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  2. Just a guess but could it possibly be from mixing humanoid and generics
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  4. Hey from Belgium

    Salut Vixez. Je suis sur la frontière Luxembourgeoise, en France, près de Metz. J'aime beaucoup la Belgique. Je trouve que les gens y sont cool et cultivés... Aurez-tu un portfolio avec tes précédents projets? J'espère que tu apprécieras notre forum. A bientôt ++
  5. Need a music composer for your game?

    I compose music, try to do it for living. I have many years of experience in Orchestral, EDM, Post Rock, Ambient and other genres. I've not been too active on here for a long while, but you can send me a message on Facebook. Also I'm not very pricey, as making music is what I love. Hope all your games are going great!
  6. Hey from Belgium

    Hey, welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here.
  7. Hello, I'm having a bit of a weird issue that I can't seem to solve. What I'm trying to do is animate my character, as a test I just want to animate the entire character (with root and everything) up and back down. However, when I set a keyframe and then add a second one, the first keyframe will now have the same value as the second keyframe. If I add a third keyframe the first and second keyframe will get the same value as third keyframe. Etc.. Why is this happening? I explained it visually here: My player has an animator controller. This happens for every bones/limb my character has, making it impossible to animate. I have some existing animations, but they don't have the proper XYZ movements of the root so I want to add them. I do seem te be able to animate an empty gameobject, but it doesn't work on my Player. My player: This is hope my player is built: Thanks in advance
  8. Hey from Belgium

    Hello, My name is Glenn. I'm new to Unity game development (and game development in general), but I'm an experienced developer. While playing around with Unity I've encountered loads of problems, many of which I've managed to sort out, but there are still plenty I'm banging my on. I hope this place will be a good place for me to learn, and eventually help others as well

    So i find 1.3.5 version with zombies, its well pack, so better like 1,5 fpskit, but vehicle so bug, camera render no supported. But this version have zombies
  10. AAA Game Animation Files free

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  12. Object Impact Sound Script Help

    Any script attached to the water. Doesn't really matter which one. As long as it has access the the sound you want it to play and the audio source you want to play it on. Besides that, your good to go. https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Collider.OnTriggerEnter.html
  13. Object Impact Sound Script Help

    firstly thanks to all for your reply.. tried al your solutions but didint work for me since OcularCash centered the point i think.. my water doesnt have a collidable collider.. and yes my water has a box collider too that fits on the sides and deep.is checked as trigger too .. waht i cannot figure is how and which is the script i must to add to call OnTriggerenter()..
  14. Object Impact Sound Script Help

    I assume your water does not have a collider correct? If it doesn't, oncollisionenter wont be called because it wasn't collided with a collider. If you don't want a collidable collider on the water (because walking on water is prob something you don't want add), you add a box collider on the water and make sure it fits on the sides and is deep enough. Then tick is trigger and add a script calling OnTriggerEnter(). If the trigger contains the object, play the sound
  15. Fps assault Arms Pack Issue

    Click on the the arms mesh object in the scene and in the skinned mesh renderer, adjust the bounds that it encapsulates the arms no matter the rotation. The issue is most likely that the render bounds are not large enough so it doesn't render the arms when animated forward because the render bounds are not visible
  16. Object Impact Sound Script Help

    At first, reading your script, there is a first problem - it plays two sounds if your object hits water because the first condition is available too. Try this alternative : void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision) { if (collision.relativeVelocity.magnitude > 1) { if (collision.gameObject.tag == "water" // play water sound else // play other sound } }
  17. Object Impact Sound Script Help

    Hi. At least try to change logic in if statements. If velocity magnitude is enough your water condition won't be started //Your velocity if (hit.relativeVelocity.magnitude >=1) { //If water do water sound if( hit.gameObject.CompareTag("AGUA")) { this.GetComponent<AudioSource>().PlayOneShot(impactWaterSounds[randomImpact], hit.relativeVelocity.magnitude * 0.1f * impactAudioModifier); Debug.Log("WaterImpact"); } //Just object sound. or sound underwater this.GetComponent<AudioSource>().PlayOneShot(impactSounds[randomImpact], hit.relativeVelocity.magnitude * 0.1f * impactAudioModifier); }
  18. Fps assault Arms Pack Issue

    I assume that you could report your problem/bug to the author of this asset. He is the best person to help you ++
  19. Object Impact Sound Script Help

    H to all I'm making a n mpct sound script to have sound when picked or falling object collides with ground or other objetcs.. this is waht i done so far.. all works fine for objects collliosn but i dont know ho manage when object enter in water.. i want a classic water splash sound but what i done in the script dont give me any result.. can please somene give me some hints?? using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Impact : MonoBehaviour { public AudioSource ImpactSource; public AudioClip[] impactSounds; public AudioClip[] impactWaterSounds; public float impactAudioModifier = 1.0f; void OnCollisionEnter(Collision hit) { int randomImpact = Random.Range(0, impactSounds.Length); if (hit.relativeVelocity.magnitude >=1) { this.GetComponent<AudioSource>().PlayOneShot(impactSounds[randomImpact], hit.relativeVelocity.magnitude * 0.1f * impactAudioModifier); } else if (hit.relativeVelocity.magnitude >= 1 && hit.gameObject.CompareTag("AGUA")) { this.GetComponent<AudioSource>().PlayOneShot(impactWaterSounds[randomImpact], hit.relativeVelocity.magnitude * 0.1f * impactAudioModifier); Debug.Log("WaterImpact"); } } }
  20. Fps assault Arms Pack Issue

    Also, when i Move it a bit away of the camera, it appears
  21. Fps assault Arms Pack Issue

    Hey! I'm having a small problem with the First Person Assault Character Pack https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/17201 , The problem is when i turn to the "Game" window, the arms doesn't show. I almost everything(Changing Culling Masks, Tags, etc) But it keeps showing I Appreciate Answers.
  22. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZdhrsB-yodlKy3vsMjkmIg
  23. Pickup up and moving an abject?

  24. Friend List Help

    How to make a friend list using FacePunch SteamWorks? i try to make something bu don`t work and on google don` find anything
  25. Level Unlock System (FREE)

    Reload Link and delete password
  26. Pickup up and moving an abject?

    how is everyone ? by any chance would anyone have a script that allows the player to pick up and move an object say like if i want the player to pick up a box and put it on a shelf something like what you can do in fallout 3 (only game i can think of atm) thanks guys happy donate some funds if the script woks
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