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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone , Basically let me introduce to my game... Name : ColorCatcher (may be changed later...) About the game (Android , IOS): Basic , All you have to do just touch on the colored balloons and it will be destroyed by the method ["Destroy(gameObject)"] and count + 1 & displaying on the UI.Text I use playerprefs to count how much balloons I've destroyed My problem is : The first balloon i touch on it , Counted and displayed on the UI Text , 2nd/3th/......100th is not counted but getting destroyed! ---- Scripts Balloon Movements : (Seems no errors on it..) Balloon Spawning: (Seems no errors on it..) Balloon Destroying & Counting! : [ERROR ON THIS SCRIPT] Okay. This is what I've setup [Sorry There's no screenshot ] : HideBall script is putted on "Score" "Score" = UI.Text = "0" Based on the Hierarchy --------- the Balloons is not on the Hierarchy , it's on the folder called "Prefabs" in Project file. --------- If this is not helpful , i can take screenshots/Video ---------- But please help me I've googled and it wasn't helpful for me Thanks for Reading
  2. Hey there folks! This is my first need help: How would you able to make Unity to remember what scene/level you were in? For example: let's say I have about 5-8 levels and when I quit the game it has to then remember on what scene I were in. I was thinking on running with booleans and put a bool on every level and it ticks on and off on certain levels? Help please :/ pretty confused :S
  3. Hi there! I finally figured out on how to save with PlayerPrefs. But now I'm currently stuck with this WeaponIndex in OMA's FPS KIT... What I'm trying to do is to save what current weapon I was holding and then the script remembers what certain weapon I used and not bring back the old ones I have. I wrote in the WeaponIndex script, like this (and it didn't work...): function Start(){ PlayerPrefs.GetInt("playerWeapons"); } function Update(){ PlayerPrefs.SetInt("playerWeapons", setWeapon); } Is there a way in saving the weps I picked up? Help Please! Thanks!
  4. Hi! I need some help on saving and loading. Like, what gun I'm holding, current health and position. Cos, I don't really know how to do it and i looked around on google to get answers on PlayerPrefs, but to be honest: I don't really get it Note, that I'm using OMA's FPS Kit, and would like to use the save script and load script on it. I've also used's save and load assets, but that doesn't work. It just resets the level and nothing else :/ please help! thanks!