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Found 286 results

  1. I'm working on a game that has a apocalyptic setting and has an absolutely GIANT world 20000x20000 terrain. The game is based in colorado after the cold war got hot in 1960 you were born in the year 1980 and your mom is shot and your dad is kidnapped by bandits. When you turn 30 your brother dies of an unknown sickness. You then have to leave your shelter and find your dad... This project is HEAVILY inspired by fallout and im trying to make it as different as possible to make a unique style. Here are some screenshots.
  2. Hey guys i am making FPS game right now....for explosion i shake my camera with random.random....but i want to make shake in the direction of then explosion..just check out the following video and you will get it what i am asking. Untitled.mp4
  3. Unity noob here! I want to make an fps game,and I downloaded a pre-made unity project which has a movable character(using FPS Controller) and 2 switchable weapons.The weapons are already animated i.e have sway,aim down sight,reload,recoil with shoot,smoke and flash animations and it's good to start from here.But the problem which I am facing is that I downloaded more weapon assets and added them with original 2 weapons,but they are not getting animated,even though I have copied the script from working guns.Please tell how to make it work.Thank you for answers in advance!
  4. Here are some fps arms i made in blender and textured with gimp! Enjoy PS. Arms are rigged! FPSarms.rar
  5. Hello my fellow earthings! Here is another free model for you guys. This time I have a pickaxe model for you. It's kinda basic but you guys can use it for whatever survival game or whatever you may need a pickaxe for. License: You CAN publish a game using this commercially, you CAN modify the model or textures in any way to see fit. However, you CANNOT sell or distribute this model without my consent. If you wish to give it to someone send them the link to this post. Model Info: 286 Faces, 273 Vertices Texture Info: All textures are 2048x2048 resolution, Materiel includes diffuse, metalness, normal map, ambient occlusion, and a rough map. Sketchfab: Screenshots: And here's the download: Enjoy,
  6. This Is my first game on unity and it is too much of an undertaking for just me. The Game will be sold on steam for around $10 and each of us gets $2-$3 profit share. The game is based on Fallout by Bethesda and takes place in the wastes of Colorado and is nicknamed "Airforce Grave" because of the abundance of airforce bases and airports. The game is set in the year 2010, 50 years after the "Day of Black Snow". in July 1960. I need a 3D modeler and a C# scripter.
  7. I have been sitting for 3 hours and trying to combine both. Would someone help me? Multiplayer:!/content/14165 KIT:!/content/14165 PLS HELP
  8. I am looking for Team members For my FPS Game! I Dont have a name for it yet,i have just begun the project. I Need: -A Modeler/Animator -Programer -Map Designer Thats all i need. You can contact me at : (I Am one of the programers)
  9. Hi everybody That's an Animated 3D Model, works perfectly on Unity 4.6.1. Only non-commercial use ! Download link in the description.
  10. Hello game developers! I've been doing a lot of 3D modeling for practice and I figured I should give some to the community. Here is a little Super-Shorty shotgun. One of my favorite guns. License: You CAN publish a game using this commercially, you CAN modify the model or textures in any way to see fit. However, you CANNOT sell or distribute this model without my consent. If you wish to give it to someone send them the link to this post. 360 Giff: Some Animations I made (NOT INCLUDED): Model Info: 870 Faces, 1.0k vertices Texture info: All textures are 2048x2048, Material includes diffuse, normal map, metallic, occlusion, rough map. Also includes camo texture. Download: Enjoy earthlings, there is more free stuff to come.
  11. Hello,I learn to make hacks for unity games,and i like to share with armedunity comunity! It is simple,just i work for single players games,and hacks for multiplayers are buggy!Any way,you need cheat engine and Visual studio! Any way,need to share?
  12. I have set up my model as humanoid and has rifle_idle animation and reload_animation. Gun is instantiated, parented to the right arm and is adjusted to the rifle_idle position. How can I make the weapon magazine sync with the reloading animation? I tried Inverse Kinematics but it does not work well.
  13. survival

    Hey there ! I see that people post their creations here, I take advantage to present my new small project. I still work on the concept, to try to make it something that does not resemble the current survival game, purpose and make this small original project. What is Sway Survival ? Sway is an extreme survival game at the first person, the gameplay is to survive, it's going to be, it should harvest its own food, harvest wood, stones, to make shelters or tools. Do not hesitate to say what you think. I will post here all future updates. Update #1 : Update #1 : Post-Processing, Island (with Gaia), Simple Hammer, Footsteps, Head Bobbing, Tilt Effect.
  14. PlanB(WIP) all changes/updates/informations are listed below: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Title: PlanB Developer: Erarnitox Genre: FPS Players:1-70 alpha-Release:to be defined current progress: 5% done Open the spoilers inside the "Quotes" to get more Information: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ It seems like i am not able to use any more quotes in this topic so from now on there will just be basic spoilers: ►26.02.2016: ►20.12.2016:
  15. Hello game developers! I've been doing a lot of 3D modeling for practice and I figured I should give some to the community. Here is a little Bowie knife. License: You CAN publish a game using this commercially, you CAN modify the model or textures in any way to see need. However, you CANNOT sell or distribute this model in any case. If you wish to give it to someone send them the link to this post. Sketchfab: 360 giff: Model Info: 266 Faces 219 Vertices Download: Enjoy earthlings, there are more to come.
  16. hi, I am doing a simple multiplayer game for my last year project in software engineering subject.- -o But I had some questions which I couldn't find the answer in google. so questions are listed under: 1- which part do I create first, the character + story then implement the multiplayer? 2- what tool is the best for multiplayer? photon or unity multiplayer tool? (or else?)
  17. Hi!!!!!! I am a 12 year old that got into unity around a year ago. I started making games in Blender at around 10 years old and right now i am working on a Fps project for unity!
  18. Hey guys! As some of you may know, I am working on an FPS project myself: SquadForce, with a badass crew of 5 people You may have seen my game on YT, or followed our progress on our facebook page, or even have already registered for beta, but regardless, I want to start updating y'all on these forums! I want to start off with this post, as I demonstrate the new system I have implemented within the game, a full dynamic FPS swimming system! After I have made a decent collection of updates on the game, I will start the official Squad Force thread. And yea I know you may be thinking.. Ugh.. another FPS game, just like everybody else. But just to prove that as a team, we have Innovation in mind, try and think of other generic shooters with a feature like this for instance.. Yea, not alot.. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Links: Youtube Update Playlist: FaceBook Page: Website: (Website is still early WIP, so still alot to fix, please exuse bugs) BETA Registration is now open @ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HERE IS THE SWIMMING SYSTEM IN ACTION! FEEL FREE TO LEAVE ANY CRITIQUE BELOW. NOTE: MEGA UPDATE COMING VERY SOON! THIS IS A VERY MAJOR UPDATE THAT WILL SURPRISE Y'ALL! So STAY TUNED>
  19. Hello world. Im here to ask one question and hopefully people will write back and take their time to reed this. So my question to the programmers out there is, whats, where and how is the best way to learn Unity C# programming. When i say C# Programming i also mean Network Programming, it is completly okey and ill be really thankful if there isn't a really good unity3d network programming tutorial but only the other type of programming. Anything helps out! I have searched around a lot a lot of to learn programming networking, but don't find so much useful tutorials. I can program a little bit, i have made a basic FPS game by my self and it is really cool in my opinion, but it is boring to play a game where you can't do much but walk around and shoot Ai. So i really wanted to learn Network Programming. Then came this beautiful thing called Unet, or maybe it is old, i dont know, when i say Unet i mean all the new networking components. My experience with multiplayer : The only thing i have completed by using Unet, is making a player join by the NetworkManager / NetworkManagerHUD and walk around and look around in a FPS type of view. And it worked / works. That wasn't so advanced and hard to program, so i thought that it wouldn't be so hard to program in other things like shooting, switching weapons and so on. Oh God it was. So then i ran into this type of thing called [Command] //or Cmd This was new, and it will be new and never be understood by me. I am talking about a lot of other commands and words in Unet programming, but these are the first ones i ran into. So my question is, is there really any good and useful tutorials / streams / courses or whatever it can be, that will help you out in Unity3D C# Programming and Unity3D C# Network Programming ? Thanks in advance for reading all this, thank you for your time and i hope you have a good answer and i hope you have a wonderful day
  20. Hi I'm integrating a very simple ai into my project and i'm using fps tutorial from nutiy converted by oma... I managed to make my agents to work and i can kill them and they can kill me etc.. but i cannot figured how i can have differet animations fro walk an run when i need them.. i have this script for my agent ai var Damage : float = 1; var speed = 3.0; var rotationSpeed = 5.0; var shootRange = 15.0; var attackRange = 30.0; var shootAngle = 10.0; var dontComeCloserRange = 5.0; var delayShootTime = 0.35; var pickNextWaypointDistance = 2.0; var target : Transform; private var lastShot = -10.0; //Modifications private var hitParticles : ParticleEmitter; var muzzleFlash : Renderer; var bulletsPerClip = 40; var clips = 20; var reloadTime = 0.5; private var bulletsLeft : int = 0; private var nextFireTime = 0.0; private var m_LastFrameShot = -1; var force = 10.0; var range = 100.0; var chasing : boolean = false; // Make sure there is always a character controller @script RequireComponent (CharacterController) function Start () { // Auto setup player as target through tags //if (target == null && GameObject.FindWithTag("Player")) target = GameObject.FindWithTag("Player").transform; hitParticles = GetComponentInChildren(ParticleEmitter); // We don't want to emit particles all the time, only when we hit something. if (hitParticles) hitParticles.emit = false; Patrol(); } function Patrol () { var curWayPoint = AutoWayPoint.FindClosest(transform.position); while (true) { var waypointPosition = curWayPoint.transform.position; // Are we close to a waypoint? -> pick the next one! if (Vector3.Distance(waypointPosition, transform.position) < pickNextWaypointDistance) curWayPoint = PickNextWaypoint (curWayPoint); // Attack the player and wait until // - player is killed // - player is out of sight if (CanSeeTarget ()) yield StartCoroutine("AttackPlayer"); // Move towards our target MoveTowards(waypointPosition); yield; } } function CanSeeTarget () : boolean { if (target == null) return; if (Vector3.Distance(transform.position, target.position) > attackRange) return false; var hit : RaycastHit; if (Physics.Linecast (transform.position, target.position, hit)) return hit.transform == target; return false; } function LateUpdate() { if (muzzleFlash) { // We shot this frame, enable the muzzle flash if (m_LastFrameShot == Time.frameCount) { muzzleFlash.transform.localRotation = Quaternion.AngleAxis(Random.value * 360, Vector3.forward); muzzleFlash.enabled = true; if (GetComponent.<AudioSource>()) { if (!GetComponent.<AudioSource>().isPlaying) GetComponent.<AudioSource>().Play(); GetComponent.<AudioSource>().loop = true; } } else { // We didn't, disable the muzzle flash muzzleFlash.enabled = false; enabled = false; // Play sound if (GetComponent.<AudioSource>()) { GetComponent.<AudioSource>().loop = false; } } } } function Shoot () { var direction = transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.forward); var hit : RaycastHit; // Did we hit anything? if (Physics.Raycast (transform.position, direction, hit, range)) { // Apply a force to the rigidbody we hit if (hit.rigidbody) hit.rigidbody.AddForceAtPosition(force * direction, hit.point); // Place the particle system for spawing out of place where we hit the surface! // And spawn a couple of particles if (hitParticles) { hitParticles.transform.position = hit.point; hitParticles.transform.rotation = Quaternion.FromToRotation(Vector3.up, hit.normal); hitParticles.Emit(); } } // Start shoot animation GetComponent.<Animation>().CrossFade("shoot", 0.01); GetComponent.<AudioSource>().Play(); // Wait until half the animation has played //yield WaitForSeconds(delayShootTime); /* // Fire gun BroadcastMessage("Fire"); */ //target.SendMessage("Fire", SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver); target.SendMessage("PlayerDamage", Damage, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver); // Wait for the rest of the animation to finish //yield WaitForSeconds(GetComponent.<Animation>()["shoot"].length - delayShootTime); // Register that we shot this frame, // so that the LateUpdate function enabled the muzzleflash renderer for one frame m_LastFrameShot = Time.frameCount; enabled = true; if (target == null) return; } function AttackPlayer () { var lastVisiblePlayerPosition = target.position; while (true) { if (CanSeeTarget ()) { // Target is dead - stop hunting if (target == null) return; // Target is too far away - give up var distance = Vector3.Distance(transform.position, target.position); if (distance > shootRange * 3) return; lastVisiblePlayerPosition = target.position; if (distance > dontComeCloserRange) MoveTowards (lastVisiblePlayerPosition); else RotateTowards(lastVisiblePlayerPosition); var forward = transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.forward); var targetDirection = lastVisiblePlayerPosition - transform.position; targetDirection.y = 0; var angle = Vector3.Angle(targetDirection, forward); // Start shooting if close and play is in sight if (distance < shootRange && angle < shootAngle) yield StartCoroutine("Shoot"); } else { yield StartCoroutine("SearchPlayer", lastVisiblePlayerPosition); // Player not visible anymore - stop attacking if (!CanSeeTarget ()) return; } yield; } } function SearchPlayer (position : Vector3) { // Run towards the player but after 3 seconds timeout and go back to Patroling var timeout = 3.0; while (timeout > 0.0) { MoveTowards(position); // We found the player if (CanSeeTarget ()) return; timeout -= Time.deltaTime; yield; } } function RotateTowards (position : Vector3) { SendMessage("SetSpeed", 0.0); var direction = position - transform.position; direction.y = 0; if (direction.magnitude < 0.1) return; // Rotate towards the target transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp (transform.rotation, Quaternion.LookRotation(direction), rotationSpeed * Time.deltaTime); transform.eulerAngles = Vector3(0, transform.eulerAngles.y, 0); } function MoveTowards (position : Vector3) { var direction = position - transform.position; direction.y = 0; if (direction.magnitude < 0.5) { SendMessage("SetSpeed", 0.0); return; } // Rotate towards the target transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp (transform.rotation, Quaternion.LookRotation(direction), rotationSpeed * Time.deltaTime); transform.eulerAngles = Vector3(0, transform.eulerAngles.y, 0); // Modify speed so we slow down when we are not facing the target var forward = transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.forward); var speedModifier = Vector3.Dot(forward, direction.normalized); speedModifier = Mathf.Clamp01(speedModifier); // Move the character direction = forward * speed * speedModifier; GetComponent (CharacterController).SimpleMove(direction); SendMessage("SetSpeed", speed * speedModifier, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver); } function PickNextWaypoint (currentWaypoint : AutoWayPoint) { // We want to find the waypoint where the character has to turn the least // The direction in which we are walking var forward = transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.forward); // The closer two vectors, the larger the dot product will be. var best = currentWaypoint; var bestDot = -10.0; for (var cur : AutoWayPoint in currentWaypoint.connected) { var direction = Vector3.Normalize(cur.transform.position - transform.position); var dot = Vector3.Dot(direction, forward); if (dot > bestDot && cur != currentWaypoint) { bestDot = dot; best = cur; } } return best; } and i have my agent to sooht ehen he spot the player and in range.. but how can i manage to make agent walk when use waypont and run towards the player when it spot the player? i tried with GetComponent.<Animation>().CrossFade("run", 0.3); GetComponent.<Animation>().CrossFade("walk", 0.3); and with SendMessage("SetSpeed", 4.0); lines of code but cannot managed to work animations names are simply walk, run, shoot any help is appreciated..
  21. This is a main menu addon for FPS Kit 1.5 Code is written on C#. This Asset can be used not only with the FPS Kit. Some instructions are in the credits window. And i need a man, who can translate from Russian to English correctly, to make a instruction file. This package will be updated with a new feaures. (plz, say what i need to add here) SCREENSHOTS: Update History: 1.0: Initial Release 1.1: GetActive fix 1.2 Added Level Selection MainMenuAddon.unitypackage
  22. Hey again! So i've always liked legos since I was a kid and I noticed that nobody has ever tried to make a lego FPS before. So I decided to try my luck. For now, im using the help of the ezfps kit to have a base so I can see how everything looks. All the lego models are made by me so I just need to rescript some things. Stuff it has so far: - Photon - Weapon customization - Lego people explode instead of ragdollizing when dead - Moving avatar(profile pic) - Dank music - Map selection - Bots & Zombies - Rotating skyboxes - More stuff to come Here's a demo link if you want to play or test the game out. Feel free to give feedback or suggestions. - Screenshot
  23. Hello guys,can help me with script for voicechat MULTIPLAYER? Or tutorial? THX XD
  24. Just dropping video On by for FPS Tutorial Type. Part 13 is now Up. Coming soon is player armor this video using the idea you'll reuse code in other weapons without are good old control C and v buddy. for example why write your raycast more then once. why not write it and just throw your over loads in. Why so 5000 different scripts can use it.
  25. So as many of you may know, I was working on an FPS game titled "Project Initiative", it was going to be based in the Halo universe and I had everything planned out. However, I don't have much experience in recruitment and that is the downfall, I couldn't pick up any devs and I don't know much in coding so I definitely couldn't have done it myself... So I've decided to release the files I had, feel free to modify them for any project, as long as credit me for them. PM me for details and what you plan to do with them