The online game -Boxerjam

One of the largest areas of growth in online gaming deals with trying to attract the non-hardcore gamer. You’ve seen them and perhaps played them – come on admit it. Usually they are Java based games, possibly trivia or card games. Sure, you know what I’m talking about.

So today we take a look at Boxerjam. A free site supported by a few unobtrusive advertising banners. Participants do attempt to be friendly and occasionally conversations take place during the game. Newbies are quite welcome and receive encouragement and help from veterans, which is nice. JavaScript is necessary so ensure that is enabled before you attempt gaming at this site.

The site is free, as mentioned, and offers prizes based on a drawing. The prizes are, of course, a nice feature but it would make so much more sense if they were related to the scores within the game. Perhaps they should make it more of a contest; highest score wins a prize or whatever.

Boxerjam offers four games, Napoleon, Take Five, Out of Order and Strike a Match (my favourite). Although only four games are offered they are quite a variety. Napoleon is essentially a card in which you get points for coming up with a winning hand. The are hand types that you are required to get, think Yahtzee and you get the idea.

In Take Five you are presented with a series of 9 words and asked to make a sentence using 5 of the words. It’s not as difficult as it might sound because, as you will see, the words do seem related when they are presented as a group.

Out of Order deals with unscrambling mixed up words. They present you with a word, scrambled, and it’s your job to unscramble it for points: pmiles ghouen.

Strike a Match seems to be the most popular game and is certainly my favourite. When presented with a series of words it is your job to determine which words might be related. Points are awarded and the winner sees his or her name in lights (or would that be pixels?). Oh to be famous.

Practice is the key to victory in any of these games once you begin to get a feel for what it is they are after in regards to responses the games become easier. The key question is, as it is with any game is; is it fun? Well, I loved Strike a Match while the others were passable. So, go visit Boxerjam; have some fun.