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  2. Assertion: should not be reached bug

    Did you click on the error to see what causes it?
  3. Hello guys, I have a problem :/

    I m sorry which project I did not write it. :/ AU FPS KIT How can I add an enemy?
  4. Today
  5. Car psyhics like RL

    Yeah, it is most likely an animation.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hello guys, I have a problem :/

    First of all this should be posted in the "need help" section. Now to the 2nd point: we dont know your project. How should we know how you programmed that? So now... im gonna assume your talking about the FPS KIT by oma? As far as i know there should be a manager objects with a Player spawner component or sth. simmular. Just search the project for scripts and i think you can guess by the name of the script which one is for spawning the player. In scene you can find the spawner object by searching for "t:Scriptname". And for the enemy part there is a FPS KIT tutorial section on this forum where you can find topics like this: Note that the links/topics might be outdated. You might have to do some searching there but im sure you ll be able to find this information pretty fast on this forum. Good luck
  8. Hello guys, I have a problem :/

    I don't know what the hell you are talking about. It follows that your request must be more explicit... I guess that you are trying to modify something that you downloaded here, but I have no clue what it is. Probably FPS kit, but respectfully at first you could do a little effort no?
  9. Unity3D - "Generic" FPS - Update 1

    Update 2 coming. I've also changed the arms tho
  10. Hello, I have a question. PlayerClone object where does it come from? I couldnt find it. How can I add an enemy?
  11. Car psyhics like RL

    Hello guis. I don't understand how to make something. I want to make a car flip like in rocket league,but i don;t understand how. When i press click to make a flip in front or smth like this. Any ideas how ? Maybe with animation?
  12. Free Maya texture request ?

  13. Free Maya texture request ?

    Search "Sandstone texture" and scroll down a bit.
  14. Assertion: should not be reached bug

    I have this bug when i open Unity 5 Project into Unity 2018 Editor, the thing is its make all of my project error for no reason, pls help btw im using Unity 2018.1.0f2
  15. 16/10 sized screen

    I think you should. Its doesnt affect with anything if you keep in settings panel anyway and besides the au community who know who use it
  16. Last week
  17. 16/10 sized screen

    Almost 40 reading and no answer. I guess that no one plays using this screen size... Do you think that we can simply ignore it in setting panel?
  18. #Unity 3D : Help me Code C#

    I guess that you could take advantage of tutorials which Unity share on web. Take a look at this page below. I wish you the best ++ https://unity3d.com/fr/learn/tutorials
  19. Character Avatar - Help

    Thanks for your answer, my character don't have any .fbx, .obj etc format files, all the meshes are .asset files. Because I'm using a character creator tool, there export the daz character meshe's as unity .asset files & it put the character as a .prefab in a unity scene. So I have only the .asset meshes, textures, animation's & the prefab in the scene. Is there a way to use the rigged prefab character as a mecanim player?
  20. #Unity 3D : Help me Code C#

    I have mastered the consistency but my code is very ignorant, have you anybody can help me master them, i'm wanting to start from 2D game, can you tell me now what should i do with C # .Thank you so much . Tôi đã làm chủ được sự thống nhất nhưng mã của tôi rất ngu dốt , có bạn nào có thể giúp tôi thành thạo chúng , tôi đang muốn bắt đầu từ game 2D , bạn có thể cho tôi biết bây giờ tôi nên làm gì với C#
  21. MadFPS Kit

    hey guys im very very very very very new in unity game making (just installed) and im wondering like how do i use this?
  22. Character Avatar - Help

    Select the character mesh (in the Project window, not in the Hierarchy). In the Inspector you will see the import settings, open the Rig tab and set animation type to Generic/Humanoid. Now you can choose if you want to create an avatar from this model or copy from another. Btw an fbx file is a mesh, just like a .obj, .blend, etc... Just like an image, it can be a .png, .jpg and so on.
  23. Character Avatar - Help

    Hello armedunity forum, I have a short question to the character/player avatar. I have one rigged legacy character with legacy animations, the char & anim's working perfect. But the char doesn't have a fbx, only single mesh. So I'm not able to generate a Avatar, and I can't convert the character to a mecanim character without avatar. I have only the prefab in my scene and the single mesh in my asset folder. So I wan't to make the character playable with mecanim animations. My question is, is there a way to fix this problem? Picture from my rigged character .prefab in the scene: Thanks:)
  24. Free FPS Template

    Ok. You could try to implement a navmesh agent - really more interesting for a complex map. This way too the enemies don't rush on each others, trying to catch player ++
  25. Free FPS Template

    Just a really simple script man
  26. Free FPS Template

    Haha cheers man, ill update her..
  27. Free FPS Template

    "There are 13 audio listeners in the scene" I see we are dealing with another very experienced fellow here.
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