Seat Massagers for Gaming Chairs

If you ask ten of the most successful professional gamers from e-sports which are the most important miscellaneous element needed for success, you might get surprising answers. Sure, the mouse and professional keyboard are important, but on the long term, they will all tell you about the importance of having a good seat massager for gaming chairs.

Many of the modern gaming chairs also come with a massage feature, which is welcomed but also contested by professional and amateur e-sports players. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of seat massagers for the people spending a lot of time in front of the computer: gamers.

Advantages of massage chairs for gamers

  1. Anytime – after a long and tensed Counterstrike fight online with your friends, you might want to relax by watching a quick Youtube movie before beginning the next session. By turning on your massage chair, you will relax easier and you will be ready for playing a lot faster than your opponents! Don’t tell them your secret, but we bet some of them already know it and they use professional massage chairs in their breaks.
  2. It can give similar effects with the ones offered by a therapist – most of these chairs are programmable, which is a delight for gamers to discover. Doesn’t be surprised the features of these chairs can be just as complicated as the controls of a space ship, as they offer many features and a relaxing massage at any time. This means you can relax after a long night of playing with a 15 minutes massage session that would help you to sleep a lot easier.
  3. It is worth it on the long term – the massage gaming chairs will save you money on the long term, money that you would normally spend with a massage specialist or acupuncturist.


    1. There are some parts of the body that can’t be reached by a chair, parts that might only seem accessible by hand. However, the latest massagers come with a scanning feature allowing them to identify and press the most tensed parts of your back and legs.
    2. It can occupy space – a professional gamer usually has his own ‘crib’ whit a lot of space where a massive char won’t be a problem. However, even if you are not that lucky, there are foldable chairs that you can use and store with ease.

           3. It is…addictive – yes, that can be a problem for a gamer. Many gamers using massages chairs will tell you funny stories about falling asleep during a massage and missing an important FIFA match online. It is why you have to use it with caution, and ask your friends to call you before the game starts….just in case.

Even with these disadvantages and the relatively high prices of these chairs, gamers prefer to buy them as investments in the long term. If you want to build a career in gaming, you will spend a lot of time in front of the computer, and a bad chair might affect your health in the long term.