through walls Nice glitch FX. Thank you for sharing. I will take a look ++
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    Topic updated with the newest version
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    It's no problem. Just remember, if you ever want to transform a vector into local space, whether it's a point in space, direction or rotation, refer to the transform methods and you will find them there
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    Price : 15 USD Version : 1.0 This asset is a great starting point to develop your own Agar.io type games.An easy way to create the best, innovative and new Agar.io games in Unity! FEATURES:- - Random sprite picture (Selected from list) - Random Food Colors - Set the Data for Direction and Force via RPC - Better Food Colliders - Better Menus - Implemented grid with unlimited ending for clients - Implemented room settings - Implemented room joining via CODE clients get in game by pressing [TAB] then "COPY" - Better spawning - Returning with menu IDs - Added new skins all set to resolution 225,225 - Splitting over network (Splits follow player) - Camera Zoom with the size of the player divided by 3 (/3) - Merging Over network - Implemented Kicking Players. - Implemted chat system with client connect and disconnect messages - Implemented login and register system - Implemented coins to SQL you can now pickup money in game and saves instantly to your account -Clean and Tidy, Well commented -Easy to Customize and make your dream Agar.io Games * -Life Time Support for Legal Buyers Things Included:- - Demo Scenes - Camera, GamePlay,Network and Player Scripts - All Prefabs - Some Materials - Some Skins This is not a visual scripting framework! You need to know how to program in C# in order to use and further customize! For Support Go Here [ http://ebforum.esy.es/ ] The illegal download will not receive any support . Any project created with an illegal copy of this asset will be reported. Showcase Video : Buy Here
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    Adds smooth delay and tilt effect to camera when you look around. Q. How to use this script? A. Drop this script on camera and adjust all parameters in Inspector. using UnityEngine; public class CameraTilt : MonoBehaviour { public float smooth = 3.0f; public float tiltAngle = 5.0f; void Update () { float tilt = -Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * tiltAngle; Quaternion targetRotation = Quaternion.Euler (0f, tilt, tilt); transform.localRotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.localRotation, targetRotation, Time.deltaTime * smooth); } }
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    We are on indieDB !!! http://www.indiedb.com/games/armageddon-futurecombatarena http://www.indiedb.com/games/armageddon-futurecombatarena/news/pre-alpha-demo-island12
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    I appreciate sharing my tutorials but please make it clear that this are my tutorials and not pass it as your game. Thanks
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    Nice game ramiam. I'm Isaak, a hobby indie programmer. I admire the 'from scratch' you added in the title, it's good to know haha. Your game definitely looks aesthetically pleasing and professional. I like watching when people submit youtube videos of their game, but sometimes get bored because it takes so long until we see the actual gameplay. Anyways, keep posting about your game, and don't give up. Raise awareness and scale it up. Cheers
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    How about we simplify it and just say: public Animator anim; public Quaternion turn; private bool wasDown = false; void Update() { float horizontal = Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal"); if(horizontal != 0) { turn.y = 90 + (horizontal * 90); transform.rotation = turn; if(!wasDown) anim.SetBool(isForwardDown", true); wasDown = true; } else { if(wasDown) anim.SetBool("isForwardDown", false); wasDown = false; } } ideally, you would actually want to animate based on velocity and grounded instead of input but the example above is based on the code you posted. The reason is that if you hit a wall and are no longer actually moving, your animator would still think it should animate. Using velocity fixes that issue
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    Bring the tris down and maybe make it more stylized! Looks pretty cool. For the price do $2.99 or $3.99 on assetstore if you plan to sell one single weapon. Good luck!
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    Buddy I have tactical shooter ai do u want? You can search it on asset store.
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    public float smooth = 4.0f; public float tiltAngle = 5.0f; public float maxTiltAngle = 15; public Transform tiltTarget; private void Update () { if (Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") != 0 || Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") != 0) { float TiltY = Mathf.Clamp(Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * -tiltAngle, -maxTiltAngle, maxTiltAngle); float TiltX = Mathf.Clamp(Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * tiltAngle, -maxTiltAngle, maxTiltAngle); Quaternion newRotation = Quaternion.Euler(TiltX, TiltY, 0); tiltTarget.localRotation = Quaternion.Lerp(tiltTarget.localRotation, newRotation, Time.deltaTime * smooth); } else { tiltTarget.localRotation = Quaternion.Lerp(tiltTarget.localRotation, Quaternion.identity, Time.deltaTime * smooth); } } you left some codes that helped this script to communicate with other scripts, also i removed TiltZ because it was active when the player was moving otherwise it was 0, so i removed and just say 0 at z axis. this should work now
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    @gomnosano That doesn't make any sense, if you can wall jump there has to be a collider that you can jump from so it cannot be null.
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    Version v1.5


    Webplayer demo: http://games.armedunity.com/au-fps-kit/ Requires unity 5.3 or higher. Password: armedunity *************************** VIDEO TUTORIALS * How to open project in unity 5: * How to add animated weapon: * How to add weapon by replacing model
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    It's been one year. Are you back from the Army yet? Hoping you are ok
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    New scene coming: Album: https://www.facebook.com/pg/FutureCombatArena/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1718824611521104
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    Here you can found a simple way to create a combo (like in fight games), waiting strokes on keyboard. It checks time between each stroke, keys and a global time allowed in order to create sequences. In the first code, you can see that I write directly the combo sequence which I want. The second code is more efficient, using public KeyCode(s) so as to set combo in the inspector. The problem is that there is many many many KeyCode under Unity. So it's not always practical scrolling the list. Fully commented ++ using UnityEngine; public class Combo : MonoBehaviour { public float timeCombo = 2.0f; // how many time you have to do a combo public string message; // simple message showing success KeyCode[] combo; // sequence which code waits to do a combo int index = 0; // time base float timeKey; // time between each stroke float timeSinceStart = 0.0f; float timeSinceLastStroke = 0.0f; void Awake() { combo = new KeyCode[] { // just as an example, we wait this one KeyCode.UpArrow, KeyCode.DownArrow, KeyCode.LeftArrow, KeyCode.RightArrow, KeyCode.X }; } void Start() { // computes time between stroke (full time divided by keys) timeKey = timeCombo / combo.Length; } void Update() { // time flows timeSinceLastStroke += Time.deltaTime; timeSinceStart += Time.deltaTime; // nothing if (Input.anyKeyDown == false) return; // wrong event - time or key if (Input.GetKeyDown(combo[index]) == false || timeSinceStart >= timeCombo || timeSinceLastStroke >= timeKey) index = 0; // restart index (we wait first key) if (Input.GetKeyDown(combo[index])) { // at this stage, each stroke is good if (index == 0) timeSinceStart = 0f; timeSinceLastStroke = 0f; index++; // next key which is required // end of keys array? Good boy! if (index >= combo.Length) { // do something here Debug.Log(message); index = 0; // restart } } } } using UnityEngine; public class Combo : MonoBehaviour { public float timeCombo = 2.0f; // how many time you have to do a combo public string message; // simple message showing success public KeyCode[] combo; // sequence which you want int index = 0; // time base float timeKey; // time between each stroke float timeSinceStart = 0.0f; float timeSinceLastStroke = 0.0f; void Start() { // computes time between stroke (full time divided by keys) timeKey = timeCombo / combo.Length; } void Update() { // time flows timeSinceLastStroke += Time.deltaTime; timeSinceStart += Time.deltaTime; // nothing if (Input.anyKeyDown == false) return; // wrong event - time or key if (Input.GetKeyDown(combo[index]) == false || timeSinceStart >= timeCombo || timeSinceLastStroke >= timeKey) index = 0; // restart index (we wait first key) if (Input.GetKeyDown(combo[index])) { // at this stage, each stroke is good if (index == 0) timeSinceStart = 0f; timeSinceLastStroke = 0f; index++; // next key which is required // end of keys array? Good boy! if (index >= combo.Length) { // do something here Debug.Log(message); index = 0; // restart } } } }
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    New version 0.0.65: new textures for terrain and new water asset (AQUAS). https://www.afc82.com/OnePage/demo/onepage/armageddon-future-combat-arena-pre-alpha-demo
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    When (System.DateTime.now - lastSampleTime).hours >= 1. So you plan a tree and it grows in 24 hours, lastSampleTime = timePlanted
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    Version 1.0.0


    Estou criando o cs go ele esta em construção terminando irei disponibilizalo
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    Hi there im Pablo , i have 29 years old , im from Uruguay (South America) i started to being curiosity about games when i was a kid , my big brother its a old designer and cameraman with the best skills on video effects that i never meet, but well i was seeing this guy sitted on his chair and looking at his old cpu (i386) and there i dont know what was a program he was running with R2-R2 then my eyes was facinating with it then i knewed my mission on this earth was do some software like that do something with those screens and movements the laser moving and the r2-r2 there looking funny damn thats one part of the memory it never goes away . Then i meet the Multimedia Fusion and some school partners was on same way then we divided and i keep learning my self , then i meed 3d Game Studio A4-5-6-7-8 then i learned C - lite myself, i started a Web Designer curse then i get my first Diploma at 2008 as web designer , then i learned php in another curse i didnt finished , but i learned myself more php too then Unity Arrives and C# knowdlgement too trought my eyes i found the keys for code more and more , till these days. Here are some pictures of my work. A proyect never finished. Corporation Z :The Last Hope Antonio-CorporationZ Character (Made by myself in blender) Mike-CorporationZ Character (Made by myself in blender) DuelGates
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    Looks decent. You should def have the ai run at the player tho if the player is closer the next hide location and closer than melee chase distance. Another thing is to have the ai walk backwards towards the hide spot while still shooting and only run facing if the ai is out of ammo in the clip. It's pretty basic right now and would be pretty easy to fool the ai to get an advantage. I guess what I'm saying is it's not smart at all and would rather find a place to hide that's completely inconvient rather than charging or firing at the player. its a good base tho so I CAN say that. Good job
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