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  1. Sorry to shatter your dreams, but performance, content quality, and if there is game saving) on such a huge terrain, considering it has let's say, 300 AI driven npc's/animals/zombies/whatever, will be no child's play to balance these issues. Unless you have a well formed team of experienced people in every needed field to fill such a huge world with quality and innovation, I recomend you go small, maybe explore new art styles, and make a worthy indie game, instead of getting started on this and tossing it after 2 months, leaving not only yourself mentally broken, but also your team disappointed. Because in order to make a project of this size, you most likely would go in as an experienced programmer(in my case), not as a brave amateur.
  2. So the first link's "Emission Module" name now makes sense. I never knew the particle system was split up like this. Many thanks!
  3. I have done that one, but what I am trying to do is to change the start particle size which is set to a constant with a min and a max value from my script. Following it as an example. The link shows how to change the emission rate, but I could not find a way for the start size yet.
  4. I am making a procedural starfield generator, and even though it's possible to set needed values already in the particle system's inspector fields, the artist who will use these has very little engine knowledge, and I'd like to have all changeable values done from the script, so he can just drag and drop my code and set it's values to make the field. However, I can not seem to be able to access my particle system's start size min and max values, and I could find no answers regarding this. If anyone knows how this value can be accessed, help is greatly appreciated. using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class StarField : MonoBehaviour { public ParticleSystem StarEmiter; public int MaxStars; public int FieldRadius; public int min; public int max; void Start() { //Star field variables StarEmiter.maxParticles = MaxStars; var shape = StarEmiter.shape; shape.radius = FieldRadius; var SizeConstant = new ParticleSystem.MinMaxCurve(StarEmiter.startSize,StarEmiter.startSize); var NewConstant = new ParticleSystem.MinMaxCurve(min, max); SizeConstant = NewConstant; //EMIT StarEmiter.Emit(MaxStars); } } When declaring the SizeConstant variable, I cannot modify the min and max of my particle system's values, so I just added the same line twice, in hopes to find a reference to it, but to no avail.
  5. Thanks for enlightening me, I finally understand the way to do it.
  6. Working on my portofolio, trying to make procedural generation systems, but I have run into the following problem: I need to divide x and z coordinates of my floor size to keep my spawned items inside it's limit, but this will result items being only spawned in one 4th of the plane(the floor), negative coordinates being ignored. I think I could overcome this problem by making a second for statement for the negative x and z axes, but I was wondering if anyone who has done something similar knows if there another way I should use in this case? using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Generator : MonoBehaviour { public Vector3 Origin; public GameObject Plane; public GameObject Obstacle; public float RoomSizeX; public float RoomSizeZ; public float ObstaclesNumber; protected Vector3 ObstacleLimits; protected Vector3 FloorLimits; void Generate() { //CREATE FLOOR var floor= Instantiate(Plane, Origin, Quaternion.identity) as GameObject; floor.transform.localScale = new Vector3(RoomSizeX, 1, RoomSizeZ); for(int i = 0; i < ObstaclesNumber; i++) { var RandomX = Random.Range(FloorLimits.x-FloorLimits.x +1, FloorLimits.x); var RandomZ = Random.Range(FloorLimits.z - FloorLimits.z + Origin.y+Obstacle.transform.localScale.y/2, FloorLimits.z); var RandomizedVector = new Vector3(RandomX, Origin.y+Obstacle.transform.localScale.y/2, RandomZ); Instantiate(Obstacle,RandomizedVector, Quaternion.identity); } } void Start() { var floorvar=GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Floor"); var floorLimits = new Vector3(RoomSizeX * 10/2,1,RoomSizeZ*10/2); print(floorLimits); FloorLimits = floorLimits; Generate(); } } Thanks in advance.
  7. Only you can answer your question , good luck.
  8. You always have time for dreams, or for things you need to do because that is what life consists of for some, experiences, and knowledge. I once saw a pc, it was my first ever time. We were at a school, and we got to play for 1 entire hour on the pc's some IT manager guys used. I tapped keys randomly and managed to get into a game. I kept wishing to play or just to touch that pc again for almost 2 years in the same school, but it never happened.I then asked a laptop for my birthday, a real one, but my parents bought me a cheap interactive toddler learning one. So I played on it, finished everything it had, every application. Finally, I saw the possibility of getting a real one from my brother. So I asked, and asked again. One day I finally got it. Took no more than 3 months of me learning the basics, writing text documents for fun back then, and the dog spilled water on it. I remember installing the first ever game on it, it took me alot of thinking since I couldn't decide if its harmful or not, I was so newbie at this. It worked wonders, I played it every day for months, until the dog killed it. So I kept asking my dad about getting me a desktop, for another 3 or so months. Finally did. My god, got it home, was a prevoiously used second hand one, a dirt cheap one without a gpu. I had a 15kb/sec connection(wifi) with it. No GPU, no internet, what could I do? My only option became learning to code, reading, since these things took little time to load, while in a tab I had pewdiepie video's loading for me to watch 1 hr later. Randomly, one day, after almost giving up hopes of game developing, I saw a logo, it was the old Unity logo. So with my moderate english knowledge, I started searching, and trying to make sense of it all. In a later end, my internet would speed up to 500kb/s and I managed to get my hand on Unity editor, by then I had a gforce 210 graphics card. 2,5 years or messing around with the editor every day, and I just couldn't understand a word. Coding didn't make sense. I tried, wrote down every word and script, but could not understand. But I kept going. One day, after almost 4 years, I started picking up the understanding of coding in unity. So I coded, small things, glitchy horrible games that I even posted, but then removed due to losing my account. Today I have a budget gaming pc, I speak 3 languages to near perfection, I know to code in over 7 languages, and I am a great learner, be it at school or other things. I also know to work with electronics, all self-taught. So don't give up, even as I don't know why I took the time to write this story, hope you find it inspiring at least. Nothing is impossible, it only takes time and perseverence, sometimes to super human level.
  9. Pick a role, make a portofolio, look for teams and offer you work for free(in the beginning), and with time experience will come. Once you know enough you can start looking for your own team, but not before doing some of your role's work as proof of being serious about the project. This will take several years, realistically.
  10. Trust me, this won't work. You will either get bored, quit because you have other matters and more pressing problems, or just because you cannot manage your team. You can tell your lighting expert you want graphics like X, but without having a solid understanding of each process that requires a team member you shouldn't be managing one. This is not a possibility that may go the other way for someone else, but this is how it has been from the beginning, and, sadly, some of us learned this the hard way. Not to talk about keeping your team productive, not once I worked with people that were just lazy, and I rather quit the project. Forgot to mention you won't continue because you don't have the required experience.
  11. Hello, as I recently have been on a "project spree", helping out a greenlight game team, having 2 artists that are learning to finish up our personal project, and they will take a few months as they said, I have come up with a nice, simple little narrated game idea called Judgment Day(title may change). Avoiding to give away too much info, it is a first person atmospheric game that will have the player reflect on his life. The voice actor will need to read out texts from pieces of paper with information, rage a bit(trust me, it will make sense) screaming and cursing at the antagonist of the game, and finally, simulate dying sounds(It may sound funny, but I couldn't put it any other way). The game is expected to take the player 30 min at max, and the number of voice files will be around 2 min length(at most) and it's count around 10. If the project is sucefully completed and well recieved, I may give it a try with greenlight, and deciding if it should be paid or free, the actor will recieve a 50% cut of whatever the profit will be. Speculating a price, I would not want to sell it for much, 2-5$ is what I was thinking of, staying in the range of cheap but quality Unity games. If you are interested, let me know. If I missed any information, feel free to ask.
  12. In unity the most used is a Vector which can be a Vector2(x,y) or Vector3(x,y,z). On a specific keypress, move the player gameobject smoothly on an axis, be it x,-x,z or -z. There are multiple solutions for smooth movement, which include physics.AddForce(not recomended in ur case) or transform.translate.
  13. Can't wait to get my second screen. Did you do this by using only what unity had to offer or something external?
  14. These two videos got me started and I met someone who also does modelling. It is not too hard to make low poly, and from my experience so far it's possible to make higher poly models almost the same way, just takes alot of patience, practice, and testing, mostly if you decide to rig your character after. About your drawing, I think it can definitely be done but I would rather start trying making actual characters from other moba's first, to get a feel of detail and the coplexity it takes to make a 3D model, and then try to animate them. Or just go with animal or people shapes, because they are not copyrighted mostly. Here is my work of the first low poly deer I attempted in blender. Came out very nicely except I have a friend to fix it up for me because I totally messed up details like duplicating verts and not merging them. Following the above shall give you a fair understanding of the process of making a model, and if you decide to do the rest yourself like rigging and animating, you will also find these helpful:' I have no done any animating so far, so that is pretty much with what I recomend for you to go through if you decide to use blender. Hope it helps.
  15. We, 3 people, have decided to dedicate a lot of time to a project which could bring us insane profit if succeeded. I am the one with the most knowledge in coding, and we agreed that we should have a forum to discuss our problems and post news, yet we want it to be private. I can spend some money on getting a computer for the server, but what is the actual procedure in making it and giving it the actual function of a server only? I never done this before, but I am sure we can manage once we have an idea of what we should do. Are there any specific softwares for this, or something that windows itself has/has distributed? I have never attempted in making anything like this, but I once made a server/client in python. All we need, is, to be able to upload html files to a folder that the server can access and only we have access to. We life in different countries. What are your recomendations on this problem? P.s: Linux is not a problem either, I am not great with it but had no issues so far.