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  3. [Work In Progress] Rangers 2D RPG

    Huge Update! Check the main post
  4. AI and sight

    @OcularCash Thanks for mentioning. I did not realize that.
  5. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    My low poly ant, and my low poly guns...i think my stuff looks cool
  6. AI and sight

    @swipe2000problem with spherecasting is 2 things, distance and scale. Distance being that if something is currently inside the unit sphere, it will not pick it up. For instance, casting a 1 unit sphere forward 10 units, it will not pick up something that is at 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 because it's inside the casting sphere. and scale is just that, casting a 1 unit sphere 20 units will not pick up an object that is clearly visible at 0, 2, 10 because your not using a frustum, instead you are basically holding a long pill saying if you touch it I can see you. thats why it's always best to use view frustums (box or sphere "angle") bc costs less for the CPU and it gives more of a realistic viewing frame
  7. Yesterday
  8. MadFPS Kit

    Thank you! Ill try and find it, it is from Youtube
  9. MadFPS Kit

    Cool. Fellow, please, can you credit background track? These two/three chords are just unforgettable - and really hypnotic. I like it. Thanks ++
  10. Wow

    Amazing foliage and plants' renderer
  11. Wow

  12. AI and sight

    A sphere cast worked for me too. It covers a large area and only requires one cast.
  13. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    I'm not on my my main computer at this time. https://alienantworld.itch.io/alienantworld, is the demo with the rough unpolished assets. You can see that the new mecha/suits do not have seams that make the models look to bad. They have no real texture at this time. It's also my old work. I'm working on some models right now that I will link in a day or two, that are going to be decently detailed with an actual shader. The others are just me messing around and not being serious.
  14. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    @TheantmanSo I've not seen that yet. I am curious. Mind sending me the link?
  15. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Thank you swipe. You have every right to the opinion, but the thread is old with old models. There is a reason why the thread is getting a lot of attention, and that's because my game is gaining steam. It's a fact.
  16. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    @TheantmanYou clearly are very stubborn and seem to refuse to listen to what others are telling you. Your models are well, bad. Its not enjoyable or satisfying to look it. I don't even want to know what the code looks like. You should, instead of getting right into the process of making a game, learn everything you can about the engine. There are so may things you can use or create to make your game look much better. From the asset store to things you can find on GitHub. Please just listen to what people are saying, take a break, and come back and really learn and try to understand every step you're taking. You're refusal to take in others criticism and advice will kill you in the industry. Good luck always, and I wish you the best.
  17. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Roland: I find your other posts funny, but Your current stage: - Fake News -not focusing on your "own" projects. Do you have anything to show? except talking. -projecting insecurity with pathetic insults Unless you have any contributions to the #million dollar project, don't speak about nonsense. I value what the game is going to be worth, and it will be worth that if a certain amount of time is dedicated to it. In Fact, I think a million dollars is small time in the totality of game design. Companies invest millions into games for them to become successful, and the same goes for making a movie. In my case, where I do not have a lot of funds and money, I'm investing time and energy into something that can become the next big thing. That's my investment into it that will lead to it's value. I have the skills for it to become what it can become with hard work, determination, blind luck, and faith.
  18. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    As you said "Hopefully, the developer aint a fucktard" and he doesn't overestimates his project.
  19. Last week
  20. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    I'm going to bump it to 2 million dollar game. That's the estimated value I have for it. Hopefully, it can reach up to 5 million in worth. I'm indie though, that's the thing, my games going to be the first to break records. Depends on if I take it seriously or not. As of this point iv e been slacking. 5 milli bois.
  21. E.D.E.N. Station

    Yeah, probably would make fun level to play. This level of graphic detail ins't really game ready though. Shooting it frame by frame takes away the lag, I have something like 250 shadow casting lights in the scene. All the textures are 2K or more.
  22. Bad idea for my game ?

    Hi! I can say that the idea isn't bad, but I think that you can replace it with a better one and a simple one. When I tried to do this, I didn't know what was easier to perceive and learned to work with everything. But then I realized that this isn't mine, and now I'm writing articles you can see this here. And to you I do well, and the main thing is to have motivation.
  23. MadFPS Kit

    Adding Weapons in MadFPS 0.3
  24. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    The amount of time you waste with this so called "million dollar project" is truly amazing
  25. E.D.E.N. Station

    Looks like something you can just slap into a puzzle game and it'll look great. Said puzzle games because of those cubes everywhere
  26. E.D.E.N. Station

    Hi guys, I recently partook in the Unity #Neonchallenge competition that Unity is currently hosting. This was my submission, called E.D.E.N. Station : https://connect.unity.com/p/e-d-e-n-station And here is my final video : If you guys enjoyed the video please leave a like on my submission page, it helps allot.
  27. PlanB (FPS Project)

    Got back to game development. Here is a video on the current progress of the game:
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