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    Version v1.5


    Webplayer demo: Requires unity 5.3 or higher. Password: armedunity *************************** VIDEO TUTORIALS * How to open project in unity 5: * How to add animated weapon: * How to add weapon by replacing model
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    Version v1.5


    This is C# version of FPS KIT. Scripts translated to C# by Evgeniy Kupras (chapaeff) Webplayer demo: Requires unity 5.3.3 or higher. Password: armedunity *************************** VIDEO TUTORIALS * How to open project in unity 5: * How to add animated weapon: * How to add weapon by replacing model
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    I know I made a post already (which can be found here), but couldn't edit the top post, so I will just create a new topic. The information in that thread is somewhat outdated anyway. So, here it is... the third update! Tell me what you think.
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    Hello so i am still new at coding so i don`t say this is perfect or something stupid but yea i am abit proud of the script i have made. And all can use it to non commercial and commercial use!! PS Thanks to Jolo309 for helping me though learning C# Best person ever to help and the niceste guy ever !! Now here is the Inventory Code: Now here is the Item Code: Here is the PickUp script: Here is the Slot script: Here is the codes to use And again a big thanks to Jolo309 for learning me everything
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    So, I just wanted to disable this command in game because it would cause more problems during the gameplay of Darkraze. I am going to share both versions of this script since it is INSANELY short. Anyway, here it is: INSTRUCTIONS (IMPORTANT): Create a new script (if using C#, don't forget to rename the script to the class name) Create a new empty GameObject IN THE FIRST SCENE (scene number 0) (you can check the scene number in the Build Settings). Attach this script to that GameObject. C# Script: JS Script: If you found this useful, +1 this post
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    It is modified version of FPS Kit 1.3.5 (all modifications made by atilano1). Added New pause menu Added Weapons Menu Added Run system Added Simple air attack system Added Auto Reload system Added crosshair disappearing when running system
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    Version 1.0.0


    3D Platformer Tutorial updated to latest version of unity engine. Language: unityscript Engine version: v5.6 Password: armedunity Tutorial in PDF format:
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    Hello there guys, so I decided that I would fully dedicate myself and my budget towards creating a scene that looks top notch and realistic, Im really trying to push(hardware:D) unity's potential as much as possible. So here are some update notes. THANK YOU!: This is a thank you to all asset developers and developers that have helped me work on this project, this defiantly would not have been possible on my own! GOAL: My goal is to push unity as much as possible, please reminded this is not a game, just experimentation and a learning process I am NOT trying to sell this project, or game. VERSION V0.098 Update log: 1. Finally!, volumetric fog. 2. Volumetric lighting by HX. 3. New custom shader by UEBR for deferred rendering. 4. Screen space shadows and reflections. 5. Scene has been brought to life with the addition of light behavior and audio. 6. Advanced audio blending to control reverb and volume when in and outside buildings to stimulate real life audio sense. Screenshots: New weapons on the way with the help of the folks from Iron belly studios(hired), Awesome folks! MODELS BY CHAMFER ZONE
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    Hey guys its Isaak here! I was working on a polygon reduction plugin for unity, but i got bored and tried to see what would happen if I manipulated each vertex in a mesh using the Mathf.Sin function. And I ended up with this: A smooth wave that works seamlessly with Unity; Plus it performs very well, and don't be put off by the framerate only staying at 70 as it continues to stay at 70 when duplicating the mesh above 100 times. How well does this script perform? The performance obviously lies behind 2 main factors: The shader used on the mesh. The image above used Unity's new Reflective shader, but works perfectly well with any other shader, including transparent or translucent. The number of verticies. This mesh is a plane, and thus wouldn't have as many vertices as a high poly character. This script could probably withstand 250 000 verticies. Come on, where's the code? And now the here is the part you probably skipped towards: THE CODE How to use this script? Drag this script onto any GameObject with a MeshRenderer component attached (e.g. any 3d model basically), and press play! What variables to mess around with? Wave Speed - Just like you learnt back in high school, waves have a velocity, and yup... you guessed it... makes the waves flow faster. Wave Amplitude - Amplitude means how high and low the wave will be. Wave Length - Equivalent towards lambda in wave physics. TickFrequency - How many seconds to await for next update. In other words, despite performance, how smooth you want your wave to be. *NEW* Noise - Adds harmonic noise on a second layer to the water, to make it appear bumpy and more realistic What licensing does this code have? I normally like to use the MIT licensing, but as i kind gesture, I'm leaving this snipplet free of charge and of any copyright. You may use this for commercial and/or personal use, as long as you make it look good ( ). Have fun guys! How to fix waves that lag or appear to be choppy? Make sure you have set the TickFrequency variable for the script to a low value, ensuring fast update times. Set to 0 for smoothest results possible. Any other uses for this script? Yes! A Flag came first to my mind, plus nobody knows how to use the complicated cloth renderer first time, with wind and all that stuff. In this case, beginners just drag this script over a mesh and your done.
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    We're currently working on a new UI Concept and i would like to hear your opinion. We are almost done "converting" it into Unity. Lobby: Scoreboard:
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    As stated by Zhavier, forge Networking is now free and available on github here: confirmation email directly from the developer attached
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    Really I dislike this game - too horrific for me. However it is free today and maybe you could like it. I share an info ++
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    using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class ScreenShotCapture : MonoBehaviour { void Awake(){ DontDestroyOnLoad(this); } void Update(){ if(Input.GetKey (KeyCode.F10)){ string screenshotIMGName = System.DateTime.Now.ToString(); string subString = screenshotIMGName.Replace ('/','_'); string gypsy = subString.Replace(':','_'); Debug.Log ("Screen shot captured: " +gypsy + ".png"); Application.CaptureScreenshot(gypsy+ ".png"); } } } If you like it, please gives it a like por favor. Anyways, I've just been very bored lately so I decided to quench my boredem... If only for about 2 and a half minutes...
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    A little script which I did to help player to find some goals in game. You can set different features (alpha threshold, offset, clambing, etc). I use it in my project Azymuth. How it works? In your Canvas, add an image, put the script on it, set your target... It could be useful in your projects so as to localizate a bomb or an enemy, an exit door, a dropped pack, etc ++ using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using UnityEngine.UI; public class HUD : MonoBehaviour { RectTransform myRectTransform; // UI Camera mainCamera; Color alpha; // temp color public Transform currentTarget; // target public bool clampToScreen = true; // display offscreen target or not public float threshold = 10; // sprite alpha control public Vector3 offset; [SerializeField] Vector2 clampBorderSize; void Awake() { myRectTransform = GetComponent<RectTransform>(); mainCamera = Camera.main; // find the camera } void Update() { // if the target has been destroyed, it disables the script and erases image if (currentTarget == null) { myRectTransform.GetComponent<Image>().color = new Color(0, 0, 0, 0); this.enabled = false; } Vector3 noClampPosition = mainCamera.WorldToScreenPoint(currentTarget.position + offset); // modify alpha according Z alpha = myRectTransform.GetComponent<Image>().color; alpha.a = noClampPosition.z / threshold; myRectTransform.GetComponent<Image>().color = alpha; Vector3 clampedPosition = new Vector3(Mathf.Clamp(noClampPosition.x, 0 + clampBorderSize.x, Screen.width - clampBorderSize.x), Mathf.Clamp(noClampPosition.y, 0 + clampBorderSize.y, Screen.height - clampBorderSize.y), noClampPosition.z); // display sprite on screen - or not myRectTransform.position = clampToScreen ? clampedPosition : noClampPosition; } }
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    6 Bloody Screen Textures All textures in PNG format Normal and Alien variant Download | VirusTotal Scan Don't forget to credit me <3
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    Hey guys. I want to release my modified Minimap Script. Here it is : @script ExecuteInEditMode() // Modified by xTeare var minimapSize : float = 2.0; var offsetX : float = 10.0; var offsetY : float = 10.0; private var adjustSize : float = 0.0; var VerticalSlider : boolean = false; var hSliderValue : float = 10; var MinimapZoomMin : int = 10; var MinimapZoomMax : int = 40; var sliderPosX : int = 10; var sliderPosY : int = 10; var PlayerArrow : GameObject; var borderTexture : Texture; var effectTexture : Texture; var minimapCamera : Camera; var PlayerArrowScaleValue : int = 25; function Update() { if (minimapCamera == null) return; adjustSize = Mathf.RoundToInt(Screen.width/10); minimapCamera.pixelRect = new Rect(offsetX, (Screen.height -(minimapSize * adjustSize)) - offsetY, minimapSize * adjustSize, minimapSize * adjustSize); minimapCamera.orthographicSize = hSliderValue; PlayerArrow.transform.localScale = Vector3(hSliderValue / PlayerArrowScaleValue ,hSliderValue / PlayerArrowScaleValue ,hSliderValue / PlayerArrowScaleValue); } function OnGUI(){ if(borderTexture != null){ minimapCamera.Render (); GUI.DrawTexture(Rect(offsetX, offsetY, minimapSize * adjustSize, minimapSize * adjustSize), effectTexture); GUI.DrawTexture(Rect(offsetX, offsetY, minimapSize * adjustSize, minimapSize * adjustSize), borderTexture); if(VerticalSlider){ hSliderValue = GUI.VerticalSlider (Rect (sliderPosY, sliderPosX, 20, minimapSize * 100), hSliderValue, MinimapZoomMin, MinimapZoomMax); } else{ hSliderValue = GUI.HorizontalSlider (Rect (sliderPosX, sliderPosY, minimapSize * 100, 20), hSliderValue, MinimapZoomMin, MinimapZoomMax); } } }
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    Beginning of a low poly tomb I'm working on. This is not textured as I am triangle shading so the model is "As is". Thought I would post it for the community before I start adding more detail. Model is: 676 tris
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    The game Shadow Warrior (Special Edition) which has been developed by the Bethesda studio is available for free until tomorrow. As usual you need to own a Steam account so as to download this game... However I would remind you that violent video games are bad for your mental health - you are warned
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    We’re excited to announce that Unity 2017.1 has been released and is now available for download. We want to thank the Unity community for their valuable contributions during the beta phase. Read More:
  21. 3 likes Do you remember this excelent game - No One Live Forever (or NOLF) which has been released 15 years ago? It is so kitch with an amazing OST and many many humor. NOLF was a FPS with stealth gameplay elements which has been developed by Monolith. In this game you play Cate Archer - a beautiful woman during the '60 - a spy who travels around the world so as to fight against crime - the UNITY organization (this is not a joke). A re-release of NOLF by an indie team (the first and second episode) is now available for free - even if nobody can say if this is really legal. Many players claim that this game is one of the best FPS which has been ever created on PC - like DeusEx, Half-Life, etc. Of course, we talk about another era, but I think that it is a good stuff. Take a look at the main page ++
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    These scripts are meant for top-down shooters. In fact, they are being used in my game, Raze Squad. Pretty much it is really simple and if you want to make a top down shooter then you can use this but put me in credits please! Top-down Camera
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    So I've made MULTIPLE attempts to get a island map, made and finished but im having multiple difficulties getting that to happen as i would like, so i put that on "pause" and took some old base building assets (they were created for a open world zombie game but the idea was too large and didnt want to set myself up for failure) and just started making a map that would Test multiple mechanics in my game such as AI Path Finding, Weapon DMG, etc., I'm not to much worried about making other maps, my current focus will be to get the mechanics Complete and Finished FIRST, then work on other things such as more maps, Eventually I'm going to have to make another map to test vehicles so that's another HEADACHE I'm going to have to prepare for. Info on the Map: As i said before this map is made to test the mechanics of the Player and AI, 5 floors in total, at the top of the map will be a button that unlocks the lower level for a period of time, the lower level will hold a power weapons (maybe a MGL or a Minigun , Whatever i decide to throw in I'm still deciding) the map is Mostly complete, whats left are the Ladders (for the holes you see on the 4 corners of the map, and some explosive barrels. Let me know you comments or ideas you think would help benefit the map. HOPE YOU ENJOY ! Thoughts: Still havent thought of a name for the map, HECK I DONT EVEN HAVE A NAME FOR THE GAME LOL, Havent thought of developing the story, I dont even want to THINK about the headaches im going to have when i attempt to make a actual map BUT ITS A START
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    I've always like retro games, isometric style (2.5D, 3D) and also 2D games like zelda, final fantasy (snes), chrono trigger. I have already seen several 2D MMO games but my idea is to bring an open world game into graphics in that style. For example, 2D games always have a classic theme to kill some bosses, solve puzzle and save the princess but what I want is to go further, my idea is to create a game where you evolve your character the way you want and adventure in A giant 2D world with several unique maps, cities with different biomes etc. I have ideas that will bring unique systems for this style of play and an adventure totally different from the other 2D games. My idea is not to copy a game for example wow but to bring a sense of freedom to inside a 2D game. Logic that there will be basic systems like in any other MMO for example group system, pet, guild, pvp, pve, trade and so on. But soon I will post more advances of this project and I will explain and show my idea more clearly. I really appreciate your support guys , here is a great community with extremely intelligent people and who make their own games and scripts, receiving support and praise from you is very important to me because it makes me believe in my ideas and move on.
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    Hey guys! So , my studio (Aligned Games) has finally released its second mobile game , Pocket Rockets Traffic Racer Dash on the Play Store for android devices! The game is a traffic racer game but instead of dodging the cars you are encouraged to smash into them! You use your money earned from playing to buy new vehicles and upgrades. Please give the game a try if you have an android device and let me know what your thoughts are. Enjoy the game and please leave a comment and rating on the Play Store page if you enjoyed it! Download Here
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    Version 1.51f


    If you like it or have any questions, just ask or leave a comment! Don't forget rate If you want more, please subscribe! V2 Will include chat and finished mecanim controller. Guys, important Bug Fix!! Replace MainMenu.cs with this: and replace FixThings.cs with this: The bug: When Client A spawns on server before Client B joins, Player of Client A will be deleted on Client B. That means Client A's player will be "invisible" to Client B, but can still shoot him. Replacing the scripts will solve that.
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    Version Final


    The last of my free parkour projects. There is a few more additions to the project to give you a little more variety to choose from. And here is a list of all the parkour abilities: Vaulting over obsticals Climbing on top of obsticals Ledge hanging Monkey bar hanging and Zipline A few of the bugs prior to this version have been fixed. A few bugs remain but nothing threatening. This version has been tested prior to uploading and is exactly how it should be. Hope you enjoy. p.s. This is the final parkour project available for free users Preview the project here:
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    Hello kind developers, I just tend to upload random videos of me playing around with unity, I dont plan on working on games since I dont have the resources for a complete project, I just like working on random projects specifically FPS. So here is what Ive been playing around with the past couple of days. Found a new map on the asset store, very high quality ! NOTE: The models you see placed in the scene are not mine!, I just put everything together(other than the demo). FAQ: Post processing used: I made a post on all the assets I used for that Quote: What are your next plans? A: Not sure at the moment simply playing around and improving in the process. Quote: Why are you constantly uploading? A: I love your feedback, the previous couple of posts you guys told me what was wrong in my scene and I fixed the problem, hence new knowledge! Quote: Go to hell, you just put everything together in 5 min! A: Actually took two days :D, but I enjoy doing these types of demos/projects Im not claiming to be Superior to anyone else or attempting to sell this as a game/asset. Main Asset used: Map Props: (!/content/87209) : Ampify Motion Blur Sample
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    Weather system test. Full sky and weather system used (!/content/34435) NOTE: The models you see placed on the terrain are not made by me, I simply created the scene and placed the props. * The rain particles have a major performance overhead on the CPU. may not be worth it depending on your goals. Feedback is appreciated
  31. 2 likes using a value you can tell it whether it's logged in or out. Using OnApplicationQuit you handle the toggle if the user closes the application while still logged in.
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    Create a script so as to throw an object. When it will be instantiated, it creates a particle system and his position becomes a Vector3 for destination. You should add a random number on X and Y axis to set a little shift. Another script instantiates a plane which comes from far to XY Vector3 + Z altitude. Near to Vector3 + altitude, instantiate your last prefab - a crate. Gravity does the work. You have your logical path. I don't know any tutorial ++
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    3 half decks.... I have kids that lose and/or tear things up
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    This is a mesh anchor editor and runtime function for changing the anchor position of a mesh. The system requires a meshfilter (For the mesh your changing the anchor of) and an offset vector (0, 0, 0 being the lowest corner of the mesh, 1, 1, 1 being highest corner of the mesh, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 being the center and so on. I may have one of those values flipped but nothing that can't be changed. Warning: when using the editor window, if your using submeshes, the meshes will be combined So here it is: MeshAnchor.js import System.IO; class MeshAnchor extends EditorWindow { var mF : MeshFilter; var offset : Vector3; var message : String = "Ready!"; @MenuItem("Window/Mesh Anchor") static function Init() { var window = ScriptableObject.CreateInstance.<MeshAnchor>(); window.minSize = Vector2(350, 100); window.maxSize = window.minSize; window.Show(); } function OnGUI() { GUI.color = Color.white; mF = EditorGUILayout.ObjectField("Mesh Filter", mF, MeshFilter, true); offset = EditorGUILayout.Vector3Field("Offset", offset); if(GUILayout.Button("Apply")) message = Apply(); if(message == "Anchor Set Successfully!") GUI.color =; else if(message != "Ready!") GUI.color =; GUI.Label(Rect(4, 77, 342, 20), message, "Box"); } function Apply() { if(mF == null) return "No Mesh Filter Has Been Assigned!"; if(mF.sharedMesh == null) return "No Mesh Assigned To The MeshFilter!"; var path = EditorUtility.SaveFilePanel("Save OBJ File", "", + ".obj", "obj"); if(path.Length == 0) return "Ready!"; var sR = File.CreateText(path); sR.WriteLine("# MeshAnchor v0.1 Anchor Editor"); sR.WriteLine("#"); sR.WriteLine("o " +; var mesh : Mesh = mF.sharedMesh; var vertices : Vector3[] = mesh.vertices; var i : int; var center : Vector3 =; var extents : Vector3 = mesh.bounds.extents; var size : Vector3 = mesh.bounds.size; for(i = 0; i < vertices.Length; i++) { vertices[i] -= center - extents + Vector3(size.x * offset.x, size.y * offset.y, size.z * offset.z); sR.WriteLine("v " + vertices[i].x.ToString() + " " + vertices[i].y.ToString() + " " + vertices[i].z.ToString()); } for(i = 0; i < mesh.uv.Length; i++) sR.WriteLine("vt " + mesh.uv[i].x.ToString() + " " + mesh.uv[i].y.ToString()); for(i = 0; i < mesh.normals.Length; i++) sR.WriteLine("vn " + mesh.normals[i].x.ToString() + " " + mesh.normals[i].y.ToString() + " " + mesh.normals[i].z.ToString()); var mR : MeshRenderer = mF.gameObject.GetComponent.<MeshRenderer>(); if(mR != null){if(mR.sharedMaterial != null)sR.WriteLine("usemtl " +;} var t = mesh.triangles; var line : String = ""; for(i = 0; i < mesh.triangles.Length; i += 3) { line = "f"; for(var l = 0; l < 3; l++) line += " " + (t[i+l]+1).ToString() + "/" + (t[i+l]+1).ToString() + "/" + (t[i+l]+1).ToString(); sR.WriteLine(line); } sR.Close(); AssetDatabase.Refresh(); return "Anchor Set Successfully!"; } } static function ApplyAnchor(meshFilter : MeshFilter, offset : Vector3) { if(meshFilter == null) { Debug.Log("MeshFilter Is Null!"); return; } if(meshFilter.sharedMesh == null) { Debug.Log("No Mesh Assigned To The MeshFilter!"); return; } var mesh : Mesh = meshFilter.sharedMesh; var vertices : Vector3[] = mesh.vertices; var center : Vector3 =; var extents : Vector3 = mesh.bounds.extents; var size : Vector3 = mesh.bounds.size; for(var i = 0; i < vertices.Length; i++) { vertices[i] -= center - extents + Vector3(size.x * offset.x, size.y * offset.y, size.z * offset.z); } mesh.vertices = vertices; mesh.RecalculateBounds(); Debug.Log("Anchor Set Successfully!"); } To use the runtime static function to change an anchor on the fly during gameplay, you can do something like: //Anchor this mesh the bottom center of the mesh MeshAnchor.ApplyAnchor(GetComponent.<MeshFilter>(), Vector3(0.5, 1, 0.5));
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    A render of an R32 model made by me
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    If at the end gameplay is there, i dont see the problem being successful on steam, graphics surely are not generic, but if its fun everything will be okay, good luck
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    It seems a few people are having troubles with crashing due to not breaking out of there loops. So I'm making this topic to show you the do's and don'ts with loops. Loops are one of the best things when it comes to coding. Loops can save time as well as script size and allows to loop through unknown lengths of information. The downside with loops, or in the case the "Infinite Loop" is they "Can" be difficult to use if you don't understand exactly how to break out of them. Below are some examples of an infinite loop: for(,,) while(true) function DoSomething(){DoSomething();} Infinite loops loop through an unknown or undetermined size of information. If not broken out of, the loop continues forever, sucking up all the cpu/gpu and crashing the application. If you use the above examples as is, you will lock up your pc and exit the application. So here is some examples of how breaking the loops work: for(,,) { print("I'm Looping"); if(Random.value < 0.5) continue; break; } while(true) { transform.position.z += 1; if(transform.position.z < 100) continue; break; } function DoSomething(i : int) { if(i < 10) DoSomething(Random.Range(0, 20)); //Don't call the function again if it's greater, thus breaking the loop } There is also the option to yield these infinite loops which allows the loop to yield to the next frame instead of locking up on the current frame. So let's say we are checking if a player is inside an area and instead of using an update function we want to want to use an infinite loop inside the start function. Well if the player is not inside the area at the start, it's going to lock the pc on the current frame bc it's not broken. But if you add a break in it, it will never work because it's in the start function and the start function is only called at the start. So this is a case we would yield instead of break out. Another time to use it is if you infinite looping something that may never be false. We can yield if say, some value < 10 and break if it's greater. That way we don't lock up on the current frame and only check the loop once per frame. Here is some examples of yielding to prevent lock ups: for(,,) { if(someValue < 10) { someValue = Random.Range(0, 20); yield; } else break; } while(true) { if(!someBounds.Intersects(playerBounds)) { print("Player has not entered yet"); yield; } else break; } function PrintFramesFromStartFunction(i : int) { if(i < 100) { yield; print(FPS.ToString()); PrintFramesFromStartFunction(i++); } //And ofcourse don't call it anymore after the 99th frame } The breaking in the examples above aren't required when using yield statements but I added them anyways for demonstration purposes. I hope you've learned the basic fundamentals on infinite loops and how to use them correctly. For completion purposes, here is an example using infinite loops in a real world application: public var player : Transform; private var currentLoop : int; function Start() { while(true) { Chase(); TakeABreak(); //For example purposes We're just gonna tell it to stop if we've chased and had a break 10 times if(currentLoop >= 10) break; currentLoop++; } } function Chase() { while(transform.positon != player.positon) { transform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(transform.position, player.position, Time.deltaTime); yield; } //If we've reached the player, don't continue the loop, thus breaking the loop } //Using a while loop for example purposes, you'd normally just yield for 1 second in this case function TakeABreak() { var i : int; while(i < 10) { yield WaitForSeconds(0.1); //Yield for set amount of seconds works similar to a single yield, but allows for interval of time i++; } //If i has reached 10, don't continue the loop, thus breaking the loop }
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    The angle of how the bullet hits the wall is quite weird, looks like perfect 90 degree angle hit - even concrete pieces jumped straight off the wall, but in the video its felt like bullet came where she shot, just like other ricochet shots on right side from her head. Any chance this might be staged? just my 2 cents
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    Here are some crappy renders I made to showcase some of my models, what do you guys think? This one below isn't a render but a print screen I took in Substance Painter
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    Hey guys! I've made a simple Shop Systeme V1 It's very simple and easy I don't Know if it is good or no but i found it clear Videos : Downlod : PS : i didn't put thé soldier model (V2 comming soin) Plz su scribe on m'y YouTube channel En joy
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    This is just a simple level loading method for "Makin' Stuff Look Good In Unity"s Shader case study found HERE. This lets you choose which kind of transition, if any, to load a scene with. It also allows you to call a level loading function and utilizing it's parameters to load a level with a specific transition, if any. BattleTransitions.shader //Create a material and use this shader on it // Upgrade NOTE: replaced 'mul(UNITY_MATRIX_MVP,*)' with 'UnityObjectToClipPos(*)' Shader "Hidden/BattleTransitions" { Properties { _MainTex("Texture", 2D) = "white" {} _TransitionTex("Transition Texture", 2D) = "white" {} _Color("Screen Color", Color) = (1,1,1,1) _Cutoff("Cutoff", Range(0, 1)) = 0 [MaterialToggle] _Distort("Distort", Float) = 0 _Fade("Fade", Range(0, 1)) = 0 } SubShader { // No culling or depth Cull Off ZWrite Off ZTest Always Pass { CGPROGRAM #pragma vertex vert #pragma fragment frag #include "UnityCG.cginc" struct appdata { float4 vertex : POSITION; float2 uv : TEXCOORD0; }; struct v2f { float2 uv : TEXCOORD0; float2 uv1 : TEXCOORD1; float4 vertex : SV_POSITION; }; float4 _MainTex_TexelSize; v2f simplevert(appdata v) { v2f o; o.vertex = UnityObjectToClipPos(v.vertex); o.uv = v.uv; return o; } v2f vert(appdata v) { v2f o; o.vertex = UnityObjectToClipPos(v.vertex); o.uv = v.uv; o.uv1 = v.uv; #if UNITY_UV_STARTS_AT_TOP if (_MainTex_TexelSize.y < 0) o.uv1.y = 1 - o.uv1.y; #endif return o; } sampler2D _TransitionTex; int _Distort; float _Fade; sampler2D _MainTex; float _Cutoff; fixed4 _Color; fixed4 simplefrag(v2f i) : SV_Target { if (i.uv.x < _Cutoff) return _Color; return tex2D(_MainTex, i.uv); } fixed4 simplefragopen(v2f i) : SV_Target { if (0.5 - abs(i.uv.y - 0.5) < abs(_Cutoff) * 0.5) return _Color; return tex2D(_MainTex, i.uv); } fixed4 simpleTexture(v2f i) : SV_Target { fixed4 transit = tex2D(_TransitionTex, i.uv); if (transit.b < _Cutoff) return _Color; return tex2D(_MainTex, i.uv); } fixed4 frag(v2f i) : SV_Target { fixed4 transit = tex2D(_TransitionTex, i.uv1); fixed2 direction = float2(0,0); if(_Distort) direction = normalize(float2((transit.r - 0.5) * 2, (transit.g - 0.5) * 2)); fixed4 col = tex2D(_MainTex, i.uv + _Cutoff * direction); if (transit.b < _Cutoff) return col = lerp(col, _Color, _Fade); return col; } ENDCG } } } CameraBlit.js //Just a script to grab the render image @ExecuteInEditMode public var mat : Material; function OnRenderImage(src : RenderTexture, dst : RenderTexture) { if (mat != null) Graphics.Blit(src, dst, mat); } SceneTransition.js //This is the script you will use for your transitions, make sure you fill in all variable and have atleast one image in the images array to use a fade import UnityEngine.SceneManagement; enum TransitionType{None, Fade, Wipe} public var musicSource : AudioSource; public var cameraBlit : CameraBlit; public var startingTransitionType : TransitionType; public var startingTransitionIndex : int; public var transitionImages : Texture2D[]; private var startingVolume : float; function Start() { if(musicSource != null) { startingVolume = musicSource.volume; musicSource.volume = 0; } cameraBlit.mat.SetFloat("_Fade", 1); cameraBlit.mat.SetFloat("_Cutoff", 1); if(startingTransitionType == TransitionType.None) return; cameraBlit.enabled = true; if(startingTransitionType == TransitionType.Fade) { while(cameraBlit.mat.GetFloat("_Fade") > 0.0) { a = cameraBlit.mat.GetFloat("_Fade"); cameraBlit.mat.SetFloat("_Fade", Mathf.MoveTowards(a, 0, Time.deltaTime)); if(musicSource != null) musicSource.volume = startingVolume * (1 - a); yield; } } else { cameraBlit.mat.SetTexture("_TransitionTex", transitionImages[startingTransitionIndex]); while(cameraBlit.mat.GetFloat("_Cutoff") > 0.0) { a = cameraBlit.mat.GetFloat("_Cutoff"); cameraBlit.mat.SetFloat("_Cutoff", Mathf.MoveTowards(a, 0, Time.deltaTime)); if(musicSource != null) musicSource.volume = startingVolume * (1 - a); yield; } } cameraBlit.enabled = false; } function LoadLevel(level : int, transition : TransitionType, texIndex : int) { if(transition != TransitionType.None) { if(transition == TransitionType.Fade) { cameraBlit.mat.SetFloat("_Cutoff", 1); cameraBlit.mat.SetFloat("_Fade", 0); cameraBlit.enabled = true; while(cameraBlit.mat.GetFloat("_Fade") < 1) { a = Mathf.MoveTowards(cameraBlit.mat.GetFloat("_Fade"), 1, Time.deltaTime); cameraBlit.mat.SetFloat("_Fade", a); if(musicSource != null) musicSource.volume = startingVolume * (1 - a); yield; } } else { cameraBlit.mat.SetTexture("_TransitionTex", transitionImages[texIndex]); cameraBlit.mat.SetFloat("_Cutoff", 0); cameraBlit.mat.SetFloat("_Fade", 1); cameraBlit.enabled = true; while(cameraBlit.mat.GetFloat("_Cutoff") < 1) { a = Mathf.MoveTowards(cameraBlit.mat.GetFloat("_Cutoff"), 1, Time.deltaTime); cameraBlit.mat.SetFloat("_Cutoff", a); if(musicSource != null) musicSource.volume = startingVolume * (1 - a); yield; } } } SceneManager.LoadScene(level); } Example transition textures attached below (Provided in the link by the person who made them above)
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    Depends on the type of the game your building tbh
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    A short clip in which I show how each portal smoothly works in my project Azymuth. No glitch - no transition or some bad lighting effect ++
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    Version 1.0


    This is official FPS tutorial from Unity. If i'm not wrong, it was made for unity 2.x and project is outdated, that's why this project was removed from unity website. I think, it's still good project for beginners (to learn and understand basics), that's why i decided to prepare it to be used with latest version of unity (unity 4.x).
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    Hey guys, I made a little update of my FPS Project. I'll use this thread for the next updates as well. I hope you like it! Recently I'm also working on other projects, so check my channel, if you're interested;) Update: -Updated map -New weapons -New killstreaks (Helciopter, etc.) ...
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    using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using MySql.Data.MySqlClient; public class SomeScript : MonoBehaviour { private MySqlConnection MConn; private MySqlCommand MComm; private MySqlDataReader MRead; public string[] userinfo = new string[4]; public string HOSTIP; public string HOSTUSER; public string HOSTPASS; public string HOSTDB; void Start () { Login ("testacc","testpass"); Register ("testacc","testpass","testemail"); Login ("testacc","testpass"); } void Login(string User,string Pass) { MConn = new MySqlConnection ("Server="+HOSTIP+";Uid="+HOSTUSER+";Pwd="+HOSTPASS+";Database="+HOSTDB+";"); MConn.Open (); MComm = new MySqlCommand ("SELECT * FROM alluser WHERE user='"+User+"' AND pass='"+Pass+"'",MConn); MRead = MComm.ExecuteReader (); if (MRead.HasRows) { while (MRead.Read()) { userinfo[0] = MRead.GetString(0); userinfo[1] = MRead.GetString(1); userinfo[2] = MRead.GetString(2); userinfo[3] = MRead.GetString(3); } Debug.Log("Connected"); } else { Debug.Log("Wrong user/pass"); } } void Register(string User, string Pass, string Email) { MConn = new MySqlConnection ("Server="+HOSTIP+";Uid="+HOSTUSER+";Pwd="+HOSTPASS+";Database="+HOSTDB+";"); MConn.Open (); MComm = new MySqlCommand ("SELECT * FROM alluser WHERE user='"+User+"';",MConn); MRead = MComm.ExecuteReader (); MRead.Close (); if (!MRead.HasRows) { MComm = new MySqlCommand ("INSERT INTO alluser (user,pass,email) VALUES ('"+User+"','"+Pass+"','"+Email+"')",MConn); MRead = MComm.ExecuteReader (); } else { Debug.Log("Already Exist!"); } } } Just include this 3 file in your assets folder and script will work fine i will update script soon... adding: recovery with email,login with email or username. i your have any idea just write it in comments. GS --> Download psssst..... Bad Englist!!! edit: JS version : import MySql.Data.MySqlClient; private var MConn : MySqlConnection; private var MComm : MySqlCommand; private var MRead : MySqlDataReader; public var userinfo = new Array(); public var HOSTIP : String; public var HOSTUSER : String; public var HOSTPASS : String; public var HOSTDB : String; function Start () { Login ("testacc","testpass"); Register ("testaccd","testpasxs",""); Login ("testacc","testpass"); } function Login(User : String, Pass : String) { User = Regex.Replace(User, "[^a-zA-Z0-9 ]", ""); Pass = Regex.Replace(Pass, "[^a-zA-Z0-9 ]", ""); MConn = new MySqlConnection ("Server="+HOSTIP+";Uid="+HOSTUSER+";Pwd="+HOSTPASS+";Database="+HOSTDB+";"); MConn.Open (); MComm = new MySqlCommand ("SELECT * FROM alluser WHERE user='"+User+"' AND pass='"+Pass+"'",MConn); MRead = MComm.ExecuteReader (); if (MRead.HasRows) { while (MRead.Read()) { userinfo[0] = MRead.GetString(0); userinfo[1] = MRead.GetString(1); userinfo[2] = MRead.GetString(2); userinfo[3] = MRead.GetString(3); } Debug.Log("Connected"); } else { Debug.Log("Wrong user/pass"); } } function Register(User : String, Pass : String, Email : String) { User = Regex.Replace(User, "[^a-zA-Z0-9 ]", ""); Pass = Regex.Replace(Pass, "[^a-zA-Z0-9 ]", ""); Email = Regex.Replace(Email, "[^a-zA-Z0-9 @.]", ""); MConn = new MySqlConnection ("Server="+HOSTIP+";Uid="+HOSTUSER+";Pwd="+HOSTPASS+";Database="+HOSTDB+";"); MConn.Open (); MComm = new MySqlCommand ("SELECT * FROM alluser WHERE user='"+User+"';",MConn); MRead = MComm.ExecuteReader (); MRead.Close (); if (!MRead.HasRows) { MComm = new MySqlCommand ("INSERT INTO alluser (user,pass,email) VALUES ('"+User+"','"+Pass+"','"+Email+"')",MConn); MRead = MComm.ExecuteReader (); } else { Debug.Log("Already Exist!"); } } SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `alluser`; CREATE TABLE `alluser` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `user` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `pass` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `email` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=2 DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;
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    //JavaScript Unity 3d var Target : Transform; //Object that followed wrath var DistanceMin : float; //Distance Maximum object that is the target var DistanceMax : float; //Distance Minimum object that is the target var MoveSpeed : float; //Velocity Move Object var PositionYPlane : float;//Here the position of the Plane or the terrain so that the object does not fly private var RMoveSpeed : float; //Reset MoveSpeed private var CalculateDistance : float; //Example function Start () { RMoveSpeed = MoveSpeed; } function Update () { transform.position.y = PositionYPlane + 0.5; //Here the position of the object has to sum ​​over 0.5 so that the object does not sink into the ground var Distance = Vector3.Distance(transform.position,Target.position);//Variable that calculates the distance CalculateDistance = Distance; //Example if(Distance < DistanceMin){ //When the object is too near Target For he will MoveSpeed = 0; //MoveSpeed not to move }else{ if(Distance < DistanceMax){ //When the object is Far Target For he will MoveSpeed = RMoveSpeed; //Reset MoveSpeed Move(); //function Move } } } function Move(){ transform.LookAt(Target); // Rotation Object transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(transform.position,Target.position,MoveSpeed * Time.deltaTime); //Move Object } function OnGUI(){ GUI.Label(Rect(Screen.width / 2 - 290.6, Screen.height/ 2 - 162.8,60,30),"" + CalculateDistance); //Shows the distance between the object and the scene Target. = 25; // Size Font; } //BY Paulo Junior Sample AI follow Target
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    How do you know if it works in unity5? + I don't even know what this was. Like pressing a button which updates a text or something, this is really basic stuff... nothing to implement to be honest.