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  1. Damn man you guys made some awesome progress, keep it up!
  2. hii i am having problem using rfpsp asset for unity can u help me


    1. themars2011


      No sorry I can't I'm not familiar with it.

    2. mehtab


      thanks sir do you have any idea how to add enemy in Fps game

  3. In theory, disable colliders, make the rigidbody kinematic and just move it using transform.translate since you don't want collisions anyway.
  4. Yes similar but those are definitely not Minecraft's textures.
  5. Someone should lock these threads or something...
  6. Doesn't look like Minecraft textures to me though. Anyone could make these literally
  7. Well turns out it actually is this easy apparently: public void Combine(List<SkinnedMeshRenderer> skinnedRenderers) { SkinnedMeshRenderer output = skinnedRenderers[0]; skinnedRenderers.Remove(output); for (int i = 0; i < skinnedRenderers.Count; i++) { skinnedRenderers[i].bones = output.bones; skinnedRenderers[i].rootBone = output.rootBone; } }
  8. Hello everyone, in order to gain some more fps without sacrificing much of the looks I want to add LODs to the player, more specific the weapons. Now I have one problem: After I LODed a weapon with Simplygon Cloud, I end up with this: Does anyone know how I could make the skinned LODs (LOD1, 2, 3 etc) use the bones from LOD0? They always have the exact same structure. Also MagReleaseLever is just the root bone because Simplygon needs it like that else it will fail but they work like normal. Thanks in advance.
  9. Yes that would be good. Well at least better than without (if we need to have that which I don't think we do).
  10. Just in case? Just in case someone wants to bully someone some more online? I think the reactions Facebook has are more than enough.
  11. For the same reason. I hope it never gets one. Just another tool for cyber bullying.
  12. No not like that. But just imagine what it is like to receive dislikes (or downvotes) w/out any apparent reason. In my opinion it's like the dislikes on YouTube, they add nothing because without a comment they don't tell you what you should do better. Same accounts for a forum. In my opinion it's honestly not needed.
  13. Like I already said, it was being abused.
  14. Yes. A really long time ago, like several years.
  15. No please don't. I remember when we had it and it was just being abused.