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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys , I've released a free War Airplane desktop asset on my website for you guys. are both Unitypackage and Base files versions for if you aren't using unity , the file format is FBX.Screenshots : asset is released under CC BY licence so please do credit me if you use it.
  2. Cancelled.
  3. Code War Z

    Code War Z is a concept similar to Plants vs Zombies. It's a tower defense concept that uses code to place things, regenerate things, etc... For instance, having a grid on the map, on the sides of the screen have 0 - ? To represent x and another to represent y. A user can type a command like so: Place("MachineGun", Vector2(2, 2)); which would place a machine gun at the position 2,2. Typing Regenerate(Vector2(2,2)); would shut down the machine gun until it is fully regenerated or until you type ReadyUp(Vector2(2,2)); which will stop regeneration and begin engaging targets again. Unlike plants vs zombies however, you have a defensive position and offensive target. Goal being first one to get 20 ai through wins, giving the players the need to defend and attack and plan strategies. Faster typers will have the upper hand on speed command memorizing players will have the upper hand on utilizing more equipment. But also limiting the users to only having up to 15 equipment/ai out at a time. Hope you all like this concept and happy developing
  4. Low Poly War Rig

    Version 0.1


    Mad max type rustic etc
  5. Armed Assault: The Fall Update 2#

    Hey Guys, Just some news on the next update for Armed Assault: The Fall Additions: -New Gun (M4A1 with Holographic sight) Improvements: -Whole game has been optimized for better performance -Everything has been re-written in C# -Re-made the training map -re-positioned the UI (for the HUD) -using new shaders for the map Fixes: -Player can now walk up the stairs with no hassle -Sensitivity has been lowered (Settings menu will be created soon) Work in Progress: -Settings menu -In-game cutscene -Scene fade in and out -New soundtrack You can play Armed Assault on Game Jolt:
  6. Hey guys! Today I'm releasing some of my World War 2 weapon models I made. All of them are untextured, but some of them already have a UVW map (you may need to redo some UVW maps). Note: You can't use them for commercial projects, because I'm using the student version of 3ds Max. Luger P08: Polys: 3056 Verts: 2774 Note: This is the only exeption, because I started texturing it (not in the screen, but in the .rar) Download: Machinenpistole 40: Polys: 2433 Verts: 2856 Download: Gewehr 41: Polys: 1834 Verts: 1925 Download: More models will follow later!
  7. (Picture I went off of) Hey guys. so a few days ago I made a ww2 plane model. And I stupidly pressed Ctrl Z while I was in Object mode and it deleted everything I worked on - _ - so I raged, Anyway I was wondering if anyone could make me a quick model of this? The player needs to go into the plane so it needs to be hollow inside. Thanks in advance -Stuart
  8. We need new team members, New team members are required to start a project named; Alpha Squad: Warzone. The game is going to be a Battlefield 4 inspired game, however it will be more realistic* If any Modelers/Animators/Scripters are interested in this project I would like to know; Age: Name: Previous projects?: Modeler/animator/scripter?: Timezone: Willing to work for free?: If any questions remain feel free to ask! *more realistic in the way of No HUD, No ammo counter, no kill report, no crosshairs etc.
  9. Gewehr 41

    From the album WW2 Weapons

    © Mine

  10. Luger P08

    From the album WW2 Weapons

    © Mine

  11. MP40

    From the album WW2 Weapons

    German MP40

    © Mine