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  1. Can't wait to get my second screen. Did you do this by using only what unity had to offer or something external?
  2. These two videos got me started and I met someone who also does modelling. It is not too hard to make low poly, and from my experience so far it's possible to make higher poly models almost the same way, just takes alot of patience, practice, and testing, mostly if you decide to rig your character after. About your drawing, I think it can definitely be done but I would rather start trying making actual characters from other moba's first, to get a feel of detail and the coplexity it takes to make a 3D model, and then try to animate them. Or just go with animal or people shapes, because they are not copyrighted mostly. Here is my work of the first low poly deer I attempted in blender. Came out very nicely except I have a friend to fix it up for me because I totally messed up details like duplicating verts and not merging them. Following the above shall give you a fair understanding of the process of making a model, and if you decide to do the rest yourself like rigging and animating, you will also find these helpful:' I have no done any animating so far, so that is pretty much with what I recomend for you to go through if you decide to use blender. Hope it helps.
  3. We, 3 people, have decided to dedicate a lot of time to a project which could bring us insane profit if succeeded. I am the one with the most knowledge in coding, and we agreed that we should have a forum to discuss our problems and post news, yet we want it to be private. I can spend some money on getting a computer for the server, but what is the actual procedure in making it and giving it the actual function of a server only? I never done this before, but I am sure we can manage once we have an idea of what we should do. Are there any specific softwares for this, or something that windows itself has/has distributed? I have never attempted in making anything like this, but I once made a server/client in python. All we need, is, to be able to upload html files to a folder that the server can access and only we have access to. We life in different countries. What are your recomendations on this problem? P.s: Linux is not a problem either, I am not great with it but had no issues so far.
  4. delete

    As far as I know you need to PM a moderator/admin and they will remove it.
  5. Thanks, actually the lighting is something I always looked on how to make it similar, just to realize how easy it was after all to add this effect.
  6. . They are free.
  7. I am practicing low poly style modeling in blender, and I thought I would share one of the models. This mountain was made from a heightmap, and except the backside, which has a little gap/ model is going straight down on one part, it should make a great background for games. The model has 2 materials, one for the main color, one for the snow. Terr01.fbx And, since I made this post, I'd like to show some work in progress with my other models, I think they look pretty neat even if they are a beginer's work
  8. Because it is easier to break things than to repair them. Anyway, the last thing I'd want is you ruining the game which I spent hours on making, balancing, and coding, just to make it a fun experience for the user. Cheats never increase fun, only end it, single player or multi player. I learned this on my own.
  9. About my last PM, sorry, I just skipped the last part, mostly the one with the information display. Can overlook so simple things sometimes, that make a crucial difference.

  10. Hello, I would like to have a chance to play your level that needs testing. Will give in-depth and honest review. Let me know if there is still a chance to play it.

    1. geckoo


      Of course you can. And I appreciate every feedback. Recently a noob has played, but it didn't like the main gameplay. I guess that a dev could more appreciate.

      I explain some rules quickly. Use wasd to move and space to jump - escape to close application. Open the console and (near a star) read the code allowed. Try to solve this unique level. Tell me frankly your impression. I have so many projects. I don't know which one I must continue. Have a nice day. Thank you for your help ++

      PS : I didn't create any main menu or something else. There is here just one level.

  11. Any other requirements? Specifics?
  12. Really, this is the wrong forum. Scripts forum is only for posting working scripts you made, and not requests. Head to the Need Help forum instead.
  13. Updates should be presented in 1 topic, and the title only updated. You can post a comment to bump it up to the top, not sure if that's allowed though.
  14. If your animation may not play at first for some reason, in the inspector(on the rectangle with the "Inspector" text) right click and select debug. Next, check is Legacy animation, as I remember this was a big issue for my first few tests as I had no idea wtf was going on.
  15. In C# you need to call a coroutine, and be sure to use a boolean condition which will uncheck at the end of the coroutine, so it won't execute over and over again.