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Need help?

Read before posting (in case, if you have problems with code)

Step 1: Try to run the code.
- If it doesn't let you run the code then you have a syntax error, check the console for errors highlighted in red for the line number and a description of the incorrect syntax.
- If it does run, check the console whilst the build is running for any errors. These are runtime errors and are typically caused by something not being assigned. Read the error message to find what's not assigned, assign it, then test again.
- if there are no errors then you have a logic error and your code completes a task that you didn't intend it to, check your code and see if there is an obvious mistake (eg using '>' instead of '<').

If you have tried the above and it still doesn't work, try step 2

Step 2: Google the problem / error message.
- chances are if you have the problem, someone else will have had the same problem previously an made a thread on one of the various forums.
- try to find a pre existing help forum with a solved solution using google.
- also check the unity scripting reference to get example code to test.

Still got a problem?

Step 3: start a thread asking for help.
- your post should contain any errors that come up in the console, an illustrative photo (if it will help) and a clear explanation of what currently happens, and what should be happening.
- please put effort into making your post readable and understandable, I know a lot of people's first language isn't English and that is understandable, but a 3 word post won't get you anywhere.
- also be polite to people helping you as there giving up there time to try and solve your problems.
- be patient and it will eventually get solved.


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