Sequels: The Good, the Bad, and the Funny

Some sequels are better than others


This week deals extensively with sequels to games and their makers. The developers of perhaps the finest sequel ever have gone out of business; an �unexpected� sequel will be coming in time for Christmas from another; not really a sequel, but one of the best selling games last year finally gets an expansion pack; and a pleasant surprise from the makers of the finest (or at least funniest) adventure series ever. And speaking of sequels, next article will showcase the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA where sequel galore could be found.


Looking Glass Studios is closing up shop, and quitting the development game. The makers of the highly acclaimed, loved by reviewers, ignored by consumers �System Shock 2,� and the �Thief� series of games, have just run out of money. The remaining projects at Looking Glass, including �Thief II Gold� and �Thief 3,� have all been cancelled. Designer Rich Carlson commented on the affect this will have on the gaming business, �I don’t think the industry will ever be quite the same.” Looking Glass Studios will be sorely missed for their substance over style designs and innovation.


On a related note, something that should have gone under a while ago, but hasn�t, there will be a new �Tomb Raider� game by Christmas time. Supposedly, in the newest episode, the game play will be completely different. Not much is known about the game yet, but to be worth anything the whole game should be overhauled. Otherwise Eidos is just selling out for the easy dollar.


One of the top selling games of last year, SimCity 3000 from Electronic Arts and Maxis, has an expansion set out now. Entitled �SimCity 3000 Unlimited,� two new building sets (a European and Asian set), thirteen different scenarios, a scenario creator, and new disasters will be included. How could virtual city planners ever get bored with even more tools added to their toy set? Maxis has really outdone itself.


Arguably the best adventure series ever will soon have another installment. LucasArts� �Monkey Island� trilogy will soon be one more. The creators of the hilarious �Sam & Max Hit the Road� will develop the fourth in the series, this time called �Escape from Monkey Island.� Done entirely in 3D (quite a difference from the original 2D sprites), the game will focus on the pirate protagonist, Guybrush Threepwood, and his new wife Elaine, after their honeymoon.