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  1. Weird, we had the same with Microsoft that you had with nintendo. Mustve been the windows store I guess
  2. Microsoft is easy too and costs nothing.
  3. I just want to point out that they have said that the range *other* developers have suggested ranged up to 5000$, not that they are considering that amount.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean with that, can you post a screenshot of what you mean?
  5. No problem mate!
  6. Deferred, linear and enable HDR. You will also need to use an image effect anti aliasing, the cinematic image effects have a pretty good SMAA.
  7. Yes, if you haven't submitted a game you will get your fee back.
  8. RIP Greenlight 2012 - 2017
  9. Hey, we are mostly gamers too but this is actually a game development forum, so we create games, not only play them.
  10. RakNet is not supported anymore.
  11. It's three years old, what did you expect?
  12. Holy shit man youve been making some really really dank progress
  13. I actually meant saving it all in a list or something and seeing how it performs in game, but thanks anyway c:
  14. I'll make some tests with it, thanks
  15. Well that was the question, if this really is the best way to do it, keeping it in a list (or something similar) and then writing it on the disc after it's done.