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  1. ok ty
  2. well your reason is understandable, because I see OMAs premium kit on pirate sites and that's unforgivable, but I feel kinda sad about that premium members getting all the cool stuff like the OMAs professional work and your engine. If there was a way to get at least on of the premium works officially from you or OMA I would feel okay, but its OMAs rules so I should forget about it. TY for the reply.
  3. That's true. Why you decided to release it only for premium members?
  4. Josyah Dooley is that your name or nickname and I have just remembered that you were developing your game engine will you be releasing it after your game is ready and will it be free to the community or just for the premium members again? Sry, a lot of questions.
  5. OMA is there different walking animation formulas similar to head bobing like in different games such as Contract wars, Escape from Tarkov. Help will be appreciated at least a link. TY
  6. Here I made a simple grenade model(Untextured) just for my practice. here is the link:
  7. looking good
  8. 3d models

    ok but how I can send it to you and can I trust you?
  9. 3d models

    bro If I send you my model can you make UV map and texture it for me or you don't want? Or should I wait for the tutorial from you?
  10. 3d models

    TY I will try to do it, and when you were using 3d coat is it that really bad or you just don't like it that way?
  11. 3d models

    oh ok, I will wait and I don't really want it for free I am just saying that other developers will say that AK is free but not M4, I just want to be good at modelling as much as you and learn how to unwrap and texture it correctly to look like at least triple A and maybe sell it or join to an indie team someday. Anyway ty for reply.
  12. 3d models

    when will you post your tutorials on blender pls tell me it will be soon. why don't you make your M4 free when the AK is free and will you make tutorial on pro modelling, I already know some of the stuff but extra would be even better.
  13. is everyone here have 2 screens or just a few?
  14. 3d models

    subbed and waiting
  15. 3d models

    nicely done! Can you make tutorials on 3d modelling with blender I am new in blender(about 1, 2 months)