Preview: The Wrath (Xbox)


The Skinny

The Wrath is a new game developed by the Collective. It is a multi-player action game with strategic elements, which plays similarly to the classic game Archon. The game world is composed of a randomly generated map, over which players move their army. When two creatures from opposing sides meet, the game segues into an arena, where they battle it out, one-on-one. The eventual goal of the game is to eliminate all opposition.

The Sides

There are four dominant forces featured in The Wrath. They are Light Order, Light Chaos, Dark Order, and Dark Chaos. There aren�t any details available yet on what each side�s philosophy and background is, but if you�re familiar with the Dungeon and Dragons character alignment system, then you should be able to make a good guess.

The Creatures

The creatures you control are drawn from various myths from around the world. For the Light Order, we have the giant turtle and the unicorn. Light Chaos features the griffin, fire giant, and centaur. On the Dark Order side, we meet the giant spider and the iron golem. Finally, batting up for Dark Chaos are the harpy, hydra, and arch-demon.

This small list by no means represents all the characters that will be available when the game is complete, but it does give a good idea of where the designers are headed. You can expect other popular mythological creatures to make an appearance.

The Story

No details yet are available about the backstory to the game, but given the subject matter, you can expect it to deal with rival gods battling it out for rule of the universe. That may seem cliche, but it does the job. The focus of the game will be the action, not the storyline.

The Graphics

The Wrath�s graphics are, even at this early stage, absolutely fantastic. It looks like it uses every ounce of power the Xbox has, and the developers are pulling out all the stops to create a game that looks much better than anything that has come before. And because the gameplay areas are fairly limited in size, they can put that much more detail into the characters and settings. Don�t be surprised if people buy this game just to show off how good-looking Xbox games can be.

The Gameplay

As stated before, the game plays much like the classic Archon. Play takes place on a board, of sorts, that represents the battlefield. But don�t expect a flat, two-dimensional landscape. The terrain is in full 3D, and is lush and varied. Mountains of fire, lakes, icy plateaus, and more are dotted about the map.