Space Rescue

Tired of the strain that Alpha Centauri has taken? Brain draggin’ from trying to setup too many strategies in NBA Live? Take a break; grab the shareware version of Space Rescue from Gameday.



Space Rescue is essentially an Asteroids remake, well sort of a cross between Asteroids and the old game Defender. Asteroids’ style you control a little ship you zip across the void of space while zapping…well, asteroids. As you do this you must rescue astronauts, a la Defender, that have been sucked out of the space station, The Argonaut after the hull was breached during a massive asteroid storm. Simple little story, which is a relief because anything more than that would take longer to read than to play the actual game.

No need to configure a joystick here, the keyboard will suffice. No thinking required either; just leave your brain atop the monitor and save it for pretty much anything else. The game is as simple as pound a key to fire your ships’ gun and run over (rescue) astronauts and return them to the space station. Doing all this garners you points, points for blasting the asteroids and more points for rescuing and returning surviving astronauts. Don’t forget to avoid getting smashed by those asteroids.

That is pretty much all there is to it. Oh, and lest I forget, you can also shoot up UFOs’ for points…yee haw! Will the fun never cease?

Graphically you’ll be able to rest that GeForce card and break out the old 2meg video card from your 486 days. Chances are you could play this on a 486 also. Sounds are adequate for such a small download but your 4-point surround sound will be of little use. Just use the tin cans that passed for speakers when you first got your system. No big orchestral scores just tiny little beeps and blips.

For what it is, a cheap little waste of time game, it’s fun. The fun doesn’t last to long but it is fun. Drop by their site “” and grab the shareware version. The registered version is only $7.00 so if you enjoy the shareware you’re bound to enjoy more of the same.