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  2. Hold right mouse button to pick => release RMB to drop, or press LMB to throw.
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  4. geckoo


    Well. I tested a few years ago FPS creator, but respectfully I had disliked it - too slow, not optimized, not really efficient... I hope that this one is well done - more than their previous tool ++
  5. Blockfighter298


    Oh wait a second I know this game engine. It's from the creators of "FPS Creator", an easy to use First Person Shooter game creator. One time a friend of mine suggested to use this but I don't see the point of it when the possibilities of Unity3D are endless, graphical and gameplay wise. So basically this might be a fun tool to use if you quickly want to create some sorta multiplayer FPS to play with your friends. I haven't tested it myself but I know there's multiplayer functionality. Not sure if you're going to like the dynamics, just keep in mind a sort of game engine for the younger ones.
  6. Johannes


    Get ready for all out war with Grunt1914. Face off in puny to massive arena's with an arsenal of gear and weaponry to proclaim yourself the victor above all others! Launching on all major release platforms. Coming April 2019. Music Credit: OurMusicBox
  7. geckoo


    Unity - I cannot imagine me working on another game engine. I spent so many time so as to master Unity code - I don't want to restart now a new learning process. However there is a new way to create a solid project - GameGuru. For a few hours the main application is free on Steam, but you have to buy asets and packages on the same platform. Take a look at this link below. Personally I want to test it ++ https://store.steampowered.com/app/266310/GameGuru/
  8. Last week
  9. nika7586

    Prop/tool pack

    Trowel and Hammer ball peen wood handle edition
  10. Stupid question lol but which Key is it to pick up and release boxes like in the video ?
  11. There are some things missing in that package, it has not been officially posted as the others kits, but it is already a good base to start and have get some ideas from this package.
  12. This is absolutly brilliant, thank you very very much. I do have one problem, in the zombie survival the the player controller is missing input button run Edit: Just saw it's on hold for now
  13. Nice! Probably the equivalent of modelling a wheel instead of a car for a car modeller. I see now
  14. nika7586

    Prop/tool pack

    this is high poly , i make large shapes in high poly and surface small details in substance painter
  15. They look pretty good. Are these hand made normals?
  16. nika7586

    Prop/tool pack

    like you said its for practice wanted to make/work with different materials than weapons , i really like working on guns but always wanted to try working on smaller props and so that why stated working on a pack , its fun small project
  17. Hi, I'm working on a android game, and I'm using google play services. I'm trying to get the amount of points that an achievement gives when unlocked, but the property just returns 0, even though it is different on the service I have set up on the google play console. Any ideas as to why Achievement.Points returns 0? The name, progress, and everything else is returning the correct value, but not points. I'm getting the achievement via PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.GetAchievement(loadedAchievements[i].id) Here's how the achievements looks like in Google Play Console: Here's where I populate the UI list with achievements: Here's where I set the info on the achievement item UI: I really can't see why it should return 0.
  18. Hammer time! Stupid old joke, but anyways why do you keep making 3D tools if I may ask? I know you sell them and it's good for practice but just curious if you are a bob the builder.
  19. Won't be doing status updates much in honour of my status updates from the past.
    Otherwise they'd disappear and move to the next page so...

    Le mao on! :lol:

  20. [ United States used Free Game. It's super effective! ] [ +1 Someone in Thailand got a free game! +1 ] [ The cake is a lie, but the free game is real for Argentina! ] [It's dangerous to go alone! Take this free game, Armedunity. ]
  21. geckoo

    grid2 for free

    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/grid2-spa-bathurst Grid2 for free ++
  22. nika7586

    Prop/tool pack

    hello guys started working on prop/tool pack for selling purpose . pack price would be 10 $ and will contain 32 models or more . this is models i have already finished working on, C&c welcome . For 3d viewer: https://www.artstation.com/nika7586
  23. Hey guys, currently grounded for a month so development will be put to hold. Looking forward to getting back in gear though.
  24. have opened a topic on the unity forums and would apprechiate any help or even just hints or ideas: https://forum.unity.com/threads/help-seams-on-new-terrain-2018-3.634732/ thank you very much
  25. Actually I am working on a game which integrates many coroutines. For this reason I tested different ways so as to reduce ressource wasting. When you use Unity's default coroutines you will have to be very careful about how you use them or else they will allocate memory that the garbage collector later has to clean up. So I assume that your explaination is good. However testing different ways I noticed that the best way to use coroutines is this one - MEC (free version) : https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/animation/more-effective-coroutines-free-54975 Easy and intuitive I saved many resources - and now I don't use anymore the classical Unity coroutine process... If you want to optimize your project I recommend it ++
  26. Version 1.0


    This is a FREE kit made in Unity Engine (Version 5+), to help developers create your own survival game with RPG aspects. This kit have a great low poly fantasy RPG environment, is intuitive package and easy-to-customize Information Unity Engine (Version 2017+) Low Poly Fantasy RPG Environment Intuitive package and easy-to-customize Project Documentation Features Unity's new UI system with Modern Interface Pack Player, Monsters, NPCs Equipment System based on transforms and prefabs Health, thirst and hunger system Point Click, WSAD and Joystick/Controller movement via Navigation Xbox 360 joystick is automatically identified when connecting switching inputs RPG Camera with Zoom, Rotation and Joystick/Controller Support Animations via Mecanim Low Poly FREE 3D Models Minimap Inventory, Loot and Gold System Death and Respawning Carefully crafted C# Code Tottaly FREE to customize Levels and Attributes Day / Night System Showcase Topic
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