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  2. Thanks for the answers, I will give these methods a try as soon as I can.
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  4. That will need some serious optimization, hand it over to Ubisoft.
  5. The script and shader made by @willywill
  6. aghecko2015. add me on skype
  7. Thanks DaBossTMR, Your script and shader helps me a lot to make brightness and contrast change in my game. Truely appricated...
  8. I am surprised reading that the german troops was equipped with italian Beretta MP. I have never read that before today. Thank for info ++
  9. Is that fine if I do only the models without animations and textures or its not. I can model you some of them if you want and about payment I will decide later with you ok?
  10. Cant summarize a short story because its too big. (2 main stories and around 30 side quests) and about the WW2 weapons, was thinking for kar98k or other. few of the guns in this pic. and about the futuristic weapons. Havent decided yet. have not done the story for the moment, thus havent decided what kind of weapons should be in.
  11. I would like to know what is your game about and you didn't explain what kind of weapon you want in WW2 and futuristic style(rifles, pistols or SMG's?).
  12. And I thought that scammers are not very good. look how legit this is.
  13. Nevermind its not good ...
  14. as you already saied you could animate the uvs of the texture, that could be done in blender 4 egs and exported as animated .fbx ... depending on the shape of your model and overall complexety it might be hard to make it look good ... still with animating uvs i did an animated river and it looked pretty good, but it was very simple shape and very low poly good luck also this looks pretty interesting
  15. One of our regular members awhile back created just that using a shader, but I can't for the life of me find it. It may have been deleted when the forum was hacked. I may be wrong, but it might be possible to use water4, amp up the speed and turn it sideways. edit: Nvm, doesn't look good
  16. We need to make a waterfall that will be placed in a fantasy/medieval world scene, but simple particle systems did not work well in achieving a continuous waterfall with an unintrerrupted flow. The second option I thought of is using a normal map offset changing script over it's texture to give that flow effect but I don't know how effective that would look since the waterfall is huge, and it is seen from a distance. I am not at all good at shader writing, but if there is a solution someone has used to achieve something similar I'd gladly try it.
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  18. I've done nearly 60-65% of the programming. (ai to be done if I dont purchase the TS-AI. and multiplayer), I don't even remember basics for 3d modeling, thus I am using cubes to model weapons. The project is big, but I'm trying to make a team of 6 at first to get into a playable alpha, then hire more people. Sound designers, shader, lighting, etc. and thank you!
  19. Gore :/
  20. If I understand you - in fact, today you have nothing - and you want to create a full (solid) game with an unpaid volunteer team. Right? I read consciently your explanation and I noticed that you plan many many things - this project seems a little bit too big. However I wish you the best ++
  21. Hi everyone, for few months I've been working on a fps game(project for school). But after finishing that subject I'm trying to make a demo showcase for this project. For the school presentation I used free weapons and models I found on internet, but for this I removed those with place holding cubes. This is the current progress that I've made. AI is still under development (pretty dumb now, just chase you around). Thinking to purchase Tactical Shooter AI since is 30% off. I'm looking for for 4 3D Designers and a programmer. (I'm a programmer too) 3D Designer duty: Weapon design + animation World War 2 weapons (3-4 in total) + animations Modern Day (4 Rifles, 4 pistols, 2 smg) + animations Futuristic weapons (3-4 in total) + animations Main Character 3D model (full body for cutscenes) - not important at first 2nd Main Character 3D model (full body) - important (but later after the weapons are finished) 3rd Main Character 3D model (full body) - important (but later after the weapons are finished) other models such as random soldiers (friendly - enemy) are planned to be purchased or be made by the modelers after they finish the tasks that are written above. Programmer duty: Since I've done most of game base mechanics (shooting, grenades, crouch, run, and working for AI) the tasks for the programmer wont be a lot. Work with triggers, to play some sound when player enters on trigger, make cut scenes. For now cut scenes will be in 2D paintings, don't want to waste time with that for now. Character selector Profile with MySQL db. Where will store total number of kills, progress, weapon customization , etc... Multiplayer (here we might work together if I do the AI fast) NOTE: The multiplayer wont be players vs players, but Co-op type. In story line I've written space only for 1 other character (planning to change to 4 players in total). I have ready the story for 2 missions/quests. But they can be changed too. [Payment] Since I'm a student and the money I get from work are barely enough for rent and living. But I'm looking for VC and investors for this projects, and curently have done few skype calls. There are few interested people but no one is willing to invest their money with such little progress. (and no I didnt make presentations with the cube as weapon). We left the discussions on hold for more progress, then continue the conversations. But I am also considering to make a Kickstarter and/or IndieGOGO post about the game. With what I've seen people have been really interested for games in Kickstarter and IndieGOGO. So at first the we have to work for free until we have made enough progress to search for investors or post the project in Kickstarter and/or IndieGOGO. After we get money we have to agree how the payment will be proceeded. Should it be monthly payment or work payment. (static monthly payment or get paid for how much you have worked. The work payment is for the 3d Designers who can get paid for every specific design they have made). You can apply here or by sending me a Personal Message. For more questions, please ask. NOTE: Hand models and animations are not mine but founds on internet. I would put the rights of who made them but cant find the page where I found those again.
  22. not just me all programming this AI someone help me
  23. it's made 3 years ago...
  24. Enjoy to your team? What have you done exactly?
  25. that's a bit tricky thing to do. I didn't try to make it too advanced and dont know how much of help I would be.
  26. Posting is a pretty simple. What I'm having issues with is actually grabbing a users posts. For instance, if a user wants to what a company has posted on Facebook and Twitter in app, click a button and it retrieves it and displays in app
  27. Hi all New I'm start on Difficult part AI if anyone wants to enjoy to my team u r welcome to zool Devl
  28. I a 3rd party app (in c#) to post tweets but it was 2 years ago, and you need to use a dll that tweeter gives you (its the same for facebook) and with simple configurations (for what text to post and buttons) can be done. but you dont have access in the dll code, or at least I didnt had at that time (with a little work)
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