My Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Video Games of 2008

It is the season to reflect on the year gone by and to list the good things that have happened in 2008. Video games are a passion of mine and, with both the X Play video game awards for 2008 and Spike TV’s Video Game Awards 2008 being broadcast this weekend, I thought I would make a list of my own Top 10 Xbox 360 video games of 2008. My top 10 list is not based on popularity, sales or other reviewers, but is entirely my opinion based on the Xbox 360 video games I have played in 2008.

Exploding onto my top 10 Xbox 360 video games of 2008 at number one is Fallout 3. This crossover first person shooter and RPG game, released in October 2008, is set in a post apocalyptic world and as you might imagine this desolate landscape is filled with strange and scary mutant monsters. The open world environment of fallout 3 allows you explore the landscape as desired and the unique targeting system, created for this video game, allows you to choose which part of the mutant’s body you want to destroy. Both the graphics and gameplay in this video game are of the best possible quality and the cut scenes in Fallout 3 are awesome, especially the exploding monster shots. My rating for Fallout 3 is 10 exploding mutant heads out of 10.

Role playing it’s way into the number two spot on my top 10 Xbox 360 video games of 2008 is Fable II. Released in October 2008, this Role Playing Game has fast become the most popular video game of 2008. Set in the mythical world of Albion, Fable II is both fascinating and addictive. The huge landscape and endless possibilities are so mind boggling that you will definitely find yourself lost in the storyline and laughing out loud at the many comical episodes. The graphics and gameplay for this game are outstanding and the sound is excellent, making it seem so real. My rating for Fable II is 10 experience points out of 10.

Shambling zombie like onto my top 10 Xbox 360 video games of 2008 at number three is Left 4 Dead. Released in November of 2008 this zombie apocalypse survival horror video game is probably the scariest game of 2008. With the ability to play any one of the 4 heroes or even the zombies themselves, this action packed and fast paced game will keep you on the edge of your seat. Unlike many zombie games, Left 4 Dead has fast moving and intelligent zombies controlled by and A.I. that actually evolves to match your progress as you move through the game. the graphics and gameplay is amazing and the variety of bad guys and environments make killing zombies interesting from the start to the end of the game. My rating for Left 4 Dead is 10 festering zombies out of 10

Racing it’s way into the number four spot on my top 10 Xbox 360 video games of 2008 is Burnout Paradise. This open landscape racing game is the latest of the famous Burnout series and has taken racing to the extreme. All the classic competitions are still there and the idea of crashing your way through the city still exists, but with Burnout Paradise the online gaming has evolved magnificently. The graphics and gameplay for this video game are extremely impressive, as is the soundtrack and special effects. With over 1,000,000 online players and downloadable content constantly being released, Burnout Paradise is by far the best racing video game of 2008. My rating for Burnout Paradise is 10 burning tires out of 10

Battling onto my list of top 10 Xbox360 video games of 2008 at number five is Gears of War II. Released in November of 2008 this sequel to Gears of War first person shooter is far superior to the original. With expanded weaponry, new environments and additional online elements, Gears of War II truly is an awesome first person shooter. The graphics and gameplay are superb and the variety of weapons is incredible. My rating for Gears of War II is 9 bullet wounds out of 10

Leaping onto my top 10 Xbox360 video games of 2008 in position number six is Mirror’s Edge. This ground breaking video game, released in November of 2008 is the first of a new genera. Set high above a fictitious city the main character is a free runner whose job is to deliver documents from A to B while evading the violent and aggressive authorities. The gameplay and graphics for Mirror’s edge are as ground breaking as the game itself and the only negative point of the whole game is that it takes less than 10 hours to complete. My rating for Mirror’s Edge is 9 building leaps out of 10.

Fighting onto my top 10 Xbox360 video games of 2008 at number seven is Soul Calibur 4. Released in July of 2008, this is the 4th in the Soul Calibur series and by far the best. Soul Calibur 4 is a weapon based fighting game and this addition includes new characters, weapons and environments. Choose from dozens of charcters and customize them as you wish or just choose one at random and fight your way through the many levels of Soul Calibur 4. The graphics and gameplay of the Xbox 360 edition of this game are impressive and the characters are fun to play. My rating for Soul Calibur 4 is a skull crushing 9 out of 10

Shooting in at number eight on my top 10 Xbox360 video games of 2008 is Resistance II. Another game released in November of 2008, Resistance II has taken the gaming world by storm. Set in an alternative reality of post world war 2 where the alien race of Chimera are taking over the world and only the resistance fighters can stop their invasion. Resistance II is bigger and better than the original and the online gameplay is truly impressive. my rating of Resistance II is a bullet ridden9 out of 10

Blasting in at number nine on my top 10 Xbox360 video games of 2008 is Dead Space. This survival horror video game, released in October 2008, adds a new twist to an old genera. Both atmospheric and gory it has all the qualities needed in a survival horror video game, but the ability to strategically dismember your foes is above and beyond the norm. Both the graphics and the gameplay are excellent and the variety of the necromorphs (the enemy) makes it both difficult and challenging. If survival horror is your cup of tea, then Dead Space will be your cream and sugar. My rating for Resistance II is 9 dead necromorphs out of 10.

And finally at number ten on my top 10 Xbox360 video games of 2008 is Call of Duty: World at War. In this latest edition of the classic Call of Duty series, the designers have gone back to the second world war. Released in November of 2008, World at War is much like the previous Call of Duty video games, but introduces vehicles, flamethrowers and Nazi zombies. As always this Call of Duty epic has great graphics and gameplay and would be higher on my list if it wasn’t so similar to it’s previous incarnations. Call of Duty: World at War gets and explosive 9 dead Nazi’s out of 10.