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  3. single player level, anti illegal mining mission
  4. Ambience sea life on [Alboran Sea] PvP and Co-op map
  5. I referenced their movements from here . what do you mean can you elaborate more?
  6. fish behaviour/movement/animation doesn't look natural.
  7. 100s of fish at 60+ fps......... gameplay of it in some maps coming sunday
  8. Earlier
  9. I coded mine myself. I did however read someones paper on fish behaviour and alghoritms. Only the basics (What to look in closest fish objects) since i was too lazy to read it all haha. Don't know who that person is tho
  10. Amazing behavior - I like how fishes spread, their dispersion . Nice work ++
  11. Is this the same as holistic3d’s fish flocking? Not judging, just curious if you are using the same methods. I built mine similar but bound the fish to a rectangle to get rid of of the physics checks for wall collisions. p.s. I did my bird flocking using the same method as my fish. So if you ever need to do birds, you can reuse most of your fish code
  12. Hello everybody! I created a fish flocking system. It is a hybrid between realistic flocking and flocking for a game Take a look here:
  13. Bro its ok but the thing is i know rig animating and modeling but just basics i need models they are good and not crappy made by myself^^ Have a nice day anyways
  14. Sorry if my words was not as you expected. It's my fault. I thought it was "Need Help?" section. My message was to encourage you to learn more about Game Development. Because I felt that you don't know about modeling,rig and animation. Yes you don't need to know every thing but basic things you will need it no matter what you think. Again, sorry for this misunderstanding.
  15. What are u talking about? Why should i need to know everyting? Im Programmer and not Moddeling things! Your Reply shouldnt be here xD And i dont need Tutorials on how to Script things cause i try it and then i see the result and if this isnt what i wanted i try other methodes! Why paying for learning to Dev i dont unterstand that xD who pay for something u can learn by yourself.
  16. I think it would be good for you if you pay for learning game developing. Is good to start with game engine that have many tutorials and good community. Just don't rush. I started before 5 years learning Unity, C#, blender3d and texture and still learning. Good luck.
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