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  1. Don't know much about ik but might be OnAinmatorIK should be OnAnimatorIK
  2. Yes, you said that you already have in air movement tho so you should be able to allow in air movement if strafing = true, else movement = 0, gravity, 0
  3. Always clamp if you increment tho, even if you clamp to the max velocity, because you never want your player to move faster than max velocity obviously
  4. Ya that makes more sense. If your in air movement is fine the way it is, you could just bind it's x and z velocity values using Mathf.Clamp. Something like: x = Mathf.Clamp(x, velocityAtJumpTime - range, velocityAtJumpTime + range); Or you can simply increment by a very small number instead using =, something like: if(!grounded) x += Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") * someInsanelySmallValue; //clamp x like before
  5. Sounds like your overcomplicating the question and math behind it. Are you asking how to keep in air movement but make the force provided by the input gradual instead of sudden? Or you wanting to elimate in air movement and maintain it's base velocity? I guess you would have to give some kind of example because I don't really get exactly what your wanting
  6. Very unique. I love it. Only criticism is that the levels are just cubes while you weapon is fully modeled and textures. Other than that, awesome work man
  7. First thing you should probably do is increase that Lerp speed. Your player should never be able to exit the frame. Kind of annoying to look at. all you do is the same thing you did with position tracking but with rotation and only when moving
  8. Thought I'd make a post about assets and how hungry asset flippers are but how amazingly cheap they are as well. I'm gonna post some images. In the images you can for the last 3 months I've made a total of $10.50 selling ONLY 3 licenses for bingo, 0 for the slot machine. This has been the normal for about the past year, just sporadic purchases here in there. Some months making around $60 and some months $0. so I decided it was time to mark them as free and you should see the numbers below lmao mind you, THE ASSETS WERE JUST UPDATED AND MARKED AS FREE 12 HOURS AGO. In the first 30 min each asset was already download 8 times
  9. There is always a way to gain access to premium (unofficially), but it takes a long line of trust and dedication to not only developing, but to the forum as well. at the end of the day, it's OMA's decision who has access and who doesn't. But it's your decision to be a trustworthy, respectable member and developer. Premium has just evolved into more of a privilege than something you can just throw money at
  10. Same reason why I don't make assets or example projects anymore. Just too many leaches that drain the sweat and blood out of other peoples hard work. It's just too common now a days. in the premium section, most if not all the weasels have been weeded out and is now locked to the general public, which means it's a lot less likely some 12 year old isn't going to download it and abuse it or pawn it off as there own. premium section will also be the only location of the tech demo for my game when I begin testing mechanics. For, well... the exact same reason. Less likely some scumbag isn't going to decompile and upload to pirating sites or claiming that it's there's. theres just all around less scummy people in premium (ATM) then there is in the free sections.
  11. Yes that's my real name. When publishing material, assets or games, it's always a good idea to use your real name for legal purposes, never use a fake one or online handle bc you can potentially be screwed out of revenue and rights. it will only be available for premium members.
  12. 1 more update. After 7 days of going free:
  13. Look at the docs again. The objType parameter is the type of object it requires i.e. AudioClip or Camera
  14. I think he's wanting to play an audio clip and a specific point in an animation. it doesn't work that way man. You have to program the audio to play in script, it's a button you can toggle during animation
  15. Unfortunately as an asset developer we don't have many options for promoting. This forum is decent for promoting but not as much outside of fps, same with most any other unity forum, there not really any forum mostly 2d forum that I'm aware of. biggest things is just letting things play out and let your ratings go up or getting on the front page of the asset store. Another possibility is giving free keys to YouTube tutorialists and have them use it in one of there tutorials. Just remember, more people that got it for free, more likely it will end it on a pirating site
  16. Beings you won't mention it, it sounds like you have a decompiled version of the game which is honestly a very very bad thing along with using a pirated kit which makes you very untrustworthy and could potentially discredit anything you do in the future reguardless of whether or not your games are coded entirely by you. there is a reason why you never see a successful game developed by someone who pirates materials. Just warning you that you might have just ruined any chance of future success
  17. I used the same thing for!/content/14517 as an example in the asset. But the problem in final builds with it is you can change your system clock. nice work tho man edit: 100 years ago when I was a kid, computers weren't really that mainstream and only about 1 in 50 families actually had one, we used to extend trial periods by changing the our system time lol but that's long been fixed. one way to fix it (kind of) is reset the entire game and all rewards of system time < lastCollectTime so if they up there clock to collect and get back on later with the real system time, it'll reset the entire game and they lose everything. Or just simply not them play by calling application.quit(); if that is the case
  18. So I take its kind of like my upaint editor but mainly for animations? Looks nice, good work
  19. Ah forgot about that, I didn't put I < array.Length + 1 or alternatively I <= array.Length. Np
  20. That's what happens when your mind moves faster than your fingers lmao edit: fixed lol
  21. May I ask how you know how AU Modern FPS is programmed? Or are you speaking of the fps kit thinking that's how it's programmed? Because those are 2 completely different things. And for an indie fps, OMA did an amazing job on it and I am honestly not a big of fps games outside of the old cod and battlefields. but onto the subject at hand. A lot of people tend to go with the whole "pay after release" scene but there is another alternative. If you can get a good demo going and using mixamo animations for now, you could potentially make enough to pay for a very good animator/modeller that will provide great work
  22. var same : boolean = true; for(I=1;I<array.Length;I++) { if(array.pos != array[I-1].pos) { same = false; break; } } if(same) print("Like That?");
  23. Update: 24hrs after price drop
  24. @themars2011I've been rejected twice by Xbox with full games ready to be published and have only been excepted for the Microsoft store while Nintendo accepted me without flinching or having a project ready for release and giving me access to handheld and console. Idk if it's because they heavily promoting the windows store at the time or what but that's my personal experience with them. me too geckoo, me too
  25. @geckoosubmittion fee isn't much of a problem now a days with crowd funding if your game is good enough. Nintendo tho is by far the easiest to get a license for as an indie developer and costs far less than 5k and that's for infinite amount of games if price as far as price concerns my biggest concern is how the new system will play out.