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Found 144 results

  1. I wanted more flex able classes in my project for Health/Player/Enemy and had more types called get Compontent<Health>(); <--- sucked So I changed it because sometimes you can't use the same code for everything sadFace. So I made a video Explaining how I Over come this problem and I can Now Delete something with breaking the stuffings out of my project
  2. Download from here: IMPORTANT - this kit requires unity 5.3 or higher. If you use earlier version of unity engine, you will get errors in console. Password: armedunity
  3. Hello friends! I want to show you my android game adventure of minecraft hero. This is infinity runner game where you need escape from zombie and collect coins, items. This game like Subway Serf. Link on Google Play: MINERUN Link(Click) I hope you download and rate my game. Thanks!
  4. Version v1.5


    Webplayer demo: Requires unity 5.3 or higher. Password: armedunity *************************** VIDEO TUTORIALS * How to open project in unity 5: * How to add animated weapon: * How to add weapon by replacing model
  5. Hello Everybody, I Would like your help in participating in this survey that I am sharing on behalf of my team. That is Xtranormal Activists. The team itself is fairly new with limited publicity (Were working on that) but is pared up with experienced developers and content creators focusing on creating games, Outsourcing and Tools development working with the unity and unreal engine. The purpose of the survey is to find patterns and preferences that are common among many persons involved in the game industry and by segment the creative industry. Also to provide help to game developers with limited resources but a strong desire to learn and make there dreams a reality with effort on their part. Thank you for reading, now the survey:
  6. Version 1.0


    Here is a basic top-down starter kit I developed for people who wish to start a top-down origin game development project. The kit contains features such as: -Player Controller -Camera Manager -Game Manager -Main Menu (scales to all resolutions) You have my permission to use this project as you please, even for commercial purposes (you don't even have to credit me). That is all, enjoy. PS: I will continue to update this kit for a short period of time until it reaches a more advanced state, then any further updates will only be available for premium members.
  7. Vehicle Physics. Info: So. I have noticed a lot of community members have been seeking Vehicle Physics.. I was going to create a project from scratch for the community but i have been sidetracked by my Racing Game Project ATM. So i took Andrew Gotow's Vehicle Physics & Customized - Rewrite the Code So the Vehicle Handles & Behaves Better. Has a real center of mass. Anti Roll Bars. etc. This Project Will Not Be Receiving Anymore Updates Because My Current Project is taking up a lot of my time. So I hope everyone here enjoys the projects & Makes something cool from them I will be here for support, If you have any issues / Bugs please let me know & I will be more then happy to help You out! NOTE: You are free to use this Commercially If You Replace All The Models / Sounds With Your Own. Please Do Not Upload This & Share It. If You want to share with you Friends Send Them A Link To This Thread. Features: Automatic Gearbox. Handbrake. Deceleration Speed. Anti Roll Bars. Skid marks With Smoke & Audio. Vehicle Has Max Speed. Steer Angle Is Adjustable In The Inspector. DEMO: Video Preview: Downloads. V1 : Just The Physics. V2 : The Physics & First Person Controller Enter And Exit System. Downloads For 4.3. V1 : Just The Physics. V2 : The Physics & First Person Controller Enter And Exit System. Update #1 Improved The WheelAlignScript. & Made it able to handle all wheels at once. Instead of multible scripts being ran on all four wheels. How To Use The Updated Script. Step 1. Delete the WheelAlign Script. Step 2. Create a new script called WheelVisuals & Paste The Above Into The Script. Step 3. Assign This Script To The Vehicle. Step 4. Assign Your Wheel Colliders Matching The Names. & The Wheel Meshes. Step 5. Hit Play & Notice Everything still works Beautifully yet its easier to Manage. Note: "Mesh Is The Actual Wheel Model." "Wheel Is The Actual Collider" Note: SkidSmoke = SlipPrefab. Credits: OneManArmy - Enter & Exit Source From FPSKIT. Andrew Gotow - Vehicle Physics. Andrew Laverack *Epic-Shot* - Edit & Rewrite. Angel Garcia *Edy* - Anti Roll Bar. Roylen - Easy Skid marks.
  8. Version v1.5


    This is C# version of FPS KIT. Scripts translated to C# by Evgeniy Kupras (chapaeff) Webplayer demo: Requires unity 5.3.3 or higher. Password: armedunity *************************** VIDEO TUTORIALS * How to open project in unity 5: * How to add animated weapon: * How to add weapon by replacing model
  9. 1. Import and setup of Aron Grangberg's A* pathfinding 2. Lightmapping and adding enemy. Here you can download: A* Pathfinding: Tutorial Assets: _FilesForTutorial.rar ****************************** 3. New Zombie for FPS Kit 2 4. Fixing mistakes Here you can download: Tutorial Assets:!k9dEEIKI!CEWRZQY13KC1pnZcpN9IQEuvNwoTYZxP_sxWmcviBOU Zombie/Animations: Unity Engine version 4.1.3f3 (Free) A* Pathfinding version (Free)
  10. Version 1.51f


    If you like it or have any questions, just ask or leave a comment! Don't forget rate If you want more, please subscribe! V2 Will include chat and finished mecanim controller. Guys, important Bug Fix!! Replace MainMenu.cs with this: and replace FixThings.cs with this: The bug: When Client A spawns on server before Client B joins, Player of Client A will be deleted on Client B. That means Client A's player will be "invisible" to Client B, but can still shoot him. Replacing the scripts will solve that.
  11. Version V1


    Hi Spent the day creating this for my sons project but thought i would share it with the community on AU because there not many free gun prefabs ive seen around it"s a ARGi with all removable attachements For use on None Commercial project use unless you have my consent also please give a shot out Please leave a thank you if you Download it and your constructive comments below enjoy With be updated so leave you ideas I have decided due to many requests to release this asset for commercial use it is now published for commercial & non commercial but credits must be given in final build for non-commercial & commercial i think this is fare thank you Free Map Download HILL HOUSEFree 2 floor fps Map Direct Download Here Enjoy Remember to give Credits Thanks Pacciones Aug with attachments.unitypackage
  12. In this section I have shared with you the images of the game that I have developed for days. In the coming days I will post a video in every event I have developed. Subscribe my channel. (Im used ezfps)
  13. In these 3 - 4 days I've been making a small game I was inspired by the game Trials Evolution, because I have played it a lot and I really like that game. The game may not look like it was inspired by Trials, but I like the result The models are just made out of a cube and cylinders as wheels I don't have a car model, so I can't really add it I didn't use Wheel Colliders, so I used capsule colliders for the wheel collision, it does have some disadvantages but I can live with those for now. I used Configurable Joints to get the desired suspension effect, and AddForce on Rigidbody to move the car. The levels is short, and I don't know how to make good levels There are 3 levels, and 3 cars so far, and which cars you can select depends on the level. So one car may be available to use on level 1 but not on level 2. I use playerprefs to save data, and I have made a button to delete your save if you want Build: pre-alpha v1.0 I would suggest putting on some music or something while playing, or if you like silence then... well, enjoy The only sound in the game is explosions, but I will add sounds for the car some time Controls: WS - Drive forward/backwards AD - Tilt left/right R - Restart level C - Respawn at the most recent checkpoint you've been at | You can miss a checkpoint and still finish, so the checkpoints are used for respawning Here's some screenshots: And a video: A small 2.5D car game I've made PS. This is just a small project I wanted to make because I like Trials Evolution, and I thought it was interesting, and I've had the game for so many years and never thought about making a game similar. I will eventually make it a fully fledged out game, but that might take some time because I have so many projects I'm working on BUT, I will make some small changes now and then, and maybe a a few new levels and vehicles, and make them better. Maybe also a Track Editor like in Trials Evolution, so you can make levels and share them, but I have to figure out how to save that kind of stuff If you would like me to develop this game further, then please tell
  14. Hey! I just posted an update #1 video of project i've been working on named "Rageous world". Keep in mind that this is still in early stages of development and some things are place holders. To-do list: - map design - better AI - More weapons - Better zombie model - shop - zombie spawners - maybe multiplayer - main menu - pause menu (Tell me what i should add or fix)
  15. I always hated using 2 cameras in my fps projects. well because it just seem silly. So for a long time I just took it for what ever.. but Now I found a way thats light enough plus some other cool things working with Cameras. So I'm going to share in this that you can help yourself as well. Hope this helps you enjoy.
  16. Version


    It is modified version of FPS Kit 1.3.5 (all modifications made by atilano1). Added New pause menu Added Weapons Menu Added Run system Added Simple air attack system Added Auto Reload system Added crosshair disappearing when running system
  17. Version 1


    Simple Low Poly Futuristic room i've made ,was basicaly going for a try to the unity asset store but as it was declied i will put it free here Low poly , 1024*1024 textures , unitypackage format
  18. Hi I'm trying to make enemy character who is in idle animation and when i shoot him, his body will be replace with ragdoll. Im using AU fps kit by the way. Can anyone help me please?
  19. Hey guys, so I decided to make a thread about the useful scripts that are in this very useful forum. This thread will be updated regularly as soon as I (or you) find some useful scripts. If you found this helpful then leave a "like"! FORMAT: (thread name) by (author of thread) [language (C#/JS)] LIST [@DaBossTMR] Flashlight Script v2.1.1 by DaBossTMR [C#] Bullet Trajectory/Physics by DaBossTMR (credits to Jeremy Clark) [C#] Player Push (less glitchier) by DaBossTMR [C# and JS] [NGUI] Changing Screen Resolutions by DaBossTMR [C#] Top-down Shooter Camera by DaBossTMR [C#] Object Impact Sound by DaBossTMR [C# and JS] Populate Terrain Grass by DaBossTMR [C#] Realistic Camera Shake by DaBossTMR [C#] (credits go to UTnT) Find Closest Transform With Tag by DaBossTMR [C#] Disable ALT-F4 In Game by DaBossTMR [C# and JS] Extended FPS Counter by DaBossTMR [C#] [@OneManArmy] Jeremy Clark's FPS Scripts by OneManArmy [JS] RTS Camera by OneManArmy [JS] Rigidbody Controller by OneManArmy [JS] Buoyancy (Floating Objects) by OneManArmy [C#] Audio Effect When Falling by OneManArmy [JS] Cigarette Smoke Trail by OneManArmy [JS] [@OcularCash] Save/Load Method (Player Prefs) by OcularCash [JS] Health Regeneration by OcularCash [JS] Bouncing Betty/Freddy by OcularCash [JS] COD Style Cooked Grenades by OcularCash [JS] Javelin Script by OcularCash [JS] Stealth Bomber by OcularCash [JS] Harrier with Airstrike by OcularCash [JS] Anti-Spawn Trapping by OcularCash [JS] Predator Missile by OcularCash [JS] Weapon Wheel (GUI) by OcularCash [JS] MW2 Style Semtex Grenade by OcularCash [JS] Team Selection (Private Match) by OcularCash [JS] Flare Gun (with Exploding Rounds) by OcularCash [JS] Explosion (Linear Falloff Damage) by OcularCash [JS] Using Enums To Call Functions by OcularCash [JS] Basic Procedural Player + Movement + Walkable Area by OcularCash [JS] [@Duxducis404] Quake Map Loader (pk3 files) by Duxducis404 [C#] [@YoungDeveloper] Simple Teleport by YoungDeveloper [C#] [@T3kaT0kIkuTa] Particle Magnet by T3kaT0kIkuTa [C#] [@DarkChaos] Wall Avoidance by DarkChaos [JS] Disable Shadows For One Camera by DarkChaos [JS] Improved Sniper Scope System by DarkChaos [JS] Frames Per Second Counter by DarkChaos [JS] Knife Script with Animation Support by DarkChaos [JS] Countdown Timer by DarkChaos [JS] [@themars2011] Extended Timer/Counter by themars2011 [JS] Useful Networking Scripts by themars2011 [JS] Toggle Aim by themars2011 [JS] Mouse Look w/ Custom Editor by themars2011 [JS] [@bxboy15] Weapon Sway/Rotation by bxboy15 [JS] [@ProRussianMn] Save/Load Method (XML) by ProRussianMn [JS] [@jordanblythe104] Weapon Sway Script (Red Orchestra Style) by jordanblythe103 [JS] [@aeditz50] Cinematic Camera Shake by aeditz50 [C#] [@nightbird0] Smart FPS Counter by nightbird0 [C#] [@Epic-Shot] Fullscreen Video Using GUI (Pro Only) by Epic-Shot [C#] [@loftail] Zombie AI (Pro Only) by loftail [JS] [@dreadt9] Sentry Gun by dreadt9 [JS] l4mishotiz (Unity Forums) FPS Starter Scripts by l4mishotiz [uNKNOWN] [@jediaction] Peek Script by jediaction [JS] SIMPLE SCRIPTS/TOOLS Simple Tips System by pspdude [JS] Javascript to C# Converter by M2H [C# people]
  20. Version v1.0


    This model is from unity Bootcamp demo. If you use this model in your game and you have problems to create and configure ragdoll, here you can download it. All joints are already adjusted. Password: armedunity
  21. So I completed my first year at uni back in early may, since then I have been working back at my old job as a Unity3D Developer. So for the past almost 2 years I have only been doing either graded work with C++ or using Unity to make programs for someone else and I really need to get my motivation back to work on my own games and get back into the Indie scene. My issue is that when ever I try to think of a game idea I end up with 10 different ideas, pick one, then after 2 weeks decide one of the other ideas was better, try that one, then give up because of limitations in my skills (I am a programmer so when I start needing Art and Animation) I loose motivation as I can't make it look nice or sound nice etc. As I am use to working professionally I never have to worry at work, we have a team of artist/animators that make what ever art assets we need. Due to this my standards have become really high, all the project I've worked on have been created by a team of seasoned artists and there is no way I can replicate that. I was wondering if anyone else find this to be a issue and how they get around it? I have so many ideas but just can't get motivated to see it all the way through!
  22. Version 0.1


    Enter / Exit the car by pressing F, like in GTA. download: ENJOY ! :D0
  23. NEW PACKAGE! This one is a bit late but sure was worth the wait I guess. It's a new pair of FPS Arms which you can use without crediting anyone from this site! It was made by me, and can be used ROYALTY FREE! Feel free to use it in whatever project you like! Please read the text file in the package before proceeding after download! Thanks! Download! Image: ___________________________________________________________________________ Original Post here at my website: 7XFGAMES