Top Ten College Humor Video Game Parodies

College Humor produces some of the funniest video game themed parodies on the web. They often pick at the ridiculous things video game fans just suspend disbelief on or attack common video game frustrations. The following are my top ten College Humor video game parodies.

10) The Video Game Bosses’ Lament


A solid video that really illustrates how College Humor (CH) mocks video game cliches.

9) Sonic and Mario’s Awkward Reunion


Ahh, Sonic how far you’ve fallen. CH takes a jab at Sonic’s downfall in the video game world.

8) Duck Hunt Behind-the-Scenes


A hilarious look at what really goes on behind the grass in Duck Hunt.

7) Bowser’s Minions


Bowser’s Minions have finally had enough and they’re fighting back!

6) The Tetris God


CH answers the question of why you never get a line block when you really need it.

5) The Legend of Link’s Distractions


CH does a great job attacking something obvious about Zelda games (and many adventure games and RPGs). If the heroes are supposed to save the world, why are they always doing random side quests?

4) Luigi Finally Snaps


Luigi can’t handle playing second fiddle to Mario and finally snaps!

3) Mario and Princess Sex Tape


What makes this stand out compared to the videos above is that CH shows the dirty side of Mario and Princess Peach’s relationship.

2) RPG Heroes Are Jerks


CH picks on a classic RPG theme. Why are heroes always allowed to run around and enter other people’s houses?

1) Mortal Kombat Is Not A Tournament


CH takes a jab at not just Mortal Kombat, but all fighting games. None of them are really tournaments afterall.

Honorable Mentions:

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