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  4. websfera.pl

    2D shader

    Hello, I need to make something like sandstorm over my UI. The best thing will be a shader, that swipes on the storm over UI, and then, after some time, will swipe it off the UI. And a moving sand effect should be present too. Can you help me? Any tutorial how to build such a shader? Maybe a similar shader to change (I'll manage it) Thanks, Cheers
  5. +1 Maybe because it has been shared here almost 6 years ago? Sérieux mon ami (et très respectueusement) tu gagnes le prix du déterrement de vieux messages. Bravo ++
  6. Last week
  7. Hello. I have a little question which is not a problem or a bug - just a misunderstanding. When I execute my latest project in the inspector, when it finishes, I have to wait a few seconds (maybe 10 or a little bit more) before I can work again on code, values in inspector, etc. I don't understand why there is this latence - like if Unity has to clean memory or something else before to be available. My project is entirelly procedural (no sprite, no prefab, no defined material or something else) with more or less 3000 lines of code - no warning no error - and it works really good using just a few batches (less than 30), CPU main - 13/16ms maximum and a high FPS. As an executable under Windows, there is no latence. Have you an explaination? Thank you for your help ++
  8. no problem i have some examples as a zip here: https://mega.nz/#!0UcDAI6K!NAxKc8Br0-mgwBofWPgbyVbhcH2I6vMZG8Ww_x8tGxs thank you very much for helping. Also i dont know why the url shows like this but it should still work ^^
  9. geckoo

    44th LudumDare

    As usual, just a few words to say that soon starts the next Ludumdare session. If you dare, accept the challenge - create a game in less than 72 hours. according a chosen theme. If you want to participate, share here a link and this way I can take a look at your project. I will evaluate it with pleasure. I am in ++
  10. i can't help you without seeing these pictures (just 1-2 for example)
  11. Yeah like thats not the problem. The Problem ist to create the textures for that from crappy pictures. I mean like really crappy
  12. public void OnGetMessages(string channelName, string[] senders, object[] messages) { for (int i = 0; i < senders.Length; i++) { string msg = senders[i] + ": " + messages[i].ToString(); //You used zero instead of i DisplayMessage(msg); } }
  13. Never mind, stupid mistake I made lol. Thanks again!
  14. easiest way - scripted material/texture change and screenshot
  15. oh, looks like text formatter a bit broken
  16. What you are saying makes sense, but I don't understand the output that is being displayed in the console. This is the output with the code that you suggested: "Message from user System.String[]: System.Object[]" Shouldn't it be displaying the username and the message?
  17. Hey, the reason i post here is a long stroy but i have about 600 low res pictures of different floors and need to create a near photorealistic render of a room with these floors. How would it be possible to do this in about 2 weeks? Any ideas would help since i have no idea how this would be doable. The model of the room is already done and i have prepared a blender project with everything else but the textures of the floor. Any help and/or tips are higly apprechiated
  18. Just use these arrays. public void OnGetMessages(string channelName, string[] senders, object[] messages) { for (int i = 0; i < senders.Length; i++) { } Debug.LogFormat("Message from user {0}: {1}", senders, messages); } Sender with number '0' corresponds to message with number '0', sender with number '1' corresponds to message with number '1' and so on
  19. Hello,I understand that whenever a message is received this function is called. However, I do not know how I can extract the information that is being received...public void OnGetMessages(string channelName, string[] senders, object[] messages) {string msg = "";for (int i = 0; i < senders.Length; i++) {msg = string.Format("{0}{1}={2}, ", msg, senders, messages);}Debug.LogFormat("OnGetMessages: {0} ({1}) > {2}", channelName, senders.Length, msg);}This is the code that I am referring to.For example, this is the output when I send the message "hello" from another user...OnGetMessages: channelA (1) > 1f83f13b-666d-4f11-97d6-d4adb6624242=hello, How can I get the sender name and the message sent from this information?Thanks!
  20. Impressive graphics. Gameplay seems really intense ++
  21. Introducing 'SmartPrinter' for Unity. A smart managed plug-in for printing your document from Unity. So, recently We've been working on a Client Project. The client was asking for printing system besides all requirements. As unity doesn't support some namespaces that actually used for Printing Documents. As we are chasing the deadline, we decided to make a Managed Plugin for printing from Unity. Everything is free to use. Source code included in GitHub. You can make changes and of course, we will credit you for that. Link : Let me know your feedback. Your support is appreciated. Give a peek ^.^ Have a nice day. Peace Out.
  22. The Return: Survival is an action-packed Co-Op shooter for up to four players with dinosaurs and a lot of badass weapons. If you are brave enough, explore the deadly island in 2 different epic modes and a great pool of different maps against hordes of bloodthirsty dinosaurs. You can choose one of four classes with three unique and powerful abilities in order to defend yourself and your teammates against those dinosaurs. Hunt them, earn cash and buy better equipment to make sure to survive. To achieve that goal, you have access to a wide range of different SMGs, MGs, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and even flamethrowers. MAIN FEATURES 4 PLAYER CO-OP ACTION Survive with old and new friends in a world full of dangerous dinosaurs, which are born to kill. 4 DIFFERENT CLASSES Choose one of four classes with unique weapons, abilities, and attributes to challenge hordes of dinosaurs. 2 HEROIC MODES You can try to reach your helicopter and escape the deadly fangs or stand your ground against hordes of dinosaurs. DOZENS OF WEAPONS Earn in-game currency by killing dinosaurs and equip yourself with a bunch of new weapons to match your playstyle! STEAM
  23. Shapes IO Is about to catch shapes and collect them in the carrier, carrier contains (cube,Circle,cone up and down). So you have to make sure the enemy shape and the carrier shape are the same to get up to score, by clicking on the carrier to change shape type, there are also abilities that helps you in the game like double coins, double gems, life and decrease the enemy speed by x1.5! Features : -How-To-Play built in. -Free To Play! -Easy to play -Customizable design , (Fonts, Templates, Shapes, Carriers) -Play to earn money! -Earned money can be withdrawn to PayPal, Gift-Cards. -Suitable for Gamers who want to purchase in-game currencies or in-game items -Secured transfers. Requirements : -Network availability during the play. ------------------------------------- Shapes IO+ on Google Play ------------------------------------- Guys this is my 2nd game and I'm to proud that I've released it with Unity3D Game engine You may face bugs in the game please comment the bugs to be fixed! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Event :
  24. geckoo


    Thank you for your answer. Do you mean that each float number use the same 32-bit system? 3.14f and 3.14159265359f have no difference for CPU ressource?
  25. Hey. It looks very nice and funny.
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