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  1. Wow, over a month later? Lol
  2. A font should be applied because it's retrieving spacing and scale information from the font file. Scale also should be an issue (normally, unity tends do a lot of abnormal things tho). My guess would be in the shader. Perhaps your not using a supported font shader (if unity even allows you to change that)
  3. As Roland stated, Booleans or state enums are your friends in these situations. I wasn't going to post but your fwd variable is really annoying me. Just use transform.fwd, it does the exact same thing and is not a mile long (and ever so slightly cheaper on garbage collection)
  4. With reflection yes, without, not so sure if it isn't a prefab
  5. Does the new weapons have animations attached to them? Is the weapons and arms animated or just the weapon? Are the animations named the same as the others? Did you assign everything in the inspector? the problem new people have is they download a bunch of stuff and think "if I toss it in the project, it should just work". The problem is, that not how it works. In an fps, arms (including the weapon attached to the arms) are animated, not just the weapon. So in any fps kit, the script tells the arms which animation should play. With that being said, even if you download new weapons and even if they include animations, if they do not have arms, you have to animate them yourself. Because if you tell the arms to animate but the animation is on the gun instead of the arms, it's not going to work. cold hard truth is, if you want to add a weapon to arms that your currently using, you have to do the animations yourself. If the weapon has arms included and you want to use those, just rename the animations to whatever the other ones are and assign everything properly to the script. 99.99% of the time, you have to make your own animations whether they come with animations or not, unless your wanting to use 20 different arms for 20 different weapons
  6. Np. Glad it's working
  7. And FYI, activeInHierarchy mean selected in the hierarchy. If you wanting to know if it's active or not in the scene you have to use if(someObject.activeSelf)
  8. Pseudo: for(loop) { if(! { child.SetActive(); break; } }
  9. The point is your breaking during the iteration whether it found it or not, you can't do that bc the iteration never goes higher than 0. Only break AFTER it found the non active object and set it to true
  10. In the else if statement, remove Destroy(gameObject); and after foundStick = ... put break; or Destroy(gameObject); if your wanting to destroy it edit: actually, completely remove foundStick = ... bc it's not even doing anything
  11. The issue might lie in the fact that your destroying the gameobject which terminates the script and found stick is never set and also breaking the loop on the first iteration whether it found it or not. only break if it does what you want it to, not every iteration
  12. What do you have done so far?
  13. The code you use for shooting is 75% the same as ai melee. Ai melee is 75% the same as parkour. Parkour is 75% the same as footsteps. And the list goes on. Learn the basics and fold them into whatever shape you choose
  14. Just making fps games is the same as just making rpgs, or just making strategy games, the programming is all the same. What you should do is learn to program, reguardless of the examples they provide. think of programming like a piece of paper and your game like origami. No matter if your piece of paper is a bird or a plane or a duck, it was made using the same piece of paper.
  15. (Generic question with no information gets a generic answer with no information) "just get the click position and jump towards it" we we need a bit more explanation of what your looking for and what kind of game your putting it in, not just "jump character towards mouse" bc that in itself is not enough information because there's a million different ways to code that for a million different game types in every camera angle
  16. That means the script that supposed to be attached there cannot be found, whether it has been deleted or as omard said, an error might be causing it (an actual error that is)
  17. I've got 4gb ram. Which is about average in terms of a home desktop. I can run some games but not most with a high resolution. I can tho when running in a lower resolution window
  18. By anchoring the image in the center and increase the image size by some value over button size it should, in theory, work. old GUI system you could use DrawTextureWithTexCoords but I'm not familiar with ugui. Above is just a theory if it allows changing the background image scale and clipping is enabled
  19. Always good to have a male and female role p.s. I only say low graphics mode option bc my home pc sucks lol
  20. ^ when you do the local method, outlook or similar opens up and asks you to log in (locally) with your credentials (yahoo, aol, gmail, etc...) if you don't already have it set up. p.s. Outlook is by default the primary mailing solution on windows when buy a windows machine
  21. If your that worried about leaking from and to addresses, just do it through php and have the database do it for u. or if you want everything to be handled locally and nothing ever going thru the game server, just pass the info to the default mail application on the local machine and send it from there
  22. Thought I'd take a look in the store. I loved your image you posted here (good lighting, looks as if it would have decent animations... just has good character even tho it's a bits too blocky for my taste). But when I looked in the store, it has neither of those qualities, in fact, it doesn't look like there's lighting at all, just a baked shadow here and there, which is odd because only 1 out every 10 objects are casting shadows. Everything also looks very chunky and clunky and uninspiring. dont mind my own personal opinion, bc it's just that, my opinion. It just didn't have the qualities that made me look in the first place. Hope it works out for u tho
  23. Nice. Thanks for the input. I have left click as attack and right click as item consume so that's out. And q/e wouldn't feel too natural beings you would be using one of the 3 wasd fingers (q would mean you can't move left at the same time because that finger is now of the "A" key. So shift/cntrl is probably my best bet then. I'll just have to remap skin swapping. Thanks man
  24. So I'm kind of in a predicament. I never really played many 3d Platformer games that have swimming, believe it or not, I never even played super Mario sunshine until about a week ago, even tho I'm an old man lol the issue is input for swimming. I currently have it where if you hold shift, you don't move down or up, and if you combine it with directional inputs, he moves in the direction the camera is facing. Not holding shift will move the player to the surface , and with input, moves in the in the floored direction (localInputx, velocity.y, localInputy). But for some reason it just doesn't feel right. May work great in first person, just doesn't feel great in 3rd What do you think is the best control scheme for a 3rd person controller?
  25. The first part is how I have surface movement currently. I was thinking of doing what your suggesting in the second part but couldn't think of proper keys/buttons. Currently skin swapping is mapped to left control tho. Is left control a pretty common key for decrementing?