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    In order to understand how networking works, and how communicating between computers, it is useful to learn the sequence of connecting to a server. It is convenient to use one server version of each scene in a Unity project and one client version of each scene. This is useful for when you want to separate the server and client applications from each other. Connecting client and server Network Views RPC Details State Synchronization Details Authoritative Server Leave a like if you found this useful!
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    Hey guys! I would like to show you our new asset, which has been published just a day ago. As you can see in the title, Quantic is an advanced character controller solution for any first-person game. Featuring multiple movement types, such as traditional first-person movement, realistic zero gravity movement, and free-roam spectator style movement as well. It is a really smooth, gravity and state based character controller system with dynamic footstep sound, and head bobbing mechanics as well. We also give you a total of 12 high quality footstep sounds! It is 100% game ready, you can just drag and drop the character into the game and you are good to go! No programming required at all! Don't worry, we also thought about experienced developers, so we made a state system which you can use to get every information related to the character. With this system in place, you can extend the controller with ease and without limits. Here is the Asset Store page:!/content/86326 I know that you came for the giveaway so lets talk about that. As a contribution for the community I will be giving away 5 copies of the asset, which is worth $100. If you want to participate in the giveaway you have to do the following steps: You have to have at least 20 posts on the forums. Like this post, I don't know... just why not! Leave a comment under this post. Hope for the best! The winners will be selected on April 16, 2017 by a script in Unity just to make it more fun! Good luck everyone, and have a nice day!
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    UNITY3D NOOB TO PRO SERIES COLLECTION So I'm starting this new forum "series" to allow the community to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and (some of my own) in the most simple terms; for comprehensiveness sake. SHORTCUTS: What is a Shader? Best Answer What is a Prefab? Best Answer What is RayCast? Best Answer What is a RigidBody? Best Answer What is a GameObject? Best Answer What is an .FBX file & How is it different to other formats? Best Answer What is Lightmapping & How do you apply it? Best Answer What is NavMesh? Best Answer What is Occlusion Culling? Best Answer What is a Light Probe? Best Answer How do you create & implement a script, so that, when you collect a gameobject a message appears? ANSWER NOW! RULES: 1) Please, do NOT use this post for general discussion, provide quick, clear and in-depth answers. 2) Please, do NOT answer by telling us to look at the manual or watch a video. Each thread is supposed to answer their question and fill that gap in their knowledge and not to be insulted by their fellow community. 3) To win; you must provide a fully featured, helpful answer. 4) Good Luck & Have Fun! PRIZE: The winner shall get +1 rep and their answer shall be chosen as best answer. So today's NOOB to PRO question is: Today's question has closed. See who won and come back in a few minutes for the new question! ----- Meanwhile, give our thread a +1 if you enjoy it! -----
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    Version v1.5


    This is C# version of FPS KIT. Scripts translated to C# by Evgeniy Kupras (chapaeff) Webplayer demo: Requires unity 5.3.3 or higher. Password: armedunity *************************** VIDEO TUTORIALS * How to open project in unity 5: * How to add animated weapon: * How to add weapon by replacing model
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    Unity Coder Unity Optimization Tips (multiple links) Intel Developer Zone How To Plan Optimizations with Unity* Unity Docs Optimizing Graphics Performance Optimizing Physics Performance Performance Optimization Code Project Unity and C# : Performance Optimization tips Paladin Studios 4 Ways To Increase Performance of your Unity Game Techgalaxy 5 Basic Ways to Improve Performance in C# Jacksondunstan GetComponent by type versus string test & benchmarks Databases MYSQL 10 Tips for Optimizing MySQL Queries Other Java Performance comparison of different ways to iterate over HashMap I'd you'd like to add content, please, notify me first.
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    Hi guys, Its been a while since we last posted an update for installation 01, take a look at the progress we've been making over the last couple of months below:
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    Hi there! I am making a little fun game and i made a simple shoot and reload script for the game, so i wanted to share the script INSTRUCTIONS: 1). Create a C# script and call it PlayerShoot. 2). Remove everything in the script, and copy one of the scripts below(There's a Rigidbody and Raycast version) and paste it in the C# script you made. 3). Attach the script to the player. Rigidbody Version: Raycast Version: I have tested it, and it works fine You can attach the PlayerShoot script to the player. Remember the projectile has to have a rigidbody component or else it will throw a error(This is only if you use the Rigidbody version). If you have questions then ask EDIT1: I made some improvements. Added support for shoot and reload animation. Added a GUI label to show the ammo on the top left corner. Now you can't shoot while reloading. I think there's more but i can't remember. And you don't have to use animations, it's okay if you just leave it empty, btw the GameObject variable named "weapon" is only for the animations. So if you want to use animations you have to attach the GameObject that has the shoot and reload animation to the weapon variable ^^ Hope you enjoy, and you can always come with suggestions, like on what i could add more. EDIT2: Added a raycast version now Rigidbody Version Damage: 1). Make a seperate script and attach it to the projectile. 2). Open the script and do a OnCollisionEnter and check if the collision is the enemy or something and if it is then substract they health or anything else. Raycast Version Damage: 1). Find the DoDamage method(function) in script. 2). Replace what's in the DoDamage to what you like.
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    Hello! It's been a while since I posted here and I hope everyone here is doing well. I just released a Update 3 teaser to my survival game, Paxitium, here: I hope to get the update 3 video released soon since I have been busy with university in the past few months. Thanks for watching and your support! P.S. As you may have guessed, I have stopped working on Darkraze. I do not plan on selling or releasing the source at the moment.
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    Just found this, might be useful for someone else. Download: Source:
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    Hello guys and welcome to another unity 5 tutorial! In this tutorial we are going to create a climbing system! My inspiration was Assassins Creed, but also Uncharted I hope you guys like it! Also if you got any questions, just ask in the comments!
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    Hey, I made this script a few days ago and decided to share it with you guys. You can make a color gradient and apply it on a visual UI element. (Text, Image, RawImage) I think it is pretty cool, the linear progression is good for flashing or blinking style UI, ping-pong is more seamless it goes back and forth. Just drag and drop the script next to a visual component. The script will detect it automatically, so it doesn't matter which one it is.
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    Hi there! How are you today? I hope it is very good day for you everyone! I want to give you a package I made: Level Unlocking System for free. VIDEO: > Here you can DOWNLOAD for free the package: (NEW PACKAGE: 08/10/2016) Thanks for downloading: if you want to support me, send me a message.!2M4FTTKL!RPsjqZQtdycpplh38oSUUpIL9ViABNWQJ1kT4PG6CN0 (P.S- I made it long time ago) Thank you for supports, Have a nice day, Martin
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    As usual, just a few words to say that soon will be the next LudumDare session - starts Friday 21th... As usual, will be created many interesting games... As usual, will be created many uninteresting projects... As usual, my wife will argue that "I am always on the computer" Com'on Boy - take your place in the race ++
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    I want to share an old project, that I made for my current game. It`s a Shop System, that can be used for every possible item. In my example project, I made a weaponshop, you can use it for your project, just replace the cubes with your items. The project has a "PURSE"- Gameobject, that features a moneyscript. You can change the price of each project in the "BuyThat" Script. It's nothing special, but hey it's free. Enjoy your coding! DOWNLOAD:
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    public void Play() { if (!PhotonNetwork.insideLobby) return; foreach (RoomInfo room in PhotonNetwork.GetRoomList()) { if ((bool)room.CustomProperties["Lobby"] == true && room.PlayerCount < room.MaxPlayers && room.IsOpen && room.IsVisible) { PhotonNetwork.JoinRoom(; return; } } string[] LobbyOptions = new string[1]; LobbyOptions[0] = "Map"; ExitGames.Client.Photon.Hashtable customProperties = new ExitGames.Client.Photon.Hashtable() { { "Map", "mapname" } }; RoomOptions roomOptions = new RoomOptions(); roomOptions.IsVisible = true; roomOptions.IsOpen = true; roomOptions.MaxPlayers = (byte)24; roomOptions.CustomRoomPropertiesForLobby = LobbyOptions; roomOptions.CustomRoomProperties = customProperties; PhotonNetwork.CreateRoom(null, roomOptions, TypedLobby.Default); } ok, to display map name you do room.CustomProperties["Map"].toString(); and for max players you do room.maxPlayers;
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    Just finished modeling the base mesh of a bird for my game and thought I would share. Like I said, it's just a base mesh so there is still optimization to do, vert altering, rescaling, rigging and so on, so don't expect much. It's just a mesh to work off of, nothing more. But here it is:
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    A good level from top to bottom can take months by yourself, not days. Days is about the amount of time it takes to perfect a single model (model, map and texture -and rig and animate if that's the case-). Even finding exact placement, shaders and correct collision can take up to a couple hours. I've spent a little over a month and a half building a 100x100 level from scratch and it's not even a quarter of the way done, and that's just a demo level bc of building, testing and scrapping. Level design from scratch itself can take a vary long time if your perfecting each level. It took me over a week and nearly 17 models before perfecting a single grave 2 weeks ago. It was either too wide, too tall, not destinguished enough, funky collision, animation interaction was off, etc, etc... this all goes for how well you take care of your level tho. If your just slapping it together and never reworking your models, it may only take you a month to build one. But why spend all that time from scratch building a level if it isn't perfect
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    Nobody will spend days, weeks to make kit for you (for 5$). Find money and buy kit from asset store, or make it yourself.
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    Hey guys, in order to bring some more funds for my own projects I am creating a multiplayer fps kit using Photon for the Asset Store. However, I need some advice. I want to add a customization system, all nice and easy. But do you think it should be in the menu or rather in game (like in BF / OMA's AU Modern FPS)? What do you think? Also anything special that it should have? It's based on modular prefabs and scriptable objects, so it's easy to extend. It will also include HQ models & animations. About that, I need someone who can model me some HQ first person arms that I can use. I'll pay of course. Regards
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    Here is just a quick game idea I was playing around with today. I'm not doing anything with it bc I've got my own game to make, but thought I would share. Little Mafia is an idea that plays towards GTA or mafia, but in the eyes of a child. A much smaller scale world, but much larger in comparison to player size. Worlds made of cardboard boxes with pictures of buildings on them and neighbors tree houses and sandboxes, the character moves around the map on a tricycle and power wheels with his squirt gun tucked in his diaper. His gang runs a bar that always keeps baby bottled on tap. like a boss baby meets Bebe's kids. Just I'd share so be my guest to use the idea.
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    NOTE : I could have done much more with this system but i choose not to as i can see so many people on here request/ask for scripts, so this is my way of helping them by giving them a script that have the basics and then they can learn by editing in it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So this is maybe something really easy i know but i also know that many people find binary really hard to learn so i just made a little level system with binary saving + loading of the players data. so here it is! Please reply here if you are going to try it out as i love to hear that people use the scripts i make How To: 1) Put the script called "LevelSystem" on an empty gameObejct. 2) Now fill in where you want it to save(Like this "C:/SaveGames"). 3) Now fill in what you want the file to be called (Like this "Simple.sav"). 4) Expand the array called "Levels" and start adding in some levels. 5) Expand the array called "P Data" and set the variable called "Level" to 1. 6) DONE! Have fun! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How To Save/Load: 1) To save click the key on your keyboard called "S". 2) To load click the key on your keyboard called "L". NOTE: The variable called "Exp To Give" is just a testing variable so if you want to test the level system you just fill in how much exp you want to give the player each time you click on "G". LevelSystem.cs using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.IO; using System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary; using UnityEngine; public class LevelSystem : MonoBehaviour { public int expToGive; [Header("LevelSystem - Levels")] public List<LevelClass> levels = new List<LevelClass>(); [Space(1)] [Header("LevelSystem - Player Data")] public PlayerData pData; [Space(1)] public string pathForSaving = "C:/Skype"; //This path is just where you want the Binary file to be saved at. public string fileName = "/Nigga.sav"; //File Name. // Use this for initialization void Start () { //This goes though every level in the "Levels" list. for (int i = 0; i < levels.Count; i++) { if (pData.level == levels[i].level) { pData.maxExp = levels[i].expTolevel; break; } } } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { //Click "S" to save your data! if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.S)) { SaveUsingBinary(); } //Click "L" to load your data! if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.L)) { LoadUsingBinary(); } //Click "G" to load your data! if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.G)) { GiveExp(expToGive); } } //Down below are all the functions i have made! //I am not going to commend any of the as i want you to learn from this script! //Read them though if you really want to learn something! public void GiveExp(int amount) { pData.currentExp += amount; if(pData.currentExp >= pData.maxExp) { LevelUp(); } SaveUsingBinary(); } public void SaveUsingBinary() { FileStream fs = new FileStream(pathForSaving + fileName, FileMode.Create); BinaryFormatter bf = new BinaryFormatter(); bf.Serialize(fs, pData); fs.Close(); } public void LoadUsingBinary() { FileStream fs = new FileStream(pathForSaving + fileName, FileMode.Open); BinaryFormatter bf = new BinaryFormatter(); pData = bf.Deserialize(fs) as PlayerData; fs.Close(); for(int i = 0; i < levels.Count; i++) { if(pData.level == levels[i].level) { pData.maxExp = levels[i].expTolevel; break; } } } private void LevelUp() { float tempExp = pData.currentExp -= pData.maxExp; pData.currentExp = tempExp; pData.level++; for (int i = 0; i < levels.Count; i++) { if (pData.level == levels[i].level) { pData.maxExp = levels[i].expTolevel; break; } } SaveUsingBinary(); Debug.Log(tempExp); } } LevelClass.cs using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; [System.Serializable] public class LevelClass { public string levelName; public int level; public float expTolevel; } PlayerData.cs // This is where everything about the player goes! using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; [System.Serializable] public class PlayerData { [Header("PlayerData - Progression")] public float currentExp; public float maxExp; public int level; } If you want to download it insted then just download the attached rar file Level System.rar
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    I don't know why but it looks a little unprofessional in my opinion.
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    This is just a simple post asking if anyone wants to come together and make a game that costs some bucks. I have no luck posting in the looking for team members section because it seems as if 12 year-olds are molesting that section of the website looking for a minecraft/halo/call of duty clone STILL, providing no information about themselves whatsoever As for the game itself, there aren't any plans quite yet except that it will have a price (Unless the future 'team' doesn't approve of that idea). I won't dare consider myself a team leader, because that would be rushed and unfair. We, as a team, after enough members are acquired, will vote on decisions that we make throughout the team and within the game we make. It is fair to say that everything should go as a team effort. This brings up my next point. Our 'team' will have no room for people who want to just "tag along". We will need skilled individuals who take what they do seriously. No, this does not mean you will be in a crude rude environment working on the game, whatever that game may be. It simply means that you do your job/part correctly when it is required. This should be a decent filter to rid of the ones who think that making a game consists of painting the terrain green, using the rigidbody first person prefab and showing this final result your mother to prove how talented you are so she'll pat you on the head and call you "sweety". There will be room for jokes and/or chatting. As far as I am concerned, I'm pretty decent at environmental design, concept art, and music involving piano and/or guitar. Sadly, I have nothing to show as of now except for some of my pencil art. I've had nothing to put my talent toward or invest in. Since I have nothing to show on this forum, I'll have to replace that with some information regarding my talents. 1. I am very familiar with the Unity engine. I've messed with it since the very early stages of Unity 3. 2. I have been playing guitar since I was 9. (8 years) 3. I have played piano for just under 3 years. Mastered Bella's Lullaby and man, is it a chick magnet or WHAT? (Just felt like sharing that part ) 4. I've been drawing since I was 2. That's not much considering that half of the population has that history, but you'll have to look at the pictures I've included.
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    I need a modeller, map designer, texture designer, concept artist, software engineer and also a programmer, anyone?
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    So entire thing is slapped together assets? And your asking if someone can make your car physics because you don't want learn js or c#? if I can program, model, Tex map, ui create, audio mix, audio record, level design, story write and still have to time to plan distribution and marketing of my game while spending time with my wife and 4 kids after working a full time job then im preeeeeetttty sure you can do "something" on your yourself. How can someone take pride in something they didn't do... I just don't know
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    This script allows to display a big noise on screen so as to simultate a bad transmission. Also there is a little jitter. It reminds those effect which often we see in projects like Slender - when it appears. You can change many features. Have fun ++ Script C# using UnityEngine; [ExecuteInEditMode] [RequireComponent (typeof(Camera))] public class BigNoise : MonoBehaviour { public enum myFX { Add, Subtract, Divide, Multiple }; public myFX _effect; int _fx = 0; [Range(-5.0f, 5.0f)] public float _frequency = 2.0f; [Range(-5.0f, 5.0f)] public float _contrast = 2.0f; [Range(1.0f, 5.0f)] public float _size = 2.0f; [Range(0.0f, 1.0f)] public float _dispersal = 0.25f; Camera cam; private Shader bigNoiseShader = null; private Material bigNoiseMaterial = null; bool isSupported = true; void Start() { CheckResources(); } public bool CheckResources() { bigNoiseShader = Shader.Find("MyShaders/BigNoise"); bigNoiseMaterial = CheckShader(bigNoiseShader, bigNoiseMaterial); return isSupported; } protected Material CheckShader(Shader s, Material m) { if (s == null) { Debug.Log("Missing shader on " + ToString()); this.enabled = false; return null; } if (s.isSupported == false) { Debug.Log("The shader " + s.ToString() + " is not supported on this platform"); this.enabled = false; return null; } cam = GetComponent<Camera>(); cam.renderingPath = RenderingPath.UsePlayerSettings; m = new Material(s); m.hideFlags = HideFlags.DontSave; if (s.isSupported && m && m.shader == s) return m; return m; } void OnDestroy() { #if UNITY_EDITOR DestroyImmediate(bigNoiseMaterial); #else Destroy(bigNoiseMaterial); #endif } void OnRenderImage (RenderTexture source, RenderTexture destination) { if (CheckResources() == false) { Graphics.Blit (source, destination); return; } if (_effect == myFX.Add) _fx = 0; if (_effect == myFX.Subtract) _fx = 1; if (_effect == myFX.Divide) _fx = 2; if (_effect == myFX.Multiple) _fx = 3; float _f = _frequency; float _c = _contrast; _f += Mathf.Sin(Time.time * 10) * _dispersal; _c -= Mathf.Sin(Time.time * 50) * _dispersal; bigNoiseMaterial.SetInt("_effect", _fx); bigNoiseMaterial.SetFloat("_frequency", _f); bigNoiseMaterial.SetFloat("_contrast", _c); bigNoiseMaterial.SetFloat("_size", _size); bigNoiseMaterial.SetFloat("_dispersal", _dispersal); Graphics.Blit (source, destination, bigNoiseMaterial); } } Shader Shader "MyShaders/BigNoise" { Properties { _MainTex("Base (RGB)", 2D) = "white" {} _effect("Effect", int) = 0 _frequency("Frequency", float) = 2 _contrast("Contrast", float) = 2 _size("Parasite Size", float) = 2 _dispersal("Dispersion Force", float) = 0.25 } CGINCLUDE #include "UnityCG.cginc" uniform sampler2D _MainTex; int _effect; float _frequency; float _contrast; float _size; float _dispersal; struct v2f { float4 position : SV_POSITION; float2 uv : TEXCOORD0; }; float rand(float3 co) { return frac(sin(dot( ,float3(13.1, 78.2, 45.5))) * 50000); } float4 frag(v2f i) : SV_Target { float dx = 1 - abs(distance(i.uv.x, _frequency)); float dy = 1 - abs(distance(i.uv.y, _contrast)); dy = ((int)(dy * 8)) / 8.0; i.uv.y += dy * 0.025 + rand(float3(dy, dy, dy)).r / 500; i.uv.x += dx * 0.025 + rand(float3(dx, dx, dx)).r / 500; i.uv.x = i.uv.x % 1; i.uv.y = i.uv.y % 1; fixed4 sum = tex2D(_MainTex, i.uv); float x = ((int)(i.uv.x * 320 / _size)) / 320.0 / _size; float y = ((int)(i.uv.y * 240 / _size)) / 240.0 / _size; if (_effect == 0) sum += rand(float3(x, y, _frequency)) * _contrast / 5; if (_effect == 1) sum -= rand(float3(x, y, _frequency)) * _contrast / 5; if (_effect == 2) sum /= rand(float3(x, y, _frequency)) * _contrast / 5; if (_effect == 3) sum *= rand(float3(x, y, _frequency)) * _contrast / 5; return fixed4(sum); } ENDCG SubShader { Pass { ZTest Always Cull Off ZWrite Off Fog{ Mode off } CGPROGRAM #pragma vertex vert_img #pragma fragment frag #pragma fragmentoption ARB_precision_hint_fastest ENDCG } } }
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    Please show your current progress as well as what your project is about if you are looking for team members, as well as payment (if there is any).
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    im still cursing myself for deleting that video cuz that pack was made by me 3 years ago
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    yeah its ok. Just make sure that u dont just copy the scripts or else u won't learn anything
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    Hi Guys , this is an advanced inventory system ( not by me , i just share it ) So , the source: Video: And , the download link: I hope you like it , and thanks for reading this if you found any problems PM me
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    Yeah, I have another gun model that looks similar to the M4 that I was thinking of. But yeah, you were right. That is the one I downloaded. I found the video too.
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    The new project looks really interesting than the last one. Keep it up
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    Yeah it shouldn't give any errors, so the scripts should still work
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    After the line "public class PreviewObjects : MonoBehaviour {" there is another brace ("{") Delete that and you should be good to go.
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    Hey, today I'd like to show you my current project, it's called "Blitzener" and it's a FPS Zombiegame. The preview is just a little part of the whole Project. There are much more features that I left out, because they weren't ready yet. In a few weeks I'll release a playable betaversion for Downlaod and after that a Multiplayer Version. I work with Unity since I'm 13 years old (6years), but I work alone, hopefully somebody is interested to start a project with me - let me know!;) Well, here's the preview: Hope you like it!
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    Nice system mate! I really like that you can see what you are going to buy in 3D insted of just looking at a picture
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    This is not intended to be harsh, but sounds like you need a plan. Otherwise you are just asking for discord, team turn-over, and disappointment. Decide whether or not this is going to be a for pay or for free project. This shouldn't be something that you "vote" on later. Set the expectations, and ensure the correct motivations. The samples provided are pretty thin examples. You have a logo and a tattoo. Do you have a development document that outlines the premise, the high-level plot, the design factors, and drives out the details? Roles, responsibilities, and schedules need to be clear and agreed to. These are not things that you can just make up on the fly. You are asking for time, effort and work-product. You expect candidates to bring something unique to the table, but what are you presenting them that is unique? I am a 10 year hobbyist. I code, I create models, and I do it for fun. For the past 2 years I have been building a multi-player FPS with custom built models of my 4 grandkids. Hey, they want to fight zombies. Who am I to say no. If I understood what you were expecting, I might sign on. Right now, the tone of your note is that you are expecting someone to prove their worth to commit to a project that might or might not require an unknown amount of work and commitment, to produce some yet to be determined amount and quality of deliverables, in a to be figured out style and specification, for maybe some unknown amount of profit, if any. Do you see the point here? Try reading your own post as if someone else wrote it. How would you respond? There are also some potential legal issues that need to be thought through. For instance, if I did some modelling or coding work for you expecting a payout at the end, then it is decided later to be released for free, I could stop you from using my assets, freezing your release until you have replaced all of my code with something completely different, and ironed out all of the dependencies. Same if I walk away mid-stream. I own the copyright to content that I develop. There are plenty more variables when engaging a team. Do you have a contract that takes away copyright? Is it mandatory? Are candidates willing to sign away asset ownership? Does everyone on the team have rights to all assets? Are assets contributed open source during and at the end of the project? Hopefully this is constructive. Again, not intended as a personal attack. Just some food for thought from a guy who has been a team member and a team leader, unsuccessfully on both counts. It's complicated...
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    If you are planning to pursue in web design or building websites then I would recommend you learning some PHP and expanding your HTML skills too. If it's just a hobby then do what you enjoy doing the most...
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    Yes it's very weird. Now I get the look back somehow Edit: Looks like they even remove depth of field transform targetting
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    Nvm, found a silent tut. For anyone else as lost as me:
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    Hi, animation is deprecated, and it returns Component instead of Animation. Instead define animation as variable and drag & drop it inside from inspector. using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class aniamtionswing : MonoBehaviour { public Animation anim; //drag and drop from unity inspector void Update () { if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.H)) { anim.Play("yourAnimationName"); } } }
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    Look i dont want to knock you down because im sure you just want to get into game creation and thats cool but do not go down this route, people can tell when your using a kit, theres nothing wrong with using a template (they are made for a reason) but if you dont even edit it and say you made half of this game you wont get anywhere, your best joining some small team or learning how to program properly first. Good luck either way but no one here will help you out, i notice that the forums are getting plagued with these types of posts but atleast you admitted to using the fpskit and showed images, thats a step up. Best of luck, Sam
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    You need to show people what you are capable of doing inside unity.. not just drawings on a piece of paper. You say you are familiar with environmental design then whip up a scene and show us the talent don't just say you have nothing to show give us something and the forum will give back if they are interested.
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    Sorry to shatter your dreams, but performance, content quality, and if there is game saving) on such a huge terrain, considering it has let's say, 300 AI driven npc's/animals/zombies/whatever, will be no child's play to balance these issues. Unless you have a well formed team of experienced people in every needed field to fill such a huge world with quality and innovation, I recomend you go small, maybe explore new art styles, and make a worthy indie game, instead of getting started on this and tossing it after 2 months, leaving not only yourself mentally broken, but also your team disappointed. Because in order to make a project of this size, you most likely would go in as an experienced programmer(in my case), not as a brave amateur.
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    StartPreview function needs closed "()".
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    here we go again.
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    One of my current WIP The gameplay is pretty abstract at the moment even if i have the AI. Game is under contruction,currently, my actually state on 4 days of full work (texturing, modeliing...)