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  1. @DariusRusu,la scripting ma pricep eu,stiu c# de baza! Nu stiu sa fac mare chestie,dar am facut niste jocuri de racing,parkour si un shooter multiplayyer cu grafici lowpoly! Daca esti interesat un mesaj aici
  2. Romanian leguage:Salut,sunt curios daca exista cativa game developeri romani! Avem si noi in tara tineri care sunt interesati de asa ceva?As fi interesat sa vorbesc cu cativa dintre voi daca sunteti pe aici! Sa ne putem da sfaturi sau sa va gasiti partener pentru a crea propriul joc! In principal as vrea sa pot discuta cu cineva despre niste opinii si kkturi de astea. Ce sa mai spun?Daca sunteti pe aici as fi incantat sa aflu ca nu sunt singurul! Un an nou fericit !Stiu,e 11 ianuarie!
  3. Nice work!
  4. Hello!I'm sorry for onother stupid question,just when i get open door script on timer,and close like in 30 seconds?Sorry for stupid question
  5. Hello,i have a simple question. How to play animation gun on press button? like fire ,reload animation?I made animations!
  6. Hello guys. I need help. I don't know what script change for put onother object on ground,from this kit:!/content/3086 . Exactly who can say me how to change object place on ground. Thanks
  7. Hello guys,can help me with script for voicechat MULTIPLAYER? Or tutorial? THX XD
  8. Hello guys,i nedd help. I made a game and i need change wepon script! Thankyou so much for help!
  9. Here is the pack: In my project zombies don't move,can help me pls?I resolv the errors of script,just dont move
  10. I resolv errors on unity 5,just my zombies don't fallow player
  11. Hello guys! Existe airdrop scripț for unity 3d? Rust game nave airdrop and make în unity 3d! Thanks
  12. One linie fire downlad please!
  13. Hello guys. Please give me one fps kit multiplayer,with 2 teams. or deadmatch! thanks!p.s please don't have problem with connect on server!