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  1. looking great, I like the project you have made. Nice job!
  2. WIP

    looking nice, but I don't understand whats the game about and the models are nice great job!
  3. nice model, great job!
  4. can you model a simple flare gun?
  5. you are right, but it should have one just in case
  6. Ha, that remind me of 1 thing. Why don't facebook has dislike button?
  7. Like dislikes on every topic?
  8. thank you for the advice and reply, I appreciate that!
  9. What was it like? (satisfying or abusing?)
  10. there was a dislike button before?
  11. thank you, but I already know that. My problem is how to do those details on models, should I add some meshes or should I deform the model itself
  12. Any advice on how to make details on models such as weapons or buildings?
  13. The model looks good. What software you use? (I guess 3Ds max)
  14. This isn't a game, its just a ripped survival kit from the asset store! Bro, really? Cant you make your own game without flipping assets?
  15. hehe good luck with your game. I hope fans of minecraft would love to play this game.