A Chat with a Cornered Rat

A Chat with a Cornered Rat!


I recently had the opportunity to chat with Rodney ” Hatch” Hodge and Chris “Mo” Sherland of Cornered Rat Software. Hatch is the PR dude and Mo is the producer of WWII Online. WWII Online is a truly ambitious massively multiplayer online game due for release later this year based on, well…WWII. WWII Online will allow you to participate in land, sea and air wars. Some of the folks at Cornered Rat do have experience with this kind of endeavor, the teams’ last project was the highly regarded WarBirds! Read on to see just how WWII Online is shaping up and see how you will be able to participate in this truly unique game.


Q. First things first, let’s get that name out of the way. What does Cornered Rat mean? Is it some kind of private inside joke? It certain is distinctive.

LOL!!! It started as a joke based on experience but fit the bill so well that we decided to keep it..:)

As most of the online computer simulation community knows, we once merged our old company with another CD-ROM computer game company to help both companies through a successful IPO.

Unfortunately, it was pretty much an up hill battle from there. The long and short of the story is that we had a difference of opinion on the direction of game development, game quality, and community development, that unfortunately did not rear its ugly head until after the ink was dry on the merger contracts. For 2 years, we dealt with the problems as long and as best we could before receiving news that ultimately meant the breaking up of our award winning development team. So we bailed to form the new company Playnet.

While discussing names for our new company and gaming service, one of us mentioned rats jumping off of a burning ship. Well, this analogy fit us so well that we just couldnt let it go..:) The rest is history!!


Q. Please explain your position on the team and the approximate number of team members. Could you give us an overview of what WWII Online is?

Chris “Mo” Sherland: WWIIOL’s Producer. CRS has about 22 folks right now, and we are growing.

WWIIOL will be a massively multiplayer WWII combat sim, played-out in huge historically accurate terrains that mark the theatres of that conflict. Players can fight in any type of vehicle, land air and sea, as well as using an advanced FPS mode that put’s the player in the role of foot soldier, all together in the same real-time combat environment!! All the action will be player driven, and combat results will be persistent; Knock out a key supply route of the enemy’s, and they’ll have to get organized to defend it while their commanders re-route the supply flow to re-build the line, all this in realtime while the battle rages on all around with live players!