Dweep. No it’s not a typo. It’s the creation of Dexterity Software. So what exactly is Dweep? Well, Dweep is the shaggy purple hero of his own game. Dweep is a game for puzzle fans only so Tetris and chess fans should be the first in line for this little gem.



Dweep is all alone in a hostile world and it’s his job, with your help, to rescue the baby Dweeps. You must guide Dweep through ingeniously designed levels that contain a vast array of traps that are present to prevent Dweep from rescuing his youngin’.

Logic is your ally as you try to maneuver Dweep past the deadly obstacles to his prize. The level design can be frustrating – almost to the point of yelling at Dweep for making a misstep. OK so I’m guilty of yelling at my monitor, it’s not unusual if you live with me. Some of the challenges you’ll face include laser beams, bombs, ice, hot plates –oh there are just too many to list. There are also various items that you can use to your advantage and some can be used in a couple of ways, requiring you to pick the correct usage for the situation.

In order to pass by laser beams you must use a mirror to change the direction of the beam. The only problem is you have a choice of mirrors pointing in opposite directions, so it’s easy to pick the wrong mirror. You can also use a wrench to move the direction of the beam. Wrenches can also change the direction of the mirrors. However you don’t always have wrenches and mirrors at the same time and if you do you need to be certain you are using the wrench for the proper item. Bombs can block your path but if you have a torch you can blow it up. Hopefully you have moved Dweep far enough out of the way so that he doesn’t blow up too. Heat plates can cause Dweep to raise into the air and a fan can blow Dweep for a short distance away from danger otherwise he’ll just float above the hot plate.

As I mentioned earlier, logic is your biggest ally, which of course means I haven’t done well with Dweep. I really had no liking for Rubik and his damnable cube nor was I a huge fan of that Russian and his Tetris game. Given that you might think that I would hate this game. Well, that’s not entirely true. I hate the frustration that the game brings but I did and do find myself coming back to that little purple mop-top and his pathetic attempts at rescuing the little Dweeps. I’m still working on many of the 75 levels and when that torture is over the included level editor will allow me to extend the punishment. I can hardly wait!