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    Not sure if this is new news or not, but ProBuilder, Polybrush and ProGrids are now owned by Unity and FREE!! https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/modeling/probuilder-111418 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/polybrush-beta-111427 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/progrids-111425
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    After hours of hard work, I have my scene complete. And upon finishing the scene, I was actually... In love with it. Hope you guys enjoy
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    I know this is locked, but others who want to know, you can use big integers in unity 2017 or larger (.net 4.0 >)
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    Hello, everyone! I present to you: Update New Features: Battlechat Leveling Unlocking FPV2 integration
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    Lmfao you joined 37 minutes ago. This was posted 2 years ago and the poster last logged in 2 years ago.
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    I wanted to share a valuable find I came across while on YouTube. Are you disgusted at the price of Photoshop itself as a singular software, even with the available payment plans? $1000-6000 is a great deal of money that can go to much more valued software and technological resources. There's practically zero difference in the visual layout of Affinity compared to Photoshop. The best part? Affinity has made creative and systematic improvements that Adobe couldn't carry out, even with the latest version of PS. Guess how much it costs (virtually being an exact copy in terms of what Photoshop does)? $50! My mind is boggled right now. I cannot believe I only just came across this software. I hope you guys take the time to look into it if you wish to get into graphic design, as it is a very helpful skill set to have when creating anything visually when it comes to digital and even physical platforms. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/photo/
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    try Krita, its free and honestly its truely amazing and can work with psd files ... also a big update is on the way https://krita.org/en/
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    @geckoobig integers can be as large as your machine can handle (processing power wise). There is no limit as far as I'm aware. 56 ^ 448000 is the largest I've heard of someone do. http://www.dreamincode.net/forums/topic/330278-what-is-the-largest-number-a-biginteger-can-be-this-is-amazing/
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    Hey all! I found this repo a week or two ago and I've been using it constantly to organize my inspectors https://github.com/dbrizov/NaughtyAttributes Examples are in the readme of the repo same with the License
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    New Update 0.3a Implemented: SHA256 encrypt MD5 encrypt In-Work: Basic Safe Features for Web Call Working in implementing on Public DB
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    Hi everyone, my name is Oren - I have a YouTube channel where I post tutorials/devlogs and general game development videos, it will be great if you could check the latest tutorial I published a few days ago - Thanks for reading, Oren
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    Version v1.5


    Webplayer demo: http://games.armedunity.com/au-fps-kit/ Requires unity 5.3 or higher. Password: armedunity *************************** VIDEO TUTORIALS * How to open project in unity 5: * How to add animated weapon: * How to add weapon by replacing model
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    I like it, but it seems to me that it's too clear. Try to adjust lights. Have you tried to change LUT color correction for something more "medieval" ? Good stuff ++
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    Or you can save yourself from all the coding and just animate it on impact. void ApplyDamage(float amount) { if(animation.IsPlaying(downAndStationaryAnim)) return; animation.CrossFade(downAndStationaryAnimName); while(animation.IsPlaying(downAndStationaryAnim)) yield; animation.CrossFade(upAnimName); } is just a basic example
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    Very cool! 1+ I love the progress
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    - I think you're going in the right direction. I love the bold start where it just presents your company's name, but it doesn't quite fit my screen. If the red area took up my entire screen until I scrolled down, it would be a really strong start for a page. - In addition, I think the red chosen is a bit too bright. I hardly get 'blinded' by bright colors, but this one stands out somehow. - And lastly, center this please '-'
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    First off, I'd like to point out that I do this stuff for fun. Therefore, with no plans to ever release an asset or scene under my own name, I do indeed use assets from the unity asset store. Secondly, this scene took me a day and a half/2 days to make. Thirdly *IMPORTANT* I would love you guys to look through my profile at previous (Cringeworthy) scene-work. I've been studying my ass off for three months, and I feel confident now that my scenes feel natural and work well. I love feedback. Gimme dat feedback. Anyway, here it be
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    The only reason I was against trees is because it would not make too much sense with the environment I got inspiration from. In a mountainous/plain region (Such as Sierra Nevada in Spain) There will be very few, if not, any, trees at all.
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    I like the broken wall protruding from the top and bottom end of screen of UI design 2. UI design 1 has a button layout that my eyes like (including the side chat and settings buttons on the left). UI design 2 has a better title trim/gild to it than UI design 1.
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    I wish I had the motivation to work on a project for this long.... Good job!
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    I've been using Affinity designer for almost 4 months and I gotta say that I've never looked back at Photoshop. After awhile of using Photoshop it gets sluggish and slow, with Affinity it's super fast even after hours of use.
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    Crazy to see the motivation and drive you have for a project, I wish you the best of luck to the future of your project! It's not everyday you see someone here working on a project for 5 years. Your mapping has gotten a lot better over the years
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    He is asking, why are you still on unity 5.6
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    Glad to see this still been worked on and updated.
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    You ask a great question - in situations like these, your best bet is to use the Profiler. Determine the performance aspect of using the CombineMeshes function according to the Profiler readings as well as compare and contrast which method is most friendly in your situation (combining meshes vs. not combining meshes). My perspective? Don't worry about it unless you're experiencing performance loss that is notable.
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    Salut l'ami. The controller seems to me a little bit too unbending. It could be interesting to create a floating effect. The main aesthetic is pleasant, but all this boxes and this glitch could be really quickly annoying. I don't understand the main gameplay, but I follow you to know more. I wish you the best developing your project ++
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    Thank you. I didn't know anything about LetterBox band and I love it. There is many interesting tracks with a good ambient. Thank you again ++
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    Have you been wanting to buy MMMPFPSK but in the Unity Asset Store? Today the wait is over! Check it out here
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    Hey guys! I made Update 1 video of project names Calister showdown. To Do list for a few upcoming updates: - Dynamic reloading anomation - Bug fixes - Ragdoll shoot force - Footstep sounds - Networking - Weapon aiming Please keep in mind that models, scenes and animations will definitely change and are just placeholders at the moment. Leave some feedback if you find it good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMFsQIhZpRY
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    You made my day TheFabulousAntMan - you are totally crazy
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    At this point, I genuinely hope this is a troll. You think trump stole your "slogan"? you must know president Ronald Reagan used that campaign slogan as well in 1980. Also, why not use this site as a type of consensus, to see how to public will react to your game. Overall, it looks negative. It takes a very dull person to not realize that they're doing something wrong when dozens of people are trying to help them. And please stop trying to hype your game up by saying things like "the new model that no one has seen yet is the best!", just show us.
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    Guys, I still think I have not convinced you guys. I think I need to do more convincing. I need everyone to get into an energy stance. be more power then goku. I need yall to be energy. Go look at a song that pumps you up. Get that energy mah bois. I need yall to go find a history book. I need you to go find one and just put alien ant world somewhere into it. I need you to do it to any book. Maybe a bathroom stall. tell a random site, or place. tell if about the word. I need you to spread the word of the ant. Then one day, when the earth is done, they can find the symbol of the ants. nothing illegal of course. If it's illegal do not do it. A legend made this symbol, it was not me, but this is the word of the ants. I am only one ant. I need more ants to join in my movement. \ / @@_ ___ (_)(___) || ||\\ ANT GANG TAKING OVER
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    Good to hear. Sorry about that, I forgot integers don't have casts for chars
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    i have no idea... and what Debug.Log (hit.transform.name) shows? try like this: public void Fire (){ RaycastHit hit; Ray ray = fpsCam.ScreenPointToRay (new Vector3 (Screen.width / 2, Screen.height / 2, 0)); if (Physics.Raycast (ray, out hit, range)) { if (hit.transform.tag == "Player") { FPS_Controller damage = hit.collider.GetComponent<FPS_Controller>(); if(damage) damage.RemoteDamage(10); } } } FPS_Controller.cs public void RemoteDamage(int dam){ photonView.RPC ("ApplyDamage", PhotonTargets.AllBuffered, dam); } public void ApplyDamage (int dmg){ if(health <= 0) return; health -= dmg; if(health <= 0){ Debug.Log("immmma dead"); } }
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    This kind of solution seems very unscaleable, what if you need to insert or add new character for new app version, but there are old users with old version? (just one example) Instead i suggest creating maybe a json or xml format text and simply send that and just unparse directly to object edit: the json text could contain only character which are unlocked, so you threat the prefab array all locked by default.
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    Come on guys, you are better than this. At the end of the day we have the same dreams of creating awesome games and applications, and if our opinions and approach would be the same games would be boring More love and not war
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    Q. How to use this script? A. Just drop this script on root of your weapon GO and adjust all parameters in Inspector. var amount : float = 0.02; var maxAmount : float = 0.03; var smooth : float = 3; private var def : Vector3; function Start (){ def = transform.localPosition; } function Update (){ var factorX : float = -Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * amount; var factorY : float = -Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * amount; factorX = Mathf.Clamp(factorX, -maxAmount, maxAmount); factorY = Mathf.Clamp(factorY, -maxAmount, maxAmount); var Final : Vector3 = new Vector3(def.x+factorX, def.y+factorY, def.z); transform.localPosition = Vector3.Lerp(transform.localPosition, Final, Time.deltaTime * smooth); }
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    On your fire particle, create a light gameobject and attach this script! it will create the fire light effect! function Start() { flickerfire(); } function Update () { } function flickerfire() { for (var x = 1; x > 0; x++) { yield WaitForSeconds(0.05); gameObject.light.intensity += 1; yield WaitForSeconds(0.05); gameObject.light.intensity = 0.5; yield WaitForSeconds(0.05); gameObject.light.intensity = 0.7; yield WaitForSeconds(0.05); gameObject.light.intensity = 0.5; yield WaitForSeconds(0.05); gameObject.light.intensity = 1; yield WaitForSeconds(0.05); gameObject.light.intensity = 0.2; yield WaitForSeconds(0.05); gameObject.light.intensity = 0.9; yield WaitForSeconds(0.05); gameObject.light.intensity = 0.7; yield WaitForSeconds(0.05); gameObject.light.intensity = 0.2; yield WaitForSeconds(0.05); gameObject.light.intensity = 0.4; yield WaitForSeconds(0.05); gameObject.light.intensity = 0.6; } } and WALA! there you go!
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    Hey guys,Chorobi here! I'm here to share with you a great source of sound effects for your projects!It's called the LSF soundpack produce by LoneSoldierFilms and it's absolutely free! Here is the link to the video: