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  4. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Hover type weapon called an xcraft. Will probably animate his arms later on so the weapon holds in his hands.
  5. Looking for a cheap web host

    Thank you but for AlwaysData , i recived a mail next time for apparently been counter the rule with mysql distant The mysql distant are not free , its a great service i know also but for pricing it was a bit high for me also . As i pay a full server 5usd/month it was better hosting another server for alwaysdata price. But thank you even for your answer .
  6. Looking for a cheap web host

    AlwaysData is really good. I've been using it for the past year or two and they are very reliable from what I've experienced. Their servers are hosted in France and it's free. Mail, FTP, mySQL etc...
  7. Grunt1914

    Hi guys, its been a while since I posted here. I'm happy to say this project is still moving forward my team just hasn't had enough time lately to work on it but now we are making progress again. I have updated the main post.
  8. I am aware. as I said this project is being taken really seriously, as well as in funding. I been in contacts with different private investors, angel and venture investors with the sole purpose of raising minimal 1.5 mln dollars ($1,500,000). the reason why we're going for crowdfunding is because we want a seed-investment at first, but also to give us a better valuation when the investors come
  9. Hello , so i'm woking on my login but actually i have an incoming problem, my Free web host have free mysql hosting its great but the mail is pretty limited , 1/hour so my registration system actually is wrong by this as i have confirmation code system, for the test actually its good enought but not for my game itself later So here is my question do you guys know a really cheap web host with mysql , mail(not limited hourly) and php ? even free is good also , for infomation im using host-ed as webhost actually for those who need only the mysql part for test Thanks Regards
  10. Look so damn cool , this one is one of the project i would join if i was not working on my project , just one think on the site i read you are ever 2O teammate, personnaly i think 20 peopple should be enought to work on a game If you ever think about a probable revenue for the game pay 20 peopple would need high monthly revenues Exept that it look promising .
  11. Hello, I'm the lead developer of a project called Traverse, http://traversegame.com. The project is being developed in unreal but we paused it to re-create a demo of the project in unity with all the features we want to test our main features and get feedback from users. so we're looking for 1 or more unity C# programmers to help us with the demo. we already have finished medium/advanced features on the project so far, but we are looking for more programmers to help us with side features and AI (animal AI and shooting AI) if you are interested please apply here: https://traversegame.com/careers or join our discord : https://discordapp.com/invite/zwNkyd4 and message BTEK#8195 kind regards
  12. Last week
  13. Combine multiple animators into one?

    This might help by allowing you to override the animation for each child object: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/AnimatorOverrideController.html I think the new Playables API would be good for things like this. I remember reading somewhere that multiple gameobjects can have the same animator but can override particular animations with their own. And with Playables you might not even need a Animator Controller as you can play animations without them (similar idea to how animations worked before mecanim). But I don't know if either method would actually provide a perfomance improvement.
  14. the lover float value the stronge force to aplie

    oh thank you its working like a charm
  15. the lover float value the stronge force to aplie

    brakingPower = (maxDistance - hit.distance) * multiplier;
  16. hello, im making braking for my car ai, i have distance from ai to obstacle, but strugling to apply right braking power... the idea that i want the less is distance, the more power to apply. can someone guide my to how to do this, i tried matf.lerp, but its not something that is realy working for my the way i want
  17. Hey everyone. I have a fairly simple problem, but I'm not sure if it's possible to resolve, so I'm posting here just in case anyone may know. Is it possible to combine multiple animators (Mecanim) into one? To be more specific, I have 3 children under 1 object that all have separate animations on 3 separate animators. However, they all (are supposed to) start and stop in sync. For optimization purposes, I suppose, is it possible to make all of them use one animator on the parent?
  18. Unity3d New FPS

    So far so good. I'd say work some more on presentation. I doubt people really care about your menus, so you shouldn't spend so much time there.
  19. Unity3d New FPS

    Dunno why but i burst into laughter at 2:19
  20. Unity3d New FPS

    map was made by a friend but i plan on making it a ftp game. Its using photon and i plan on having 500 ccu when it goes live. Everything was created a month ago
  21. Unity3d New FPS

    It looks promissing. I like all animations and main aesthetic which reminds to me а little bit FortNite. The map isn't good enough but I guess that you didn't work on it - it's just a sandbox. Overall, well done. Are you doing a game or a template which you would like to sell on asset store? Photon or Unet? I wish you the best developing your project ++
  22. Unity3d New FPS

    Why is there motion blur on the weapons? It is really annoying.
  23. Unity3d New FPS

    Project has been in the making for 2 months
  24. I like it, but it seems to me that it's too clear. Try to adjust lights. Have you tried to change LUT color correction for something more "medieval" ? Good stuff ++
  25. (Complete) Finished medieval scene, surprised myself

    GREAT ! But ... where is Robin Hood ?
  26. Website design feedback

    Looks awesome! Glad I could help. If I could give some more feedback, I'd say add a picture/thumbnail to your posts so they stand out more. When I scrolled down, I almost missed the post section.
  27. How to rotate the target of shooting range.

    Or you can save yourself from all the coding and just animate it on impact. void ApplyDamage(float amount) { if(animation.IsPlaying(downAndStationaryAnim)) return; animation.CrossFade(downAndStationaryAnimName); while(animation.IsPlaying(downAndStationaryAnim)) yield; animation.CrossFade(upAnimName); } is just a basic example
  28. How to rotate the target of shooting range.

    Place the script on the object which will rotate. Since the script will rotate the object from it's pivot (generally it's in the center of the object which is not what you want here) you should create an empty object (rotate that empty object) and put the actual target model inside the empty object. I'm not a FPS kit expert so I have no idea where you should call this from (probably somewhere in the gun manager or a bullet script, where the hit registration happens) but if you find it just do: //Make sure to stop it first (in case it was running already) and then start it. StopCoroutine(StartRotation()); StartCoroutine(StartRotation()); private IEnumerator StartRotation() { Quaternion fromRotation = transform.rotation; //Current rotation. Quaternion toRotation = Quaternion.Euler(90, 0, 0); //Target rotation. float rotationTime = 0.3f; //The amount of time (in seconds) it takes to reach the target rotation. float rotationProgress = 0f; //The progress of the slerp. [0 - 1] while(transform.rotation != toRotation) { //Rotate the object using the variables above. transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(fromRotation, toRotation, rotationProgress); //Update the progress and wait for the next frame. rotationProgress += Time.deltaTime / rotationTime; yield return null; } yield return new WaitForSeconds(5); //Wait 5sec after the rotation has finished. fromRotation = transform.rotation; //Current rotation. toRotation = Quaternion.Euler(0, 0, 0); //New target rotation. rotationTime = 0.5f; //The amount of time (in seconds) it takes to reach the target rotation. rotationProgress = 0f; //Reset the progress. while(transform.rotation != toRotation) { //Rotate the object using the variables above. transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(fromRotation, toRotation, rotationProgress); //Update the progress and wait for the next frame. rotationProgress += Time.deltaTime / rotationTime; yield return null; } }
  29. How to rotate the target of shooting range.

    I want to rotate the target from 0 to 180 when it health becomes 0 and after 5 seconds back to 0. I tried taking hints from Armed unity kits but it didn't help me. Below is code. public float CurrentHealth; public float max health = 100; Void Start () { CurrentHealth = maxhealth; } Public void killer (float damage) { CurrentHealth -= damage; If(CurrentHealth == 0) //rotate the target to 0 to 180 } yield return new WaitForSeconds(5f) ; StartCorotouine (down()); IENumerator down () { // back to 0 rotation }
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