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  2. cs.go

    ele falou que quer o projeto e te paga 300 doletas pro desenvolvimento
  3. Update() change to LateUpdate()
  4. Is it possible to make this work with a animation playing on the same object?
  5. well that's how Kubold does it in his packs (Rifle Animset Pro, Pistol Animset Pro etc) and it works really well.
  6. Okay... Thank you all for your suggestions. I'm just starting unity3d and making my first person shooter. I do not know much stuffs as experienced users... I'll try to fix it in the future.
  7. Yeah hope I can do it!
  8. What you guys think? I just made it, and I know it is not super b quality made, but at least it is something? Any thing I could have done better?
  10. These are some of the main problems with your post: -Want to coordinate a team of 10 people, but only shows screenshots. Have some decency. -Shooter game, with 11 required team members. Do I need to write more on this line? -Nothing innovative , there are enough multiplayer shooter games. You shouldn't add to the trashpile. Instead try to have something new if you are going this way. But it's more probable boredom or failure will end this. -Again, as some members said, this is a "must learn by try" lesson most of us go through. -The screenshots and other you show are well, sorry to say, generic. Very generic. If you do not try to bring something new, atleast pay attention to detail in my opinion.
  11. Nice, but my version is fater and more efficient
  12. Yeah i solved it, I simplified the formula. Then as you can see b-phone number digit is between the interval of 0-9, and the c-age is between 1-100. In those two loops you use simplified formula and see when(idk how to say it in english) there are no numbers after comma(like 2.00,500.00, and 2.05, 500.30 would be bad) after that we have our b and c. What is left is a and we get it after putting b and c into formula. And poof, we are done.
  13. I'm not going to lie, I barely made it 1 minute into the video and it's seriously painful to watch with the spinning the mouse around obnoxiously like an impatient 3 year old. That needs to stop. As for the game, well we haven't really seen much yet aside from the ripped assets. The UI looks like that of a mobile game (probably using a kit that supports mobile?).
  14. #include <stdio.h> void main() { int input = 0; scanf("%d", &input); //scanning input number int age, number, start = 0; //init numbers age = input % 123; //finding our age. % returns the remainder of division. input = (input - age)/123; //decreasing our input number = 13 - (input % 13); //some math magic, lul) start = (input + number) / 13; //Getting our start number printf("\n%d %d %d", start, number, age); //show our numbers } This is example in C. It was almost the same, as c++. And better to do your homework yourself
  15. "Loopception now in theaters! Will the main protagonist be able to escape a loop in loop that is in another loop."
  16. Ah gotcha. It's really hard to read since there is just so much going on in that, but the only thing I can think of is i in that loop. If i = 0 then your loop basically looks like for(e = 0; e <= 0; e++) resulting in the loop to only be a single iteration. Besides that I'm getting kinda lost in all of those loops
  17. "i" is The loop of all loops, the beginning which adds a new element to the "a" with a formula and "l" is the loop which adds numbers to the "b" array that are missing in the "a" array. So thats why i am checking if the element that I am adding to "b" array exist in "a" array or not #include <iostream> #include <algorithm> // for std::find #include <iterator> // for std::begin, std::end using namespace std; int top(int stack[]) ; int main(){ int n, a[10000]={0,2,3,4,7,13,15},b[10000]={0,1,5,6,8,9,10}, b_count; bool lol; cin >> n; if(n<7) { cout << a[n] <<"_" <<b[n]; } else{ for(int i=7;i<=n;i++) { if(i==7) b_count=7; a[i]=b[i-1]+b[i-3]; int sk=a[i]-b[b_count-1]; //cout << "A[i]-" << a[i] << " sk" << sk << endl; for(int j = b_count; j <b_count+sk;j++) { int check=b[j-1]+1; b[j]=check; } //Checking for(int l = b_count; l <b_count+sk;l++) { bool exists; for(int e=0; e<=i;e++) { if(b[l]==a[e]){ exists=true; break; } } //bool exists = find(begin(a), end(a), b[l]) != end(a); if(exists) { for(int k=l;k<b_count+sk;k++) { b[k]=b[k+1]; } sk--; } } cout << i << "-"<<a[i] <<"_" <<b[n] << endl; b_count+=sk; cout<<"BCOUNT "<<b_count<< endl; } // cout << b_count; } for(int i=0; i<=n;i++) { cout<<"a-"<<a[i]<<endl; } for(int i=0; i<b_count;i++) { cout<<"b-"<<b[i]<<endl; } return 0; }
  18. cout << "I have no idea" I don't really even get it. If to do is to output three numbers a,b,c given the input then where is input. Idk, I suck at homework, never made it past freshman year in high school bc of it. They're questions never make sense
  19. When does i come into play? Your code looks fine that you've posted but you've got 2 other values that are not provided which is i and l. But again, this is not c++ specific
  20. Its one of my homework questions that i cant solve. I need to program it in c++;
  21. I don't see what exactly the question is and how it is c++ specific
  22. Hey a strange problem had occurred to me, so I can't really use bool exists = find(begin(a), end(a), b[l]) != end(a); this to find an element in array because the compiler that our lecturer made does not allow to. So I tried making an alternative bool exists; for(int e=0; e<=i;e++) { if(b[l]==a[e]){ exists=true; break; } Why does this not work? My whole program then messes up for some reason? It does the same thing, it starts from the first element of an array and goes to the last one, and during the process he compares every element and if he find that they are equal it breaks the loop and confirms that the number is equal.
  23. Problem: John came up with a positive number and multiplied it by 13, then subtracting the number with his phones last number, then he multiplied the number by 123 and lastly he summed the number by adding his age. Then he wrote the answer on his notebook (Input) (a*13-b)*123+c=Input To do: Output three numbers, the number he came up with, last phone number digit, and his age. Input 54993 Output 35,8,12 Input 12711 Output 8,1,42
  24. i need a Connecting parts together script and grab object
  25. I need a mechanic game gen My summer car !
  26. I do agree that poses give you more flexibility. IK just straight off ruins the animation in most cases and feels extremely stiff (at least the built-in solution). I did achieved "up and down" aim offset poses earlier based on the camera's look angle. Not the best way to do it but basically how I did it was by adding a new layer to the animator and setting it to "addictive", setting it's bodymask to upper body only. Then adding a new float parameter to the animator, something like "AimAngle". Then I fetched the "Y angle" from the camera script, (which is mostly hidden so you'll have to expose it). And I assigned it to the animator's "AimAngle" and voila! Again not the best solution but as long as it works? (;-;)
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