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  2. As some of the old posts get 'active' again (that means some idiot argues that the file is deleted while its 4-5 years old), some of the memories come back from the time when I joined the community. It was in October 17, 2013 when I just started out with unity4. My only skilsl that I had then is placing objects in a terrain, and downloading scripts from here and there. Then I saw lots of people working on their own projects but with a lot more knowledge and dedication. Nowadays, only a few people left from that community. Just in general unity has became the asset flippers game engine, and people who never enjoyed making games yet they call themselves 'developers'. I'm not saying that the current community is shit, but I miss the one that I knew.
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  4. My only compliment is that I see a lot of assets from the store. I highly suggest you to try and replace them, or at least try to hide them a bit. For example, change the horror kit's health icon on the bottom left or something.
  5. Love this! cant wait to try it out
  6. I love the idea. When will we see gameplay?
  7. Nice Job
  8. dude can it support to a spotlight in many horror games ?
  9. Yesterday
  10. STARBO Hi! Thought I'd create a topic for my (currently in dev) upcoming adventure horror game called Starbo. About: STARBO is a beautiful yet terrifying story-driven horror game based on the story of a man's journey beyond death. ▼ Here's the trailer ▼ INDIEDB: My Youtube channel: Release date is still tbd but hopefully really soon. Let me know if you got any feedback or questions you'd like to ask! Thanks for reading :)))
  11. Thanks for the addition Ocular. Added to OP.
  12. Good job. You might also want to add this: && !Input.anyKey to your mouseX/mouseY = 0 if statement. That will check if any input key is used as well so if your like me on search and destroy protecting the bomb and not moving your mouse but occasionally aiming to get a closer view you won't get kicked. Or even responding to message where your typing for longer than the set time
  13. Yep
  14. Are we talking about AFK script? Interesting ++
  15. A useful script for all sorts of purposes. Can be extended or completely remixed into something intuitive. I am using this logic to check for players who are idle on the main menu for 60 seconds (listens for mouse & keyboard input), where it then loads them into another scene. Feel free to touch it up to your heart's desire.
  16. I couldn`t agree more with you! But damn at the "Drops mic" i died xD
  17. No problem! I love to make scripts that other people might use
  18. Last week
  19. Thanks for contributing to the community morten
  20. I'm able to translate on Polish I've already PM you with my steam profile.
  21. Today i made a little level system for people that needs a simple level system in their game but don`t really know how to make one or maybe just need something as a place holder xD Readme.txt is in the package! Click the blue text to download now Level System.unitypackage
  22. --i means decrement before using i. i-- means decrement after using i. Example: //i = 0, only add at the next iteration for(i = 0; i < 10; i++) //I will start incrementing after 0 for a total of 10 iterations //i = 0, increment right away so it now = 1 for(i = 0; i < 10; ++i) //I will start incrementing now for a total of 9 iterations the only reason i++ is seen more often is because lists and arrays start at 0. So if you use ++i in a loop trying to loop an array, you'd completely skip over 0. But if you've ever built an engine you'd use ++i to pass data to the graphics via OpenGL or dx which start at 1. There is other scenarios where you could use ++i vs i++ but try and keep it simple, use one or the other. Example: for(i = 1; i < 10; i++) is the same as: for(i = 0; i < 10; ++i) so just stick to one and you'll be good 👍
  23. Hello, a bit over an hour ago, I signed up on codefights, and I got to a thing where you have to get the century from year. Which was pretty easy, and there's soo many ways to do it. Anyway, after I came up with a solution, I wanted to see how other people solved it, and the most interesting one I saw were return --year / 100 + 1 How does this work? I know -------------------------------- year = 1800 year / 100 + 1 = 19 expected = 18 -------------------------------- year = 1801 year / 100 + 1 = 19 expected = 19 -------------------------------- but if I add the -- before year, then it will output -------------------------------- year = 1800 --year / 100 + 1 = 18 expected = 18 -------------------------------- year = 1824 --year / 100 + 1 = 19 expected = 19 -------------------------------- How come after -- has been added before year, it all gets decremented kind of like, if year % 100 == 0 then decrement year / 100 + 1. Am I completely off? This just confuses me a bit, and it just makes me nuts, not knowing how it works Please help me to make me understand this, would really appreciate it I have seen it in for loops too(Not often though, only seen it being used in for loops 2 times), like so for(int i = 5; i > 0; --i) { // Blah blah } I have seen it with ++i too
  24. To smooth the edges you would have to create a shader for but it's very simple. You add an additional texture image for masking that gradients out the edges and you just compare the pixel of the texture + offset to the same pixel (without offset) of the second image (gradient edged mask). Pretty easy stuff. thanks guys. Ya, I just searched for a tiling cloud image so I didn't have to code my own. Later I will tho for the game
  25. Such an elegant way of going about this effect. Great work Ocular Only thing that's missing [for my flavor] is fading/smoothing at the edges
  26. As usual I would remind you that soon will be the next LudumDare session - an event where many indie devs meet others, sharing their work. We have 48 hours to do a "compo" entry or 72 hours to do a "jam" entry. After that, we can test and evaluate those games which has been created regarding their gameplay, graphics, sounds and more more more. There is no prize - only we are proud to participate. It's free - it's fair - it's fun. Join us if you dare. If you are interested, take a look at this main page ++
  27. Simple but really efficient. I used the same texture to create my dynamic sky ++
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