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  1. Legend, thanks for this.
  2. Cant talk ATM will reply in 3 hours.
  3. Send message has no room mate CasH explained it to you.
  4. SendMessage(The name of the function/void, the variable you are sending to that) <-- double check the scripts Show me the VehicleScript (line 60 and 24) if you want better help.
  5. Add me on skype: IamFreeUnity
  6. Haha it's funny because he's a 32 year old American who types like a 6 year old. Has he ever used a comma in any of his posts?
  7. ^ the reason we know his age and country.
  8. We all know that you're Blazenupgames because you type the same as him and make almost identical post. "This is my creation I call him..." + you make the same uneducated 500 word replies when someone gives suggestions or tries to help you. If you think about it, it's very strange that a 32 year old American (his age and country, if anyone wanted to know) has the ability to type and argue like a 12 year old girl. Also, who are your clients? because we all know you're making that up as well, who the hell would hire someone to use point and click software to make models for them.
  9. What are you trying to convert to? for example .txt to .html. What format do you require?
  10. This looks like you have made it in unity and then imported it to blender...sorry.
  11. Yep ok.
  12. I'll make you one for 15 bucks lmao. PM me if keen
  13. Well that explains his pm to me when I questioned the million dollar investment lol.
  14. Omg is this BlazenUpGames? he types and argues the exact same.
  15. Tried to make environment textures (note: character was from opengameart) and I think it wen't pretty....bad? They dont look great and have waayyy to many rocks xD. Anyway here is a GIF: plus download