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    Maybe one of the best anecdote which I have ever read about WW2
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    Do you know that Unity has released recently a tool so as to record frames? A good stuff for those who want to create a video from their project. As they explained, the Frame Recorder is a project that facilitates recording of Unity artifacts from Unity. The framework does not define what can be recorded, but defines a standard way of how to implement and setup a recorder and takes care of aspects common to all recorders (time managenent, Timeline integration, record windows, etc). Take a look at the GitHub repository ++ https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/GenericFrameRecorder
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    I often wondered how to do a Damage Indicator when I started unity 3d, So Heres a Tutorial on One, the video is a very basic on getting the dir data needed, the Part 2 well deal with the health and everything. Like I said I very basic and super easy to understand.. Because every Project so different...
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    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/outlast-deluxe? May the Almighty Lord forgive me - I am trying to corrupt your soul Be a good boy. Don't download this curse... Not suitable for children under 18 years : Intense Violence Blood and Gore Sexual Content Nudity Strong Language Mum ... I peed my pants :/
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    I don't know anything about this game, except one thing - it's free but for a limited time. However a game which has been rated "very positive " on Steam cannot be bad. Grab it ++ https://www.humblebundle.com/store/psychonauts All these creatures seem to me very weird...
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    Hey there guys, finally got the animation sets and the weapon logic to utilize those animations, here is a short video. Feedback is appreciated. All of the items showcased below are subject to change or have content added upon them in the future, bar bones at the current state. Game? what is it?!, Still not sure, many things to plan out, me and my friends are in the process of creating the flowcharts and full road map, many things left to plan and think through. Please do share ideas below! Demonstration Video: Concept Art: Main Soundtrack(to be uploaded soon): Thanks guys, really do appreciate any sort of feedback. Stay strong.
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    I edited your post. You didn't mention that this only works in the unity editor, not in the build. You can get the default .net dialogues by dragging in the dll and have full access to it in the build, but the way your showing is strictly for the editor
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    Around 15k poly, with 2048x2048 Albedo, Specular, Gloss, and Normal maps. Modeled in Blender, Textured in Quixel, Rendered in Unity. It may not be perfect but I did my best. It isn't optimized since I just wanted to practice, mainly UV unwrapping and texturing. Here are some renders:
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    Version v1.5


    Webplayer demo: http://games.armedunity.com/au-fps-kit/ Requires unity 5.3 or higher. Password: armedunity *************************** VIDEO TUTORIALS * How to open project in unity 5: * How to add animated weapon: * How to add weapon by replacing model
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    Just showing some of the tanks i have made already well....armored vehicles i should say. IF YOU NOTICE, each vehicle has a specific color pattern and that will be connected to the "faction". BUT some changed will be mad eto the color. the yellow tank will be switched to purple, and the massive tank in the back (P1000) will be changed to a green color pattern. animation and making these tanks have been the MOST DIFFICULT thing ive ever done to date, even harder then the AI controls. BUT i am happy with the overall results. 10 more tanks left to build then im finished making ALL heavy armored vehicles. sorry for just 1 photo. been working on fixing the Panzer II and the 2 orange vehicles. so after 1 photo i was too tired to care about other screen shots ENJOY
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    Welcome! Pro-tip, stop using UnityScript, they have already started to discontinue it in the newest version of Unity! C# is the future!
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    Dawn's End, A 3D Challenging Platformer Game Welcome, fellow earthling. Enjoy the read or skip to the important stuff! Story: About the game: What you need to know: Progress so far (Image based): So, who do we need? We need people good at what they claim to be, and that's pretty much it. We are looking for the following roles: (x2) Programmer in C# (x2) 2d concept artist (x1) 3D modeler (preferably with texturing experience) Communication? The team uses Discord to communicate effectively. It is available to download and available in the browser. Makes communication, organization, and everything else related easier. We hold weekly meetings and discuss over voice chat and text chat. https://discordapp.com/ Tasks are assigned on a shared Trello Board. If you aren't familiar, check it out: https://trello.com/ I want in. Where do I let you know? Reply to this forum or pm me through AU.
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    Hello, everyone! I present to you: Post Release Update #1 New Features: Extended Audio Settings Voice Chat (Using Photon Voice) Region that is selected will now be saved Loadout menu in the main menu Sensitivity sliders in the options menu Field of View slider Improved strafing Leaning Gun Game Gamemode Steam Integration (Optional) Get it here: https://sellfy.com/p/QBYx/
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    use xenoprefs https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/91971 its made by me and works like playerprefs / saves to file and encrypts data and its also free and comes with full source access
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    Before we i start remember this is a (pre)Release! Bench System that is used: MSI 270 Gaming Pro Carbon Intel i5-7600K 1x Evga Titan Black 8GB White Ballistix 2TB SSD(IDK) Used Unity Version: Unity 2017 When Mars told me "Hey, I have a Photon Game Kit, which is currently available for 45 €. Can you please get it and test it?" Of course, I agreed and bougth it the next day! The kit was scripted so easily that even beginners with almost no previous knowledge could it use! Unfortunately, some bugs caused by Unity 2017 as crashes and Init Fails but after repairing some errors, this has fixed everything! Mars is a good developer as you could already see in his game Vengeance and now he has used all his knowledge to create a kit! Fact is the game kit is simply perfect to learn and to develop your own game! 45 €? For opinion with all these features this is too cheap! The Question is, can you buy the kit? Absolutely Yes!
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    First link took 34.4 seconds and second link took 43.5 seconds. Only a 9.1 second difference for me. I'm on wifi and halfway across the house tho. Not too much of a difference unless you have a slower internet, that's when you'll get like a minute difference between the two like ^^above^^. No offense to your connection tekken lol
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    It basically says you don't have a "PlayerHealth" script and so it doesn't have a "TakeDamage" method. The op commented the line in the script though, under the DealDamage: "//PlayerHealth.TakeDamage() gets called (change this to yout Health script and damage methode)". If you just want to get it working remove that line from the code.
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    Fps Arms Pack With sleeve and Arms payday style The Original Model is from Unity. The pack is updated
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    Awesome work man. It looks great. It's all good, that's the whole reason I posted. Good work
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    Here is a lowpoly bridge I made yesterday and optimized this morning. Pretty self explained so I'll just leave the description at that lol Texture can be found on any other low poly topic i've posted. It's just a color palette image as shown in the screenshot. You can make it even lower poly without affecting quality by merging the verts on each of the forward edges on the underneath side if you want to. Would drop you down to around 450 or so 488 tris Bridge.zip
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    Hi guys, im working on this racing game, i just wanted to show you my game menu, ask you if something doesn´t look good that i can do better https://gyazo.com/3725f43eb66be2432ac6602179621e62
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    Version v1.1


    Supported file formats .wav and .ogg To load mp3 file format: http://denis-potapenko.blogspot.com/2013/04/task-6-loading-mp3-audio-via-www-class.html Password: armedunity
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    That is Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! ....to bad I only have 0.02 in my paypal, gg
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    Im working on this pack a few days now, and im proud of my work. It is completely made from scratch by me. It contains a complete modular, advanced raycast based shooting script. You can create any type of gun within seconds. You can use it in your project, no credits required. Download the pack here! The pack has two scripts. Both script has a user friendly interface: Features: Ammo (Counts in bullets) Ammo Pickup Shoot Mode (Auto and Semi) (You can also switch between the two) Particles and Sounds Spread GUI Display (Weapon name, current ammo / inventory ammo, shoot mode) Setup: Find your gun and assign the RaycastShoot script into it. (You can easily do that via the custom menu: Add Component > AdvancedShoot > RaycastShoot) Create a new tag ("ammoPickup") and add this tag to the object you want to use as ammo pickup. Add the ammoPickup script to the player, and assign your current weapon to the affectedWeapon slot. (This will be the gun that you get ammo for.) Play with the values of the scripts, and enjoy your advanced shooting mechanics. There are two examples for hit effects: "Ground" and "Enemy" (Create new tags for these, and add them to your objects.) You can extend these in the RaycastShoot script at the 128. line, but dont forget to also do that at the 165. line. Donate: If you found this pack useful, you can donate me by clicking here! Some of you know me, and know that im not doing this for the money, but these days money is necessary.
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    No. 1 camera that renders all layer but ui and another camera that only renders ui. Performance issues only come across when you render the entire scene with both cameras. It's kinda like in an fps how you have a weapon camera and a scene camera. on your main camera, uncheck the layer you will be using for ui in the render layers. On the the ui camera, uncheck everything in the render layers except the layer you will be using for ui. Then lastly, set all your ui's to, you guessed it, the layer you be using for ui. think of cameras as layers themselves. You can have 100 camera that renders different objects and it's performance is equal to 1 camera that renders everything bc everything is only being rendered one time. But if you have 100 cameras that renders everything, everything gets rendered 100 times. Cameras are just iteration markers with properties. for(camera in cameras) Render(camera.everyObjectThisCameraShouldRender); So if the amount of things rendered by 100 cameras is the same as 1 camera, there is no performance difference bc everything is bound the same amount of times edit: I take that back. There is no batching between cameras tho (as far as I'm aware). So if 100 cameras render objects the same mesh or material, it's bound 100 times. But they if they do not use the same mesh or material, THEN it is exactly identical. On average, it is always identical because normally you would use a different material for every different object. And for ui sake, I doubt your ui texture the same as your object textures. So for you, yes it's identical performance. This edit is just for technicality tho so someone doesn't try and correct me
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    Finished my new character yesterday. A colourful demon Based on Cory Loftis' illustration : View it on sketchfab : https://sketchfab.com/models/94179ffada2145c6abbc860d0e482805 If anyone is looking for a modeller I am free!!! Have fun! Akishaqs
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    Cool. I will play soon and I will give you a feedback. Grazie mille amico mio
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    I know that myself but i simply added it in there as people that doesn`t work with saving data that much normally want to use playerprefs
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    //First of all the Saving mechanism: //String where the output will be attached: string output = null; //Loop through your list for (int i=0; i < Inventory.Count; i++){ output += Inventory[i].ToString() + "\n"; } //You need to define a ToString Method in your item class File.WriteAllText(".\\Inventory\\Save.ivt",output); //Now for the Loading if (!File.Exist(".//Inventory//Save.ivt")){ return; } //read everything from the savefile: else{ string[] loadedSave = File.ReadAllLines(".//Inventory//Save.ivt"); //do sth. with the loaded Text: for (int i = 0; i < loadeSave.Length; i++){ addToInventory(loadedSave[i]); } } // now you just need to add a method addInventory, thats takes the item name as an argument I know its kind of incomplete ... also make sure you import the dependecies for the File class (should be System.Io if im not mistaken) Hope this helped X)
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    Haha well I didn't tell him what to write though It's purely his opinion although I gotta admit we're friends I got my C# knowledge mostly from the Unity scripting reference lol and from this forum and its members
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    This has been around since the beginning really. All engines have this built in, even if they don't know they did or not. The reason is because the engine stores all that data like the final fbo (frame buffer object that becomes the final rendering image), output audio, etc.. for each frame. It's just not documented on where you can find that information. Good read tho man, good find
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    dude XD just enter the name of the script (looks like it is actually called PlayerHealth from the error) and the methode that handles the damage (maybe applydamage ?) with the argument it takes (most likely the damage you want to deal as int) for egs: PlayerHealth.ApplyDamage(20); //if it takes an int PlayerHealth.ApplyDamage(20.0f) //if it dakes a float (doubles are pretty uncommon in game development) more generally: <class name>.<public method you want to use>(<arguments>);
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    This is the best I could find https://www.labnol.org/internet/direct-links-for-google-drive/28356/ http://vintaytime.com/direct-download-link-drive-dropbox/
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    1. Almost every game portrays sounds differently. Almost none of them sound realistic - nor do these. Not to say they're bad, because they're not, they're just not realistic. 2. Why even bring that up other than to raise a negative relationship between you and fennixx? You could say that about almost any asset on this site - free or paid. This site doesn't really welcome ripped content - but you could say it.
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    That's true, everyone gets happy when they hear some words they like, for example when you said it almost gave me an orgasm too, even tho I know we're working hard, to archive such quality on models and doing so in level design too, but when you said those, fuck it felt so good. Even tho that those are like the worst pics I took since I tried to upload 3 pics for each model, and it uploaded only the "bad" side of all. But back to the point, I'm planning on finding investors online, set up some skype calls, then if things go good even close meetings. So at first the trick would be to find the best way to present it to them, thru a video or send them a voiced power point that will explain all slides. Also, do you think that the investors care about Game Design Document? Also, about your project, try to aim at impossible things, it will keep your team mates motivated for new things you will find during the road.
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    Ok so this first part is offtopic a bit. I know that feeling when you are trying so hard to gauge the interested of your team. I'm in that same situation. I'm currently trying to keep my small 6 man team motivated, but no matter what tactic I try it doesn't work. And coming from a point in game development where I'd have a larger team and work on impossible projects, to a smaller team and working on realistic projects, I thought things would be different. I suppose this is one of the outcomes of having a solid idea. There's no more discussions, no more big ideas, no more big dreams, etc. So I am also looking for ways to get the motivated, and keep their interests high. Monetary compensation isn't possible for my project, so that's out of the question. Sweet, now onto the beef of the matter. By no means should you take my word for it... I have no real experience approaching investors, but I have attended multiple events that help you train for approaching them. Here are some key pointers to keep in mind when preparing anything for investors. Presentation is key. Presentation is the key... But with that you have to know who your investors are. Their age, what they previously invested in, who they tend to talk to the most. All of that is important when creating a presentation. We can't give an old man a flashy animation and expect him to know what the product is... We give him solid facts and a proper plan of how you're going to generate income, etc. For this, like any other proposal, you're going to need multiple presentation notes. You're going to need to have your business plan on hand to show them. A slideshow or animation to explain your business in summary is great. In this slideshow don't forget your elevator pitch. You're also going to need another document explaining how it will generate revenue, how long the business is likely to last before dying (this is a weird one), a yearly revenue outcome, how much money your looking for and how it's going to be spent. As I said, it depends on who you're pitching to. If it's a younger audience, electronics stuff should work (like PDF), if it's an older audience paper. I'm not sure what's the "perfect" amount of documents you should have. They get turned on by certain words. While I was at a conference in Chile, a few successful business persons gave me some great advice that I held onto tightly... Governments, investors, anyone in business like to hear certain words in when it comes to your project. Income, revenue, long lasting, low failing probability, profit... These words give them orgasms. And I wish it was only a metaphor. Have persons who can vouch for you. It helps if you have other business friends who can vouch for you. Investors look at everything about you, from your confidence, to who your crowd is, etc. As for who you should contact... That's a tough one. I have no idea how you'd go about doing that. I'd recommend starting with individuals first. They're easier to approach, and are more likely to give their time. With that being said, just keep going at it if they deny you. Those pictures you posted are really quality work so it's obvious that your team is very serious. I don't think you guys should have a hard time. Best of luck and best of wishes.
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    Maybe the most impressive Unity game which I have ever seen. It seems really interesting ++
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    Version v1.5


    This is C# version of FPS KIT. Scripts translated to C# by Evgeniy Kupras (chapaeff) Webplayer demo: http://games.armedunity.com/au-fps-kit/ Requires unity 5.3.3 or higher. Password: armedunity *************************** VIDEO TUTORIALS * How to open project in unity 5: * How to add animated weapon: * How to add weapon by replacing model
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    Version v1.0


    This model is from unity Bootcamp demo. If you use this model in your game and you have problems to create and configure ragdoll, here you can download it. All joints are already adjusted. Password: armedunity
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    a picture for you guys, its really not much to look at but the code is quite clean, pretty efficent so a nice little base really
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    WEB PLAYER LINK: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/106482752/Water-Underwater/Water.html DOWNLOAD PROJECT: http://kostiantyn-dvornik.blogspot.com/2013/05/unity-worlds-coolest-tutorial-about.html
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    Just saying, that's a video game thing, and it's far from realistic. Magazines are extremely expensive and you hold around 4 of them in your vest. When your mag is empty, you put it back in a pocket and take out a new one. You don't drop it on the ground unless it's a tactical reload, but even then, after the firefight is over, you are going to go pick up your mag.
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    I've completed as much of the horror project as I'm going to do for now. Everything is completed except for the AI. I didn't bother doing the AI because I've already spent almost a month (23 total hours) working on this example and need to start working on the full game and doing upgrades (completion date -prior October-) I've also added a peek functionality but the buttons for it is kind of random. I also added a new zombie scream for you all even though there is no ai, but I put it in there just to make people jump lol. If you would like to test the project before downloading you can check out the newest update in the showcase section. Hope you all find it resourceful. Download