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  1. I actually meant saving it all in a list or something and seeing how it performs in game, but thanks anyway c:
  2. I'll make some tests with it, thanks
  3. Well that was the question, if this really is the best way to do it, keeping it in a list (or something similar) and then writing it on the disc after it's done.
  4. Thanks man but as I can see this is storing information in a List before writing it to the disc, which is what I was trying to avoid as it is storing that in the memory?
  5. Wanted to do the local recording anyway to not waste precious processing power on the servers themselves but how do I efficiently save it? In theory I could all save it in memory but that would be a huge waste. Would a StreamWriter that runs besides the game work or perhaps it would take too much speed? Never done something like this
  6. Thanks but as I said above, I do not want to record a video but a demo file that can be played back in game so you can do trailers, montages etc with it
  7. Thank you but I don't think I could use that since I would have to create something similar that reads everything Photon Bolt is receiving which is not possible for me :/
  8. That doesn't make a single difference. All needed information has to be saved. I do not want to save movies, just files that can be played back in game, the question if how to do it efficiently
  9. Hey guys, I've been thinking about adding a theater mode to my game so you can record gameplays and view them afterwards, from all perspectives and that. So now I need to figure out a good way to save them. Saving everything and storing it in the memory (at 10 ticks/s) would certainly not be a good idea. It would be really awesome to hear your ideas on this topic. How would I effectively record all necessary information and save it to the hdd without using a ton of memory? Thanks in advance
  10. Lerp is meant to used like this: IEnumerator Lerp() { float t = 0f; float lerp = 0f; while (t < 1f) { lerp = Mathf.Lerp(0, 100, t); t += Time.deltaTime; yield return null; } }
  11. Now that's a secret worth sharing on how to go from 5fps to 1080p60fps?
  12. Transparency looks dank, I'd use that one
  13. Nothing wrong with using Wordpress (In fact I've been using it myself some times), but I really do not think a site like this should be built with Wordpress
  14. For Color that is true, Color32 goes from 0 to 255 though