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  1. Hey p4nda, question... if the game is based in Colorado in 1960, why is the character born 1980 and gameplay begins in 2010 (since you say the character is 30)? Having troubles following you. as v3ndetta stated, this project could break you if your not fully prepared for something of this scale. It's definitely not a starter kinda game. But by all means, if you feel you can do it, more power to you. But heres some things you'll need to do: Pooling (objects, ai, the works) terrain splitting (2k is too large for a single terrain performance wise. Break it down into many small ones and use culling and lods) use fog to mask your distance culling make sure you evenly balance between gpu and CPU. Image effects are nice, but they eat up a lot of power that can go elsewhere. do not ANY variables created at runtime and take advantage of the set method for Vector3. DO NOT use vector = new Vector(), use vector.Set(values). Less runtime variables you have, more CPU you have to play with use multiplication more than division. If you have the option, NEVER divide
  2. Sounds like you accidently slipped a ";" at the end of a class declaration or closed "}" a class early somewhere. I'm not seeing it on my phone so it might have happened after fixing your last issue more than likely you put startPreview(); instead of startPreview() when fixing the function declaration
  3. It used to be very straight forward in unity4< but has gotten to be kind of mess since then. Line renderers have also taken a deeper dive into the trash can. np
  4. StartPreview function needs closed "()".
  5. Ok I got what you mean now. Your looking for main module:
  6. If I'm not mistaken, You have to store the emission and the rate and assign it var em = StarEmiter.emission; var rate = ParticleEmitter.MinMaxCurve(min, max); em.rate = rate; its pretty much much all in the docs:
  7. Once again, a 3 year old topic by someone who is most likely not active anymore
  8. This was a showcase from 3 years ago. Someone who was showing there work several years ago, its not a download for others to use
  9. So entire thing is slapped together assets? And your asking if someone can make your car physics because you don't want learn js or c#? if I can program, model, Tex map, ui create, audio mix, audio record, level design, story write and still have to time to plan distribution and marketing of my game while spending time with my wife and 4 kids after working a full time job then im preeeeeetttty sure you can do "something" on your yourself. How can someone take pride in something they didn't do... I just don't know
  10. < not >. Also, you know you can use transform.forward instead of that whole forward variable line correct? It's also best to normalize your vectors to get the best results if you do much more with directions.
  11. Wow, over a month later? Lol
  12. A font should be applied because it's retrieving spacing and scale information from the font file. Scale also should be an issue (normally, unity tends do a lot of abnormal things tho). My guess would be in the shader. Perhaps your not using a supported font shader (if unity even allows you to change that)
  13. As Roland stated, Booleans or state enums are your friends in these situations. I wasn't going to post but your fwd variable is really annoying me. Just use transform.fwd, it does the exact same thing and is not a mile long (and ever so slightly cheaper on garbage collection)
  14. With reflection yes, without, not so sure if it isn't a prefab
  15. Does the new weapons have animations attached to them? Is the weapons and arms animated or just the weapon? Are the animations named the same as the others? Did you assign everything in the inspector? the problem new people have is they download a bunch of stuff and think "if I toss it in the project, it should just work". The problem is, that not how it works. In an fps, arms (including the weapon attached to the arms) are animated, not just the weapon. So in any fps kit, the script tells the arms which animation should play. With that being said, even if you download new weapons and even if they include animations, if they do not have arms, you have to animate them yourself. Because if you tell the arms to animate but the animation is on the gun instead of the arms, it's not going to work. cold hard truth is, if you want to add a weapon to arms that your currently using, you have to do the animations yourself. If the weapon has arms included and you want to use those, just rename the animations to whatever the other ones are and assign everything properly to the script. 99.99% of the time, you have to make your own animations whether they come with animations or not, unless your wanting to use 20 different arms for 20 different weapons