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  1. Do you have experience in any 3D-software? If yes, wich programms and what have you done so far? This is a great workshop to see how Dota2 Models are created, if you still think about creating hand painted textures.
  2. Thank you Baked lighting would not realy work because you can move objects around.
  3. Hey guys, I am currently trying to create a nice art-style for a tycoon / simulator game. Would be nice if you could give some feedback The images show the closest view players could have on the models.
  4. And I need 100'000'000'000$.
  5. I can't find this model any more, sorry, if you want you can delete this topic (also my other topics with broken downloads)
  6. Yes it is basicly the same but I like Quixel more.
  7. Quixel 2 is the best <3 and super fast.
  8. I used Quixel 2 and XNormal
  9. Why do you say no profits? @technotdc And what are you doing? As I see you are not able to program.
  10. This is what you need: And yes it works with Unity personal. Bullshit.
  11. Model is okay but the smoothing is very bad. You should watch a few videos to understand how they work But if this is selfmade it is the first good model I saw from you, good job!
  12. I think nobody cares about Adobes 3D Model you posted.