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  4. FPSKIT 1.6 Visual Studio issue

    Hi ... i have a strange behaviour with new fpskit 1.6 pratically when i import the project into unity 2018.1.2 or in unity 2017 it imported fine but i have a strange situation with all scripts Intellisense is not working for visual studio and i got this for all scritps https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/150297/why-is-the-intellisense-not-working-when-i-open-a-new-script-in-visual-studio i trie all solution posted in the link i attached but no one worked plus ..and this happen only for 1.6 version of the kit .. (never happened with prevoius version even on unity 2017/2018) i got this message when i try to open any script.. after i ckick ok several times it open the script but with the instellisense not working I updated obviously .net to 4.6.2 but message appear the same with fpskit 1.5 all is fien evne on unity 2017/2018 any hint??
  5. Hey your asset you uploaded in 2015, I was wondering if you could please reupload or just reply here with a new updated fresh link with all of the files for the Advanced Shoot. Thank you.


  6. Hey, if you still have the asset from when the link was working could you send me a link with the download and files in it thanks!
  7. Hey, if you still have the asset from when the link was working could you send me a link with the download and files in it thanks! And to make damage to players I'm assuming you would go to the function where the raycast shoot is called and you would make a maxHealth float variable and assign it to 100 or whatever you want and make a currentHealth float variable that is set to 100 or whatever you want, and you also want to make a damage float variable for each weapon so you would be able to apply the amount of the weapon does to the player. Down in the raycast shoot function I would say you put: currentHealth = maxHealth - damage; Im not precisely sure I haven't even seen the code, but if you have the files please share a link with me I need this asset, reply back please.
  8. Hey, if you still have the asset from when the link was working could you send me a link with the download and files in it thanks!
  9. I agree, nothing works. I wish it did because this seems like a really good asset to have.
  10. Guns Of Icarus for free

    Oh yeah I see, you are right.
  11. Define target by tag and search for child inside it ?

    1: targets = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Enemy"); target = targets[someValue]; 2: deadPoint = target.transform.Find("dead_point");
  12. Hi. I'm working on Tower Defense game. My character follow my mouse click on the map scene and if there are any enemies near him he aims directly at him. I copy most of the script from YT tutorial and I adjust it. I need help with two things here: 1/ line 6. target here is one enemy. What if I have more than 3 enemies ? How to make target is any object with "enemy" tag ? 2/ line 86. If my character selected target. I need to search for child object inside this target call "dead_point" ? Script file
  13. Guns Of Icarus for free

    No. It seems to me that this game is free forever. Others can be played for free during the week-end ++
  14. MadFPS Kit

    Why you replaced models in Update 5..??
  15. MadFPS Kit

    Love this Kit.....Dude Amazing Work....... Keep it up...
  16. Guns Of Icarus for free

    Just like Dead by Daylight and a few others I guess.
  17. Guns Of Icarus for free

    Until Tuesday https://store.steampowered.com/app/209080/Guns_of_Icarus_Online/
  18. Last week
  19. Regular Gun Script

    Can you also add the entire code from the series about how he reloads and everything?
  20. FPS KIT 1.6 with XenoPrefs

    ok i'll update unity this evening and try again..
  21. FPS KIT 1.6 with XenoPrefs

    jup thats true i just recently updated the package. Im afraid you have to update your engine
  22. UNITY 2017 | The Last Sniper

    Added animated Legs Added Save and Load (Player Position) (Continue Game, New Game) Added Main Menu (Settings in progress) Added Save Zone (Saving only works in a base) Improved Bullet detection Improved Performance of some Scripts Map is currently WIP... Beginning cutscene is WIP after the map is finished... Then Update 3 arrives... (With playable demo) Thank you for the nice comments
  23. FPS KIT 1.6 with XenoPrefs

    Hi mate.. but xenoprefs need unity 2018. or above i read.. i'm using unity 2017.3/.4 andi dont have the project working.. i tried to downlaod xenoprefs by asset store and it's greied since tell i need unity 2018
  24. FPS KIT 1.6 with XenoPrefs

    many many thanks..
  25. FPS KIT 1.6 with XenoPrefs

    Hey, i was asked to show how my asset (XenoPrefs ... check it out its free) would work with the new FPS KIT 1.6 by OMA (this kit is really awseome) original kit here:
  26. Hacknet for free

    Another one? https://www.humblebundle.com/store/hacknet-deluxe
  27. Inventory System UI conversion (Paid)

    thanks for tour reply but task could be very very simple.. since the invnetory script ihave i really simple.. i dont think tihs could take too much time for and expert user.. my bad in cannot figure how to manage by myself since i'm a bit noob ..lol hope someone coul accept the task.. and i'll pay for it
  28. https://store.steampowered.com/app/436180/Raiders_of_the_Broken_Planet/ What? Again? Another game for free. I downloaded so many free games on Steam and I don't play them... Ok ok. Now it is in my Steam library. Please stop ++ PS : this is a F2P, but they sell some DLC as campaign. For a few days, all is for free ++ https://steamcommunity.com/games/436180/announcements/detail/1648760449727865483
  29. Inventory System UI conversion (Paid)

    Converting GUI to UGUI is generally simple, but at the same time kind of a pain. The reason is that GUI is all code based as UGUI is 50% code, 50% prefabs. That's why since UGUI released, you never see anyone posting a GUI system outside of releasing the entire project or largely bundled asset. You may find somebody willing to do it, but not as many people are go down that rabbit hole
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