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  2. Its definitely negative so, i wont add it .Thanks to everyone.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Really the only kind of crypto language I liked in a game thus far is how final fantasy did it with the al-bhed language. But besides that, not really something I would enjoy outside of just wasting time like I do with other cryptopuzzles
  5. that is called leet speak or (1337) and was used by hackers so the messages cant be found when searching for keywords (eg. search request: "Bomb" actual word used: "B0 mb" or sth. simular) so the idea of using 1337 is actually to confuse and to not to be found by automatic search requests. By saying that i think it wont fit in to any game since your goal in a game is normally to make things clear and easy to understand for players. Anyways there might be exeptions since clearness depends on the audience. An audience for a spy/hacking etc. game might be used to 1337 and most likely still find it easy and clear ps. sory for my bad english ... but im actualy to lazy right now to correct all mistakes
  6. error

    wow! no responds ?
  7. cs.go

    ok i will wait
  8. Thank you very much. I will try to learn how to use this. It's FuseCC from the Creative Cloud, am i right?
  9. It is working for me but here it is anyways:
  10. download is offline
  11. Ok thank you , so for the moment its really negative , its good to know this before i start implement it.
  12. I can understand it but it's just annoying.
  13. Ok thank you xD i dont want a game that give headache
  14. It gives me a headache. But that could just be me...
  15. Yeah, I have another gun model that looks similar to the M4 that I was thinking of. But yeah, you were right. That is the one I downloaded. I found the video too.
  16. Hello , I would like to know would you play a game were the setence have number at the place of some letter here is a example of that i want to do . I know the idea isnt new ... Wha7 d0 y0u 7h1ink ab0u7 7ha7 ? 1f y0u und3r57and, 7h3n l00k r3al15abl3 0r n0t ... Thank you .
  17. The weapon that you most likely downloaded from YouTube "without knowing" was the M4. You did not make the animations nor did you change the model/textures itself. Check with the owner of the model before actually using it... If you read the description you would have known.
  18. Better for you to learn how to animate human model. There are many tutorials on Internet will help you. With practice nothing will stop you. Mixamo is useful for your case. there are many types of animations of zombie and human you can use it freely.
  19. Last week
  20. It depends, the pallets, crates, containers and grass I got off of the unity store. The tucks, my friend Jamar made and he gave them to me. He also helped me out with making the M4 and the Glock as shown in the pictures. I just detailed the models to look more realistic and made the animations. Other than that, everything else you see in the pictures are mine. Like I said before. I'm going to be changing all the used models to my own soon, I am only using them kind of like a blueprint to get started. I did download one weapon from a youtube video, I don't know which one though. As stated previously, I'm going to be changing all the used models to my own soon, I am only using them kind of like a blueprint to get started.
  21. is there a reason why this doesnt work on newer version of unity?
  22. error

    Thanks mate. but for my post problem.. do u have any solution ?
  23. Did you do the 3d Models?
  24. Is it just me or does the weapon in the third photo look as if it was downloaded from a YouTube video which said that the weapons were for personal use only, or am I thinking about a different YouTube video?
  25. Hi guys. Here is a game I have recently been working on. It is called "Refractured". - No I am not finished working on the scene yet , this is going to be in the demo when it releases. I will add a video once I make more scenes and a main menu with options. "Weapon Manager" - The script I used for my weapon Manager is below *YES!!! There are a few models from the Unity Asset Store such as the pallets, crates, containers and grass. I used them as a base to set up so soon I will be changing them to my own.* --=Pictures Below=--
  26. I can understand the apple rejection. Looks ok but what's with the side head bob? I see that a lot and always think who in the right mind swings there head like that when they run lol
  27. It is just for fun !
  28. Oh, if there is a better model w these animations or you have one, i may use that instead
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