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  2. @EndangeredOX Yes defiantly front guard rails!, models are not done yet, thanks for the comments.
  3. just my personal opinion, Those dont seem like upgrades. maybe if it had a front guard rail. or like an armored body upgrade. for the background im assuming this is like an off road game so the vehicles would have to be built for a off road environment. AGAIN just my opinion.
  4. Today
  6. FINALLY! a car game!, please make this awesome!, already looks very good, love the blue.
  7. I just simply used Gimp.
  8. That bow looks awesome!
  9. fps

    Looks unique, low poly models and environments, not many of those in the FPS genre, looks very good keep up the good work.
  10. Awesome work pal looks very good, hopefully theirs an interior !
  11. Fantastic, especially that belt on the guy, very good attention to detail.
  12. This asset is available on Unity Store for a few bucks ++!/content/76888!/content/68536
  13. CGP I guess :/ Azzazzel - I wish you the best, but it starts pretty bad
  14. Neat. Recently I was really impressed by some pixel art 8x8. I didn't think that it was possible to do something just with a few pixels... We can find here Mario, Ninja Turtle, The Simpson, Sonic, DonkeyKong, Mickey, PacMan, Pikachu and more ++
  15. can i use hand and gun animation in my game in android????
  16. Yesterday
  17. I really like those! I have tried pixel art before but mine was shit xD What program do you use for it ?
  18. That is correct kind gentleman, my main goal is to achieve the best looking scene unity (and I) can provide. Ill give it my best shot.
  19. Well, you said its not about a game but more about the engine capabilities. So in this case, this doesn't really matter I think.
  20. Sorry, was eating popcorn and trying to do it but it's kinda hard with butterfingers lol finished it and updated the original post. It's most likely not 100% perfect but I'll deal with that later
  21. I'll actually be done with it in about 10 or 15 minutes
  22. It looks really good! I will follow your thread so i can follow the progression
  23. Thank you sir for your kind comments, this is most defiantly some kind of asset flip xD, but its what I can do right now hopefully in the upcoming months or years, I will be able to provide for my own needs.
  24. No sir, This was provided by the Army Ruins pack, I wish I did tho really did
  25. Thanks for the feedback, There are plans for two reloads, bolt release slap(the one showed here) and a slide pull which is what I think your talking about. Lots of content on the way hopefully within 3-4 months I can create something atleast semi realistic.
  26. Hey guys, I started doing some pixel art just to see how it goes. I'm not really a big artist as you can see. All of them are made in 64x64 resolution and has been scaled up to 256x256 resolution.
  27. Working on the new tomb. It was a little blockier than I wanted it so I'm redoing the design and adding some windows, more detail, etc.. Still have to do some more optimization, adding an entry way and adding the lower concrete slab but its coming along. I'll replace it in this topic when I'm finished. It's 590 tris right now but I think I can still get it down to under 500 (not including entry way and slab)
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