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  3. How can I determine if I'm moving up/down a slope?

    Woah that is definitely some serious unneeded math going on. All you need is: Vector3.angle(Vector3(direction.x, 0, direction.z), hit.normal). That will compare the angle between which way the playing is moving and the direction of the hit normal. No need for all those sign calculations
  4. So I have the math done already for the movement on the slope but I only wan't to call DescendSlope() if I am actually moving down the slope. I have the normal of the slope and the player's move direction. These should be enough to determine if I am moving up/down the slope I think. I have tried getting the Sign of these vectors respectively and comparing them, like so: Vector3 hit.normal //The normal direction of the slope. Vector3 direction //The player's move direction. if(Mathf.Sign(hit.normal.x) == Mathf.Sign(direction.x) && Mathf.Sign(hit.normal.z) == Mathf.Sign(direction.z)) { //Moving down slope. } The problem with this is that the sideways direction of the player (can be x or z depending on the rotation) is in one case not the same as the slope's normal direction. Basically the if statement is not true when I'm strafing. Do I have to do something with the Cross or the Dot product of these directions? Thanks in advance!

    Alpha tech demo released: OUTSIDE THE ALIEN BASE http://www.indiedb.com/games/armageddon-futurecombatarena/news/alpha-tech-demo-release-outside-the-alien-base http://www.indiedb.com/games/armageddon-futurecombatarena/downloads/demo2-alpha-tech-demo-outside-the-alien-base
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  8. Another new guy

    Welcome to this forum. My name is Brian and your skills are very impressive. I can offer you a job at https://au.edubirdie.com/do-my-homework-for-money. It's the company where I'm working and a few days ago I heard that we need a full stuck developer for our website. If you're interested, let me know and I'll contact you.
  9. Free (Airsoft-) Sniperkit

    Hi, very slow download speed (only 50kb/s). Better upload on mediafire (20+ times faster download speed). http://www.mediafire.com Or if you want, i can add in Downloads section (fast direct downloads).
  10. Free (Airsoft-) Sniperkit

    Alternative Link: http://ul.to/ccz0oh5x (without Survey)
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  12. Dear community, we (2 guys) are a little tagteam of students from germany and are working with Adobe CC ( Illustrator, Photoshop etc.), FL-Studio, Blender, Unity and Visual C#. We made a little project, which could be useful for some developers. It's an 'airsoftgun sniper' project. But it also can be used as a ballistic projectile sniper, you just have to change some sounds. The project contains: ⦁ a sample scene ⦁ airsoft sounds ( CO2 capsule, airsoft shot, reload etc.) recorded in FL ⦁ a pickup prefab with script ⦁ a sniper crosshair made with Illustrator ⦁ a bullet model (pellet) and an airsoft rifle made in Blender ⦁ dynamic targets ( a round metal plate, a breakable winow [only 4 pieces sry:/] ) ⦁ healtscript and other components... You can downoad this project for free, but we use ShareCash, so please dont hate, rather support us! Password for file: unity Download: http://surefile.org/file/D6LH89
  13. MCDONALDS ZOMBIES (Third Person Shooter Android)


    New map is coming: OUTSIDE THE ALIEN BASE (facebook photo album) https://www.facebook.com/pg/FutureCombatArena/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1771326922937539
  15. I don't know how I didn't think of it that way, I did and it worked. It is something so simple but I did not find on Youtube, maybe I do a tutorial for guys
  16. MadFPS Kit

    ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............. BABY !!! (im babushka)xD

    YOU CAN JOIN TO MY DISCORD SERVER... ITS ABAUT UNITY !!! https://discord.gg/wz9kDT
  18. MCDONALDS ZOMBIES (Third Person Shooter Android)

    You must remove copyright infrogment images and post title.
  19. or just set the rendering queue above everything (except GUI ofc.) in the shader itself. But i agree, using 2 cameras is also my way to go even tho it is slightly more expensive
  20. @ErarnitoxCOD uses the same techniques I stated (hence the no wall clipping by using multi cameras). In fact, outside of shadows, the weapon and weapon camera don't even have to be a child of the player at all or even be anywhere near it. But yes, you can use the method you described but in the end, your going to have to add that 2nd camera to fix clipping anyways
  21. I really dont get the problem here. @OcuarCash I dont think 2 different cameras are necessary since in the COD animation the weapon seems to be a child object as well. Just play 2 animations 1 simulating the camera shake and the 2nd the weapon animation itself. If you want to have the camera animation seperated you should do what @OcularCash saied first.
  22. for one, you don't have a weapon camera, only a camera that is rendering everything including the weapon. You need to have a camera that only renders the weapon and a camera that renders everything else. Animating the main camera will not affect the weapon bc the weapon is a child of the weapon camera, not the main camera
  23. I think you've figured it out, but games like COD and Battlefield when we reload the gun, the camera makes moves to demonstrate realism. I wanted to know how I can do this in my game, knowing that the camera is in the "Layer" from above. How can I animate the camera that is on top, for a Layer that is down? Is it possible? I need some Script that moves something from the top using the bottom one. See in the video to get an idea of what I'm talking about, notice the player's camera when it reloads :
  24. MCDONALDS ZOMBIES (Third Person Shooter Android)

    Looking great
  25. MCDONALDS ZOMBIES (Third Person Shooter Android)

    Changed a few things lol,
  26. MCDONALDS ZOMBIES (Third Person Shooter Android)

    hate? I also doubt that developer has rights to use chucky, ronald, rambo and brand McDonald's in his game.
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