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  1. Hey mate just tried the game out! It is pretty fun but i found a bug or maybe it isnt a bug but when you land on something you can sometimes get stuck like i did in the picture down below.
  2. I am already working on a top down wave survival I have already made the building system and loadout system so it is pretty much a full game but models always fuck me up so i stop working on stuff as i am scared that no one will play it because the models aren`t A++ models
  3. Yea i could thanks mate Will keep it in mind
  4. Yea i should but i am looking for a game with items in it xD Like healing pots and amor and other stuff like that.
  5. Hey guys! So i am stuck at the moment. I want to make a simple game where you dont need to save that much like items and such. Like a wave survival game where you play till you die and you dont need to save there weapons and everything else they have on them. Anyone that have any good ideas as i have been sitting and thinking about it for hours now and cant find any good ideas
  6. Nice work!! Does it save items too ?
  7. Thanks
  8. Thanks Btw do you have any models out on Armed unity as i would like to see your work ?
  9. Hello again guys. So i took a break from modeling and now i am back just to learn more so i can start making player models and stuff. I made this axe and thought why not put it out so people can use it in there games or just use it as placeholder. Programs Used -Blender -Substance Painter 2 Jolo309 has been helping me learning to code and model so pretty much everything i know about game dev so thanks man! Picture down below Download Link : Enjoy
  10. Ohh okay thanks but i found out the problem myself just fucking around in the program
  11. So hey guys i started making animations for the game i am making with Jolo309 but i really need someone that is good at animations as i really need to ask something and i may need help by skype as i am new and don`t really understand stuff though text so if someone have some spare time you can add me at skype on this : morten28081996 The reason i don`t write it here is because i don`t really know how to explan it! Thanks for reading!
  12. We found out it helped if we just made a coroutine and after that 1 sec spawned the players
  13. Hey guys so i posted about bolt for 2 days ago i think it was but my friend and i moved over to photon but we have a problem now... okay so we have a lobby where players can join the room and stuff and only the master of the server/room can start the game but the problem is that all the players can see each other beside the master server so what i mean is no one can see the master of client but if you leave the game and join again you can see the master client then so someone that have tried that before ?
  14. Thanks guys
  15. Hey guys my friend and i are working on a game the only problem is that bolt networking documents are out dated so i would like to ask if anyone here have a newer version of the documents as we can`t find any new version Thanks for reading!