Anticipating 2020 Sports and Family Video Games

With the unpredictable Florida weather, my wife, son, and I play many video games inside, especially sports and family-oriented video games. We await new games as their release dates approach, and we often pre-order those we want most. We are currently anticipating one game from each of our two favorite categories: NBA 2K13 and Super Mario Brothers 2.

NBA 2K13 – October 2

Past editions

My son and I started playing the popular NBA 2K series with the 2011 edition. This was the first one that we played that allowed online play through WiFi. We liked this game enough to continue in the series when the 2020 edition came out.

With NBA 2K12, we have made our own super players and teams, which make us want to play together more often. The announcing sounds just like an NBA broadcast; to me, announcing makes a very good game even better. NBA 2K12 also made my son a little more interested in watching the NBA this coming season so he can see his favorite players from the video game in real action.

New edition

NBA 2K13 promises even better graphics and more realistic basketball action. It will let players match up today’s stars with past NBA legends such as Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls versus the 2020 NBA Champion Miami Heat. We also look forward to playing the All-Star events, including the slam dunk competition.

Super Mario Brothers 2 – August 19

Mario became Nintendo’s signature character in the 1980s, and we have played through the series from the original Super Mario Brothers for Nintendo NES through the Wii. Racing through eight different worlds in each version of the game brings challenges of extensive jumps, super powers, and many baddies.

Past editions

We would play for hours trying to complete a level and not give up until we do — especially when it came to beating the boss at the end of each world. Just when we thought we had him beaten, he shot massive fireballs or hit us with a boomerang that we could hardly see. The thrill came from figuring out the boss’s patterns so we could jump on his head enough times to put him away. The 2010 Super Mario Brothers for Wii had stunning graphics on our HDTV, and we expect even better graphics in future editions.

New edition 
In this new Nintendo 3DS game, Mario, Luigi, and their friends can gain even more special powers including turning obstacles and bricks into coins by grabbing the gold flower. The coins turn into extra lives to allow faster advancing through the games. The new giant gold mushroom temporarily turns Mario and his friends into invincible giants who can power their way through all obstacles in their paths.

Even though the game has the same premise as past versions — rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser — something new happens on each level. We will not know what will come next or who will await Mario and Luigi at the end of the world. Every level could get more and more challenging, and we will determine ourselves to complete it. We especially like the 3DS’s portability so we will get to play the game with us wherever we go.

Anticipating both games

We anticipate NBA 2K13 and Super Mario Bros. 2 the most of all new games coming out in the fall of 2020. We will try many others in both of our favorite genres, but we will definitely get these two as soon possible after they become available.