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  1. Hey hit me up i am gonna do the Danish one
  2. It kinda sounds like steam are just trying the stop indie devs make games
  3. Maybe not the best idea to ask on a forum where people develop games....
  4. Have you tried looking on google ? Maybe there is a tut about it or something else that can help you on it
  5. Looks good i would maybe play it sometime I rate it 8/10. (May change when i have played it!)
  6. Happy birthday to them both!
  7. Sounds good bro cant wait to see you post some previews of it! btw i updated my game so if you want to try it then the new build is up
  8. It looks really nice and simple what is the game gonna be about ?
  9. Thanks mate I would love to have a other kind of models and stuff but i doesnt have money enough to pay for some customes ones but i look forward to see your game and yea i agree with you that this style is kinda overused but i am the person that goes after the art style i really like and doesnt think that much about the art styles that are overused Thanks for looking! and giving me some feedback!
  10. WILL BE ADDING A NEWER VERSION LATER TODAY! Hey guys! So i have been working on my new game for 2 weeks now and it is turning out pretty good i think! The game is a Wave Survival game but insted of guns it is with melee weapons like swords, claws, maces and much more! For now everything i had worked on for the most part is coding it but not so much with the map or other 3D models but will add much more just wanted to share my game with you guys/girls! Q&A. Q). How do i start a new wave ? A). Click "R" when you are ready to start the next wave! Q). How do i control my character ? A). If you hold down rightclick then the character will move to the mouse pos. Q). How do i attack the monsters ? A 1). When you right click on the monster it will run to it if the monster isnt in attack range else it will rotate to the monster so it faces it. A 2). When you want to use your skills you click on one of these (1, 2, 3, 4) each key uses a skill + using "Q" will heal your character. (It is the keys below Esc). Sorry for not being better at explainig everything xD Thanks to @jolo309 for helping when i fucked up and got stuck! Download link here : Testing_1.1.rar Some pictures from the game! Damm it is funny to look how it was for a few days ago xD I have now release it on the site called game jolt! Link here :
  11. Hey mate just tried the game out! It is pretty fun but i found a bug or maybe it isnt a bug but when you land on something you can sometimes get stuck like i did in the picture down below.
  12. I am already working on a top down wave survival I have already made the building system and loadout system so it is pretty much a full game but models always fuck me up so i stop working on stuff as i am scared that no one will play it because the models aren`t A++ models
  13. Yea i could thanks mate Will keep it in mind
  14. Yea i should but i am looking for a game with items in it xD Like healing pots and amor and other stuff like that.
  15. Hey guys! So i am stuck at the moment. I want to make a simple game where you dont need to save that much like items and such. Like a wave survival game where you play till you die and you dont need to save there weapons and everything else they have on them. Anyone that have any good ideas as i have been sitting and thinking about it for hours now and cant find any good ideas