The Next Generation Of Portable Gaming is Coming

Tokyo was the venue for a gaming announcement that will change portable gaming forever. Since the original PSP released back in 2005, Sony’s portable gaming franchise has been on a downward spiral.

The problems with the original PSP were several, the limited number of games, limited network features, and a overall drop in sales which threatened to ruin Sony’s market for portable gaming. But with yesterdays announcement of the PSP 2 which is also known as NGP (Next Generation Portable), the gaming world is a buzz with the possibilities of what this sexy new console can achieve in the gaming world.

The Features Of The PSP2/NGP

The system incorporates multi-touch, 5-inch display. It is touch sensitive and will feature touch sensitive areas on the back of the console as well as the front. One major new aspect of the PSP2 is the inclusion of Joysticks, much like you see on the Dualshock Controllers… this brings a whole new way of gaming to the portable system.


The PSP2 will feature a new gaming medium, gone is the UMD to be replaced with Flash Memory Cards which will be games to play on the system. The Flash Memory Cards will also feature save data, and game add ons. The system will feature 2 cameras, one on the front and one on the back. It will feature 3G and Wi – Fi network connectivity which is good for online gaming, a big part of the PSP2 for sure. The big new feature is Live Area, this application allows you to interact and share with other gamers, but Live Area is a whole new interface that will replace the XMB.

It will allow users to hope between different parts of the Playstation Space. A new feature is Sixaxis, the PSP2 will feature motion controller which is built in making it the first portable gaming system to have this feature. The biggest talking point though is the graphics, which are said to rival those of the PS3, for a portable gaming device this is some achievement. Plus the new PSP will also feature Playstation Network Trophies, something that gamers have been calling to portable systems for a long time.

When Is The PSP2/NGP Coming Out

No official release date has been set for the PSP2, only that it will come out at the end of 2011. It will no doubt release just before Christmas or maybe Sony will pull it back, maybe in the fall around October time this year.

Sony has always released new consoles around October on launch years so don’t be surprised if we see this trend continue. Also no official price has been set, but it will probably be around $400 – $700, the usual price for new portable gaming systems. With E3 on the horizon, more details of price and release date will no doubt be made available at the worlds biggest gaming convention.


Long story short we are all very much excited for the PSP2 which is codenamed NGP. The lineup of games include Uncharted, Call Of Duty, and a whole lot more. With the inclusion of joysticks, trophies and touch screen technology, the PSP2 will no doubt be a much better and more successful console than its older brother. Due to release in 2011, the PSP2 or NGP will be a big player and will without a doubt take portable gaming to a whole new level.