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Found 136 results

  1. showcase

    hi guys i am new here , i just want to let you guys check my models you can get a good models with a small price ---- CLICK HERE ----
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Game based on clicks, evolution and wealth. Beta version. Only 1 map, but several evolutionary features. Help in progress of the game to continue to be released.
  3. ToonUp View File Game based on clicks, evolution and wealth. Beta version. Only 1 map, but several evolutionary features. Help in progress of the game to continue to be released. Submitter NydoX Submitted 03/15/2017 Category Game Demos  
  4. I am looking for Team members For my FPS Game! I Dont have a name for it yet,i have just begun the project. I Need: -A Modeler/Animator -Programer -Map Designer Thats all i need. You can contact me at : (I Am one of the programers)
  5. Hi everyone.. Finally i've developed this game within 10 days... PhysicsSolver My first game i've published.. you may notice bugs/glitches.. you can just leave a comment! PhysicsSolver |Android Game ----- My upcoming game will be better than this x20000 time.. they told me your idea has not been taken from anyone and Unique one!
  6. Hey guys , I've released a free War Jeep desktop asset on my website for you guys. There are both Unitypackage and Base files versions for if you aren't using unity , the file format is FBX. Screenshots : The asset is released under CC BY licence so please do credit me if you use it.
  7. Hello everyone! I'm working on a dodgeball game, but it is still WIP(Work in Progress) There has been edits to the character code in v0.09, so you might have to delete the Saves folder to make it work 100%. It is in the directory where the exe is Standalone Version: v0.07, v0.08, v0.09 WebGL Version: v0.08 (The WebGL version has some issues. It only saves the character temporarily, and the main menu background is all pink, but it disappears when you start a level and quit it or the match is over. So to get the best experience, the standalone version is the best) AI's are pretty stupid sometimes (Don't know a lot about making AI) Controls Hold Left Mouse Button = Charge throw. Space = Jump. WASD = Walk Around. Mouse = Look Around. Left Shift = Sprint. To pick up the ball, just walk through it. Changelogs Plans for v0.10 [PARTIALLY DONE] Skill system - You can unlock skills by using points(the same points used for stats). You can only have 2 active skills at the same time. [NOT STARTED] Dodge improvements [DONE] Small visual improvements [DONE] Stat system rework [PARTIALLY DONE] AI rework - I want to make the AI work with different rules in each mode(normal, and classic), and now they will have a simple animation to show when they are about to throw. Then I can use it for future games I'm going to make, to make it easier to make complex AI's [PARTIALLY DONE] Classic mode - This is a new mode for those who love the good ol' classic Dodgeball To play classic mode you have to make a classic character. The classic character won't be able to buy or use skills, but you will still be able to increase stats ... Plans for v0.11 Shop - Spend in-game cash on new colors and other items for your character (I'll probably not make this, because you can't see yourself except for in the Character Creator/Selector. I guess it is kinda waste of time to make then) ... If you find a bug or if you have any ideas, please post them v0.08 Main Menu screenshot:
  8. This game is currently on the PlayStore and was wondering if you could go and check it out! It is a free game and is under development, like coins and a shop for more characters. PS. please download and rate 5 I have recently made another game :
  9. Hi guys and girls ! I have a problem with... low poly works. This type modelling is wrong for low-polygon ? MAYA I want to make cartoony looking environments but ı don't understand something or... Why can't make soft edge for low poly or black sections isn't problem or ı don't understand how to make low poly ? We using hard surface ? Yes ım never make low poly works !!! seriously Thank you...
  10. Hi! This is my first project Drive your tank and kill or conquer flag areas i wish you like it have fun
  11. So I completed my first year at uni back in early may, since then I have been working back at my old job as a Unity3D Developer. So for the past almost 2 years I have only been doing either graded work with C++ or using Unity to make programs for someone else and I really need to get my motivation back to work on my own games and get back into the Indie scene. My issue is that when ever I try to think of a game idea I end up with 10 different ideas, pick one, then after 2 weeks decide one of the other ideas was better, try that one, then give up because of limitations in my skills (I am a programmer so when I start needing Art and Animation) I loose motivation as I can't make it look nice or sound nice etc. As I am use to working professionally I never have to worry at work, we have a team of artist/animators that make what ever art assets we need. Due to this my standards have become really high, all the project I've worked on have been created by a team of seasoned artists and there is no way I can replicate that. I was wondering if anyone else find this to be a issue and how they get around it? I have so many ideas but just can't get motivated to see it all the way through!
  12. NEW PACKAGE! This one is a bit late but sure was worth the wait I guess. It's a new pair of FPS Arms which you can use without crediting anyone from this site! It was made by me, and can be used ROYALTY FREE! Feel free to use it in whatever project you like! Please read the text file in the package before proceeding after download! Thanks! Download! Image: ___________________________________________________________________________ Original Post here at my website: 7XFGAMES
  13. Hello Guys, Iam a developer in Unity3D. Iam developing a car racing game. There will be the the of this game soon. Link to my Youtube videos:
  14. About the developer. Hi, Isaak Eriksson from Luxembourg here. So lemme introduce myself. I'm actually doing an economics bachelors degree at the moment, but programming has always been my hobby. I took payed online courses, google hangout courses, and tought myself how to write in code. C++ brought me to Unreal Engine and worked with it for 3 years. But I never managed to work on a successful game. I just make my own assets to sell to other developers. 2D to 3D PREVIEW This new asset was designed to accelerate your 3D asset production speed by being able to convert 2D image formats (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP) into 3D mesh but maintaining a low poly-count with multiple layers. The conversion is made possible by highly optimized multi-threaded code which supports large image resolutions. And with a custom window that's built for easy use, you've got an asset that can convert on the click of a button. Coming Soon... -Create beautiful levels in seconds; Create characters in seconds. There's no need for experienced 3D modelers. There are no boundaries to what you can do! -No annoying DLL files. Source code included. -Apply custom filters including transparency and depth. -Set the amount of voxels per pixel. -Customize the layer per color of your sprite. -Supports every Unity compatible format if converted into Sprite. -Supports the following raw formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF. Screenshots Contact Me I am a very open developer and if you email me at I will respond quickly. Talk to me and I can serve you the strongest cup of coffee, there's no need to hesitate.
  15. Looking for any legitimate, well structured, and stable team to join. I don't really care what the project revolves around. - I am decent at 3d modeling, just started with in-depth 3DS MAX tutorials, no work to show. - Decent at making music in FL Studio ( - Decent at concept art USING REFERENCES (If you don't mind) - Best skill is putting scenes together. (Placing sounds, prefabs like debris, particle systems, what not) I am also VERY experienced with using the Unity Editor itself. (Future apologies to SmokeyKilla, for not putting up enough work.) Do not have game designing laptop with me, so therefore, not as much work to show.
  16. Game Trailer: This fun and awesome game is simple and challenging all at the same time. The game looks and sounds simple, because it is...But things heat up as you move along! If you don't know what to do, in the game, then just look at the Title ;D Simplistic graphics, fun and challenging gameplay. The Game is amazingly fun and addictive for most players! Do you have the reaction time to beat my highscore( Hard: 137 )? If you beat my high score share it with me on social media or wright it in the review of the game! All-ages fun gaming! Enjoy! Google Play Store : Amazon Play Store :
  17. Yo guys, I've been working on this pretty generic wave-based cartoony shooter with models bought off of the asset store and subpar programming done while moderately intoxicated for the last couple weeks, but I cannot for the life of me come up with a name for it. SO I figured before I literally just write up a 3 minute script which chooses three random words from some arrays to completely drain any remaining creativity out of modern-day game development, I'd hold it up here for a discussion. So, obviously this game is sorta "unapologetically" cloning Team Fortress 2, or Overwatch, or Blitz Brigade, or Boom Beach, or Clash of Clans, or literally any somewhat non-realistic game made in the last decade, so a name sort of following that style (lighthearted, but uses some military jargon [team, brigade, squad, boom clans, blitz, platoon]) would be easiest, but if you guys have an idea or whatever I'd be happy to credit you somewhere in the game if I end up using it Anyway, enjoy a gallery of this mediocrity so I can start a new project and squeeze some money out of this train wreck to justify my irrational spendng in the asset store!! Screenshots:
  18. Hello! my name is Jett, and I am good at small-time music/soundtrack making, terrain texturing, story writing, and illustrating. I'm ready to jump into any project you guys can throw at me! (Preferably an RPG game, but does not matter) -----THINGS TO TAKE NOTE OF------ Do not waste my time if you aren't 100% SURE you'll KEEP THE PROJECT ALIVE! Project can be non-profit. Thanks! Get back to me shortly! ONE OF MY TRACKS:
  19. Looking for short paid Projects,no game end share please, I can create Props and weapons Contact me - Skype - kshubham331 or PM me Few Screenshots
  20. In this video I am Planning how to make a Movement System for the " Dots "
  21. Hi, in this video I show you the alpha version of my new mobile game about dots! I don't know how to call it yet so if you have any idea please leave them in the comments You can see how i made it here: video:
  22. Hi friends, I'm indie developer from Ukraine and I want to present your my first game Prince Aladdin Runner. It's an exciting game for all the family. Collect different bonuses and items. Avoid collisions with trade stalls and other obstacles on your way. Run as you can , prove that you're the best ! I'm hope for your help. Sorry with my English:)) Download game:
  23. In this episode i am setting up everything so i can start scripting! Link:
  24. HI, his friends, my name Arif, I am a university student from kudus,Indonesia, I have a problem on my game, I make Indonesian traditional game called "Bitingan", how to play like the following: - First, the red and blue stacked, green controlled by the player, the red and blue have the collider and rigidbody, while green has only collider - Secondly, the Green in place to empty space, - Third, green lifted by the player, Blue must be lifted in accordance with the greens are in control of the players, Problem: I've added rigidbody in red and blue, and also collider on the green but I have a problem when elevated green, blue-green does not follow, it's like the Intersect, why did it happen? there is a solution, I am new here, so please help, I'm sure someone can help me here, I will open source this game if the project is successful, thanks
  25. IndieDB FaceBook YouTube UPDATES __________________________________________ Latest Quick Update Map, player motion and stats. MultiChunk AI, player refactoring (now supports creatures) & stress test Zone Zoning NPC prototype Update Nr. 2 [31.12.2014] Status Update [26.12.2014] Status Update Status Update [14.09.2014] Status Update [10.09.2014] Multiplayer Test Nr. 2 Update Nr. 1 Multiplayer Test Nr. 1 __________________________________________