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Found 100 results

  1. PlanB(WIP) all changes/updates/informations are listed below: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Title: PlanB Developer: Erarnitox Genre: FPS Players:1-70 alpha-Release:to be defined current progress: 5% done Open the spoilers inside the "Quotes" to get more Information: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ It seems like i am not able to use any more quotes in this topic so from now on there will just be basic spoilers: ►26.02.2016: ►20.12.2016:
  2. hi, I am doing a simple multiplayer game for my last year project in software engineering subject.- -o But I had some questions which I couldn't find the answer in google. so questions are listed under: 1- which part do I create first, the character + story then implement the multiplayer? 2- what tool is the best for multiplayer? photon or unity multiplayer tool? (or else?)
  3. I share the link of this project that I've found, is a good base for the creation of virtual worlds. Download link
  4. Hello world. Im here to ask one question and hopefully people will write back and take their time to reed this. So my question to the programmers out there is, whats, where and how is the best way to learn Unity C# programming. When i say C# Programming i also mean Network Programming, it is completly okey and ill be really thankful if there isn't a really good unity3d network programming tutorial but only the other type of programming. Anything helps out! I have searched around a lot a lot of to learn programming networking, but don't find so much useful tutorials. I can program a little bit, i have made a basic FPS game by my self and it is really cool in my opinion, but it is boring to play a game where you can't do much but walk around and shoot Ai. So i really wanted to learn Network Programming. Then came this beautiful thing called Unet, or maybe it is old, i dont know, when i say Unet i mean all the new networking components. My experience with multiplayer : The only thing i have completed by using Unet, is making a player join by the NetworkManager / NetworkManagerHUD and walk around and look around in a FPS type of view. And it worked / works. That wasn't so advanced and hard to program, so i thought that it wouldn't be so hard to program in other things like shooting, switching weapons and so on. Oh God it was. So then i ran into this type of thing called [Command] //or Cmd This was new, and it will be new and never be understood by me. I am talking about a lot of other commands and words in Unet programming, but these are the first ones i ran into. So my question is, is there really any good and useful tutorials / streams / courses or whatever it can be, that will help you out in Unity3D C# Programming and Unity3D C# Network Programming ? Thanks in advance for reading all this, thank you for your time and i hope you have a good answer and i hope you have a wonderful day
  5. Hey again! So i've always liked legos since I was a kid and I noticed that nobody has ever tried to make a lego FPS before. So I decided to try my luck. For now, im using the help of the ezfps kit to have a base so I can see how everything looks. All the lego models are made by me so I just need to rescript some things. Stuff it has so far: - Photon - Weapon customization - Lego people explode instead of ragdollizing when dead - Moving avatar(profile pic) - Dank music - Map selection - Bots & Zombies - Rotating skyboxes - More stuff to come Here's a demo link if you want to play or test the game out. Feel free to give feedback or suggestions. - Screenshot
  6. Hello guys,can help me with script for voicechat MULTIPLAYER? Or tutorial? THX XD
  7. In order to understand how networking works, and how communicating between computers, it is useful to learn the sequence of connecting to a server. It is convenient to use one server version of each scene in a Unity project and one client version of each scene. This is useful for when you want to separate the server and client applications from each other. Connecting client and server Network Views RPC Details State Synchronization Details Authoritative Server Leave a like if you found this useful!
  8. First of all, Thanx to TheMars2011, its he who instructing me how to add multiplayer, and thanx to pokeyoshi for his multiplayer scripts. --------- Features: -Buttons now auto resizable for any resolution! -New Menu music (created special for mp release) -Multilanguage -Map selecting -Many fun Download:
  9. Hey guys! I've been working on a project for the few past weeks, I've made it into a Unity Package (Sort of like an Asset). It's part of my freelancing work. Here's a showcase video on the my project: If you're interested in checking the full list of features the project has OR want to support my freelancing you can go to: Any comments are welcome. Thanks for stopping by.
  10. Hello everyone! Wave Survival Multiplayer is for whoever wants to kickstart their project as fast as possible, but without poor quality gameplay or lack of features. Spend less time on the burdensome technical requirements of making your game and dive into the fun stuff, let me take care of the boring parts for you! With Wave Survival Multiplayer you get the complete package: from zombies that will try to eat you and your friends brains to a nicely custom designed multiplayer lobby. Stop worrying about the hard part about making games, and jump straight to implementing your ideas. Let creativity be your only barrier! Price for the package: only $11.99 Feel like taking a better look at it? Check it out at Sellfy: Thanks!
  11. Hello guys today I came to bring an inspiration a project that maybe I put for download as a kit. I hope you enjoy Thaks! maybe he already come up with web site ready for play on web player. I Am A Programmer PHP HTML MYSQL C # Download: Download Mega Features: Photon Network Fur according to the nick Simple Movement 5 Skins Soon: Kill Enemy And Add More Mass ......::::::[Main Menu]::::::...... ......::::::[settings]::::::...... ......::::::[in Game]::::::......
  12. So for the past month I've been Trying to add multiplayer to OMA's FPSKIT 1.5, What i'm trying to do is get the players control independently of each other, I have tried and followed many tutorials and so homemade scripts but none have worked, so i thought i would come on here and see if anyone has any knowledge with networking and free up the characters.
  13. I'm trying to think of an elegant solution to this, and would like to know if you have any ideas The Requirement: First person view With a full body for multiplayer with animations I want the player to see their legs and arms etc. in first person. I want the player to be able to press a key and have "FreeLook" so that just their characters head moves, and they can use it to look back over their shoulder when something is chasing them. Nice to have's It would be nice to restrict head movement to natural limitations Some sort of Steady Cam, I've noticed when attaching cameras to head bones that the movement is too wobbly. So something to smooth out movement without intersecting with the character geometry when they jump for instance. My Ideas so far. I'm thinking that the head model should be separate but joined to the body at the neck, then I was thinking I could perhaps cul the head from the camera view and position it so it could never look down the neck hole. I was thinking of having an invisible sphere collider with the camera inside, that would prevent the camera intersecting with the body and then figure out some way of smoothing the camera movement within the sphere. Any ideas warmly welcomed, I really think that with the advent of VR headsets that "First Person" is going to be a hot subject.
  14. Hello,Today I Want Show New Project Which Is In Progress... Name: Combat ExtremeFire Platform: PC/WEB Website: Features: Profile Options Controls Chat System ScoreBoard System Maps Match Creating System Joining Matchs System Shop Per Round System Health System Ammo System Money System Alliance Member Above Head (Nick) System MainMenu Refill Ammo (Cost 100$/Per Refill) System Kill Show System And Much More v2.0 News: New Map "DesertFort" New MainMenu New GUI Window New Image over "CountDown Till Round Ends Time" New Map Name below "CountDown Time" New Image over "Kill,Join,Leave,HeadShot,Etc Messages System" New Button "Website" Bug Fix: Player Sprint "in v1.0 player were sprinting without shift,with shift was walking normal" Fixed Bug Fix: Some Bugs On Maps Fixed REMOVED "COMBAT ARMS" MUSIC! .... v2.2 News: Start Scene Logo: Added: --------- Images Images With Text Load Loading Screen After 5 Seconds Loading Screen: Added: --------- BackGround Image Game Name Text Loading Bar Loading Text "Loading..." Rotating Load MainMenu After Seconds MainMenu Changes: New MainMenu Music = Other: Bug Fixes v2.5 News: MainMenu: Added: -------- Currently Playing Players In Rooms "Count" Combat ExtremeFire Logo Download Button "Only Visible In Web" "So Players Can Download Game For PC" Exit Button "After Exit Game,Automaticaly Open Game Website" Website Button Replaced With "FullScreen" Button Creating Room: Added: --------- - Replaced All Buttons ( And Map Icons ) - Edited Buttons - Moved "Creating Room Menu" Label To Center Of Window - Etc New Map (Still In Progress) (My Own Map): Added: --------- - New Map Called "Towers" - In Map Teleports ( Players Can Teleport From Tower To Tower ) Other: -------- - Replaced "Buy Menu" With "SHOP" Text - Added Website ( ) - Launcher.exe ( Own Custom ) ( Still In Progress ) - Custom Game Installler ( Still In Progress ) - Etc v3.0 Planning: Map With Teleports More Maps More Weapons More Effects More Things! ... Video:
  15. Hey I was wondering if anybody could re-upload/have a proper link to this Multiplayer FPS Kit: I really like it because it's pretty much FPS Kit 1.35 with Multiplayer Thanks,
  16. Hey everyone, iv'e been looking for this type of answer for a long time, but i never got it, i don't know if i'm going to get it here either but i'll try Okey, so my question is, can anyone however make a long series on youtube on Multiplayer Tutorials for Unity3D? in C# please I have some things i wan't to cover up Guns: -A list of guns with it's own fire rate, sight position, and so on -Somewhere where you can customize your weapon -Then save the gun with the attachments -Different categories with guns and melees Others -Sniper rifle sight like in Call Of Duty -Host server (choose map, max players, gamemode, server password, server name) -Different gamemodes like Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Demolition, Domination and so on -Game money, get 100 points for each kill. -Save game money, buy guns with game money -In-game store, where you can buy money -Run server untill host puts it down, not if he turns of he's computer, but when he clicks on Pause Server or Stop Server -Custom server plugins. -Chat -Leaderboards -Killfeed -Login/Register with a Mysql database -save all player prefs to players account, then to the dataabse -save player cash to database, and altså receive cash from the database -Grenades, flashbangs and bomb planting -claymore -bazooka auto lock -sell items/weapons and receive game cash -level up , save level to database, and receive level from the database -When you come into e certain level, then a weapon will get unlocked, then you can BUY the weapon, not get it for free. -Firend list, Join Friends game, delete friend, give friends cash, search for players and add. -kill streaks. -create a squad/team/crew -Invite, accept and kick players out from your team if your the leader. Yeah, there are some more things, but i think this is it for now ?
  17. Hello guys i want to create a survival game but i need a bigger team if u intrested replay on the post and tell me what u can do !
  18. Hi All, First i would like to say Armed Unity is awesome community for every one who want to learn Unity and Thanks every one here and Armed Unity Team. I am making an Multiplayer Game, Using UnityPhoton. It is an FPS Game. When a player spawns in Game, I call Now when a player dies should i remove all RPC to this player and call the above method again or use the same old Spawned Object and Reset it. My Second Question is When user fires weapon from Weapon in Multiplayer Game i should use Ray Cast or Bullets to Kill Enemy ? It is my first game so can you guys please help here Regards SUresh
  19. War Heroes is a first person shooter that is still WIP. At this point I'm only making the basic things. But I hope I can add in the final game a new sort shooter. Last news update: Last normal update: The trailer of Industrail Maze and the soundtrack: And if you want the see the whole process fast, here is the overview from updates 1-6:
  20. Hello everyone! I've created another package inside Unity called Vaijk Network Chat. This package includes many features such as: - Simple network framework; - Chat scrollbar; - Custom text wrapping; - Random player name colors; - Adapted for both the legacy GUI and the new Unity UI system; - Adapted for both the legacy Network system and the new UNET system; - 2 straight-forward scripts. Price for the package: only $2.99 Feel like taking a better look at it? Check it out at Sellfy: Thanks! Especial note: A massive thank you to everyone who has purchased my other package (the Wave Survival Multiplayer package), I just wanted to let you guys know that the motivation and self-improvement that this has proportionated to me is beyond words. Again, thank you very much. Sometimes I think that I'm not selling assets, but instead receiving donations and giving something back in gratitude!
  21. hello , i have been using the unity engine for quite a while now but have never done any big scale project , im hoping to cooperate with individuals or a team to develop a full lengthened game i have made 3 games (more like mini games really) all being just to know my way around the engine : watch out from the trees (horror game) my first - block warfare (multiplayer fps voxel shooter) - zombiez must die (fps zombie survival) - i can program game play , UI , multiplayer(photon or UNET) ....etc sorry couldn't find out how to add images directly ps i don't mind working for free for now contact me at or in the forums ps i can do some modeling using cinema 4d and basic animations
  22. Hey guys here is a free multiplayer kit. People can host or connect to servers and can freely move around in the scene. Very basic...use as you like.
  23. I wanted to make some edgy game about how capitalism is destroy the world, and you need to overthrow mega corporations who control the US Army via the proletarian revolution, buuuuuuuttttt I decided I wasn't edgy enough. Instead, I present to you COPS AND ROBBERS (Name Not Final) The concept of the game was really just a random though, and this project started off with me just mucking around with a full body fps rig synced over the network. The result, as you can see, is pretty damn cool (if I do say so, myself). -On a side note, it is a bit nauseating- The overall gameplay is fairly simple. There are two teams, cops and, of course, robbers. Robbers' goals are to run to the vault, fill their briefcase with cash, and rush to the truck to deposit it where the other team can't get to it. When you take the money from the vault, the amount is subtracted from the vault's total (shown in the top left), but is not stolen officially. When a player is running between the vault and truck, a cop can kill him, steal his briefcase, and return it to the vault. The goal is to drain the vault to 0 before the swat team arrives (for the robbers), or to maintain the vault with some money before the swat team arrives. The core gameplay is pretty much completed (as seen in the video), but I definitely need to clean up some bugs. I plan on adding character customization, and unlockable weapons. I aim to make the game kinda funny, idk. List some feedback, I'm all for it. I might put it on Greenlight later, since I already paid the $100 a while ago. This is roughly 3 days of work too btw. Thanks! Gallery/Gamejolt
  24. I am trying to develop multiplayer games with Unity3D and I use a plugin "MultiLAN V3.0" and I must add the functionality of team and character choose , it is for my study project and I am very a hurry by time, I would be very grateful for your help .
  25. Here's a tutorial series I worked on for the past week or so I'm not really an experienced teacher, so you'll need to know some C# In the end, you should have a Deathmatch FPS game equipped with melee and ranged bots, all synced over Photon Preview: Click here for the PLAYLIST Download: HERE Art Sources: Map: Developer FPS Arena (Found here in ArmedUnity) Weapons: TF3DM (Most are Rips) Sounds: